EXO-K - 160927 2018 Pyeongchang K-Pop Festival - VCR cut - [ENG SUB]

Credit: Kyungsoo Lover, manddeddiddi. (2018 평창동계올림픽성공기원 케이팝 페스티벌)

When They Find Your Secret Room of BDSM Toys (EXO)

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO: I feel like he wouldn’t be as shocked as you’d expect him to be. He’d be surprised sure, but he’d be more happy that he can let his freak flag fly with you know that he knows you’re as kinky as he is

CHANYEOL: There are no words for his thoughts, but his boner would say it all for him

KYUNGSOO: You would think he died and went to heaven by the look on his face like yes, this has been his dream for a million years. He’s always wanted to get freaky for you but had been too scared that you wouldn’t be into it

BAEKHYUN: Oh he couldn’t wait to read you about this later honey, and he would be absolutely merciless with his roast. But that doesn’t mean he didn;t spot a few things in the room he’d like to ry out ;)

JONGIN: He would be so surprised and embarrassed that he’d just legit close the door right back up and walk away and pretend like he didn’t see shit. Though he’ll prob confess soon after because he cannot unsee (don’t see him being into though)

SEHUN: A thousand years he’s been waiting for this. It would even matter what the two of you had been doing previously, he would just immediately pull you into the room and lock the door

XIUMIN: He would confront you immediately, even if there were others around. He’d quietly say “I need to speak to you, jagi” Then as soon as you were alone he’d shoot off a million questions a minute, like “how long?” and “why didn’t you tell me?

CHEN: Super into it super immediately, like no lie. He’d prob ask you about it that night and would want to put your fantasies to the test

YIXING: He’d be shocked and surprised and flabbergasted and every other word you can think of. But because he loves you so much, he wouldn’t;t judge. I don’t see him being into that much because how gentle he is but he might indulge you every now and then


KRIS: Dramatic hoe, he’d be all like “All this time, I can’t even look at you right now” He’d get over it real fast and start getting curious about a few of the things he saw, even asking (v shyly and ‘so not actually interested’) if the two of you could give it a try

TAO: He’d b a bit like Baekhyun where he’d grill you for it, but first he’d want to have a bit of fun ;)

LUHAN: I feel like he’d do some stupid embarrassing shit like surprise you one night when you came home from work with the bedroom se up with all you whips and chains and Luhan laying across the bed naked like “My body is ready jagi