The Giver is about an 11-year-old boy named Jonas living in a dystopian future where people who don’t fit the mold are “released” and nobody sees anything wrong with it

then when he gets his mandatory career assignment he finds he is to become the Receiver (the only one) so he has these private sessions with an old man called the Giver

The Giver is the only one who knows what the world used to be like and he passes his memories onto Jonas who starts to learn that people who are “released” are KILLED and that they are all being horribly oppressed and kept in the dark about everything and he doesn’t know how to help

have the movie trailers portrayed ANY of that…..????????


Oh, man, this moment. There were obviously a lot of amazing parts of the episode, but this is one I keep coming back to for a lot of reasons. 

First, Emma’s listing the most important people in her life and you know who’s noticeably absent? Oh yeah, her boyfriend. Emma had waited her whole life for her parents, and she’d spent ten years missing the son she gave up for adoption and she now has both of those things back. These are the people that complete her life, right?

This, right here, is a glimpse of season one Emma, because (regardless of the love interest) Emma Swan never needed a man. She was independent and uninterested in romantic relationships and as she tells Mary Margaret way-back-when, it only ever went as far as one night. So, I love this first for a purely in-character Emma moment; her suddenly being with a significant other does not raise the importance of that kind of relationship because for Emma it has always been about the family she lost.

On top of that, she’s listing the things that should complete her, as a way to explain to Regina that she’s not. That she has all the things she’s ever wanted and it’s not enough. She needs Regina still, she wants Regina in her life and she isn’t content right now with her out of it. Emma has everything in her world, and it’s not enough without Regina, too.

As if that wasn’t enough, Emma is listing the the things that should complete her and revealing that they aren’t. Emma Swan is all about the family she’s been missing; her parents and her son are literally the two forces that have driven her through her whole life. They are everything to her, and for her to reveal that she is not satisfied with them to Regina is a whole new level of trust.

And I have no doubt that Regina realizes it. That it’s part of why she’s willing to give Emma a shot, why she stops her. Because Emma doesn’t say it grudgingly; it isn’t dragged out of her because of Neverland, it isn’t something Regina’s simply in the area to hear, it isn’t said in the heat of the moment. This is Emma purposefully, thoughtfully, desperately revealing something deeply personal because she can’t lose Regina. Staying quiet and keeping her truths to herself isn’t worth it in the face of losing Regina, when it had been her entire life before.


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Now I am alone.

Dwarven Templar Inquisitor: Do it.

Venatori Spellbinder: Uh…uh…

Dwarven Templar Inquisitor: Do it you wimp.

Dwarven Templar Inquisitor: I know you want to.

Dwarven Templar Inquisitor: DO IT. >8c

Venatori Spellbinder: Uh…uh…um…b-barrier?

Dwarven Templar Inquisitor: S-S-S-S-SPELL PURRRRGE!!!