Koreaboo and Their EXO SLANDER

In the last 24 hours, Koreaboo has reported 3 EXO-related stories that were obviously biased and out for blood. I have always been rational and fair when stating my opinions in the comment threads, however it seems they have now banned me from their facebook page. EXO-L’s should be furious with them after the kind of slander they’ve been throwing around today and in general.

Today alone:

1. They reported that Tao left EXO because he was being bullied by the other members.Their “evidence” was a string of random gifs of the guys messing around on stage, them slapping Tao during the 007 game they played on Showtime etc etc. Gifs that were taken totally out of context.

2. They reported that Sehun was in a drunk driving accident with his “girlfriend” earlier in July. The only “evidence” of this is a blurry, dark-ass video that a random girl posted on instagram. There is no evidence the man in the video was drunk, there was no evidence that the girl who was with him was his girlfriend, and most importantly, NO EVIDENCE THAT IT WAS SEHUN AT ALL. The guy in the video never speaks and never shows his face. The only thing you can see is a shadowy figure of a slim guy with a dark bowl cut. Which may look sort of like Sehun, but it also looks like half of freaking male population in Korea in general.

3. Finally, they reported that Chanyeol made a “vulgar” hand gesture by using a still photo from a video. We have no idea if the hand gesture is actually as vulgar as they claim seeing as how it’s “only used in Korea” and we also don’t know what he was actually doing since it’s a still shot. Even if he was actually doing this hand gesture, how do we know he wasn’t doing it as a joke to another member? Finally, why does it matter? Are we going to tear apart every idol that flips up the middle finger now, too?

I made a statement on the Chanyeol post that Koreaboo was really harsh towards EXO lately and none of their reporting was based on fact, and they not only deleted my comment, but banned me from posting at all. They’re the shadiest kpop news source out there, are clearly anti-EXO, and more fans should be aware of it. Share this please to get the word out because too many people are swayed by those kinds of rumor-mill new stories and it’s ridiculous.

EXO on a plane
  • Suho:okay guys, I have your seats so don't start running around like last time okay?
  • Kyungsoo:can I sit beside Jongin?
  • Suho:sure, of course you ca—
  • Baekhyun:out of my way. Im sitting with Yeollie
  • Jongdae:do you think there's any wifi?
  • Sehun:of course there's wifi you idiot!
  • Chanyeol:how am I supposed to stretch my legs?
  • Xiumin:can I have a window seat?
  • Jongin:I hate flying. I want to be freeee
  • *plane takes off*
  • Baekhyun:hey guys, where's Yixing?
  • *in a gift shop*
  • Yixing:hey chen do you think Suho will like this? *turns around* chen?
  • *somewhere in first class*
  • Yifan:remember when we used to fly with EXO?
  • Luhan & Tao:I bet they lost Yixing.

Also guys please understand that most of the Exo members were probably forced to treat the whole Kris leaving thing the way they were or didn’t understand completely what was happening.

SM wanted them to see Kris as a bad guy and make the public think so by proxy. In that case whether Exo felt that way or not, they made it look like that.

To the people saying Suho is fake, Suho is pretty much sm’s mouthpiece. He’s going to have to do what he’s told whether he wants to or not.

Please remember Exo are not the bad guys here. SM are the bad guys. Not Exo. Don’t miss the point cause it takes focus off of how awful SM is.

Exo reaction when your teenage kid walks in on you two doing it

Sehun:*tries to fool his kid* If I was you I would be worried cause you started to see things son

Kai: Well sweety I think we need to talk after that…..

Tao:*minding his own business when he sees his son coming through the door* Omg babe pull the duvet over quickly  

Kyungsoo: Why are you shocked? did you thought that we made you from flour?

Chanyeol: What do you mean I don’t need to explain what you just saw? how much of that do you know?

Baekhyun:I wasn’t expecting this when I started……

Chen: I though you said she was already sleeping? I guess now she won’t sleep for sure

Lay: Sweety, sweety this is not what you think it is, come back…I mean don’t…wait on the hallway until I get dressed for daddy to explain it to you

Suho:*the gif is enough*

Kris: We did it again.I guess this is becoming a tradition for our kids now to find out about sex like this

Luhan: Oh god I’m not ready to talk with him about it

Xiumin: wife: It could have been worst.

Are you kidding me now?

Tell Me What Is Love 3D
  • Tell Me What Is Love 3D
  • Kyungsoo from EXO

listen with good headphones to get the full effect

aka sounding like they are singing beside you or something

remember to put both ears in as well

I made this but the song is not mine, all credit to the original artist.

EXO Google searches
  • Suho:*exo hate*
  • Baekhyun:*SNSD covers, is baekyeol real, how does Baekhyun do his eyeliner so well?*
  • Jongin:*kaisoo, why does everyone hate Jongin's beautiful tan skin, non-whitewashed Jongin edits*
  • Suho:*sudaddy*
  • Jongdae:*how to get senpai to notice you, why doesn't xiumin like chen as much as luhan, xiuchen*
  • Kyungsoo:*world domination, how to make kimchi, how to grow, why is baekhyun so annoying, kaisoo*
  • Suho:*why do people call Junmyeon grandpa?*
  • Chanyeol:*why does chanyeol get so much hate, how to be funny, why is chanyeol so tall, chanbaek fanfiction*
  • Yixing:*animals cuddling, unicorns, how to be a unicorn, why are birds so scary*
  • Xiumin:*how to get over a break up, do rebounds actually work, xiuchen or xiuhan, why is exo so annoying*
  • Suho:*Krisho, why did kris leave exo, who is Yifan dating, why did Suho's children leave, why won't tao come back, kris wu and kendall jenner*