Have you hugged a tree lately?
Yesterday I met this amazing Nothofagus moorei aka Antarctic beech tree in Springbrook, Queensland! 🌲
Nature is truly astounding and sadly so much of humanity has become so disconnected from it. We need to remember what’s truly important and what’s truly sacred and stand up for it, everyday!
Join me in being a voice for the voiceless! I don’t just mean the animals. Be a voice for the trees, be a voice for clean water, for sacred lands, for all earths wonders!
How long will we continue to allow the constant raping of this planet before we decide to stand up?
Use your social media for good, sign petitions, call or email your government, join the front lines of a protest, go vegan!
Do not be ignorant or a bystander to the evil taking place around the world! Stand for something! 👊💪 (at Best of All Lookout)

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calebnewcastle  asked:

Are you familiar with tony kushner's plays at all? I've been thinking about WicDiv/Phonogram and Angels in America recently and how they seem to have some common blood in how they work. I could see you writing for the stage, actually.

I’m not, actually. Theatre is one of my weaker media, and have never seen Angels in America, even in adaptation.

I’ve considered it occasionally, as I’ve a few ideas that seem to work best for it… but it being one of my weaker media raises an eyebrow at the arrogance of that. The world’s full of writers who think their ability in one transfers instantly to another they’re not as familiar. 

But it’s certainly on the list of THINGS TO SEE AND DO ON THE PLANET EARTH.


A The Man Who Sold The World side-project i’ve had in my pocket for a year or two…! It involves Bud from TMWSTW. Cap from Escapists and the daughter of David Crawford and Eve CutlerNike!

It’s set 18 years after TMWSTW. Bud, Cap and Nike travel the earth rounding up rogue Aquidicite’s hiding on earth, bringing them to justice.

Bud had to create a device to make himself appear human–he’d be in really hot water if people knew what he really was. His guilt is overwhelming, but he wants what’s best for the planet, even if it means condemning remnants of his own kind…

Cap at this point has been alive for over 100 years, previously wandering by himself looking for a purposeful existence. He’s an adrenaline junkie with a morbid sense of humor, not to mention a thrill seeker. Bud and Nike seem like good ways to get his kicks in.

Nike is the 12 year old daughter of David Crawford and Eve Cutler–an ambitious, intelligent and sheltered girl, she finds out Uncle Bud’s secret and begs for him to let her come on adventures. He begrudingly agrees with a little…convincing (blackmail), but Nike soon realizes she’s going to learn a lot of things she wished she hadn’t…

i like it a lot


The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): the beauty of Earth when humans aren’t allowed. Three minute video, worth it. Story from the Center for Biological Diversity:

The Korean Demilitarized Zone (or “DMZ”), at the epicenter of major geopolitical tensions, is a deadly no-man’s land that stretches 160 miles across the Korean peninsula – and now it’s a de facto nature reserve, often considered one of the best-preserved temperate habitats in the world.

It’s an important refuge for two of the planet’s most endangered birds – white-naped and red-crowned cranes – as well as Asiatic black bears and, according to some accounts, extremely rare Korean tigers.

Video footage by South Korean videographer Wanho Lim.

anonymous asked:

Wherever you live it sounds terrible, but I don't believe every country is like that. I live in Italy and it's a wonderful place, not grey at all. Did you think about moving somewhere else?

I live in Norway, which is considered one of the best countries in the world to live in. In my text, I don’t mean the world as in that my country is bad. I talk about the world society, the whole world we live in and how majority of humans on planet Earth have forgotten their own souls, forgotten their true selves and mostly live in consuming and spending and earning money. Everything is about money. Humans are scared of being alone, scared of thinking their own thoughts, we are terrified of facing the truth because we only want to stay safe and not stick out of place. We are scared of leaving the society of consuming and where everything is about money because we know deep inside it would force us to look at the evil we have done to animals and ourselves. All these wars, all the money, business, everything is about money. Even our planet, water, resources, nature, forests, animal lives, it’s all about money. When someone tries to fix the world and save the planet, and change the world, we are just told “it would cost so much money, so it’s impossible to change it”. We are forced to believe we live in a free world, but we don’t. We are slaves and those on top with all the money owns us, so they can just make more and more money. And we keep living in this slave world, completely blindfolded. And those who try to take off their blindfolds, are imprisoned or hushed down.