fandom-vision, you made me think of this. XD Exploding actresses.

The ‘Exploding Actresses’ GIFs and videos have taken the internet by storm over the past few weeks. The Giphy team was fascinated and wanted to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. So, we reached out to Simone Rovellini, the artist and filmmaker behind the explosions, to ask some questions:

Can you describe the ‘light-bulb moment’ where you thought, “Oh, I know: exploding heads!“?

It was for an art show in Milan. I did a video where actresses’ heads exploded in classic movies, as a satiric and nonsensical way to think about the stereotypical figure of women in movies.

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Are we supposed to be laughing at these GIFs, or be horrified by them?

I think we are supposed to laugh. Those character are so unbelievably good and romantic, that the explosions can’t be anything but a paradox.

Are you picking these specific actresses to explode for any reason?

I really have nothing personal against any actress, but I might think about some different targets, like politicians :)

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What do you do when you aren’t exploding the heads of actresses?

I work in Milan as a filmmaker, and I try to spend more time that I can on my own projects.

One of those projects is Simone’s fantastic short film “C’est La Vie”, which our readers should definitely check out. View more of Simone’s work on the Exploding Actresses Tumblr page, and check out Giphy’s collection of the GIFs to easily post and share them!


Explosión de actrices, la nueva moda


You know what would make classic movies better?

Exploding actresses.