Downtown Manhattan as seen from South Williamsburg von Johannes Nikolaus Kapros
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Moments after I watched the lightning hit the spire of One World Trade Center it felt like that one time when I installed a light switch and I asked my roommate if he shut off the circuit and he said he did, but it turned out he didn’t. The beauty of New York can be dangerous at times. Brooklyn, July 2014. On my Blog: awhitershadeofboom.tumblr.com

City Time

A million other versions of this exact same shot have been made. So when here recently I was glad to try my own. This futuristic setting is from Brooklyn near the ferry terminal, these are  ancient pilings from some long forgotten pier or dock. A six second exposure makes the water look smooth as though maybe time has slowed down. A parallel universe in a city that never sleeps.


East river water taxi. Hop on, it’ll take you to a blissful journey :))) #waterfront #ferry #brooklyn #eastriver #newyork

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