herpyderpywolfcakez  asked:

Thanks for all the Gaboons you've put up lately! Gaboons are my favorite venom-friends :3

Make no mistake. Despite however cute these animals may appear, they are no one’s ‘friend’; They are deadly little pancake-heads. Only those certified to handle said deadly pancake-heads should ever attempt to do so. That being said, Cheers and welcome :)~< 

There is a divine power that from hour to hour and from second to second seeks to descend into us, to dwell among us, in order to attune the earth and its inhabitants with the harmony of the spheres and to raise and urge them to the fulfillment of their destiny as children of the Father. This divine power is not able to do these things without your knowledge. It has to flow through you and cause you to awaken as consciously cooperating participants in the unfoldment of all Creation. That is why someone once said: “God’s creation lies sunken in humanity. We are parts of His creation, little cogs in the great wheel of the realization of the All. That is why His unfoldment, the crowning of His creation, is dependent on the conscious cooperation, the conscious devotion of human heads, human hearts, and human hands.”