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Did you really convince little Steve Rogers that the fireworks on the fourth of July were for his birthday?

actually no. 

that was the handiwork of one mrs sara rogers, who used to take her little asthmatic arrhythmic tiny baby son on the roof to watch the fireworks on his birthday. (mostly so that they didnt have to be in the apartment with steves dad, who had shellshock which he medicated with waaaay too much alcohol, and he was always worse on the fourth, since it sounded like there were explosions going off everywhere. steves dad died when he was three, and my ma said once that mrs rogers might have missed him, but she didnt miss the bruises he left.)

 as it happened, that was how i first met steve–on the roof of the building when i was four and he was turning three. i actually remember it, which is pretty incredible considering how old i was and how swiss-cheese my brain is. but there was mrs sara, with her tiny little baby on her hip. i’d never seen anybody so fair-skinned and blonde as mrs sara and stevie, and the lights off the fireworks painted them all sorts of colors. most of the other little kids were crying and had to be brought inside because the noise scared them, but not baby stevie–he was reaching his little bitty baby hands up, trying to grab the sparkly fireworks. probably the noise didnt bother him because he was partially deaf, but mrs sara always insisted that it was just that he had more courage than could fit inside him. 

generally, she also mentioned that all that courage had taken up the space where his common sense was supposed to be. 

when steve was three, he said his favorite color was america–by which he meant red, white, and blue, because that was the colors for his birthday, and everyone always celebrated with him.

even after mrs sara died, us barneses kept up the fireworks story, and i passed it on to the howlies eventually. 

i dont know how old steve was when he figured out that the whole city wasnt just throwing him a huge birthday celebration, but im sure that if you asked him, he’d still insist the fireworks were for him.

whatever PR schmuck decided to name him captain america probably had no idea how accurate a name it was. 

I Always Was [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 3065
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Y/n is in love with her best friend Sirius Black, a boy notorious for his one night stands. After he leaves her to hook up with another girl, he finally realises his true feelings.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

Note: It’s a little tiny bit angsty (not really), but FLUFF OVERLOAD (I hope, I’m really bad at writing fluff). Also this is the longest thing I’ve ever written, like ever. Enjoy! x

+ + + + +

If there was one person you could always count on to be there for you, it was Sirius Black. He was your rock, your shoulder to cry on, your light in dark times, your everything - even if he didn’t know it. You were in love with the dark haired boy - you had been since you were eleven - and found yourself craving the lingering touches, soft hugs and wide smiles he’d set aside just for you.

From the moment you woke up in the morning to the moment you fell asleep at night, your mind would be focused on him. On his charm, on his cheeky smirk, on his loving actions. He was the most important person in your life, and you couldn’t thank Merlin enough for him.

In his own words, you were his girl. You liked that, you liked being his girl, even if you weren’t really. There were so many times, too many to count, where he’d refer to you as his in front of others around you.

In class…

“You will complete this task in pairs,” Slughorn announced to the class, clearing away the potion from his demonstration. Before the class could even burst into a panic trying to find the perfect potions partner, Sirius spoke up immediately.

“I’m with Y/n,” He flung his arm over your shoulder, “We’re the best together.” As he turned to you, he began to speak again, “You’re my girl, aren’t you Y/n?” You nodded, a faint blush fighting to show on your cheeks.

Taking part in pranks…

“Why don’t you just add the slime in with the explosion? It’ll get everywhere, and cover more people. Bigger impact, and less effort,” you spoke, pointing to the fifth step in the plan that you thought should be changed on the parchment.

“That’s brilliant!” James said, crossing out his own idea and rewriting it again in his messy scrawl. “That’s my girl,” Sirius said with a smirk, kissing your forehead.

Even in front of teachers…

“Come on, Minnie, Y/n had nothing to do with this prank,” James said to McGonagall. “Mr Potter, do not address me as ‘Minnie’,” She said with a stern tone, though her eyes twinkled in amusement - not that she’d admit how much she enjoyed these boys and their crazy antics.

“Professor, Y/n really wasn’t apart of this prank, she just happened to be there,” Remus said to his teacher. “Yeah,” Sirius agreed, “My girl is way too much of a good student to be apart of a prank like this. I mean, did you see that explosion?”

You enjoyed being the number one girl in his life, you enjoyed being the first person he’d come to when he was feeling down or needed cuddles. You enjoyed being wrapped up with him, his muscular arms surrounding you with a sense of safety and love.

It was moments like the current that you felt most happy, laying on a couch in the common room, your face laying on his shoulder and his fingers slowly brushing through your hair gently, every so often placing a kiss to your forehead.

If Sirius wasn’t known for his one night stands as much as he was, a bystander could very well misinterpret the pair as a couple, or dating at the very least.

If only.

“Alright love, I need to go and meet up with Anastasia for the night,” Sirius’ voice carried through the silent common room, shuffling around as he sat up, removing his arms from their place around you, leaving you feeling cold. It was strange how empty you felt when he wasn’t beside you. Maybe that’s just what unrequited love feels like. You sat up away from him to let him stand up, even though you really didn’t want to, and were confused as to why he was leaving in he first place.

“What time are you going to be back? Remember we made plans, we were going to-” you were interrupted with a smirk from Sirius and a wink, and you were unsure whether he even heard, or cared, about what you were saying.

“Don’t wait up for me, love,” he simply said as he left the room, taking your happiness with him.

“Hang out,” you finished your sentence to yourself, frowning as you felt a couple of tears prick your eyes. You sighed to yourself and furiously wiped the tears away before they even had a chance to fall. It wasn’t the first time he abandoned you for another girl, but it was the first time he had done so when you already had plans.

He always said you were his favourite girl, but how long were you going to let you convince yourself that he wasn’t lying, or just saying that because you were his best friend?

Because that’s all you were really. His best friend. Nothing less, but certainly nothing more.


“Hey Y/n, whatcha doing sat here alone? Didn’t you and Padfoot have plans tonight?” James asked as he walked into the common room after being kicked out of the library when he was with Remus. He found you sat alone, in the same position you had been in for the last couple of hours - on he couch, curled up and staring at the fire.

“We did, but he said he needed to meet up with Anastasia. And then he just sort of walked out,” you finished your short recount of the night, spitting out Anastasia’s name like it was poison and frowning to yourself.

“Well then, if he wants to hang with - or bang with - Ow! Okay, don’t hit me again, that was a joke! A pretty good one if you think about it - Ow! What did I just say to you? Anyway, if he wants to be with another girl, then I’ll just have to spend the night with you, because I happen to enjoy your company. When you’re not hitting me,” James said, fake pouting at you.

His pout quickly turned into a devious grin as you shook your head and edged away from him, “James Fleamont Potter, don’t you dare!”

“Ooooh, middle names! Must really be in trouble,” he joked before reaching over and starting to tickle you. You shrieked, moving away from the boy as you and him started to laugh. “There’s that pretty smile of yours! Now, let’s go start our day of fun!” James announced, before grabbing you by the hand. He lifted you off the couch and led you out of the room and into the corridor outside, where a couple of students stood around chatting.

“Wait a minute James! Where are we going?” You asked, following him - or rather, being pulled along with him. James turned around, making you bump into his back at the sudden pause, one of his brown curls falling across his forehead as he sent you a cheeky grin, “On an adventure.”


“Did you see his face?” You gripped onto James arm as you used him to support you, unable to stand up properly from laughing so hard.

“It was priceless,” James joined in, stopping in his tracks as he tried to catch his breath. “I can’t believe we just did that! We must be crazy!” You said as you giggled, letting go of the Potter boy as you shook your head.

“We are crazy, Y/n. And that was just the beginning! We’re going to do even crazier things tonight!” James flung his arms around to back up his statement.

“You’re going to get us arrested, aren’t you?” You said with an amused smile. “Not arrested per say, just perhaps stuck in detention for the rest of our lives,” he grinned at you, his eyes shining with mischief.


Sirius fell back on his bed, his shirt unbuttoned and half hanging off his bare chest. His arms lay across his face as he let out a quiet and frustrated growl, unable to get you out of his brain.

This had never happened before, he had never called a girl he was hooking up with by the wrong name - not ever. He never meant to - one moment he was snogging a girl against his dorm wall, the next he was being slapped by that same girl as she stormed out of the room. He sighed, thinking about your soft h/c hair and pretty e/c eyes. Without him realising, he began to smile uncontrollably at just the thought of you.

“I have to go and find her,” he muttered to himself as he stood up. He ran a hang through his now-messy hair, and grabbed his trousers to put back on as he ran out of his dorm room and nearly fell down the stairs on his way to try and find you.

The common room was empty, excluding a few first years that were huddled in front of the fire completing homework. Sirius looked around and, when he couldn’t find you, headed over to the stairway leading to the girls dormitory. He quickly and easily removed the charms from the stairs and ran up two at a time.

He knocked on the door and waited, hoping you’d answer for him. Hearing no reply, he hesitantly reached out for the brass handle and slowly opened the door.

The room was empty, to Sirius’ surprise. He looked around the room, easily being able to tell which girl stayed in which part of the room just by the belongings.

Alice had the far right side of the room, her bed decorated with a pink blanket over the red duvet, and a small white toy bunny with pink ears and a little black nose sitting on the pillow. Marlene had the bed next to her, shown by the large collection of muggle makeup - mostly lipsticks of deep reds and browns - strewn across it. Dorcas was in the middle of the room, her wand sitting on the nightstand beside the lamp, and her bed neatly made without one crease. Then it was Lily’s bed, a messy pile of duvet and books, a hairbrush and a mirror laying under the bed, beside a pair of boots that had fallen over. Finally, on the far left hand side of the room, was your bed, tucked into the corner with extra pillows to decorate.

Sirius looked at it fondly, edging his way over and carefully sitting down on the bed, as if he was scared to ruin the design. The bed looked comfy - surely you wouldn’t mind if he lay down for a while, would you? He took his shirt off and dropped it on the floor, followed by his trousers. He climbed into the covers and leant back, snuggling into your pillow, and breathing in your sweet scent. He smiled to himself, closing his eyes and convincing himself that you wouldn’t mind if he stayed for just a small nap - a small one, of course. He lay down holding onto your duvet as he imagined what it would be like to have you laying next to him right now, in his arms. Before long, he had drifted off to sleep.


“You still love him, huh?” James said gently, taking your hand in his and squeezing it comfortingly. You looked at the scenery around you, the trees soaring high in the air, their roots peeping out of the earth, the leaves littering the ground in a brown haze, crunching with each step you and James took. The wind wafted your hair around your face, causing you to constantly push the strands out of your face.

“More than anything, James,” you whispered, your voice barely reaching his ears due to the howling wind. Your heart raced just at the thought of the dark haired boy that captured your attention at the mere age of 11.

“You know he loves you too,” The brunette boy spoke with a nod. You shook your head, “But not in the way I want. I want him to love me like I love him. And I know that’s nearly impossible.” James let go of your hand and opening his arms out wide, “C'mere, I think you need a Potter hug.”

You gladly moved into James embrace, closing your eyes as he enclosed your frame within his arms. It felt warm and friendly, but different to how cuddles with Sirius felt.

With Sirius, it was as if all the world didn’t matter, like it disappeared around you whilst you were in his arms. Like nothing could hurt you, or make you feel sad. It didn’t matter how you were feeling, or what had happened when you were with the eldest Black brother. All that mattered was how his body felt against yours, and how your heart felt like it was going to explode.

You closed your eyes and tried to pretend that James was Sirius, and that he was holding you in his usual loving way. No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t do it.

“You should tell him,” James whispered. “How can I when I know he doesn’t feel the same?” You replied, opening your eyes looking up into his brown ones.

“It’s tearing you apart, babe. I hate seeing you so hung up on him. You need to tell him so you can either be with him, or move on. I know it’s hard, but you’re one of my best friends, Y/n, and I don’t want you to hurt anymore,” James told you, running a hand through your hair and offering you a small, sincere smile.

“Thank you James. I’ll tell him when I’m ready - if I’m ready,” you replied, resting your head on his shoulder.


By the time you got back to your dorm room, you had finally sorted through your feelings and cleared your head, thanks to James. You entered your dorm room and began to get changed into your pyjamas, deciding on an early night before classes tomorrow. Climbing into the bed, you let out a shriek as something moved underneath you, screaming at the same time as you did. You shot up, grabbing your wand in haste and aiming it at the large lump underneath your duvet.

“Lumos,” you spoke, a bright light emerging from your wand. You waved it over the figure as he spoke, “Please don’t kill me!”

“Sirius!” Your heart was racing from the shock, and you let out a shaky breath, “What in the name of Merlin do you think you’re doing in my bed?”

“Well I was napping. You know, until you decided to sit on me - which for the record, I wouldn’t mind you doing if you gave me a warning,” Sirius said to you, pouting a little as he sat up.

“How was I supposed to know that you were there? I thought you were with Anastasia? Why aren’t you with her right now?” You frowned, trying not to focus on how deep his voice sounded from being asleep for who knows how long, his black hair that fell messily across his shoulders and his shoulders, leading onto his muscly arms and toned chest that you all but wanted to run your hands over…

You blinked, forcing yourself to look back at his handsome face.

“I left early. Or rather, she did. Didn’t end up doing much,” He replied with a shrug, pulling your cover over him more with a cute, happy smile. “Why?” You didn’t know why you asked. You assumed he would shrug off the question, but he did the exact opposite.

“I accidentally said your name instead of hers in bed,” He said it so casually, as if it were a normal occupancy to tell your best friend news like this.

You nearly choked.

“I’m… sorry?” You were confused. Confused as to why he said your name, why he was now in your bed - practically naked, for that matter - and why you felt the need to apologise for something that you had no control over.

“Don’t be. It made me realise something important so I guess I should thank myself really,” Sirius smirked to himself, before looking up at you, still sat in your bed, his arm propping him up. “What did you realise? That you’re a complete idiot? Because I think it’s about time you realised that,” you said with an eye roll, crossing your arms over your chest.

He suddenly swung his legs out of the covers and stood up. Before you could process what was happening, he was stood in front of you, grabbing you and kissing you, his hands cupping your cheeks. He held you close to him, pressed against his chest, leaving no space between you. One of his hands sliding down your body to hold your waist, rubbing soft circles on your hip with his thumb.

He was breathing heavily when he pulled away, leaving you in shock and your eyes wide. “What the hell was that for?” You breathes out, your hand reaching up to touch your lips.

“To say I’m sorry,” he said, his hands still holding your hips. You raised an eyebrow, “What?” “I’m sorry for leaving you today, I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have made other plans when I know I already made plans with you. Because you’re the most important person in my life. You’re my girl, Y/n. Nobody else even comes close to how much I care about you.”

His voice was low and husky, he was speaking mere centimetres from your face, so close you could feel his warm breath against your skin, and had to force yourself to focus on his words and not his lips.

“I love you Y/n. That’s was what I realised. Please tell me you feel the same way because now I know I love you, I don’t think I could survive knowing you don’t love me too.” For the first time in a while, you saw Sirius look nervous, his usually cocky demeanour a distant memory.

“I love you too Sirius,” you whispered with a soft smile. Sirius let out a laugh of relief, wrapping him arms around you and pressing kisses across your head, “Oh thank Merlin.”

He held you so tight, and you couldn’t help but smile. This is where you belonged, in his arms.

“From now on, you’re mine,” Sirius murmured, wrapping his arms further around your body. You sighed in content, “I always was.”

remember that time percy didn’t want to cannonball into the hotspring because of his glasses and because he’d get hurt and bleed everywhere

and then vex turned it into a dare with a bag of gems as the prize

and percy then proceeded to jump into the hotspring with what was essentially an explosive and literally bleed everywhere in order to win, because “now it’s a dare and that’s different”


A familiar figure sprints by. It’s United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, a.k.a. Rhodey. If there is anyone that Stark wants to see in this particular situation, it’s Rhodey. Square jawed, with no trace of fear in his eyes, and black skin made even darker since it’s smeared with charcoal. He is firing a 50-caliber machine gun. It’s impossible for Stark to determine whether he’s shooting at something in specific or just laying down suppressing fire or maybe just shooting wherever he can and hoping to God he hits an enemy. He notices Stark peering out of the window.

“Get down, Tony! Get the–”

More explosions. Smoke is billowing everywhere. Rhodey fires into the chaos, and Stark wonders how Rhodey can see what he’s shooting at. Maybe he’s not. Maybe he’s just firing blind. It’s easy to sit nice and snug at home and wonder how one’s own soldiers can wind up getting killed through friendly fire. Now Stark sees all too easily how such a thing could occur.

Rhodey advances into the smoke and murk.

-Iron Man Novelization
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At around 3 am on September 3, 1990, Jeffrey Dahmer met his eighth victim Ernest Miller in front of a bookstore.  Dahmer was immediately drawn to Miller’s leanly muscular physique, so he approached the young man with his usual offer of money in exchange for coming back home with him.  Back at Dahmer’s apartment, both men stripped nude and Dahmer lay on top of Miller, listening to the noises of his body.  He kissed his stomach then began to trail his lips downwards towards Miller’s groin, at which point he was told, “That’ll cost extra.”  Dahmer administered his concoction of liquor and sleeping pills, and Miller was soon asleep.

For several hours, Dahmer admired his latest acquisition, caressing him and masturbating.  He was drinking beer as well in order to fortify himself for the moment of the kill that would officially make Miller his.  One thing threatened to spoil the evening, however: Dahmer had only been able to give Miller two sleeping pills, so the man was sure to wake up and cause a struggle if he tried his typical method of strangulation.  As Dahmer was agonizing over what to do, Miller began to show signs of regaining consciousness.  Panicking and forced into action, Dahmer decided that the second “most humane” and most efficient way to kill Miller was to slit his throat.  He drank more to overcome any remaining inhibition and then severed Miller’s jugular vein with the knife he used for dissection.  The action created an immediate, explosive mess: blood spurted everywhere, spraying the walls like gruesome paint splatters and leaving a stain on the bed that Dahmer would carelessly never clean.

A little shaken by the violence of the murder but ultimately satisfied that Miller was now his forever, Dahmer heaved the body onto his black table that he’d intended to use for his “altar” and took a round of photographs of it in various suggestive positions.  Then he put the body into the bathtub to start dismemberment.  At the point when he severed the head, he proceeded to kiss it and talk to it, apologizing for having to kill in such a brutal fashion, but there was just “no other way.”

You Found Me- Auston Matthews (By Anon)

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Ok guys so I got this submitted to me by a new anon! See so 4 days in a row! I’m working on more too so everyone should be excited! Lol! So enjoy guys! Also… Auston looks good in this GIF?

Warning: drinking, vomiting


You waved as you watched your friends stumble into the building across the small road, giggling loudly as they disappeared into the residence hall across the street from yours. 

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April Fools Headcanons:

No one asked for this, but I really wanted to do it so! Here we go!

Also I left out some characters cause I don’t have much energy atm, I might do them later though!

Ciel: He a little irritated that the servants aren’t focusing on their work, but most people leave him alone when I comes to pranks, so he doesn’t mind too much

Sebastian: He tried to prank Ciel one year, and it did not go well, so he doesn’t try anything

Snake: The most he does is say one snake is talking, and then say “April fools, it was Emily, says Emily” Does his best

Bard: Explosions everywhere. He’s not very subtle about it, but he has fun

Elizabeth: Probably like some people on tumblr, her idea of April Fools jokes are doing something nice for someone. Either that or she’s the master at pranks, it depends on who the prank-ee is

Edward: Would really like to join in, but he’s too much of a gentleman for that

Alois: Every single thing he could think of, and its all directed at Claude. Throws several pies at him during the course of the day, hides his chrochet supplies, and that’s just the beginning.

Claude: His life is pain. Everything is suffering. Its not fair, Sebastian doesn’t have to deal with this. There’s spiders everywhere. Because if he has to suffer, so does everyone else. Its not even a prank, he’s just mad

Hannah: Quietly laughs about how much Claude is suffering

Grell: She and Ronald are the best at it, but they spend the entire day pranking William

Ronald: His masterpiece is covering everything in William’s office in wrapping paper, but he and Grell do stuff all day

William: He’s just trying to get through the day, dammit. Why won’t Grell and Ronald just do their jobs?

Something (lafayette x reader)

summary : its laffy taffy birthday and u cook him somin and he duznt kno u speak french 

warnings : crappy french & fluff,, cussing?? and mumbaiya hindi- basically the slang of hindhi which is the only hindhi i ever learned,, fite me 

992 words m8 thats so little but f1t3 m3

a/n : i wrote this during math class bc i already know all this shit so excuse me if its bad. 

It was laf’s birthday. he was out with the boys celebrating, so you had decided that try to cook for him. He’d be back in 4 hours, so you decided to call your grandma in france. Laf was your best friend, so close you lived together, but you had managed to keep the fact you spoke french a secret from him. Laf muttered under his breath and talked to Alex in French, and never realized you could understand everything they were saying. You remembered last week, when you had overheard the most peculiar thing. 

“Je n'aime pas la façon dont elle regarde John” he muttered to Alex. (I do not like the way she looks at John)

“Qui voulez-vous dire, notre John?” Alex replied (Who do you mean, John?)

“Oui, bien sûr, notre John” (Yes, of course, our John)

“Que fait-il?” (What is he doing?)

“Regardez-les, tous amoureux, c'est dégueulasse” (Look at them, all love, it’s disgusting)

you snorted at this, and Lafayette turned red. “Connait-elle le français???” he practically screamed. (Does she know French ???) you looked away, hoping he didnt notice. Alex shook his head. “I don’t think so” he replied in English. 

“Don’t think what?” you asked, innocently. 

“Laf here was wondering if you speak french?”

“Oiu Oiu Baguette?” You laughed, trying to butcher the word and visibly seeing Laf cringe made you laugh harder. 

But you couldnt get the thought out of your head. Did Laf like you?

you were with your grandmother, cooking a wonderful smelling broth. she had recently moved to the city to help your mother get back on her feet after her recent run in with cancer. since you did not eat meat, she was cooking the chicken while you prepared the desserts and broth the meat was to rest in. 

you tossed in the potatoes and carrots, adding a bit of indian spices from your fathers side to spicen it up. 

“Vous faites tout cela pour un garçon?” she asked you. (Do you do all this for a boy?)

“Alors, que faire si?” (So, what if?)

“Rien, rien, juste vous deux peuvent vraiment avoir quelque chose de spécial” (Nothing, nothing, just you two can really have something special) she winked suggestively. 

“Amama(hindi)! Nous ne sommes plus que des amis” (Grandma! We are only friends)

“Est-il un garçon français?” (Is he a french boy?)

“Peut-être” (perhaps)

“Ensuite, j'approuve” (Then I approve). 

“Amama,Est-ce que je peux te dire quelque chose” (Grandma, can i tell you something?)

“Oui chérie, qu'est-ce que c'est” (yes, darling what is it)

“Je ne pense pas que je suis amoureux, mais je veux que nous soyons plus que des amis” (I do not think I am in love, but I do want us to be more than friends)

You heard a loud choking noise from the door and you turned to see Lafayette, mouth agape, red in the face. 

“Ye wala he?” your grandmother asked in hindi, knowing he could speak french. (Its this guy?) 

“hanjee. ye mera dost he” (Yes ma'am, this is my friend).

“both acha dekte” she winked. (He looks very good)

“merku malum. usku malum. sab malum” (i know, he knows, everyone knows)

“uska baal merku both acha lakte” (I like his hair a lot)

“me too” you said in English, laughing slightly at his confused face, then frowning. 

“wait- how long were you standing there?” 

“I just came- you speak french? what? wait?” he stuttered out. 

“enough to get by.”

“it is her second language” your grandmother adds. “hindhi being her first”. he can only nod slightly in response. 

“Merde, ma vie est un mensonge. Je ne peux pas y croire. Comment parle-t-elle le français? Elle le sait tout, n'est-ce pas?” he muttered angrily under his breath. You were only able to catch a few words. 

“Je suis désolé de ne pas vous le dire. Je voulais que ce soit mon petit secret” (Im sorry I did not tell you, I wanted it to be my little secret)

“its fine. I just- wow. wow. you speak french thats really… hot. did i say that aloud? I mean like its just cool like i can bitch about john to you and-” he stopped himself. 

“you’re cooking for me?” 

“yessiree. coq au vin and tarte tatin. i asked amama to come over to help prepare the meat. we are almost done. take a seat, Lafayette, its your birthday.” you say, pulling out a seat for him to watch you two cook. 

your grandma was telling laf embarrassing stories of your past. you laughed at the both of them, fluently talking in french, as you added the finishing touches. 

“dive in!” you exclaim, setting down the meal in front of him. he smiled as he finished it in one go. “reminds me of my ma’s cooking. la magnifique!” he laughs. you look at his eyes, twinkling with happiness. then you heard someone clear their throat behind you. 

“tera pedas or kya ne” she laughed. (your sweets or what not). you nodded and pulled it out, handing it to Laf. 

“Happy Birthday to my favorite boy ever!” you exclaimed, watching him almost moan at the flavor. Your grandmother slipped outside and onto her motorcycle, speeding away. what a badass. 

“so. about earlier” you knew exactly what he was talking about. 

“I’m sorry- i didnt mean it just,” you took a deep breath. “fuck it. I fell in love with you. or something like that. I noticed it the first time you punched Jefferson in the face for calling Alex’s mother a whore. Something fluttered inside me and its been growing. I don’t know if its love Laf- I just feel something, here” you say, and point to his heart. He looks at you, studying the lines of your smile and your hopeful eyes and realizes you needed an answer. 

“you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear that” he said, and brought his lips up to you. It wasn’t movie fairytale firework explosive everywhere kissing, but it was goddamn something. it felt good, and thats all you needed to validate this feeling. you pushed the dessert out of the way, and jumped onto the table, Laf continuing to makeup with you. His eyes were closed in bliss, and his hands made his way up your shirt. 

“Je veux vous baiser si bien” he growled and attacked your neck.  (google translate it its too vulgar for my innocent eyes)

Daddy’s Gonna Get Ya

One of the requests I received asked for Finn playing with your baby. So here it is. Sorry, it’s a little short. Hope you guys like it! It’s super fluffy!

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You walked into the house with your arms full of groceries.

“Finn?” You called out. No answer.

You carried the bags into the kitchen and set them on the island before going into the living room to find Finn. You saw several baby toys on the floor and a pink blanket on the couch. But no Finn or your baby.

“Finn?” You called out a little louder this time.

“In the nursery! She had an explosion! It was everywhere!” He called from upstairs.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the image of Finn trying to clean up your daughter when she had a mess from her diaper on her legs and working its way up her back.

“I’ll be down in a minute, love!”

“Okay!” You called back.

You started cutting the vegetables before throwing them in the pan with some chicken and putting it in the oven. You scrolled through Twitter and Instagram on your phone as you waited for the food to cook. Before you knew it you heard the timer on the oven go off. You pulled the pan out of the oven and put everything on the table.

You glanced up at the clock and noticed that Finn had been upstairs for over half an hour at this point. You decided to go upstairs and see what was taking him so long to get her cleaned up.

You paused in the doorway of the nursery when you saw Finn leaning over her crib. He reached down and tickled her sides and then pulled them away. You heard her giggle at him, which caused his lips to curve into an adorable smile.

“Daddy’s gonna get ya!” Finn cooed as he reached down to tickle her again. Just like before you heard her high pitch laugh fill the room.

Finn noticed you out of the corner of his eyes and turned his head to smile at you before he reached down and scooped her up into his arms.

“Sorry I took so long. We had to have a bath, and-“

“It’s fine, Finn.” You said as you leaned against the door frame. He walked over to you and wrapped an arm around you.

“Why are you smiling like that, love?” He asked.

“I love seeing you be a dad.” You said as you smiled at him.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a series of survival horror first-person shooters set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone encompassing the Nuclear Power Plant and town Pripyat, as well as the surrounding areas. Developed by GSC Game World, each entry has different protagonists with varying goals but it all takes place in a very unforgiving patch of Ukraine.

If you find yourself a fan of late cold war aesthetics or enjoy post-apocalyptic settings, as well as a challenge that is unfair at times, the Zone is for you. Experience the journey of a lifetime: emission storms, wildlife, soldiers, cultists, derelict buildings, incredible vistas, and trench coat enthusiasts.

I said come in, don’t stand there!

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Split Heart: Part Three

Part One - Part Two

Warning: This might be a slow burn series - not sure how many parts there is going to be.

Description: After a day of shopping with Rebekah, in which the reader confides in her the problems with Klaus and Elijah. The readers evening is ruined when witches attack the house.

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: Mentions of fighting/wounds/blood

Words: 2,011 

Originally posted by sikanapanele

The next morning you woke alone in your bed, unsure whether or not Klaus ever came in. Stretching as you stared out the window you tried not to think of what happened the previous night.

When you finally got out of bed and got dressed you snuck downstairs, hearing three voices coming from the kitchen, Klaus, Elijah and Kol. Kol and Rebekah must have made it back last night. Trying to decide if you would enter the kitchen or leave the house you jumped at the sudden presence behind you.

“Morning” Rebekah said from behind you, laughing when you jumped

Turning you sighed in relief “Rebekah. When did you get back?”

“Last night, around midnight” she said as he linked her arms in yours and dragged you into the kitchen with the others. 

When you entered the kitchen you felt all eyes on you, immediately making you uncomfortable, for multiple reasons. Kol smirked when he saw you.

“Ah there she is, Queen of the castle” he said sarcastically, causing both Klaus and Elijah to smile fondly at you. 

Rolling your eyes at him you went to pour yourself some coffee, your eyes briefly meeting Elijahs “Hello Kol”

Rebekah noticed the way Klaus and Elijah were both staring at you, but decided against bringing it up. Instead she spoke to you “I want to go shopping, y/n, come with me?” she asked hopefully.

Usually you didn’t like going shopping with Rebekah, granted you liked to shop, but it meant spending all day down town. But in this moment, that is exact what you wanted to do.

“Sure” you said simply

She smiled at you “Good, be ready in thirty” she said before leaving.

Deciding you didn’t want to talk to anyone you quickly left the kitchen without looking at any of the boys. 

Kol squinted as you left, turning to Klaus he smirked “Have a fight did you? She seemed pretty keen to get away from you”

Klaus glared at Kol as he left the kitchen, following you up the stairs. Elijah following him with his eyes. 

As you entered your room you were fully aware of who was following you “Love, are you seriously going to avoid me all morning?”

“Not avoiding, I just didn’t feel like arguing in front of them” you said as you walked into your closet

“Who said we were going to argue?” he asked, sitting on the bed

“We always argue Klaus” you said, your voice sad.

Klaus noticed the sadness in your voice. He had noticed you two had been fighting more recently. He noticed you pulling away from him, and heading straight to his brother. He could let you go if he needed, but he couldn’t give you to him. Not Elijah.

“We do don’t we?” we asked standing.

Walking out of the closet, now with a different shirt you stared at him “Do you still love me Klaus?” you asked suddenly, even surprising yourself.

Klaus stared at you wide-eyed “Of course I do” he said quickly, taking a step towards you. Taking your face in his hands he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. Smiling lightly he looked down at you “Now, are you still going to go with Rebekah?”

“Well I can’t back out now, can I?” you said smiling, causing him to chuckle.

“No, Rebekah wouldn’t allow that. Alright, go then. I will see you later” he said leaving the room.

Your smile quickly fell. You wanted to believe that he still loved you. But his voice wasn’t quite sincere. But then again, him not loving you anymore would make it easier for you. Falling out of love was hard when it was only one person doing it.

After getting ready and meeting Rebekah downstairs she quickly drove you down to the shops. You noticed she kept glancing over at you every minute or so, growing tired of it you finally spoke up.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” you asked when she did it again

“What happened between you and Klaus?” she asked curiously

“We fought at dinner last night” you said staring out the window

“And what happened between you and Elijah?”

Glancing at her quickly before shuffling uncomfortably she smirked at you “Nothing happened”

“I don’t believe you” she said while she pulled into a parking spot. Quickly getting out to avoid answering the question, Rebekah only grew more curious.

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Mental Shrapnel

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he is taking her to meet the team for the first time and she’s paranoid they won’t like her. I’ve done a similar idea with Morgan before (and possibly Reid I can’t remember lol) but the reader for the Derek one was more reserved, this one will be the opposite. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


It took weeks of planning for Spencer to finally find a good time to introduce you to his team, which was fine by you, because you were panicking - sometimes outwardly, you would say a little something, but even more on the inside. Basically think any gif of an explosion and that’s what was constantly going on inside your head - permanent explosion, shrapnel everywhere, like mental shrapnel - they were going to hate you and this was going to suck. 

Frantically, you sped across the room, decked out only in a mismatched set of bra and panties, putting pair after pair of jeans, skirts, blouses, and tanks, trying to figure out the best outfit to wear to make the best impression. Spencer was just staring at you slack-jawed. “What? What’s up babe?”

“Why are you panicking?” he asked. “You’re flustered. You’re indecisive. You’re exhibiting a level of self-doubt I’ve never seen from you before.”

You couldn’t but giggle. “Yup. Sounds about right. Welcome to a relationship with me, my love.” Pulling on a pair of jeans, you toppled back on the bed, doing you best to shimmy them on before realizing they just weren’t worth the effort. “I’m freaking out.”

Skirt. Flowing, non-constricting purple skirt. That was going to have to do because that was honestly about all your body could handle right now. 

“Why are you freaking out?”

You popped up and rested your hands on your hips, still not having decided on a shirt yet. “Do you really not know?” You asked, completely dumbfounded. Spencer had an IQ of 187 for fucks sake and he didn’t understand why you were about to burst? “Seriously?”

“No!” he shrieked. The decibel he hit was astounding, and rather funny. 

Running over to the closet, you pulled out a range of tank tops and graphic tees. Again, you needed freedom; you were panicking enough. “I am bugging out because I am meeting your friends today. The people you talk about all the time. The people that even though I’ve never met you would absolutely kill for. I’m meeting your family basically.”

“Yea,” he said confused, “So?”


Eventually, you decided on a possibility of three different tops - a plain, white tank top, a black graphic t-shirt with Black Panther on it, and a gray graphic tee with the Wonder Woman symbol on it. “Which one?” 

Without missing a beat, he pointed toward the Wonder Woman one, which you pulled on and then realized that the skirt was purple and didn’t match, so you pulled out the same one in blue and switched to that. “Why wouldn’t they like you?” he asked.

“Because I’m your complete opposite!” you cried as you ran over to your dresser to pick out some jewelry. “I am loud, obnoxious, I’m not ugly, but I’m basically average looking, I have nowhere near 187 IQ…have I said I’m loud and obnoxious? I could go on all day. What if they think I’m not good enough for you?”

After finally settling on the right necklace and your great-grandmother’s old ring, Spencer grabbed your wrists just as you were about to go into a tailspin again. “It sounds to me like you don’t think you’re good enough for me. My friends would never think that about you. All they want is for me to be happy.” He hesitated a few seconds as his face dropped. “D-Do you not think you’re good enough for me?”

“Well, no,” you said. “Not really. I wanted to go out with you more than anything so when you asked me out, I said yes, but in all honesty, I figured you’d realize that we were too different for this to work and you would walk…I’m kind of still waiting for that day.” Your face fell, never having actually admitted the thought out loud. “You know my self-esteem issues, I’ve never really felt good enough for anyone.”

Spencer had small tears in his eyes. He caressed the side of your face, his fingers getting tangled in your hair. “You are more than good enough,” he said softly, as he kissed your forehead. “I-I love you.”

“Really?” you asked, your panic from earlier dissipating into something even scarier - reality. “I love you too.” 

For a few seconds, all of your worries faded to the background as Spencer took his lips in yours. You did love him, so much; you’d just always been afraid the feeling would never be returned. “We don’t have to do this tonight if you don’t want to,” he said as he kissed the tip of your nose. “We could always do something else.” He raised an eyebrow and you couldn’t help but laugh; he was such a dork. 

“As much as I’d love to do that something, we’ve been trying to do this for a while, so let’s go and hope they don’t hate me.”

“They won’t.”


Penelope was an easy one to convince. She showed up looking a lot like you - bright and colorful, with the add on of streaked hair and way too many pieces of jewelry. Immediately, she’d pointed to your shirt and made a comment about Wonder Woman, and from there, you started talking about the wonder of Diana Prince while you waited for everyone else to arrive. 

Every now and then, Spencer would interject a little fun fact about Wonder Woman, but for the most part he beamed while you spoke with Penelope. Emily was another person you got to talking with quickly. It was mainly the two older ones, Aaron and David, who could easily profile and pick apart every piece of you, and JJ and Morgan, who were probably Spencer’s closest friends. If the latter two didn’t like you, you were screwed. The four you were worried about arrived at the same time, of course. Again, explosions, shrapnel everywhere. “Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N. You must be Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, JJ and Morgan, yes?” God, you sounded like an idiot. 

“Love the shirt,” JJ said.

Morgan made a comment that took you off guard. “Pretty Boy, you didn’t tell us how pretty she was. I think she out-pretties you.”

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Aaron said. “And please, call me Hotch. Spencer talks a lot about you.”

“Spencer just talks a lot,” you laughed. He cut his eyes at you, but everybody else laughed.

“You get that too?” Emily asked, as you all made your way inside. 

Nearly two hours later, you were all still sitting in the restaurant. “Oh look at that phone case,” Penelope said, “It’s so cute.” She reached across the table and began to program everyone’s numbers into it. “Us girls need to get together soon and drink our faces off.”

“I’m good for that,” JJ laughed; she was still twirling the straw from her drink in the glass.

“Yea, you’ll have to dish on Spencer in bed,” Emily laughed. Hotch and Rossi were just rolling their eyes at their overgrown children while the rest of them giggled. 

Morgan took back the rest of his drink, which at this point seemed to be just ice. “Oh, man, I don’t want to hear about that. Good thing I won’t be there.”

“Really now?” Spencer exclaimed. He put his head in his hands. 

You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t worry, babe. All good things.”

Everyone cooed at how cute you were as you leaned over and convinced Spencer that his friends would have to get you very, very drunk in order to get anything truly embarrassing out of you. And by the time the bill came, which Rossi snatched out of the middle of the table, everyone was insisting on going out again sometime soon. 

“Feel better?” Spencer asked as you walked back to the car.

For the first time in quite a while, you could answer honestly. “Yea. Much. I think I’ve won them over.”

“I told you, you would.”

Overwatch Characters From What I've Read On Tumblr
  • Hanzo: Has blue noodle dragons, a bow, gay for Mcree.
  • Genji: Killed by Hanzo, also has noodle dragons but they're green, is a cyborg???
  • D.VA: Probably a weaboo, lots of pink. Also rabbits but has a mech.
  • Tracer: GOTTA GO FAST. Oh 'ello, cavalry's 'ere!
  • Bastion: Robot, has a small evil bird.
  • Reaper: Edge Lord Mcgee, shoots wildly shouting 'DIE, DIE, DIE'
  • Mercy: Precious Cinnamon Roll, Too precious, Too good for this world....unless you piss her off then she's your worst enemy.
  • Ana: Grandma friend, will give you candy whilst whopping your ass at the same time.
  • Lúcio: Frog man, probably has a wub cannon, probably memes too
  • Symmetra: Teleporters in ridiculous places
  • Zenyatta: Experience Tranquility, Likes fluffy sweaters, Genji's master
  • Zarya: Big Russian mom with Turrets, can probably bench press you and your family and your dog
  • Winston: Super Intelligent Gorilla Man
  • Reinhardt: Kinda looks like Sauron
  • Roadhog: Big gentle pig man with hooks, wouldn't hurt a fly as long as you're on his team, also is a shark sometimes??
  • Junkrat: Explosions and weaponry everywhere, there is no escape.
  • Mei: Super sweet little winter scientist with a freeze ray
  • Torbjörn: An angry engineering dwarf
  • Widowmaker: Seductive Spider lady with a sniper, will kill you and eat you after
  • Sombra: Badass hacker lady, will boop the fuck out of your nose too, #I'm In
  • Soldier 76: Disappointed Dad friend, will help you however he can but is still judging your life choices
  • Pharah: Armoured up, probably a transformer
Escape, for OQArtistWeek

This is a late entry for #OQArtist week, based this sexy manip of @starscythe *fans self* . I realize this is probably a bikini Regina is wearing, and this is probably a beach scene judging from the wet strands of hair, but Regina has this flawless movie star makeup on and she always seemed a bit too refined for beach sex. The facial expressions are so sexy and needy, I pictured something sweaty and intimate between two people desperate for one another. So I always saw this art as something quite different.

Thanks Bea as always. Betaing porn is hard, ya'all, and she betas it like a champ. I guess trigger warnings are in place. This is a hard M rating (shocking I know) and things get…intense.

It’s just coffee.

She repeats that every time they go out in these excursions.

They are coworkers, and it’s just coffee. Or in her case, tea. Just tea.

Coworkers drink coffee and tea together.

There’s nothing scandalous about that.

But coworkers don’t find whatever excuse they can to brush against one another. Coworkers don’t trade intimate details of their lives that they don’t even share with best friends, cry on each other’s shoulders, or spend the majority of the day stealing glances at one another. And coworkers definitely, definitely do not fantasize about one another.

So maybe she’s just a coworker to him, but he is absolutely more than that to her.

“He asked me to marry him,” she says quietly. She hates to bring it up, but Robin should know about the proposal. He’s her friend. Her best friend. The only person in this entire competitive, cutthroat network whom she trusts. Definitely the only person who honestly cares about her. But it’s not that, not just the fact that they are friends that has her feeling obligated to tell him about the proposal. He should know because of the way he looks at her.

The way they look at one another.

She watches his eyes fly to her naked ring finger. “What did you say?” He looks hopeful, as if she finally made the right decision. But he’s wrong.

“We’ve been dating forever, and I think there’s more positive than negative. I said yes.” She covers her left hand with her right. “The, er, ring is being resized.”

“Eight years and he doesn’t know your ring size,” Robin grumbles.

“Do you?” She asks defiantly. “It’s not something men know, unless you are in a habit—”

“A habit of buying jewelry for the woman you love?” he quips. “I assure you if I had proposed to you I’d know your ring size. I’d take one of your rings to the jewelers to match it. Or, Christ, a good jeweler could show you what each width looks like, and, I’ve held your hand enough to know what your fingers feel like from memory, so I'd—”

It’s a bit too honest, has her squirming a bit, because he’s right, absolutely right, he’s held her hand so many times, but also, this is wrong. Absolutely wrong. And what right does he have to criticize her decisions in her love life when he’s never tried to be a part of it?

“Sorry,” he breathes, “I should be congratulating you, I’m just… I don’t think he’s good enough for you.”

That’s… sweet, she supposes. And to be fair she’s shared her problems with Graham many times, so perhaps it’s understandable that Robin would feel this way.

“If there’s someone better, I haven’t found him.” Regina says, staring defiantly at him.

“Any man in his right mind would be over the moon to have you,” he whispers. It’s honest, too honest. But she’s made her choice, and this can never be, anyway. There’s a strict no fraternization policy at work. He’s technically her boss, so that’s an extra layer of forbidden, isn’t it?

“Let’s talk about something else,” Regina says, lifting a hand off the table to smooth her hair. “Something to make me feel… happy.”

He offers her a sad smile, and she knows it’s very telling that talk of a proposal is depressing her, but well, that’s the way it is, damn it.

He shifts the topic to their quirky coworker, and then they are laughing, exchanging jokes and smiles and touches as if nothing had changed.

Things go well until her phone pings. It’s a reminder chime, and she frowns, glancing down at it curiously. There’s nothing on the schedule for today that she can remember.

“Shit,” Regina grumbles, “Robin, there’s a meeting today. In 5 minutes.” She turns her screen to his.

He looks puzzled. “I swear I didn’t know anything about this, Regina.”

He grabs his phone and checks emails frantically. “Looks like it’s an emergency meeting to deal with the Army of God threats again.” He rolls his eyes.

“Anything I should be worried about?” Regina asks, sipping the last of her tea.

“No, no credible threats. But their leader is appearing on Fox today, and we expect him to give us and a few other organizations a bit of a shout out. You know how that goes.”

“Get ready for hate mail and death threats,” Regina says rolling her eyes and rising from her chair. “We are going to be late. We have to hurry.”

The meeting is on the fifth floor. She thinks he realizes what that means at the same time she does — right when they reach the elevator. The fifth floor meeting room is large, with glass walls that face the elevator. Everyone will see them walking in late, together, and that won’t do much for rumors that have already started about the two of them.

And really, with her occupation, it’s sort of assumed she will try to sleep her way to the top at one point or another. Who better than a media director often tasked with assigning high profile interviews to reporters like her?

“You take the elevator,” he says, with a frown. “I’ll use the back stairs.”

The back elevator and stairs are not to be used for anything other than moving in the high profile guests or interviewees that need and added layer of security. Robin is one of only a few with the code. And while he can’t use the back elevator (risk of being seen using a secured area) he can probably sneak up the stairs. No one really even knows that stairwell exists. It’s hidden and secure, designed that way for good reason.

Regina nods. “See you there.”

He smiles at her and rushes off, waving slightly as he goes.

And then she waits for her elevator as impatiently as one can possibly wait.

(She will look back on this day and thank god for the fact the elevator seemed to be stopping at every floor at a treacherously slow pace. Thank god that she figured she could use the exercise. Thank god it all, because she might have been dead had she waited for it. Instead, she’d opted for the stairwell. It was only five flights, after all…)

After what feels like an hour, but is only probably a few minutes, she turns towards the stairwell and decides to make up for lost time. She’s cursing her heels as she rounds the stairs to the third floor when the first explosion hits with a Crack and a Boom!

It’s so much noise, so loud it almost feels as if there’s no sound at all. Debris falls from the ceiling, covers her in dusty plaster and paint chips, and god knows what else, her head is spinning, ears are ringing, eyes burning as there is one thought going through her mind.


The explosion reverberates everywhere in that stairwell, echoed and shimmied from every inch of the walls, and she doesn’t know where it came from, but god let it not have come from that secured stairwell. Not where they keep the high profile guests, where someone who is targeted might be hiding, please let him be alright.

She turns back to the third floor door and opens it. People are panicking, running towards her, a fire alarm is sounding, the emergency lights are flickering, and the crowd is shouting that she turn around, but she’s not listening, her mind is racing with hypothetical scenarios she wishes she could erase from her memory, heart nearly exploding at the thought of losing him.

Robin, please be okay, Robin.

She reaches the secured area in the back, elbowing past frantic people trying to push her away. But it’s mostly clear now. She hears some pop, pop, popping from above, isn’t sure what that is, what’s happening, and the ceiling above feels like it’s moving, giving out… will it collapse?

She reaches the back area, finds that secured back door, and knocks and screams. It’s still locked. She had held out hope that with the electricity going out maybe the electronic lock would fail and she’d be able to get to Robin.

But they must have a different power source. The code button is still there, gleaming red awaiting an electronic badge or code to be punched into the keypad below. And she has neither.

She has nothing but fists and her voice as she punches and screams.

“Robin! Robin!”

Robin is alive, Robin is okay. He’s resilient and smart and cunning and he’s a survivor and that’s what survivors DO. They survive.

These little pop pop pops sound closer and louder now, she still isn’t sure what it is, but it’s followed by more screams and that can’t be good.

There could be anything on the other side of this door, she very well knows that. There could be men with guns and suicide bomb vests on, Robin could already be dead, they could have used this stairwell to—

It really doesn’t matter to her, she’d gladly risk her life for that wonderful man. He’s everything to her.

“Robin, please!” She screams again. Her hands are bloody now, banging carelessly against an ungiving door.

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anonymous asked:

What would you think of a time-travel fic in which the reader follows, not the time-traveller’s adventures, but the poor sods’ who have their lives turned upside down by said time-traveller? There’re explosions and chaos everywhere, and everyone is left scratching their heads and wondering about the strange happenstances, and the readers have no clue of who the time-traveller is…*cackle*

I love that concept, oh god. Of course, I’m always a fan of outsider POV for any sort of antics, and for antics of a time-travel level? Sign me tf up.