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Nata in Italia e trasferitasi a Londra all'età di otto anni, Daniela Yohannes è un'artista d'origini eritree ed etiopii risiedente a Parigi.

Soprannominata “Painter of the Invisible”, le opere di Daniela riecheggiano le «unseen dimensions of life» che accomunano le persone. I suoi lavori infatti esplorano la mera condizione umana: «before being a woman, having an ethnicity, or any specific social, political, or cultural affiliations, I’m a human being first and foremost».

Negli ultimi due anni Daniela Yohannes ha prodotto tre serie: “Beyond Vodou”, creata durante il suo residency a Bangkok, “Out of Kenya” e “Cona-Crika”, ispirata all'omonima rappresentazione teatrale del poeta guineano Facinet Cissé.


Eria Sane Nsubuga

Country: Uganda

Style: Expressionist/ Semi-Abstract


Fun Fact:


Well, I think people should do what they want to do – what they really want to do. What has happened in Uganda is that we feel helpless, we are afraid. You censor yourself. Self-censorship – that’s the first thing. Second thing – if you don’t censor yourself then the galleries will censor you, because they also need money and they can’t risk being hunted down or something. Most Galleries often want to show everything apart from the real issues and for me that’s frustrating. The artists here are afraid, so they use a lot of symbolic in their work. I used to do that as well, but in the end I thought that it wasn’t direct enough, which was finally confirmed to me recently. A lot of my work is getting more direct, because I talk about some personalities in the paintings.


1. Arrogance

2. Christ at Golgotha

3. Taxi moment (Life in public transportation)



6.The Modern Bride (of Chucky)

7. Mind of His Own

More at http://artwasane.blogspot.com/


Ethiopian-born artist Sisay Shimeles created a four-metre by five-metre mural celebrating the city’s East African community

Capturing the essence of an entire African region is no small feat.

That was the challenge for Ethiopian-born artist Sisay Shimeles, whose four-metre by five-metre mural celebrating the city’s east African community will soon grace a wall on Forest Lawn’s International Avenue.

“It’s a very tough task, actually — each of these countries has very diverse cultures,” said Shimeles, 40, who came to Calgary six years ago.

But his work, painted in acrylic on aluminum alcoboard then varnished over, reflects a symmetry that exists between countries like his homeland, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya.

“Generally, they share common things, the mystical and mythologies, beauty and harmony,” said the artist, who’s won the right to officially represent Ethiopia through art in Europe.

It’s a piece, he said, that blends traditional African styles with Western expressions.

The mural is among nine being done by the International Avenue Mural Society to showcase the area’s rich ethnic diversity. Other completed works represent Portugal, the Caribbean, Vietnam and the Middle East.

A first mural, that honoured the area’s history, was unveiled in 2001.

The latest work was welcomed Friday in a celebration at artBox on 17E 1807 42 St. S.E. where it’ll be permanently displayed.

“I’m really blessed — I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to do this,” said Shimeles.

The project is part of the long-term beautification of International Ave. focusing on the area’s multicultural character, said mural society president Alison Karim-McSwiney.

“We have so many different communities in the greater Forest Lawn area, it’s a celebration for them,” she said.

“Mom, you are the best.” Mural artist Sisay Shimeles on his mother’s great inspiration for his art.

Learn more about his artwork:

Sisay Shimeles


Miniature of St. George on horseback spearing the dragon beneath him

From LJS 102 (fol. 70v and fol. 71r), a manuscript containing the Zena nagaromu (account of the creation of the Trinity) and hymns in Ethiopic, made in Ethiopia between 1900 and 1925.  Parchment bound by wooden boards.

(University of Pennsylvania Libraries)


Happy Women’s Day

to celebrate we feature the work of a great Kenyan artist James Njoroge from his “Mwanamke ni effort” series (roughly translating to it takes a lot of effort being a woman or the more succinct “woman IS effort”)

James Njoroge aka Kimoshire

Country: Kenya

Style: Realist/ Digital Art

Fun Fact: I am a fine art student in Kenyatta University. I love doing illustrations and playing around with design software.



1. Haki (Right)

2.Nywele (hair)

3. Chama (association)

4. What it feels like to be a girl

5. Mama Soko (market Woman)

6. Nywele (hair)

7. Mother Makmende (SuperMom)

8. Ndio Sababu Hajanichoka (It’s Why She’s not tired of me)

9.Nywele (Hair)

10. Taji (crown)

more at https://www.behance.net/kimoshire


FOLLOW HIM AT: http://kimoshire.tumblr.com/

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