krist0pher  asked:

Do you have a rough estimate of how much a physical copy of the deck will cost through Kickstarter? I'm so excited for it and would like to know about how much I'll need to save up. Thank you so much for making this deck!!!

Yeah! I’m hoping to sell them for $25 plus shipping. I haven’t estimated the shipping yet, but it will almost certainly be $5+ in the USA and…..a lot more for elsewhere. So if you’re in the US I’d say have $30-35 on hand and elsewhere $35-40! 

I hope that this ends up being a good estimate. I’ve looked into pricing somewhat but sometimes when you dig deeper, costs go up. I understand why most indie decks are so expensive, there’s good reason for it…but I really want to make these more accessible if I can. 

The good news is, you’ve got plenty of time to save up! I probably won’t be having the KS until early spring next year at the soonest. Crossing my fingers :)

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1. fictional character that you look up to
idk if i look up to any charas ;;; idk if i even look up to real people lmao

2. favourite icecream flavour

3. favourite season
late spring/early autumn

4. a fear that you overcame

5. favourite author
i don’t think i have one ;;; i like works by Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling and Terry Prattchet tho

6. favourite lyrics
THERE IS TOO MANY– for example:
“And in the end
I’d do it all again
I think you’re my best friend
Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all, kids aren’t alright”

7. favourite album

either American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy, Crybaby by Melanie Martinez or Badlands by Halsey

8. biggest regret (if there is any)
does living my life count

9. would you change anything in your life if you could go back?
i’d kick my own ass to stress less about shit which didn’t matter in the end and maybe i’d make myself learn anatomy better

10. what excites you about your future?
nothing, to be honest

11. what scares you about your future?
i’m gonna live on my own with six other ppl and i’m wondering whether my egoistic and introverted ass will cooperate or not, i’m scared about uni because the closer academic year is the less i want to go and learn, i’m afraid of what people i might meet and how lonely i’m probably gonna be… there is a lot of that tbh

My questions:

  1. how’s been your week so far?
  2. can you cook?
  3. are you a halloween kid or a christmas kid?
  4. opinion on mint ice cream?
  5. do you have any (silly) phobias?
  6. are you on good terms with your siblings?
  7. do you read fanfics? what’s your fav one so far?
  8. what’s the best character from the last movie you saw?
  9. do you prefer big cities, small towns or countryside?
  10. any advices for your younger self?
  11. any plans for the next week?