Yesterday I went to the Exor'DIUM in Mexico and I would like to tell you my experience to all of you.

After EXO performed “Lucky” I was crying a lot because for a moment I saw my boys and I thought ‘ah, they are so close to me and they will soon go so far’. I was really sad. I was not even enjoying the concert anymore. Then Suho approached the side of the stage where I was and saw me crying. He could have ignored me but he did not. He greeted me, smiled and made a heart for me before continuing on to the other side. At that moment, happiness returned to my body. It seemed that the world was painted in a new light.

The point in this story is: Suho does not know me. He will not even remember my face the next day. Still he took a minute of his time to make me smile and I stopped crying. Suho loves his fans with all his heart. He wants to see us happy because even if he doesn’t know us, we worry him.

Suho is the best human being on the planet. He is sweet, pure and attentive. He deserves the best in the world. He deserves to be loved by each and every one of us. Sometimes I feel that the fandom doesn’t realize how important and special he is and that bothers me. Please! Love and support Suho in the same way you love and support other members. Suho has given his heart to us and it is our duty to take care of him. He deserves to be happy every day of his life ♥

Title: Shoulder
Characters: Junmyeon/Reader
Genre: Blurb, Fluff, Romance?
Word Count: 509
A/N: No one asked for it, but here’s a short blurb with everyone’s favorite Leader! <3 I had inspiration from a friend and just needed to write this. Plus, this is something for you guys to read while you’re waiting on my slow ass for the drabbles. ;;


The bus ride back to town was going to take at least three hours, your teacher said, so you and your classmates made the unanimous decision to dim the lights and try to sleep on the comfort bus. It was a nice ride out of the city, but even nicer when you could rest on the way back.

Your seat buddy and also close acquaintance, Junmyeon, was already fast asleep by your side, leaning against the bus window and breathing softly. You allowed yourself only three seconds to stare before feeling creepy and looking away, reminding yourself that you two weren’t even friends and only chose to sit with each other because you went to middle school together.

Well, you’re sure that’s why he agreed to it, but you also took him up for the offer because you’ve had the dumbest crush on him since then, too.

The field trip today wore you out, and with the lights on the bus so low and the curtains pulled shut, you were in the perfect atmosphere for imagination and dreams. Unfortunately for you and your damn body, every time you nearly drifted off to dreamland, you found yourself leaning towards Junmyeon and had to jerk away last second, which woke you up every time.

The process repeated before you made yourself lean the opposite direction before trying to sleep. This time, when you closed your eyes, you didn’t open them again.

You’re so warm and relaxed, feeling limp and careless as you gradually wake up. Someone is saying your name, but you can’t remember anything. Where are you? What happened before you fell asleep?

“_____…” You hear it again, your name, clearer this time and in a voice you very quickly begin to recognize. “Are you asleep?” Okay, you think to yourself, feeling your face light up with heat. Why did your body ever think it was acceptable to move while you were sleeping?

There was a slight bump on the ride and you slide further against Junmyeon, and you realize that it was the damn bus that made you lean on him this time, not you. Mortified and embarrassed beyond belief, you don’t answer him in hopes that he’d just push you out of the seat and end your life right there.

When you feel his arm lift up, you think that this is it, this is when Junmyeon gets freaked out and knocks you away from him.

Which is why you’re hella confused when his arm wraps around your shoulders and pulls you against his chest. You don’t react and you don’t think, you just feel your heart hammering in your chest and your face grow even hotter. You assume that no one else is awake right now besides the driver and you two, since there is no chatter, and wonder briefly how much longer the ride will be.

But in the new (and more comfortable) position that Junmyeon put you in, your mind slips away from you again, and you have sweet dreams of you and Junmyeon together just like this, not just for the bus ride, but away from it, too.