“Birthday Sex”

Tig Trager x Reader 
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This is for you doll @mjcumberbatch Happy (early) Birthday!


[Your Perspective]

“Your birthday is coming up…” he trailed off as he held the phone to his ear.

“Yes it is,” you smiled in response, “but you know I’m not big about birthdays Filip.” You could tell by how awkwardly he brought up the subject that he had something in mind. You were hoping he’d come back to Easterhouse to visit the family, but you knew that was a long shot. Filip hadn’t been back since he left as a teen. You were the only family he was even close to anymore. The rest had labeled him a black sheep and moved on with their lives without him.

“So why don’t ye come out here an’ spend your birthday in California?”

You saw that request coming from a mile away, “I don’t know Filip I–”
“–Lass you haven’t visited in years. Me an’ the guys, we all miss you… Tig too,” he added, causing you to blush. There was a teasing tone in his voice that antagonized you. Chibs knew you had a small crush on his outlaw brother, but he also knew, unbeknownst to you, that Tig had grown fond of you the last time you visited on your birthday four years ago.

“Alright, fine,” you spoke finally, feigning annoyance, “I’ll come. I’ll text you my flight details when I know them.”
“I’ll be waiting at the airport for you when you land, lass,” Chibs smiled and hung up the phone, pushing away from the desk in the office at TM and walking out into the garage where Tig, Bobby, Opie, Clay and Jax were all working on bikes and cars for customers.

“Just got off the phone with (Y/N)…” Chibs paused as he saw everyone’s attention turn to him, but none’s head whipped around quicker at the mention of your name than Tig Trager. Chibs grinned, “…She’ll be joinin’ us in Charming for her birthday next week.”
“That’s really good, brother,” Clay smiled, patting the Scotsman on the back, “It’ll do you good to have your family around for a little while.”
“Yeah…” he smiled back, looking across the garage at Tig whose mouth was agape as he stared off into space. Chibs didn’t know what it was about his younger cousin that made Tig so nervous, but it was entertaining to watch.

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Jeremy Corbyn to urge Glasgow voters to support Labour

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to address Scottish voters at a rally in Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket on Sunday evening.

Mr Corbyn will urge voters to reject “Tory and SNP austerity in favour of an investment-driven economy”.

“With a Labour government in Westminster, Scotland will be part of a country run for the many not the few. Labour will end the cuts to budgets and ensure that Scotland has the resources it requires to provide the public services people need.

"Our mission is first and foremost to make our country one in which people aren’t held back and ensures that the life chances of a child in Easterhouse or Possilpark are the same as those of the children in Bearsden or the West End.

"Our mission is to wipe out shameful health inequalities, in this great city and every other city across our country. Labour will work to eliminate child poverty and tackle the injustice which has led to working families being £1,400 a year worse off under the Tories.”

Corbyn will also highlight manifesto policies, such as introducing a £10 an hour minimum wage.

Meanwhile, Willie Rennie will use a campaign visit to East Dunbartonshire to highlight the Liberal Democrats election policies.

Mr Rennie is expected to say: “This election is important to people. We’ve been really surprised at quite how many people have told us on the doorsteps that they’re getting fed up with the SNP.

"Last time the SNP won 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland. People don’t want that again. They want to send the SNP a message that they can’t have everything their own way.

"It is the Liberal Democrats who can spearhead that in places like East Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh West, North East Fife, the Highlands, Argyll and the North East.”

First minister Nicola Sturgeon visited East Dunbartonshire on Saturday afternoon, campaigning alongside local candidate John Nicolson.

Nicola Sturgeon said:“Now more than ever we need strong SNP voices at Westminster standing up for Scotland’s young people.

"Young people are our future - the most valuable resource that we have - and it’s important that we create the best opportunities for them to get ahead in life and to achieve their potential.

"The Tories think they can get away with passing the burden of deeper cuts and further austerity on to families, which can often hit children the hardest. The SNP will never sit idly by and let them take those opportunities away.”

But Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson believes her party are well placed to stop SNP taking a majority of Scottish seats.

Ms Davidson said: “All over Scotland, Labour has rolled over for the SNP, not stood up to them.

"This episode has made the choice clear ahead of June 8.

"If people want a party that has what it takes to stand up to the SNP, then the only option is the Scottish Conservatives.”


Kevin Bridges - Number 40 Bus

The Easterhouse Phoenix

Impressive sculpture on Easterhouse Road by Andy Scott. The phoenix rising from the ashes is supposed to represent regeneration of this poverty-stricken region of Glasgow. Inspired by the Heavy Horse, The Phoenix was commissioned by a consortium of local residents who were aware of Andy’s work through his commitment to community based projects. The concept of the phoenix as a mythological bird which rises from the ashes works as an allegory for the regeneration of the Easterhouse area of Glasgow. After years of decline the area has been transformed and the community wanted a sculpture to act as a prominent landmark on the approach road to the estate.

The sculpture has been adopted as the emblem for a local school.


You give them money for old rope and not a single shred of hope