Magic Wand

Ezra Miller x reader
“ could you possibly maybe if you wouldn’t mind ever so write something where you go to like the interviews (or something?) with Ezra and he keeps whispering dirty jokes and innuendo’s into your ear and you promise him he’ll regret it but he just does it more and ooooh snap! (smuttyish?) shit goes down. But like sexy shit. If any of that made sense?” by anon
Words: 660
Notes: there is sexual and dirty jokes and too much sassy. Hope you enjoy it!

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Standing in front of the mirror, you loved how the dress made you look more curvilinear and with a beautiful body. After finishing doing your things, you heard a knock on your door and when you opened, you saw the most gorgeous man in front of you. Ezra was looking so beautiful that it almost hurt your eyes.

“Love…” He whispered in your ear with his sexy voice. Oh no. “You are looking so amazing.” He said that almost like he was tasting it.

“Ezra, stop right there.” You put a hand on his chest and shook your head while laughing. “We are going straightly to this interview and I don’t want you to making your mating thing.” He laughed loudly.

“Do you think I’m trying to get sex?” He asked with his hands on his heart, pretending to be hurt.

“I don’t think, you are. I know you, Ezra.” He giggled more and, oh lord, it was so beautiful.

“Well, if you say so…” He gave you a smirk and you knew he was planning something but you wished that nothing happened.

After some time, people from the interview show came to walk you two to where you should stay. You heard the interviewer calling your names and you two entered while smiling. It wasn’t a secret that you two were dating and people seemed to freak out over you two.

“Hello, how are you two?” The woman asked you two.

“I’m fine, thanks for inviting us.” You smiled gently.

“Well, not so good.” Ezra answered and you hoped that he didn’t say something that embarrassed you.

“Why not?” The interviewer asked. Ezra gave to you a sassy smile before answering.

“Things are too hot here, don’t you think?” He said while looking at you, the woman laughed. You had your face so red that you could feel the heat. He wasn’t going to do that or was he?

“I see.” Everybody laughed and your head turned brighter, you looked at him and asked silently to stop. He smiled in a way  showing that things were just beginning.

Between the interview he would whisper and say dirty things into your ear, leaving you breathless, dizzy and embarrassed. By the other hand, he was loving to see you like that. He thought it was lovely adorable your shyness but he was also with a big desire. A desire of you.

“What are you two whispering to each other there?” The interviewer suddenly asked.

“Oh.” Ezra smiled with a smirk and looked at you. “I was just saying to Y/N that if she likes magic, I know how to make my wand lift.” He winked to you and you were as red as a tomato again.

“It seems that things are very heated between the two lovebirds.” She pointed to us. “Ezra Miller and Y/N L/N, everybody!”

You two walked away while the crowd cheered and clapped. Ezra has never been this nasty in public before and you were a little bit unknow about why. The minute you two entered your house, he held your hands up and pressed his body against yours.

“What are you doing, Ezra?” You laughed. He shrugged.

“Just a thing I’ve been wanting to do since I put my eyes on you today.” He kissed you with desire, lust but also love.

Before you realized he led you to your room and you were already on your bed, his clothes lying on the floor and his hands properly taking yours off. You held your breathe for a minute realizing how beautiful he was and he smirked at you.

“Admiring the view?” He asked in a sassy tone while lifting his eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up and kiss me.” He laughed and did properly like you said. Just when you two were with so much heat, he stopped, leaving your body claiming for more of his warmth.

“So now you wanna see my magic wand, huh?” He laughed and you pulled him closer.

“Shut up, Ezra!”

Imagine Rafael showing you who you belong to after another A.d.a flirts with you. 

Requested by anon. 

Warning: Slight smut, roughness, name calling 

This is consensual. They have a safe word! 

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Childhood Meeting 2 (martin and martha)

Martin stood on the porch of Martha’s home, inside he could hear the bunnies making all sort of noise as they played together. His ears ached just hearing them and he knows it will be worse once the door opens. He knocked on the door and bounced on his heels as he shoved his paws into pockets. He ate quickly at breakfast to get the chance to talk with Martha again, even though he found her strange (along with her family) he was curious.

Soon enough the door opens to reveal Martha’s mother, dressed in a gold and red dress, along with hoop earrings, dangling off her ears. Her eyes went wide in surprise.

“Oh, little miracle child, what brings you here?” She asked. Immediately the loud screams of the playing bunnies went silent as they peered their heads out from the living room.

Martin scratched the back of his head. “Can Martha come out to play?”

“Martha?” Her head went down to her legs where Martin saw Martha’s white face peek out like a ghost in a dark hallway. Martin was taken back by how intense her red eyes were when they stared at him. Her eyes went up to her mother and tugged at her dress.

“May I, mother?”

Her mother tapped a finger against her chin. “I-I don’t know my sweet, I don’t want you getting lost or hurt.”

Martha’s ears went down as she shyly hid her face away from Martin. He tilted his head at her in confusion. He could tell that she wanted to come with him but she didn’t want to disobey her mother.

Martin looked up at her mother. “I can take care of her for ya.”

Her mother hummed and glanced at Martha, who was staring at her with a pout. “I…I suppose, but be back before lunch.”

Martha’s ears went up and dashed by her mother and next to Martin. He shrugged when he pointed behind him. “Come on, I’ll show you around the neighborhood.” Martha nodded with a small smile and followed him.

Martin was kicking a stray can while he explained the ins and outs in the neighborhood, while Martha followed close behind.

“So that’s old man Jerry’s house, he’s kinda a kook so stay away from him. Mrs. Patty lives in that red house, she makes cookies sometimes and I see her give them out to the other fox kids, ‘cept me, but that’s okay-they’re oatmeal cookies. I don’t like those. “ he kicked the can harder, watching it fly off into the junk yard. “Oh! And that’s my place, the other kids don’t like playing there-come on, I’ll show ya.”

He ran towards it and squeezed in between two planks of wood from the fence. Martha was quickly behind him, it was a little hard to get through but with enough force, she was at the other side. She dusted off her dress as she watched Martin jump into the broken car and lay down on the back seats.

“This is where I nap most of the time.” He said before sitting back up. “At least until dinner time….what do you think?” He asked.  

Martha looked down and kicked at the dirt. “It's….nice, Martin.” She said politely, even though she found the junkyard extremely dangerous and unsanitary.  

Martin rolled his eyes and jumped out of the car. “Ah, I know a lie when I hear one, Cottontail.” Martha’s ears twitch and looked back at her tail. She wasn’t sure if she should take it as a friendly joke or an insult.

“Look if you don’t like it, you can tell me.”

Martha pressed her lips together and took another look around the junkyard, her nose twitched before she contorted it and quietly said. “I don’t like it.”

Martin snorted and laughed when he saw her disgusted expression.

“Yeah sure, but that’s because your’re a girl, what do you do for fun?” He asked, she shrugged and glanced at a bundle of sticks. She walked over to them and picked up four.

“I like to tell fortunes.” She said, showing him the sticks. He crossed his arms. “My mother taught me…but I’m just a beginner.”

“So, like magic?” He asked not really believing it. She shook her head.

“No, prediction, would you want me to tell you your future?”

Martin shrugged and sat on the ground. “Sure. I’ll bite.”

“Okay.” Martha smiled and threw the four sticks in front of him. They landed in different position, and one landed on top of the other. Martha titled her head at the two that were stacked on top of each other. She pointed to that first.

“It says, you will be meet your soulmate.” Martin snorted at the thought. He wasn’t really interested in girls. “And since it’s pointing to the west, it means you already met her.”

“I doubt that.” He said aloud. He peered at the sticks. “Are you sure you’re reading it right?”

“I think so….um that stick is pointing west, that means a good job and no kids.”

“See? How can I marry a vixen and not have kids? Isn’t that what soulmate is?”

“I’m not sure…um that other stick means that you’ll have a good job, but since it’s pointing north, it won’t last but you’ll still be happy.”

“No offense but I think you need more practice.” He said as he gathered the sticks. He threw them up in the air and watched as they landed randomly. “Okay now tell me what this says about you.”

“Hmm, those two sticks landed on each other and they’re facing north and south, that means I will meet my soulmate, who is my opposite.” She scratched her head. “Oh…I don’t know about that.” She said with her ears low. “It’s difficult for an albino to find a mate.”


“Most albinos are sterile.” She said quietly and clutched at the bottom of her dress.

“What does sterile mean?”

“That you can’t have babies.”

Martin’s ears went down. “Oh. Are you sterile?”

She dusted her dress as she thought about it. “I don’t know…”

Martin pointed to another stick, wanting to change subjects. “What does this mean?”

“Happiness mostly, but the other stick means hard times.”

Martin picked up the sticks and tossed them aside. “Ah, I don’t believe in this mumbo jumbo, I make my own fate!” He proclaimed loudly.

Martha frowned slightly. “I suppose having sticks decide your future is a little silly.”

Martin stared at her, holding a small smile as he watched her pick up the sticks and started to build a square house with them. He noticed how her nose twitches whenever the sticks fell together, ruining her building. A sign of frustration. He also saw how bright her white coat really is when the sun shines on her. It was almost as if she was shining.

Martha sighed when her house fell for the fifth time and looked up to Martin, wondering what they should do next. She blinked when she saw his stare and immediately looked down.

“W-what is it?” She asked softly, wondering if she was boring him.

“I like hearing you talk.” He said bluntly. She glanced at him in surprise and saw him lay down against the dirt. His eyes faced the sky, watching the clouds go by as he continued. “You’re shy, right? And don’t talk much.”

Again, Martha looked back to the ground and started tracing in the dirt. “U-um…I-I guess.” She meekly said.

“You should talk more.” Martha tilted her head up and saw Martin holding a frown. “You’re the first animal that ever talked me in this stupid neighborhood.”

Martha curled her legs together and rested her chin on her knees. “Really?…why?”

Martin rubbed his right eye before letting out a sigh. “Because I have black fur, I mean, it’s not red like the other foxes so, they say I’m bad luck. Sometimes, they like to start a fight with me.” Martha’s eyes widen slightly but was confused when Martin grinned and let out a laugh.

“But I always beat them!”

She smiled and giggle at him, making him turn his head. “That’s silly.”

He snorted and sat up. “I like you Cottontail.” Martha blinked when he put out his paw to her. “Want to be friends?”

Martha grabbed his paw with her own. She blushed lightly by how warm it was. “Yes, Marty.”


60 years later.

She giggled when she carried the sticks into the living room where Martin was sitting. He was sitting on the couch, drinking his morning coffee until he heard her laugh. He lifted his head up at her and noticed the pile of sticks she had.

“What’s this, Cottontail?”

She giggled again. “Would you like me to tell your fortune?”

He snorted when he remembered that distant memory. “That mumbo jumbo magic? Ha. I don’t think the fortune you told me was right.”

“Are you sure, Marty?”

“Of course.” He said and took a sip of his coffee. “You said that I met my soulmate, but I’m not with a vixen but with-!” He paused and whirled at Martha who was holding a large smile.

“I didn’t say it would be a vixen, Marty.”

“…throw those sticks again.”

Gaara Hiden: Flirting
  • Arranged Fiancee: This is so awkward. But this is the elders' wishes... Maybe I could try flirting with him a bit.
  • Gaara: Hello.
  • Arranged Fiancee: Oh, good morning Lord Kazekage. *Pause* So, is that sand in your pants or are you just happy to see me? *Instant regret*
  • Gaara: I always have an amount of sand in my clothes. It's much easier to form my sand armor if I'm in battle. It's quite convenient really. Though I'm not sure if the sand is able to convey emotions as you asked, so I'm afraid I'm unable to answer that portion of the question.
  • Arranged Fiancee: Oh, okay...
  • Kankuro: Gaara, I don't think that's what she meant.
  • Gaara: Hm? What did she mean?
  • Kankuro: *Leans in and whispers in Gaara's ear*
  • Gaara: *Eyes widen* Oh. Well then. You have beautiful...birthing hips?
  • Arranged Fiancee: ...
  • Kankuro: *Facepalm*
  • Gaara: That wasn't the correct answer, was it?
Imagine Dean mocking you while you slept in the back of the impala.

You’d been sleeping in the backseat of the impala for a decent couple of hours. The hunt had ended without a hitch and you’d been beat, so you decided to get a little sleep on the way back to the bunker. Apparently you never should have. Deans low voice hit your ears, making you flutter your eyes open.
“Oh Castiel! Ooooh!” You instantly sat up. Blush covered your face. Dean coughed as he noticed you’d sat up.
“Oh, (y/n). How was your nap?” Sam snickered in front of you. You kicked the seat lightly.
“The both of you suck you know that?” You smiled. You loved them, even if they did tease the hell out of you.