I’m getting a job at the nicest, prettiest smoke shop in town! Holy fuck’s cunt!

All I have to do is bring in a resume and talk to one of the girls that works there and I’m set! This is like, my dream job right now. You get to smoke on the job and I’ve heard tell of folks leaving herbal tips in the tip jar.

Ohhhhh myyyyy godddd.


Time for a Tall Tuesday! Did you know I love phones? I can be sleeping sound as can be, and as soon as the phone rings, BAM! I am up and stretching my neck towards you as tall as I can go and giving you my most intense tortie stare while you are on the phone!

These photos are from back in May, but I started doing my excited phone stare again yesterday! I also ran around in my enclosure and climbed so hard that I kept flipping over! (Don’t worry, I was rescued immediately every time, and we fixed it to make it harder for me to flip over.) I also threw a fit in both of my baths today, just like my normal bath-hating self. Best of all, I ate some chicory after my morning bath! Mommy is thrilled at how much progress I am making!


Good morning*!

This is a video of Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry where he talks about his highly fascinating new Album. It’s called “Music For Heart And Breath” and the title is meant literally. He invited some musicians (like: Kronos-Quartett, Adam und Bryce Dessner (The National), Nico Muhly, yMusic) and they would have to put on stethoscope while playing. The rhythm and tempo was given by their own body and -if you want- feelings. So, the recording is a snapshot and every single take, every single live performance is fully unique but not like improvisation unique. Parry would compose the tracks beforehand - during the first big tour of Arcade Fire as he explains in the video. I haven’t heard the full album yet but the idea and little pieces you hear during the video are already insanely beautiful. 

Happy Friday the 13th,


*And what a morning! I got so overly excited about this, I can’t even think straight anymore - not too sure when this happened the last time with something I haven’t been a huge fan of before. 

belated note: This is of course another great musician from Canada!

So ready for this new season of Psych!

I’m gonna be in front of the tv at 8:59:55 like

External image

External image

And then when Roday comes on my tv screen I’ll be like

Then when the theme starts up I'mma be like

And if anyone interrupts I’ll be all

And my siblings probably won’t wanna watch, but I’ll be like

External image

Then when it goes off I’ll be all

But then I’ll go on tumblr and all the psych fans will be all

External image

Then…the next week, the cycle will repeat