Each day I live

INFJ Confession #1921

I live life each day subconsciously placing all my hope and happiness on this vague notion of a “something better” or “someday”. I try to be content with the life I’ve built for myself, but I wake up each morning with a nagging feeling that I’m wasting away this precious gift called life.

Plot idea. Gimme We’re friends with hella lot of sexual tension, and quite possibly live near each other because one day I’m driving you home and I notice your skirt ride up your legs and I have the hardest boner ever that I cannot control, and you do something about it” plot.


Hanging fake Ivy and Lavender atop the babies cradle and wishing I could use the real thing instead. I wouldn’t mind growing Ivy vines all through the house like a real life fairytale.

I’m feeling really emotional and excited in the lead up to giving birth. Each day this feeling gets stronger and I get more overwhelmed by it all, in a good way. This space in time is so beautiful and I feel really called to treasure it and express my gratitude for everything that is happening within our little family.

The universe has given us such a beautifully overwhelming gift and I pray that I never forget just how lucky I am to be living this life. Each day I wake up in a beautiful place, beside the man that I love and with a starseed growing in my womb~ I could cry because it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

If you had told me years ago that my life would turn out so beautifully I would have never believed it, and to be honest the person I was back then didn’t really deserve such blessings. I’ve grown a lot since then and made amends with who I’ve been, and I’m just so grateful that it all brought me to this point.

Yes life is hard and people are the hardest part of it all, yes bad things happen and sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart. But taking a step back and realising just how lucky we all are to be able to live in this space and this time and this reality…its pure magick. I love these moments of abundant gratitude because they keep things in perspective.

At the end of the day all that matters is how much we love one another and love ourselves and love living life. Sounds cliche but for me it’s 100% true ✨🌿💜

I feel jealous of people who get to follow me, because I run the best blog. It must be exciting seeing what I decide to post each day. I must be the highlight of all your lives!

Migraine Update:
I went for three solid days without an episode. This probably doesn’t sound so great, but I left the house on each of those days and continued living my life. This is a really big deal and shows a vast improvement, so I don’t even mind that I have a migraine today. 
It’s all part of the process. 
I am getting better.

I was getting concerned that I wan’t going to get this done before today’s solemn anniversary had passed. I feel a little better about my resolve knowing that I did, so thank you for inspiring that motivation, among a million other things, Monty.

You’re so damn right, though; time is the greatest inhibitor. I wish that I could have instantly materialized this from the superior image in my head, but I accept that I am only human, and I’m as bound by the eternal clock as anyone.

Getting out of the university experience that almost broke my soul was made possible by you too. The beautiful works that seemed infinite in number after you passed were the most powerful inspirational force I’ve ever felt, and I try my best to carry that feeling into each art-making day I now live. It may take me more accursed time than it will others, but I will make drawing in some form my (semi)professional career.

I owe that to you, because you believed in art with every fibre of your being. Thanks a trillion, Monty Oum…..and sleep well.

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I love the way Gerard makes me feel like I'm never alone. I know that there are so many other people that deal with the same shit I was put through growing up, but dealing with it can make you feel so ungodly alone and isolated. With Gee, Frank, Mikey, and Ray, I never feel alone. They know my struggles because they've been there and felt what I feel. It gives me the strength I need to live each day to its fullest and love life.

You can just listen to their music and not feel alone. They’ve all been through so much and you know that if you were to sit and have a conversation with them, they wouldn’t judge you. They’d support you. Especially Gerard. He’s been through and accomplished so much.

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I prefer cherry blossoms in autumn,
Snowflakes in the month of May.
I give thanks January thru December,
Make new year resolutions in September.
I’m always genuine, especially on Halloween.
And Christmas exists every 365th,
For every day is a gift to be cherished.
Calendars are meant to be torn;
Why should fragile sheets have instruction
On my year’s construction?
No two years should be the same,
So maybe next year my preferences will change.
For now, Valentines are written daily
As I learn to love myself better.
In August I’ll conduct Movember,
And four times each month
I’ll observe Resurrection Sunday.
Extended weekends, no hump days.
Make every Monday Friday,
Each Saturday my birthday.
I can’t predict the moment I will pass,
But I will live each day as my last.


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You don't know it but you help me make it through each day, you make life worth living. Without you I don't know if I would be here. you're an inspiration Jess, thank you

this makes my bad days worth it. thankyou

It is a sad time of the year for RWBY fans. Today marks one year since the passing of one of the animation industry’s most creative, talented people. Monty Oum was an inspiration to creators, artists, and passionate souls the world over, and I personally fell in love with his show, RWBY, when it launched in 2013. His mantra of creating beautiful things and pushing yourself to be the best that you can be is something that I am proud to say I live by each day, through my work on cosplays and many other aspects of my life. I feel that the vision of the Monty Oum Project has become sort of my lifestyle as of late as I’ve gotten more in touch with my creative, crafty side, so in his memory today, I post this picture of my Blake Belladonna cosplay, the first costume I made myself and actually felt super proud of, when I first debuted it at DaishoCon 2013. Monty lives on through his creations and through his many fans, whom he has inspired more than he will ever know. Rest in Peace, Monty. Keep moving forward.

OMG againnnn!

Well, i have been spending my holidays with a lot of non-productive activities which i would regret at the end of each day. Therefore, several days ago i watched Ao Haru Ride live action movie, which reminds me of Strobe Edge live action movie that i watched before my holiday, yes, those two masterpieces of Sakisaka Io’s sensei. Then, i rewatched that movie, and imo, Strobe Edge has more interesting plot eventhough i still find a lot of shoujo clichè. Maybe it is because i have read Ao Haru Ride manga before (and i didn’t read Strobe Edge manga). I didn’t really look at the actors and actress there so yesterday i moved on to another movie/drama. Then, i found a JDrama in my unwatched dramas folder - a drama entitled Koinaka. Some interesting things got caught by my eyes….. the actress from Ao Haru Ride got paired with the male one from Strobe Edge. Yes, couple switching. I’ve seen Fukushi Sota in another film/dramas (i know he’s hot :p) but this is the first time i saw Honda Tsubasa to play another character and i should say that i love her act in Koinaka more than in Ao Haru Ride! I know this is just another pure coincidence but it always occur when i watch J/KDramas. But, you’ll find it interesting! like when someone who acted as a stern doctor then in your next drama you find him as a boss’ sandbag lol /pardon my horrible grammar/

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by mitra pourmehran

Dear Mr.

( @origamilover25 )

Throughout my body I feel sudden chills

but they don’t come from freshly fallen snow

instead they stem from each romantic thrill

that being in your presence does bestow

When you first met me I bore much distress

yet now I live each day with joy divine

my cheeks are roses from love so endless

because you are my only Valentine

But to the heart we shine like beacons bright

our bond has been strengthened by oaths we swore

to persevere to stand firm and unite

blessed with you each year I’ll be evermore

               I live a childhood dream in your embrace

               We’ll never look history in the face

Life is like a big blank canvas. We can create whatever we want; go wherever we want. Somehow we’re stuck believing we can’t do something because it’s “impossible” or “too hard” but if you want it bad enough then keep going. Because our life is our own and no one else’s. When we wake up each day we won’t know what’s in store for us. It’s our own little mystery. We could meet someone new, have a life changing idea, or take our last breath. Each and every one of our days count. I want to spend mine living to the fullest. No holding back.

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okay so i like this guy and we have english together and it is good i got to see him and then we would walk together from school bc we live close to each other, so one day I was like i want to message him maybe something will happen but he takes like 15 min to answer and im just not that type of texer also when we were texting i send him a text and it ended with "my boy"it was ment lighten the mood but he never answered. si tbh im like okay getting ove him,its not that big of a crush idk

Haha, maybe he got a little scared by that. Cause he probably didn’t understand that you were saying it - meaning it to be a joke.
But as you said, you’re getting over him, so maybe it’s not that big a deal?
Let me know what happens when you see him? =P

Sorry, I don’t have any good answer to this!


im about to ramble (i mean what else is new but anyways)
i feel like i gained about 5 lbs since saturday when i had that yolo eat whatever the fuck day and thats the first time ive done that in a while. and since then the scale has been up 5+ lbs): like legit i didnt even eat enough to gain half a pound so what the actual fuck. i hope its just water weight i mean what else could it be. and im also feeling bloated today fml. i think im gonna stop having so much sodium and try my best to stick to the potato diet for at least five days to cleanse out my body of any crap thats in my digestive system (im including greens as much as i can and also taking a scoop of protein each day) (also just saying i really like the idea of a short lived mono diet bc it really helps someone who deals with ed behaviors like me to tap into true hunger cues and listening to my body since youre only eating one major type of food for your calorie source. some people will disagree completely but if i can stick to this i know it will put my mind at ease for a bit)

To Be Alive

On the banks of the Cahaba
Watching lilies grow
Or up in West Virginia 
With mountains full of snow
And way down in Texas 
Where the pretty girls all grow
Some folks say I’m crazy
For all the miles I drive
But I’m making the most of this good living
I’m just happy to be alive

We all know there was a time
I was much different than today
Back when I was blind
Before I found my way
When I thought hard living was all there was to being free
Before I found my devil lord
And found out he was me
Now I’m just thankful for each new day I survive
I’ve been blessed with good living
And I’m happy to be alive

I’ve had my share of heartache 
If you want, you can read all about it, in a different song
Because I’ve repented of my sins
And forgiven every wrong
I will be your friend
If it’s a friend you need
Because we are all blood brothers
It’s all Adam’s blood we bleed
And I wake up thankful each new day I survive
I’ve been blessed with good living
And I’m proud  to be alive

I’ve been blessed with good living
I’m happy to be alive

This is iKON, my favorite Korean boy group. My favorite song by them is Climax, when they were still called “Team B.” 

“Giving up my youth, I ran barefoot for three years. After saying a heartless goodbye to my family and friends. Living each day, always nervous about tomorrow. I told them to trust me, that we will succeed for sure. With the weight of not just my life, but five others on my shoulders, looking for chances. I had no choice but to throw away the pressure and failures. Now I want to see the light so I put my future on the line. The gods asked me if I wasn’t gonna regret this, but I answer without hesitating, why would I regret? What’s left behind this stage is either success or failure. I put my everything on the line and there is no next time. My determination has no choice but to be different from others.” is my favorite part of the song because the leader of the group, Kim Han Bin a.k.a B.I, wrote what he felt being a leader to his group. They went through a lot of struggles and challenges just to be able to debut, and now that they have been able to debut, I feel really happy for them.

Idk I’ve come to the realization that like wow. We’re all in this world, right now, at this exact moment. For some reason. Why continue to be sad and depressed when life is so short. You have to live each day like it’s your last. I’ve been working on trying to be happy and been trying to get healthy again. It’s a good feeling to finally realize all of this.