The DC Superhero Collection Figurine Magazine is introducing Red Hood.

Dc Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #112 Red Hood And The Outlaws is an Urban Collector pre-order. The ultimate collection for comics fans, the DC Superhero Collection Figurine Magazine brings together DC Comics’ greatest heroes and villains! Official figurines of the characters, both good and evil, are cast in lead, individually hand-painted and numbered to form an authentic collector’s edition. Each comes with a 20-page magazine providing detailed history and background on the featured characters, including exclusive images and interviews. Choose this month from Red Hood and the Outlaws (#112) and Metallo (#113).

Dc Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #112 Red Hood And The Outlaws is a pre-order item. Urban Collector pre-order item policies apply. Secure your limited edition item by pre-ordering today.

This will come out in September 2012. It will be US $14.00.

I’ll be adding this to my collection of Wonder Women, Batmen and Red Hoods, and I’ll be picking up a Cass Cain Batgirl, Batwoman and a Big Barda. Woo! You can check out more of them here

Collectors!  If you’re a lover of wonderfully detailed, official collectibles, you’ve got to check out Eaglemoss; their offerings are second to none, including these gorgeous Star Trek starship scale models!

We’ll be partnering with Eaglemoss on some exciting upcoming stuff, so in the meantime head to their website and see what they’re all about!

DC Comics Pull Box For 8-5-2015

DC Comics Pull Box For 8-5-2015

DCN has compiled a list of DC Comics titles and collectibles shipping to comic shops for August 8, 2015. Check back every Friday with the DCN Pull Box to see all the cool new DC Comics titles and collectibles that will be available at your favorite local comic shop! So, what titles or collectibles will you be picking up this Wednesday? You can sound off in the comments section below! Click on…

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Custom Eaglemoss Linda Park-West by Ciro Di Lella

Those who have been following my blog for awhile should be pretty familiar with the (now cancelled) Eaglemoss series of DC and Marvel Universe Lead collectibles. Originating in the United Kingdom, the series of mini-statues eventually made their way to France, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Usually ranging in size from 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches the figurines had gathered quite a following before the abrupt cancellation of the line. The last official DC release will fortunately be a character I’ve been anxiously awaiting for quite some time; Bart Allen aka Kid Flash. Unfortunately it is unknown whether we can expect to see the “classic” version of Bart’s Kid Flash or the New 52 costume design. In any case this will be the last Flash-related Eaglemoss statue we can expect to see. Fortunately we have guys like Ciro Di Lella around. 

Now Ciro doesn’t necessarily create completely custom Eaglemoss figurines; he isn’t casting lead molds or anything. What he is doing is taking existing Eaglemoss figurines and then altering them by removing the paint using an acetone bath, molding and sculpting new clothing/props with clay and then finally painting it. Linda Park-West started out as a Classic Marvel Figurine collection, Psylocke. Talk about vision. 

While Ciro has an ever-growing gallery of different Eaglemoss custom figurines (Which can be viewed HERE) he also works in several other mediums including digital art, photo manipulations and traditional painting and drawing. His entire body of work can be seen HERE.

Ciro’s art can be seen on his Deviant Art and his Tumblr. He does take commissions but as I explained, they are not original figurines, simply modified existing Eaglemoss releases. No matter what they are excellent. Stay tuned for one more Flashy release from Ciro Di Lella. 

Thanks for reading!

-Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson

Warner Bros. teams with Eaglemoss for new “Harry Potter” Partworks collection

Warner Bros. Consumer Studios have signed a global deal with Eaglemoss for a new “Harry Potter” partworks collection, which will be released next year. The collection will include exclusive figurines of characters from the series.