Earth worker

Walk barefooted amongst the Earth, dance to its rhythmic heartbeat, bury your feet in the warmth of the soil, or the cool of the green grass, frolic in fields of flowers, crunch through leaves and skip along stones. But most importantly feel yourself become whole.
—  HoneyCoyote

By Sahid Fawaz

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we are reminded of a powerful reason to buy American: the out-of-control pollution in China.

It’s not only the cheap, non-union labor in China that is drawing manufacturers to the country. It’s also the lack of environmental protection standards that much of the developed world has set for companies. When a business can destroy the air, land, and water in pursuit of profit, then we all suffer in the long run. Not to mention that it is a completely unsustainable business model.

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Colorized Photos of Children Working at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Photographer Lewis Hine documented at the beginning of the 20th century and during more than ten years, the tough daily life of children working in American factories and mines. His pictures were colorized by the specialist Sanna Dullaway and published in the Time.

Just like the center of the Earth, there resides within you a burning, churning core. It ignites your flame of passion, of creativity, and strength. It is a highly powerful, magnetic force field of attraction that when tapped into, allows you to achieve the impossible. Go within and lite your life off that flame.

Witch Teas

Its 430pm and do you know what that means… Its teatime, Witchy Tea Time. 

I just realized that I haven’t made any posts about tea and witchcraft yet.  Making tea has become a large part of my personal practice; I drink a lot of it. My moms whole side of the family is from Great Britain and we’re HUGE tea drinkers, I basically grew up on it. By the time I was in second grade I would have a cup of tea in the morning with breakfast and then have one as soon as I came home from school… and maybe another cup after dinner. Now the act of drinking tea has evolved into something much more sacred for me, a daily ritual.

Brewing and creating teas are a simple and enjoyable way to include magic into your daily life and activities. By combining herbs with specific correspondences, energies, magical properties or holistic benefits, you can create teas that are able to aid or enhance your work as whole.

Brewing hot tea is a blend of invocation and harmony of the elements.

Earth, represented by the botanicals you are brewing.

Water, the medium in which that plants are infuse into.

Fire, heats the water so that the fusion may occur.

Air, the steam, smell and taste rising from the brew.

Most of the teas that I prepare and drink today aren’t actually considered to be true “tea”. I mostly make herbal infusions, brews or “herbal teas” which are made from various herbs, roots, flowers and such. By creating my own blends it’s easy to find ways to make them apply to practices, also I have found that blends created by the drinker are much more magically potent than store bought blends. This is because your thoughts, intentions and energies are being mixed into the tea as you prepare it. I include tea in many of my rituals, spells, offerings, before or after mediation practices, etc., etc. 

(Some of my witchy tea recipes)

There is really so much potential when it comes to using tea for witchcraft purposes, choosing teas or herbs is a very important element when making brews. Always look and see what you have available and consider your options. Are you being drawn to an uplifting citrus blend, a soothing floral blend perhaps, or maybe even a spicy warm blend? Take note of these things, your choice of herbs can reflect what you may be currently needing at the time. It could be important for the future, especially if you like the results. I always set an intention for my tea, even if it’s something simple, such as to put me in a better mood. I then focus on this intention as a brew and prepare the tea. 

If you love tea and haven’t tried working with it before in your practices I highly recommend that you try it at least once.  

Some ideas are

  • Lavender, chamomile tea for stress relief. 
  • Rose tea for incensed love.
  • Ginger root, honey and cinnamon tea to keep positive and warm on cold shitty days. 
  • Sage, and rosemary for cleansing.
  • Or a white tea with jasmine and roses for a calming meditation blend
  • Then there’s Dream tea or teas for psychic enhancement, or for divination, healing teas… the possibilities are endless
  • Add honey, milk or sugar for sweetness and prosperity  
  • You could even add water and heat safe crystals to your teas for extra power (list of not safe crystals) or place your teapot within a crystal grid. 

When it comes to making my teas for rituals and magic I have a specific teapot that I use. (Its the one in the photo) she’s a tiny dark blue cast iron. (I really need a name for her) I choose to use a cast iron pot for a few reasons, one is super durability, two retains heat well, and three is because I have read that iron is the heart of the earth and universe itself, it is above, and below. Thus making it useful and universal when it comes to magical work. Speaking of teapots you can charge them with crystals or a specific purpose to help aid even further. 

This concludes my mini post on witchcraft tea, I hope you enjoyed it feedback is welcomed


70 Years Later
  • *Three hooded White Lotus figure approach a small earth kingdom plantation worker*
  • Figure 1:Hello there Mam. We understand that you have reported a unique call in for your daughter?
  • Unknown woman:Yes, welcome! Sorry just a moment! Yuka dear! Please come out here!
  • *A small girl with pale skin and bright green eyes and dark hair comes and hides timidly behind her mother*
  • Yuka:Hi...
  • *All three hooded figures smile, as one bends down to face the child*
  • Figure 3:Hey there kiddo, do you like bending?
  • Yuka:*shyly* umm I do like it, but whenever I try to do it this happens *proceeds to bend a few pebbles, but a sudden blast of fire comes from nowhere followed by a powerful gust of air. Knocking part of the plantation fence over*
  • Yuka:*a little scared now* I don't know what's wrong with me, but mama says I'm special...
  • Figure 2:*smiling adoringly* You're mama is right Avatar Yuka, you are special. Very special. Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Asami Sato and this is Mako and Bolin. You may not remember, but we use to be wonderful friends a long time ago...

“We are basically all one. We are one being, one consciousness, one whole. We are all connected to each other. We are all parts of the same whole. How we treat others are how we treat ourselves. If we treat others badly, we are really treating ourselves badly. If we hate others, we are really hating ourselves. If we love others, we are basically loving ourselves.” - Swami Dhyan Giten ~ artwork by Shawn Hocking Stream of consciousness

Tomorrow is Earth Day. If you are serious about wanting to save the planet, then you need to get acquainted with this guy, whose birthday also happens to fall on April 22: V.I. Lenin.

Recycling, green capitalism, back to nature ain’t gonna cut it. We need socialist revolution, a planned economy, and workers’ power to lift up people and protect nature.

Read Lenin’s  “The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism”


Instead of disappearing into the woods today I decided to cope by harvesting lavender. Gods did it make things easier, it’s impossible to be sad when you are surrounded by the soothing energy of lavender. I spent a good amount of time amongst the field, I whispered songs to the plants and told them of my troubles. I even found some baby praying mantids, they looked almost purple in color. Also there was a ton of honey bees, I haven’t seen that many in awhile, they were all over everything they hung out in the lavender I had collected, and some even hung out on me. I wonder if they could tell I was sad and were trying to make me feel better.

Anyway I figured I would post the pictures of my harvest. I need to think of things to use all this lavender for now.

PHOTOS ARE PROPERTY OF HONEYCOYOTE. Please don’t remove the caption from the photos.

photos taken at our family friends farm the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm,  it is a NOFA-NY certified organic CSA farm with 80 acres of active production.

Giant Gem

This worker, labeled as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is working on a huge chunk of “Cold Water Agate”. These silica rich deposits were formed in cracks in limestones throughout Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


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Agbogbloshie, Ghana | December 18, 2015

Two teens burn the plastic and rubber off of copper wiring, which they plan to resell, in the e-waste dump of Agbogbloshie. Once a wetland suburb of Accra, the area is home to a vast dumping ground and slum that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Once labeled the world’s largest e-waste site - though since disputed - it is a hell on earth for poor migrant workers who toil in its toxic landscape - separating refuse from reusable metals - hoping to make a slim income to feed themselves each day.

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The Titans

So when a dwarf Inquisitor meets Kieran for the first time, there’s this exchange:

Dwarf Inquisitor: You caught me. And I was trying so hard to be taller.
Kieran: But you can’t be taller. Not without the Titans.

I think this is the first time any Titans are mentioned in the series?

But I don’t think it’s the only time:

This elven writing found in the Arbor Wilds is so old as to be incomprehensible.
There are whispers from the Well of Sorrows. It’s impossible to understand the entire text, but certain parts suddenly reveal a shadow of their original meaning.
In this place we prepare to hunt the pillars of the Earth. Their workers scurry, witless, soulless. This death will be a mercy. We will make the earth blossom with their passing.
For one moment there is a vivid image of two overlapping spheres; unknown flowers bloom inside their centers. Then it fades.

I am 99% sure “pillars of the Earth” is another reference to the Titans.

This makes sense:

  • The dwarves are called Children of the Stone in the old elven tongue, so it makes sense the “pillars of the Earth” might be the creatures who ruled?/created?/protected?/were worshipped by? the dwarves.
  • Dwarves do not dream, therefore they would have been seen contemptible by the Elvhen society, where Dreamers ruled and the ability to walk the Fade set them apart as elite. “Witless” and “soulless” sounds exactly like the kind of racist bullshit the Elvhen would be spewing about the dwarves.

  • And this ties back in with the “song that was sundered”, whatever vague disaster hit the dwarves in the past that began the decline of their society, something that was referenced repeatedly by different characters over the course of the series but never elaborated upon.

So my conclusion is the Elvhen killed the Titans. What assholes.

It also puts Solas’s banter with Varric about the dwarves into horrifying new perspective, doesn’t it?

Solas: Dwarves are the severed arm of a once mighty hero, lying in a pool of blood, undirected. Whatever skill at arms it had, gone forever. Although it might twitch to give the appearance of life, it will never dream.

He sounds so regretful, doesn’t he? Returning to what Kieran said: “You can’t be taller. Not without the Titans.”

And Solas’s own people condemned the dwarves to this fate.