Energy and the Metaphysics Underpinning Spirituality

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
 -  Nikola Tesla 

“You are a conglomeration of energy. What is your universe comprised of? Energy. All of your physical reality is coalesced energy. And by your energy you will change the world.”
 -  P’taah

I was inspired to write something and I asked for something that would be of most benefit to people - It came to me that this below is what I should write about. I could have written about other aspects of consciousness and the multidimensional experiences I have had - which for some would be ‘way out there’, which I find fun to describe to people as it often challenges their paradigm and belief systems, but this is what came to me as the most important thing for me to write about. It is an important set of practical metaphysical and spiritual teachings. I will outline at the beginning what I will discuss with bullet points - I used to use them at university and the lecturers always loved the old bullet points :-)

I think you should do whatever excites you and brings you joy, by the way, so I’m not saying this is some definitive list you must follow, everyone has their own unique way of evolving their consciousness - this is the basics - the physics, the metaphysics, the mechanics, behind and underpinning physical reality and ‘spiritually’, and they are very useful things to understand and have in the back of your mind as you go about your days.

  • Everything is energy
  • You are electromagnetic energy
  • Your energy is attracting thoughts to you
  • Your energy is attracting situations to you
  • Fully release the particular energy within your being that is attracting these discordant unharmonious thoughts and situations and you won’t attract them to you anymore
  • Release the energy by becoming still and feeling your feelings without judgment
  • Feelings are energy that are meant to be felt so they can move through your energy centers - the Chakras
  • Following and really feeling your feelings leads to realizations about your limiting or fear-based beliefs
  • Excitement is energy, a certain type of vibration - this energy is your compass - follow it
  • As you release the discordant uncomfortable stored energy and let go of the fear-based beliefs you gradually move into a more and more loving state of being
  • When you are in loving state of being, your mind has reached a certain level of stillness and your connection to your Heart, your Intuition, your God-Self can really start to develop.

I will expand upon these bullet points now:

Background and Overview

I have used these metaphysical teachings in my life and passed them on to others and they are transformative, it is just physics. Much of this is explained by P’taah, Bashar and some of the other channeled beings. Some human teachers will touch on it briefly - David R Hawkins as well as a some others had a few insights in their books about humans being magnetic and Jack Kornfield talks about sensing the energy behind the thoughts in meditation, but pretty much all the high quality transformative metaphysical teachings come from the channeled beings. And in truth I found the metaphysics taught in A Course in Miracles to be fairly basic and those that it does contain are often written about in a very convoluted and confusing way - compared to the clarity and the depth of teachings P’taah, Bashar and other higher dimensional beings will teach you. It is important to remember the human vehicle with its connection to the collective consciousness of Humanity, it’s disconnected DNA and somewhat restrictive nervous system can very much have its limitations. Just a side note: all the channeled beings I have come across that resonated with me, all teach the same things regarding the mechanics of physical reality, they will may explain a universal law or metaphysical teaching with slightly different wording but they are all teaching the same universal laws, the multidimensional nature of our being and that everything is energy.

With even a small amount of awareness you can see that the majority of humanity is in a lot of pain, and demonstrating limiting fear based beliefs and many changes are occurring to humanity on this Earth in this time frame, there is a shift occurring, the love and fear are both rising and increasing side by side on the planet. And what you will be shown in the media is only the fear based behaviour rising because the controlling institutions of the world want to keep you in fear -  lets not get into all that now -  I could be here for a very long time explaining all the whys and whos of that. This control from ‘the powers that be’ is so pervasive, so manipulating - history has been rewritten, generation after generation are continually lied to, and wars, conflicts and illnesses are quite literally purposely created by the ruling elite to keep humanity in fear, but the way to combat this is definitely not through hate and focusing on them - it is by focusing on love and moving into a loving state being - that will change everything.

So why is it that people are often in so much pain and confusion, and often when they begin to ‘wake-up’ want to try to escape physical reality and the ego? It is mainly because they don’t understand the metaphysics, the mechanics, of physical reality, they don’t understand that everything is energy. There isn’t anything wrong with physical reality, everything is Divine, everything is God, everything is Source Energy. It is absolutely just as spiritual as any other state of consciousness or dimension. It is, in a sense, a plane of existence in which we can flex spiritual muscles, be a part of the expansion of life and creation, and experience truly wonderful things through having a body. You can be joyously happy, peaceful, and experience ecstasy without having any transcendent experiences. There isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with the ego, it has just, in a sense, got totally out of balance within humanity, there is no need to get in a battle with it, it just needs to be brought back into balance, so it can just do the job it was designed to do - which is to allow you to experience the wonders of matter and physical reality. Your nondual nature is always a part of your God-Self, as are all the multidimensional aspects of you - perhaps people should question whether they really want to experience and switch their focus to these other aspects of themselves - whether they are desiring these other states of consciousness through and inspired by love, joy and excitement - or are they really trying to escape their pain, fear and stored uncomfortable energy and perhaps trying to find a shortcut to a transcendent state so they don’t have to face their pain and fears? It is perhaps a useful question for people to ask themselves.

Now this very helpful metaphysical information or the mechanics of physical reality, has been hidden from humans for a long time - but now it is much more readily available. So it is now easier to ‘master’ the Earth plane and live and expand here without the fear, pain and confusion.

Everything in physical reality is about managing the energy in your body and manipulating the energy around you - this is what spirituality is really about - Energy. Thoughts, beliefs, identifications, emotions, feelings, your body, plants, rocks, gases, minerals etc, etc, etc - all energy, all vibrating with a certain frequency. And your attention and focus is a very powerful way you can use your energy. And what is the most powerful, most healing, life affirming, vibration/frequency/energy? The frequency which is closest to the Heart of God/Source: Unconditional Love.

It is useful to remember this, in everything you do: Everything is energy, vibration and frequency - and you are electromagnetic energy attracting things to you. Think of all the thousands upon thousands of thoughts you have, all the hundreds and thousands of beliefs you have about life and yourself, what cultural and national things you identify with, all the feelings and emotions you have - everything about you is going towards creating your electromagnetic beingness. You are drawing everything in your life to you, you are a magnet, so there is no one to blame. You are actually living in a sea of energy that you cannot perceive with the human senses. And why are you drawing all these situations and thoughts to you? To feel the feelings, the energy they bring up in you - so you can then allow and release the feelings, the energy, from your being.

This understanding that everything is about the management of energy can help people to get away from humans tendency to be dogmatic and constantly trying to worship and have someone else save them. Any ‘mysterious’ techniques, put forward by various religions and human schools of thinking, if they are beneficial to you, it will always come to down to the fact they are helping you to manage energy in some way.

Meditation and Energy

One example: meditation, which is very useful indeed, and for many a great deal of mystery surrounds it, but it is all about managing energy. Meditation can do many different things for someone, all essentially related to managing energy. I will explain some of the general energy dynamics. Often meditation is about observing thoughts (which are energy) without judgment and what are you are really trying to do, is to sense and feel the energy behind the thoughts, it is the energy within your being that attracts the thoughts to you, release the energy behind the thoughts and you won’t attract those thoughts. So one of the primary things meditation does, is that it allows energy to move through you - as you can become very conscious of the feelings and fully feel them. Feelings are energy and are supposed to be felt, so they can move through you.  

When you meditate a lot, you can actually become very energy-body-conscious and feel all the subtle energies in your body and even feel where the ‘blockages’ are. And what you will find after a fair amount of regular meditation, stored compressed energies will come up and want to move through you, I call these energies ‘dense heavy energies’ that can feel very uncomfortable, some would interpret them as anger, frustration, despair, but there isn’t any need to label it, as it is just energy that has not been felt, shoved down, compressed, repressed. And all you have to do is feel it without judgment, allow it, embrace it, and feel it, don’t analyse it, just sit with it and feel it, and it moves through you, you won’t necessarily feel it immediately release, sometimes there is a great deal there to release, but it does move through you eventually. What is on the other side of all this stored pain, what is there when the stored/repressed energy is released? Love - that’s what you are really - Love - so when you have felt all the non-harmonious energy and allowed it and embraced it without judgment and allowed it to move through your being, you won’t attract the thoughts that energy was drawing it you, and once that’s gone you will  attract more loving and unlimited thoughts.

And why are there certain meditation postures seen as beneficial?  Energy - related to the chakras and other aspects of your energy body, the movement of energy in and around the body and retaining energies within the body. Everything is energy. (Chakras are energy centers within the body, they are also more five more chakras that extend out of body)

And not only will you not be attracting the thoughts associated with the energy if it is released, you will also not be drawing situations towards you associated with that energy. Because that energy was drawing situations to you, so you would feel the energy the situation evoked, as the feeling/energy was, in a sense, trapped within your being. So someone may say, “Why did I draw that painful situation to me?” And the answers is always very straightforward, “So you could feel and release the feelings it brought up.”

Importantly, this surrendering to these non-harmonious energies will also lead you to those more hard to see beliefs that you have that are limiting you. When the energy is released, or being released, the beliefs will come to you - you will see the beliefs that are limiting you. But when all these non-harmonious thoughts are being attracted to you from all this stored and repressed energy it is difficult to see clearly, to see the limiting beliefs, so again feel the feelings and you will see the limiting beliefs that, in a sense, have been hiding from you. Following and feeling your feelings leads to your beliefs. Situations are also being drawn to you due to your beliefs - to show you the beliefs you have. Your beliefs are a very important part of your electromagnetic energy. You can’t let go of limiting beliefs until you know what they are. When you know the fearful and limiting beliefs you have taken on from your parents, society, the media etc then you can acknowledge them without judgment and switch to more loving, empowering and unlimited beliefs.

Another purpose of meditation is to become quiet enough to hear the ‘small voice’ within, the God Self guiding you. Your Heart is your connection to your Over-Soul/God Self, the infinite you. But when you have a great deal of repressed stored energy in your being, that energy is attracting certain thoughts and when you sit in meditation your mind is chaotic, with all these non-harmonious, fearful thoughts coming to you. If you sense the energy behind the thoughts that is actually attracting them, and then sit with it, feel and surrender to the energy you are allowing it to move through. Then when this energy has moved through your energy centres, you won’t attract the thoughts associated with that energy. And when enough of this energy is released, your mind is much less chaotic and you can start to really get in contact with your Heart, your Intuition, your God Self and hear/feel what it is trying to tell you, to know its guidance. So in meditation you are, in a sense, establishing a better relationship with your all knowing infinite God Self/The Oversoul. And the beautiful thing is that when you are really in touch with your Heart and Intuition, you don’t really need any teachers as your greatest teacher is your Grander Self. So the key thing for humanity, is to feel and transmute their stored pain.


And what is your guide in physical reality? What is your compass? It is your excitement. So follow your excitement, that which makes the Heart sing, that which brings you joy. Your excitement is very specific to you, and it’s your Oversoul/God-Self guiding you. It may be to meditate, it may be to have a romantic relationship, to travel, do volunteer work, to read certain books, start a new career, to spend time in nature, etc - it is very specific to you. It will either lead you to joy, harmony, synchronicities and love, or if you have some blocks, it will lead you to your fears, your feelings, your limiting beliefs and your stored pain. So following your excitement is really a win win situation - leading to joy and love or to your feelings and non-harmonious stored energy. And the more you surrender to these uncomfortable energies that you bring up and the more they move through you - the lighter, more still, more centered, more loving, more intuitive you become.

People did not consciously put all this energy in there, and it has been collected from many lives. Humans have been asleep, not conscious enough to understand, people have been relentlessly programmed by society, the media, family etc from a very young age. There is no need to judge yourself or anyone else for taking on these beliefs and the energy within you. Your DNA that you choose before you come in to this plane of existence is also a part of your vibration, it holds a great deal of information, far more than people realize. But make no doubt about it, you have chosen this embodiment, to draw particular experiences to you, so you can feel these particular feelings and transmute them. So go easy on yourself and others. And you can change it all, transmute all non-harmonious energy and be left with a love frequency, an amazing love vibration.

And everything is linked, because as you allow these feelings and energy to move through, and you get in touch with your Heart your Intuition, you can then really start doing what excites you. As very often people are doing what they think excites them but they are really searching for validation, which is fear based. Trying to impress others, or doing what they think they ‘should’ be doing to make others happy. You can never underestimate humanity’s desire for validation, searching for the love and self worth outside of themselves, that is why it so beneficial to cultivate this love for yourself - and how do you do begin to do that? - feel your feelings - let go of the energy that attracts these self defeating thoughts, those thoughts that are continually beating you up. And when you are attracting less chaotic and distracting thoughts you begin to see more clearly and you can see how you have been searching for validation. When you don’t care what other people think, when you this love begins to rise inside your being and you love yourself, then you do not need to search for the love outside of yourself, looking for validation from others, and then you may well attract many loving relationships, as you will attract a reflection of the love that is flowing from your being. You can really start to flow and truly follow your joy, your excitement, expand your consciousness and be of great service to all.


And then when this stored pain/discordant energy goes we can see it’s more than okay to be human - we can be totally human and totally divine - we can be magnificent loving beings on this Earth. Gandhi was a highly evolved loving being, he didn’t try to just transcend the world, that was not his path, he demonstrated his love with peaceful action. Jesus was possibly the most evolved - I have no doubt he lived conscious of his multidimensional nature, including the non-dual aspect to his being, and of course fully consciousness of the duality of his physical expression - all aspects integrated within his being. He travelled helping humanity through love - trying to guide them and to teach them how to live in love and abundance - Jesus was in fact a metaphysical teacher - his teachings that were geared towards the people of that particular era of history are often totally misinterpreted. Jesus even had disagreements with the money lenders and got angry with them - Jesus could see what the banks and the families that owned the banks were doing, creating a subtle form of slavery - economic slavery. And if you want to see how a world without money would function, because that is where we are eventually heading - I recommend Michael Tellinger’s book on Ubuntu:Contributionism. I am not saying this being very active within humanity and creating change for humanity through Loving action is everyone’s path - but physical reality is totally valid, and of course - totally spiritual. And love, of course, can be expressed in a variety of ways.

And then maybe after allowing yourself to feel, to make it okay to feel, to allowing these feelings, this compressed energy, to move through you, then you can realize what a gift this life is. And you can fall in love with the Earth’s beauty, and all the creatures and plants that live here, and then fall in love with Humanity, and see the richness of experience this plane has to offer. Have you seen the diversity of life on this planet? Have you really seen a bee, a butterfly, a dragonfly etc close up? Have you seen their wings? Miracles are all around us. And we all collectively with the Earth create all this life - as of course, Earth is a conscious being - everything is conscious, every cell in your body is conscious - and the body is a marvel - truly amazing. We just can’t see and feel the miraculous nature of things when we have all this trapped energy inside us, all these chaotic fearful thoughts and beliefs that have been given to us from various sources.

I have found that it is very beautiful to see the love poke through the fear. It makes it even more beautiful - the love breaking through the fear - there can, of course, be profound beauty in duality and limitations. And when people move into this loving state of being, the things that excite them will usually change, and I am pretty sure most will just want to share this love frequency/vibration that they feel inside with everyone, in their own unique way, and then expand from there. And every child may feel like your own, and every adult your brother or sister.

Peace and Love,