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Damian is terrified of 4th of July fireworks and has to cuddle between Bruce and Clark. He makes them promise not to tell anyone else about it.

Aww, Damian sweetie! It’s okay.

I can see them in Gotham City Park where Bruce and Clark are laying down on an incline so they can see the fireworks better and they’re all snuggly and happy and then Damian comes over and gets in between.

And he has his hands close to his chest and tries to squeeze his head in between them so that the sounds stop being so loud. And Bruce and Clark are just so happy that Damian is opening up to them and they hug him close for comfort.

The next year, Bruce brings him ear muffs and plugs so it won’t scare him as much.

Le Freak, Snow Chic!

How to look chic during the harsh of winter

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5 Style Tips to Looking Chic in the Snow

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Ear Muffs

My favorite teacher once told me
she wears three hats at the same time
while walking through her neighbourhood
in the backwoods of Maine;
one to keep her head warm,
one to block the sun from her face,
and one bright orange hat
to keep the hunters from shooting her in the brain.

She looked at me seriously and said ,
“I suppose could get a hat that does all three
but that would be an awfully funny looking hat.”

You, my love,
are a funny looking hat.

That is to say
you are everything I need.

Forgive me for the days
I am ear muffs
in Florida
on a sandy beach
during a heat wave.

I just stare at this picture and think of me walking in and him just being like “What, my ears got cold you got a problem with that.” Lol idk why! I just love this picture, Liam James Payne is so hot, and will probably reblog it forever!!:p