When you get stressed over school, Baekhyun drabble:

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‘Jagi? Jagi… please take a break. It won’t take you anywhere if you continue like this’ I told her softly, as I sat down next to her on the floor.
‘But Baek… I have to finish this; it’s just that… I’m not getting it!” I never told her how cute she looked pouting the way she was and biting the eraser of her pencil as she thought hard on the problem laying in front of her. Maybe I should tell her one of these days. I’ll bet she’ll blush and pout.
‘That’s exactly why you need to rest jagi. You are exhausted, your mind is kind of collapsing. Let’s go to the kitchen, I’ll make you some tea and then you can come back and finish with that homework of yours!’

She actually considered it for a few minutes, resting her head on my shoulder as she played with her pencil. I knew she wanted to finish as soon as possible, but sometimes a rest it was needed. Even I did it when I had practice for a whole day. ‘Baek? Do you think I’ll make it? Finish college… graduate with honors… all that good stuff?’
‘Of course I do babe, why?’ I kissed her hair, as I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a little bit of comfort. 
‘I just… I want to be perfect and I’m scared of failing’.
‘You won’t, my love.’ I sighed, helping her to stand up, determined to make that tea for her. ‘I believe in my girl, I know you can do it. Now come, you need to take your mind off this subject for a few minutes. Do you want me to sing you a song too?’