After 20 shark attacks since 2011, Kelly Slater has called for a cull of sharks on Reunion Island. For those of you that do not know, Kelly Slater is an eleven time world surf champion. This is a guy that has power. He knows the waters better than anyone and he has an extremely strong point. But, I just cannot agree. He claims to be an environmental activist, saving rhinos from poachers, cleaning pollution from the oceans and even claims he is against the finning of sharks. The issue is, he still believes that sharks in Reunion Island should be culled for their attacks on humans. What he fails to mention, though, is that 5 of these attacks did not injure the person involved and quite a few others were at the fault of the human. They knew sharks were present, they knew the waters were unsafe and yet they still went out to the ocean. This is bigger than the attacks on humans. We are talking about the murder of tens or hundreds of sharks. We are destroying our oceans and I can’t sit back to watch.
There are other options to prevent shark attacks! There are other options to save humans and to save the sharks. We must work together to come up with these options and it will make a world of difference. One million starts with one and I’m here to fight the good fight.

Please share to spread awareness. This is extremely important to me but even more important to these sharks.

The world continues to move on like I was nothing more than a one night stand.

As if the salty kisses from the sea that still ghost across my lips or the sweet echos of the forest breath against my skin meant nothing. As if the way the sandy finger tips that grazed down my sides, or the tender touches of the grass didn’t mean a thing.

The world continues to move on without me as if I was nothing more than a one night stand, yet I still crave her beauty and maybe that’s why they call it wanderlust.

—  Wanderlust (8:34pm)