Imagine gently petting werewolf!Woozi, who has his head rested on your lap, until he falls asleep.


Billy Wiggins, who was perched on a unused lab bench, eating a packet of crisps he’d begged out of the detective, watched in amusement as said fool flirted with his missus (he could deny it all he wanted, he was probably lying anyway). Sure enough, seconds later he smiled as she fired off deductions. He rolled his eyes; what was he if not helpful?

“Molly, I love your new hairstyle,” he smiled, shoving the remainder of his crisps into his mouth, “parted in the middle; suits you better.”

Both of them whipped around at that. He could have burst into laughter at the murderous look on Shezza’s face. As for his significant other…well, the poor thing didn’t know what to do apart from flush a pretty pink. She tucked a loose strand behind her ear, stammering her reply, “oh. Erm, thank you.”

Shezza’s eyes swished between the two of them before he sighed, peeling off his gloves like some movie villain, “Billy, do we need to have another little ‘chat’?”

Billy smirked as he recalled their last ‘little chat’: I am well aware of Molly’s lovely outfit but I sure as hell don’t need you reminding me every second. Stop looking at her! He held up his hands.

“Sorry,” he paused, swinging his legs on the bench like an excited kid, “the lipstick, I must say is absolutely delightful.”

Oh, he’d touched a nerve.

“Right, that’s it,” Sherlock stuffed his magnifyng glass in his pocket, striding to the door; he dramatically pulled on the heavy door and pointed to the corridor, “outside.”

He jumped down from the bench with a flourish, flashing the confused missus a grin, inclining his head towards the detective, “he fancies you, you know.”

“Wha-” Molly gaped but, with Sherlock’s furious shout of “NOW!” Billy decided it was best not to stick around and explain.

based on Jealousy, part of my #sherlollytextchats series

Imagine Dean mocking you while you slept in the back of the impala.

You’d been sleeping in the backseat of the impala for a decent couple of hours. The hunt had ended without a hitch and you’d been beat, so you decided to get a little sleep on the way back to the bunker. Apparently you never should have. Deans low voice hit your ears, making you flutter your eyes open.
“Oh Castiel! Ooooh!” You instantly sat up. Blush covered your face. Dean coughed as he noticed you’d sat up.
“Oh, (y/n). How was your nap?” Sam snickered in front of you. You kicked the seat lightly.
“The both of you suck you know that?” You smiled. You loved them, even if they did tease the hell out of you.


“You have a human disguise?”

“Yes, looks identical to my alien one. Only human skin, human ears, and human green eyes.”

“Oh! So you’re a cutie as an alien and a human!” She laughed.

“I’m hardly a cutie. You on the other hand.”

She giggled. “Thanks, but I am not”

“You’re beautiful, Cassandra,” she blinked looking at me.