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can 2015 be the year for kim jongdae please #KIMJONGDAE2k15


Kai, Chanyeol, Chen - 150423 SBS-R Power FM Lee Guk-joo’s Youngstreet - Full - (Additional links: [1], [2]) - [ENG SUB]

Credit: dancerkai94. (SBS-R 파워FM 이국주의 영스트리트)


being exo’s overly hyped back up dancer like..

Exo Reaction : Tasting your(gf) cooking for the first time.

claricedatu said:Can I get an exo reaction when they first taste your awesome cooking :)) thanks :)) your blog’s awesome btw :))


You smile as Xiumin looks at your food. He takes a bite and is very surprised.

You-”Do you like it baby?”

Xiumin-”It is really good “>

You-”Good , now I know what to make for your mom when she comes over next week”.



You look at your food and sigh. You bring it to a happy Luhan , sitting cutely at the table. You put the noodles on the table and kiss his cheek.He takes a big bite and smiles.

Luhan-”I love you”

You-”Do you love it”

Luhan-”It is amazing beautiful , needs more salt but it so good”

You-”Needs more What!”



Kris is walking over to the table , looking at his phone. You smile as you look at your creation and get the napkins. Kris looks at you and looks confused at the food.

Kris-”What is this”

You-”Ugh just try it , you are always so mean “.

Kris-”I don’t like chicken”

You-”You better eat it Kris”

Kris-”What did you say”

You-”Try it or you will sleep on the couch”.

Kris rolls his eyes and tries it. He looks at you and nods his head.

Kris-”It is okay”

You-”If it is okay , why are you stuffing your face.”

Kris-”Okay babe , I love it”.


Suho walks outside the room , looking ready to go. You stare at him confused as he puts on his shoes on coat.

Suho-”Alright what do you want me to get?”

You-”Get What?”

Suho-”What food do you want me to pick up.”

You-”I cooked already silly”

Suho-”You cooked!”

You-”Yes i did , and trust me i did good”

Suho walks over to the pot of soup and tries it . He smiles and kisses your cheek. You smile and serve him a bowl and ruffle his hair.

Suho-”I am so happy that i didn’t i have to spend money today”.

You-” you are such a old man”


Lay walks in your house after practice and is beat.He drops all of his things and runs to the couch.You walk to him and serve him a plate of sweet potato. You smile and start to feed your tired boyfriend.

You-”You like it ?”

Lay-”I love you and your cooking”.

You-”Thank you my sweet baby”

Lay- “Can i have more Jagi”


You have been cooking all day trying to prepare a good birthday dinner for Baekhyun birthday.Baekhyun walks in with the rest of EXO and looks confused.

You-”Happy Birthday Baek”.

Exo- “FOOD”

Beakhyun smiles and hugs you from behind. Holding his arms , you smile and serve him some noodles.

Baekhyun- “It is so good , Thank you”

You- “ I love you too”

Chen and Chanyueol- “I love your cooking”

Baekhyun-”She is mine”

You walk over to your bed and see chen playing on his phone.
You-“chen I made food,come on”
Chen -“You cook? Since when?”

You-“since forever come on”.
Chen jumps out and grabs your hand . You smile and lead him to the table as he claps.
Chen-“I love you so much!”
Chen runs and starts to eat , smiling so big.
Chen-“god I love my life”.

Chanyeol grabs an chocolate bar from the counter when he sees a plate of meat and rice on the counter.
Chanyeol -“jagi is this for me”
You-“of course babe ”
Chanyeol -“did you poison it?”

You-“ don’t act silly channie  , just try it”
Chanyeol eats a little and smiles.
Chanyeol-“it’s is great! ”
You-“good baby , now wash the dishes”.

Do comes home and looks very tired.He jumps on the couch and sighs. You look at him sadly but serve him some bibimbap. Walking up to him , handing him the food , he looks confused.
DO-“I thought I was the cook”
You-“No I am , now eat”

DO try a bit and starts to chow down .
DO-“It is good ”
You-“Better than yours”.
DO-“now don’t push it”.


You walk in the living room and see tao sleeping. You walk up with some meat and sit by him.
You - Tao , wake up honey".
Tao groans as he wakes up. Tao grabs the price of meat and smiles.

Tao-“It is really good”
You-“I love you”
Tao-“I love your cooking”
You-“ugh tao”

You finish your noodle dish and walk to the table. Kai looks at you and smiles. You hand him his chopsticks and hand him a drink.
Kai eyes open wife and nods quickly.
Kai-“this is so good! ”

You-“Aww really babe”
Kai-“come here , let me show how good it is”.
You-“ Eww Kai no”
You run away as Kai run after you.
Kai-“I am coming baby”.

You smile as sehun looks at your soup.
Sehun -“is it good ?”
You-“Well try it , you are so stubborn ”.
Sehun-“I don’t want to ”
You-“SEHUN ,Try it now”.

Sehun groans and tries the soup. He looks at you and starts to eat more.
You smirk and hit the back of  his head.
you-“You are such a brat ”
Sehun-“love you”.