Haters: “EXO is so gay!” “They have no talent!” “How can someone love them?” “I hate them so fucking much.” “They don’t deserve the fame.” “They’re ugly!”

Xiumin: My patience is limited the same way your length of living is.

Luhan: *gif is enough*

Kris: Should I care?

Suho: I thought you have eyes and ears.

Lay: Oh, but I’m still more awesome and famous than you, what you gonna say now?

Baekhyun: Say that once again, bitch.

Chen: Once again, in the microphone, so everyone can hear you stupidness!

Chanyeol: How can someone be so blind?

Kyungsoo: Should I murder you now or later?

Tao: Oh, I forgot to care.

Kai: Blahblahblahblah.

Sehun: Congratulations on your stupidness… bitch.