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Do you have any kitchen-witchy recommendations relating to spring's arrival?

Ohhhhhh my goddddd so manyy
But this ask is a bit vague? I am guessing you are referring to the equinox and not actually when we are in spring. I have so much food related everything to every notch and angle of the years season so I will just go with spring equinox since it was my first assumption. 

So first I will talk about flavors and foods that are in season. For spring I heavily associate green tea and matcha with it because of it’s earthy flavor, green color (as greenery is starting to pop up out of the thawing dead earth) and it’s abilities to awaken, as spring is a time of reawakening and rebirth. Spring is when I consume the most matcha-everything. Teas, cakes, cookies, smoothies, noodle bowls, creams; you can buy it at most asian/specifically Japanese marts (it’s gotten popular you can find it in most east asian markets), or sometimes herb shops sell it, or you can just find it online. A tiny bit goes a long way and it’s very energizing when taken by itself in a tea. Other things I like to encorporate as flavors are almonds, pralines and pistachios since they have seed-like qualities and are sweet and have a light floral taste. They are great additions to desserts for the equinox or to add in smoothie bowls.

For foods that are in season there are so many fantastic things in the farmers market now! Asparagus is the very first thing that comes to mind. We are in asparagus season and where I am located they also have snap peas and butter lettuce (Also speaking of lettuce I love steamed bok choy too its so bright green and like a little lettuce ball). Peas and green beans are also a very spring thing for me too along with spring onions and chives. Split Pea soup is a super spring themed dish. (Most things that are very earthy but with a lighter flavor and green seems to be a theme here haha but it is also all in season.) There are some wintery foods that spill into spring like carrots, leaks and celery. I also love microgreens but they tend to be difficult to get a hold of unless you go someplace fancy like Eataly which I am greatful to be close to in NYC. I love sorrel microgreens cause they look like little clovers and are super pretty to top dishes with.
Early spring is of course the arrival of budding trees and sowing seeds and a lot of the food I eat reflects that. I love to eat sprouts and add it to toast with cream cheese and salmon or any salad. (Any type of sprouts are great too I REALLY love mung beans sprouts for Ostara and early spring too, they are so refreshing and a pretty sunny yellow color.) I also love pepitas that are little green seeds. They are addictive to eat and I love to sprinkle them on top of smoothie bowls. I use them in rituals for growth as well.
Around the equinox and early spring, eggs get included in a lot of dishes. For the equinox I like to make quiche and load it with spring vegitables such as asparagus and beans. Tea eggs are super pretty and are great for an equinox dinner. Colored deviled eggs are fun too.
Also following the theme of green and earthy, though I doubt basil is in season since it’s more summery, I still love pesto. If you are a fan of spreads you can make a green hummus spread, or a pesto spread or a cheesy artichoke spread but I associate artichokes with later spring and Beltane. Cucumbers are also summery too but cucumbers are also light, green and refreshing and a lot of people use them in spring recipes and I adore them so I usually add them in my spring dishes too! 

OK SOO kitchen witchy recommendations that are activity centered!!

When you use eggs starting from now SAVE THE SHELLS!! If you have your own little garden or want to make a window-sill herb garden, it’s easy to use the egg shells as a starter to plant seeds in before putting them into the earth. If you don’t have a garden you can save eggshells for offerings to plant spirits since they love that- a case to put a spell in (as opposed to a spell jar you would bury since the jar would not decompose), or use the egg shell as a tea light holder which is what I am doing. I collect egg shells around this time of year to make pretty candles for Ostara.

Learn to sprout your sprouts! You can buy a pack and write a sigil or charge them with intent then let them sprout over time and add it to your dishes to make food that will be boosted with your magic! It would be great in this pisces season to focus on luck or power coming your way to help you advance in creative endeavors or just something for prosperity.

Use edible seeds like pepitas in growth spells and recipes.

Using whole collard green leaves in wraps or to wrap up spells to bury or offerings. Collard green leaves are beautiful as wraps and look like elven food. My dad once got me a ‘burger’ in one and I was like wtf kind of whole foods healthy shit is this, but it was surprisingly good. They are huge and leafy so its very convenient to use if you need to wrap up something. Same goes for butter lettuce or any lettuce/spring cabbage leaf!! 

I have a lot more food magic pertaining to mid-late spring with flowers and sprouted veggies but you said spring’s arrival so I wanted to keep the post short haha.

Also my Ostara tag has way more stuff for recipes and correspondences if you are interested in early spring things.