Ah, 1998. Back when it was a great idea to take a blurry, grainy, off-colored digital picture of some gameplay and in-game animation with your Nokia 3000 series cell phone and add it to your franchise history book, including on your Table of Contents page, because you have no other art for it…not like you had a manga artist to draw other images for you throughout…

Wait…, you’re telling me they weren’t cell phone photos, because camera phones didn’t exist back then? What sorcery is this?! Simpler times, how did we all exist back then? LOL

With sexy foldout pinup posters included inside, that’s how!

In all honesty, all the in-game screencaps in this book are a delight to look at. It was funny though, because there ARE actually some nicely captured pics of the animation from the Rockman 8 anime cutscenes placed sporadically throughout this book (on Duo and Roll’s profile pages for example), yet they include some awful-looking captures like on the ToC page above. So it makes you wonder, why? Still, it was a nice classic-focused compendium at the time.

Scanned from: Rockman 10years History Book (Comic BomBom Special #118), Circa March 1998.

what is love?

love is a candle, burning bright. playful and gentle yet always threatening, always in danger of spilling over its edges and engulfing everything you hold dear.

love is earth, permanent. always underfoot, always present. steady, steady, steady - love is dependable. love is a shelter.

love is water, flowing steadily, a force able to batter through anything. it counts the seconds until eternity, forever waiting, forever waiting,

love is an inferno, ravaging everything in its path. it burns and destroys and decimates, until nothing is left but ashes fluttering to the ground.

love is ice. eventually, it melts and leaves nothing behind but tears.

My very first meet and greet with Ghost

I was so excited waiting in line to see the band I was trying my best not to freak the fuck out (it didn’t really work). One of the stage hands walked by me with Mist bass and Alpha guitar I thought I was going to die right then just seeing the instruments.
Then the line moved and I see the band and I’m low key flipping my shit aka grabbing my new friend Jacob and shaking him.
Then its my turn to get my photo and say hi, Alpha was first and I asked if I could hug him he said sure and pulled me in. I swear to Satan I thought I was going to die right then. He gives wonderful hugs and he smells nice like wood almost? But like better than wood. (yeah I totally sniffed the band what of it?!) Then he told me he really liked my hair! Which is kind of a big deal for me. I change my hair cut and color so often it’s some real validation when Alpha likes it.
Then was Earth and he let me hug him as well he was so precious and tiny it made my heart explode.
Then I hugged Water/Aether and fuck he smelled good too very clean and sweet. Also gives great hugs.
Then I hugged Papa which was a little weird because of his robes I should have gone up instead of down but I touched his hips and I felt my ovaries explode. He also smelled really good almost like candy.
Then Mist, I didn’t even ask if I could hug her she just threw her arms around me and hugged me. I told her how Fucking awesome it is that she is in the band and how she is a fucking badass. She thanked me for being a fan.
Then was Air and fuck I knew he was tall but he is like really Fucking tall and I asked if I could hug him and he said well OK and gave me a little squeeze.
Then Papa pulled me over to him for the picture. He asked me how my night was and I told him it was the best night of my life. He asked if was from LA I told him I was from Reno and he asked if I saw them there. Then I told him how I didn’t find out about them till a week after they played in Reno so I talked my friend into going to Arizona with me to see them.
He told me they might do a show in Reno again and I told him if he did I would buy him and the band a beer. He laughed we took the picture and then I had to get back up stairs.
The rest of the night I was on cloud 9 even after I twisted my ankle and had to sit in the lobby and my phone died so I didn’t take many pictures but still the best night ever.