Functional Cow Beta

The cow beta is up at the Keep! If you’re a beta tester for us, please head on over and check everything out and try to break things. If you’d like to be a beta tester, get in touch with us here or at the Keep! Above is just a small sampling of things to come, and there will be even more than what the beta testers see in the final release.


Makin’ Magic Apothecary Todd Cart WIP

So I’ve always intended to re-make the Apothecary Todd Cart for the Sun&Moon Apothecary Set as a bonus item. Whelp, I couldn’t resist keeping it in the closet until then with GOS doing a Makin’ Magic revival theme so I’m finishing it up and will be posting it there for everyone to get before the rest of the set. It’ll be included as a Bonus Item when the rest of the set is done however as well.

Like dragon wagon, it’s going to be broken up into 4 parts: The Main Cart With Fancy Detail, the shutters and stairs as an open/close pair, the hanging shelf as a functional magazine rack or bookcase, and I’ll also be making an open/close awning to “close up the cart” at night.

A little bit of artistic interpretation to account for 3D but I think I did it well, you don’t get to see that yet because surprises are fun! The cart also as a full on interior space that will be large enough for sims to stand inside of.


crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 1.18 paula needs to get over josh!

theory time with xemuq

i have no evidence for this
it’s only speculation lol

What if David killed Jasper? Not directly! I’ll get to that. –Wait. Ok so, I’m gonna base a little of this of the episode “jasper dies at the end”, so there’s some(?) basis for these, but not much.

SO, I don’t believe Jasper died during the hike up. I think David, for the most part, was accurate with his story, and that Jasper made it out okay. Jasper looks really depressed after this episode though. As if all of his enthusiasm was drained from nearly dying, and the badge he wanted, revoked; he had to watch the camp trouble-maker get it instead.

I think he tried to plan an escape with David. They executed it rather well, and made it to Spooky Island, but something either scared or tried to catch them. David leaves Jasper. Probably out of fear, or he fought with Jasper the entire escape; trying to go back. Slowing them down, and putting them in more danger.  He dies on the island, and is pretty pissed at David for leaving him. Meanwhile, David thinking Jasper escaped, and still blind with his new-found love for camping and Camp Campbell, just represses it. Believing that both he and Jasper got what they wanted.

Or I mean, maybe he did kill him directly or accidentally?

Tell me what you all think! :O I’d love to hear your theories!


I was not going to be directing at all and just really take a sabbatical. Right as we were going to Cannes with Behind the Candelabra, which was in my mind going to be the official start of my enforced vacation, I got the script for The Knick. So I went from not doing anything and exploring my future as a painter to starting to shoot a ten-hour television show in four months.  The Knick scared me. We had to shoot 600 pages in 73 days. I’ve worked on some films with pretty aggressive schedules. This was on another order of magnitude, and I was terrified. This was something that was keeping me up at nights, wondering if this was really too big a reach. About a week in, I realized that there was a rhythm that was actually really exhilarating to be had and we were going to make it. I was sitting there on set, realizing that this is the job that I should be doing. This is my job. I should be directing stuff. Nobody’s waiting around for my paintings.


Good morning*!

This is a video of Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry where he talks about his highly fascinating new Album. It’s called “Music For Heart And Breath” and the title is meant literally. He invited some musicians (like: Kronos-Quartett, Adam und Bryce Dessner (The National), Nico Muhly, yMusic) and they would have to put on stethoscope while playing. The rhythm and tempo was given by their own body and -if you want- feelings. So, the recording is a snapshot and every single take, every single live performance is fully unique but not like improvisation unique. Parry would compose the tracks beforehand - during the first big tour of Arcade Fire as he explains in the video. I haven’t heard the full album yet but the idea and little pieces you hear during the video are already insanely beautiful. 

Happy Friday the 13th,


*And what a morning! I got so overly excited about this, I can’t even think straight anymore - not too sure when this happened the last time with something I haven’t been a huge fan of before. 

belated note: This is of course another great musician from Canada!