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I have always wondered on which historical period is Fire Emblem based on. Like, late Middle Ages? Early Renaissance? I will never know haha. What do you think?

I could probably meta about this for ten hundred thousand years but tl;dr it’s *vague hand gestures at centuries of constantly-changing kingdoms and cultures lumped into one thing* ~mediiiievallll euuuuroooope~. There are some obvious exceptions with Chon’sin and Hoshido (feudal Japan, also very vague) and Goldoa (India, vaguest of all), and sometimes things get slightly more specific (norse mythology in Jugdral), but yeah. It’s basically the Post-Tolkien Conglomerate that most fantasy worlds these days adopt. 

Invisible // part one

I got tossed around in the school hall for the billionth day in a row, people didn’t even realize I was there. I always thought it was because my frame was so small, but one truthful day showed me that it was because I’m invisible.

The hallways are a scary time. People who are a foot taller than me frantically trying to get to class while I attempt to squeeze my way through, only to make things worse. No one even sees me.

Except for Calum Hood.

He’s the only other person at our school who’s invisible. We met when no one cared enough to ask us to be their lab partners, so we got paired together by default. That was in 7th grade, and we’re currently Juniors. My life got a little bit better when he came into it. He’s the best friend you could ever ask for.

I finally get to honors literature and sit next to Calum.
“I’m still sleeping over tonight, right?” He asks.
“Yeah.” I smile and remember our plans we made for tonight.


I heard the doorbell ring at exactly 5, which was our scheduled time. I opened it to Calum, holding his overnight bag. He smiles once he sees me.
“My parents are in the living room. It’s just another day of painted walls and football on the TV… No one sees me around here. We should be good.” We run down the hall to my room.
“It seems like whenever I come over, your parents are always watching TV.” Calum says as he sits on my bed. “What’s with that?” I join him on the bed.
“I’m fading away, they’re lost inside the memory of someone’s life that’s not mine. It would be great to get some affection around here.” I lean back and let my head hit the pillow. Calum leans back next to me.
“Hey, that’s why I’m here.” He says. “We’re in this together.”

//part two coming soon//

…I don’t know what this look is but I’m in love with it.

Giving it Up (Part 2)

part 1

wanting to see your husband compete at the olympics aka nathan says no 

word count: 2,187

“I still can’t decide,” Nathan says looking over two of the same yellow paint samples. You playfully roll your else at him, “oh come on they’re the exact same color!” He scoffs at you. “The color of our child’s room is resting in our hands and you’re treating this like a joke.”  

The last couple of months had been a whirlwind, between doctor’s appointments, getting used to being out of the water, and Olympic trials you barely had time to catch your breath. There was only a short period of time you had left to spend with Nathan before he went to training camp so you were both trying to fill it with as much baby planning as you could. Besides your feelings of jealousy at the beginning of the pregnancy everything for the most part was smooth sailing between you and Nathan. Well, except for one thing.

“So what time is your flight on Tuesday?”

Nathan’s eyes go up a bit; trying to recollect what time it was he would be departing for training. “Hm, I think maybe around 6?”

“And how long after that do you leave for Rio without me?” As soon as the question’s out of your mouth Nathan sighs. “We’ve been over this.”

“I’m sure we can figure something out.” You say, desperately wanting to travel to Rio to see your husband and all of your friends compete on the world’s biggest stage.

“We really can’t,” Nathan says and walks away from you into kitchen trying to end the conversation not wanting to fight about it anymore. The smooth sailing was in motion; at least it was until you both encountered the discussion of traveling to the Olympics.

There had been multiple warnings of the Zika virus in Brazil and if contracted how it can affect people who come into contact with it, it harming pregnant women especially. You had spent hours arguing over it, Nathan of course clearly against you traveling with him. You tried and tried to play the “I’ve given up my career at least let me go watch” card, but unfortunately his stance hadn’t changed or altered in any way. Convincing him that it probably wasn’t as serious as people were portraying it didn’t work either. You in a way had both silently agreed to leave it at that and not bring it up unless it was completely necessary. However now that you had brought it back up, it was only a matter of time before borderline shouting began.

“Nathan if you’ll just listen to me for one second.” You try putting more authority in your voice, wanting him to really pay attention to your case. It doesn’t do anything, “I can listen to you all day, but it really doesn’t change what’s going on and what the outcome’s going to be.”

You frown at him; “you honestly don’t want me to be with you in Rio? Supporting you? Cheering you on?” For what must have been the thousandth time, Nathan sighs and shakes his head at you. “Of course I want you there, but it’d be much better having you here at home, knowing you and the baby are safe.”

You avert your eyes away from him, not wanting him to see how much you still disagreed with him. However, there’s no such he luck and he knows exactly what you’re thinking.

“Do you really feel like you going is more important then our baby’s life?”

Of course you didn’t think that, not in a million years. Inherently you just felt very needy when it came to swimming, and missing it really made it kick into gear. Even though you knew going to Rio could possibly put the baby at risk you still had a strong want to go and that alone made you feel terrible. However, you didn’t reply to Nathan just kept a large waft of silence between you two.

“Right, okay.” Nathan says bitterly, “I’m going out then.” You watch him grab his coat and keys from the kitchen as he heads out the front door, not forgetting to slam it in the process.

When Tuesday finally rolled around the fight between you and Nathan hadn’t dwindled. You barely had said anything to one another in Nathan’s couple of last days before seeing him again at the end of August. The last thing Nathan had said before heading to training camp was, “See you later,” to which you replied with, “have fun.”

That wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Originally you and Nathan were supposed to be getting on that plane together, but now you were supposed to be his support system. He was what mattered to you the most, and you were supposed to be sending him off in excitement, wishing him the best luck at the Olympics not just saying, “have fun.”

The weeks leading up to the Olympics you sent Nathan a large amount of texts and called him multiple times to which he replied, but it definitely seemed like he was still upset with you. You weren’t sure what it was that you could do to bring things back to normal besides heading on a plane to Rio to surprise him. Which of course would only make the situation worse. You figured the hostility still present between you and Nathan was due to the combined stress of competing in the games and the at home drama. You out of everyone knew he needed to be more than focused for the upcoming weeks.

It was hard for you, finding things to keep you occupied around the house. You were so used to either being in the pool or going to meets with Nathan that you weren’t exactly sure what to do. All of your friends swam, many of them in the same position as Nathan so finding company wasn’t very easy. You also attempted to just focus on baby things, but it felt wrong doing anything without Nathan.

You hadn’t actually really left the house until the Wednesday before the opening ceremony of the Rio games. You planned on having a viewing party for the first day of competition for Nathan, inviting over some of his non-swimming friends and a few others over. You knew that you needed to go to the store and pick some things up before then.

On the drive to the grocery store you made sure to make a mental note of everything that was completely necessary to buy. Halting at the stop sign just down the street from your home, you felt your mind wonder from one thing to the next until you felt your body jolted a bit forward. Looking in your rearview mirror, you see a man stepping out of his car behind you. You have got to be kidding me, you think to yourself. You follow the man’s movements and do the same.

After exchanging information you decide to shoot Nathan a quick text

Hey just got in a little accident with the car so don’t be surprised when the insurance goes up

As instantly as you send the text you feel your phone vibrate with an incoming call from your husband.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? Is everything okay? Have you gone to the doctor’s yet to make sure the baby’s okay?” All of the words shoot out of his mouth quickly and you barely have a chance to process his words. “Everything’s fine. It was just a small fender bender. Nothing to ward a doctor’s visit.”

“No, no, no. You have to go. Just to make sure.”

“Nathan, it’s not that big of a deal. If I knew this would get you so worked up I wouldn’t have even texted you.” You sigh, hearing a few honks from drivers behind you since you were illegally parked. “I’m glad you did! Do you need me to come back?”

You opened your mouth stunned, “What?”

He repeats himself, “Do you need me to come back?”

Here he was only a couple of days from competing in his third Olympic games and asking if you needed him to come back home after the most minimal car accident one has ever had in their life.

Nathan was really willing to give it all up for you and the baby. You finally understood why he was so upset and broken about your Rio fight. He felt himself willing to do anything and be self-sacrificing for your family, while you were always half in. You needed to be willing to throw yourself in. You only continue to put yourself first; you didn’t have a right to do that anymore.

“No of course not. I’ll head to the doctor’s office now.” You tell him and you hear him let out a breath as though he’s been holding it this entire time you’ve two been in limbo.

“Thank you.” There’s a pause and you almost feel yourself breaking down. “I’m so sorry babe. I-I’ve been so selfish this entire time and I haven’t been giving enough.” Your words come out like vomit.

“What are you talking about? You gave up Rio and your career, you gave up everything.” Nathan says, clearly trying to soothe you.

“Sure, but I’ve been treating those things like they’re the most important thing I have, but they’re not. You and this baby are the most important things to me. Nothing else.”

“I love you.” Nathan says simply, and with that you know the difficulties between you two have disappeared. “And I love you,” you begin but are soon cut off by another honk, “but I have to go because I’m actually breaking the law right now.”

He laughs, “Sounds perfect.”

“I’ll talk to you later tonight, I love you so much.”

“Bye babe. Love you.” He responds

Hanging up, you take a deep breath in finally thankful that this was over. You could now focus on the baby and rooting on your husband from afar. Moving your hand to your stomach you rub it once, “everything is okay.”

You checked your phone once more to make sure you had the correct time. Nathan was supposed to be getting off that airplane any minute and you wanted to make sure he would see you right away. In your hands you have a large sign that says “Welcome Home Nathan!” along with a couple of embarrassing photos of him glued to the paper.

The woman at the gate announces to those waiting that the plane doors were beginning to open and the passengers would be out soon. Your heart raced anxiously, not only were you excited to see your husband after his amazing stint in Rio, but you had some news.

When the doors opened and people began to filter out, you spotted him instantly. Your heart warmed at how cuddly and snuggable he looked in his grey sweat pants and Nike jacket. You throw up the sign in your hands and shake it until he sees. When he sets his eyes on it he rolls his eyes playfully and smiles. Dropping the sign you immediately run to him to feel his arms around you, when he engulfs you in a loving hug you can’t believe how long you’ve gone without his touch and without his warmth.

Letting go of each other you look up at him, “I’m so happy your home.”

He gives you his beautiful big grin and places his hand on your stomach, “Me too. I missed you and this little one so much.”

“Actually about that… I have something I need to tell you.” At your words he takes a step back for you as if preparing himself for bad news, “Is something wrong?”

You shake your head with a smile, “No not at all. Her and I are just very proud of you.”

Nathan’s eyes widen, “Her?”

You give him a smile and nod. With that he picks you up and twirls you around in delight with word that you’re having a girl. He places his lips on yours and you can’t help but smile once again. You break apart, “I know we talked about waiting but it kind of just slipped out of the doctor’s mouth.”

“No, no. I’m glad you told me. Coming home to that and you makes those medals look like nothing.” He winks at you and grabs your hand. “I guess we have some more planning to do.”

He nods his head, “Right, but without a doubt she’s going to be the smartest girl at Berkeley.” At that you stop walking and cross your arms, “Nathan!”

He keeps walking and looks behind you, “Come on babe, don’t want to get left behind with that Stanford brain of yours.” Rolling your eyes you catch up with him and reach of his hand.

You both head out of the airport and home together discussing the retention rates of Berkley vs. Stanford and vice versa. You can’t help but feel as though giving up swimming for now was the best decision you could have made for what you were going to get in the future.

ANOTHER BLURB! There might be a few typos because I haven’t had the time to edit it, but I wanted to get it posted before I head off to bed. Hope you like it, much love! xoxo

“Why’re you walkin’ like that, love?”

You immediately halted as soon as you heard your boyfriend’s words ringing in the air. Self-conscious, you tugged at the leg of your shorts to cover your thighs further, releasing his hand to do so which made him turn to look at you with furrowed brows. 

Harry had taken you out on a trip to Disney. You were an absolute Disney nut, so a vacation to Magic Kingdom was just about the most perfect thing that he could have given you. It was going amazingly well, too. Except for one thing: the shorts you had chosen to wear for the day were way too short. That mixed with the hot sun, the Florida humidity, and your lack of a thigh gap meant that you were now waddling through the park with the beginning of a rash on the insides of your thighs.

“Walking like what?” You answered as you shifted uncomfortably again, looking up at Harry with somewhat of a forced smile. You hadn’t been dating for too long, only a couple of months, but he knew you well enough to know that you were hiding something from him.

“Well, you’re walkin’ goose, (Y/N). A cute goose, one o’ the better ones tha’ don’t honk at you all the time, but a goose.” He teased softly, and when your laugh was only half-hearted and a little forced he knew that something was up.


You nibbled on your lip softly as you shifted uncomfortably yet again, debating whether or not to tell him. You already felt ridiculous—he’d stopped your entire day to ask why you were walking so strange when you thought you were managing it well. But then again, this was Harry, and he always noticed the littlest things that caught you by surprise. Finally, you exhaled a soft sigh, putting your hands on your hips in defeat and not paying attention to the people who were walking past you both.

“Chub rub,” you muttered, and you could immediately feel the heat rise to your cheeks as you shifted your legs once again. You watched as confusion flashed cross his features, and you only felt more embarrassed at the realization that you were going to have to go into an explanation. 

“Chub rub…” The words sounded a bit funny with his accent, and if you weren’t feeling as uncomfortable as you were you probably would have taken the opportunity to poke fun at him.

“Chub rub,” you repeated, only a couple of moments passing before you continued. “All the chub on my PUDGY legs rubs together when I walk, so now the insides of my thighs feel like burning sandpaper with every step I take.”

You watched as his eyes widened slightly with realization at your words. His gaze lowered from your features and you could only assume he was looking at your thighs, which made you nervously tug your shorts lower in an attempt to cover up the red blotches that were surely appearing on the skin between your legs. Sometime while you were doing that, Harry began to laugh.

“Harry!” You shrieked, mortified, and your hands landed firmly on your hips with a soft huff as you watched your boyfriend’s features crinkle with his laughter. You always loved listening to him laugh, but you were already such a grump about the rash in between your thighs, not to mention that you’d always been a little insecure about your weight. Having to explain to your hot, famous boyfriend the reason why you were walking “like a goose” was already embarrassing enough. After a few seconds of his laugh you reach out to smack his shoulder, to which he jumped back a bit, holding back the rest of his laughter. 

“I’m…’m sorry, love…but was THAT what y’were so nervous t’ tell me about?” He spoke through a grin on his features and you could tell that it wasn’t nearly as big a deal to him as you’d made it out to be. You shrugged your shoulders slightly, as if to confirm his words, and you couldn’t help but smile a little bit finally as you realized the ridiculousness of your actions.

“Oh, you silly, silly girl,” he muttered with a grin, taking a step towards you and settling his hands on either side of your face. You could feel his thumbs caressing your cheek soothingly as he leaned in to press a lingering kiss against the skin of your forehead. You relaxed under his touch, and even though you were still a little bit flustered you felt a lot better now that you didn’t have to hide it out of embarrassment. 

“Firstly, I love every inch of your PUDGY legs, an’ I don’t appreciate you puttin’ yourself down,” he gently pinched at the outsides of your thighs for emphasis and you shrieked softly, to which he simply chuckled before continuing. “An’ I wish you’d told me sooner, love. Hate that you’ve been so uncomfortable all this time when I could’ve bought you somethin’ else to wear from one o’ the shops here.” 

“Would that be too much trouble?” You asked hesitantly, toying with your own fingertips as you met his light green gaze. The fact that Harry obviously thought it was way less of a big deal than you initially had was reassuring, and you felt yourself becoming less embarrassed and more thankful that your boyfriend was so amazing.

“Mm, ‘course not. But first, don’ want my girl hurtin’ for another second,” he stated simply, before turning his back to you. You were confused for a moment, until you saw him crouch a little bit lower and you saw his hands reach behind him. “Well, what are y’waiting for? Hop up, then.”

You couldn’t help but laugh a little as you lifted your hands to set them on his broad shoulders. After a few seconds you hopped up and pressed yourself against his back, trusting him to catch you, and he did. His hands found their place underneath your thighs—supporting your weight against his back—and even though at first the feeling of your irritated skin pressed against his sides stung a little, it was a lot better than walking.

“How’s tha’ feel, beautiful?” He asked, and you could tell that the people walking around the two of you were starting to stare, but you tried your best not to let that get to you.

“Better, thank you,” you reassured, and you pressed a soft kiss to the space under his ear to express your gratitude which caused a grin to appear on his features that you couldn’t see from your angle. 

“Alright, off we go.”

The two of you made your way down the streets of the park in search of a souvenir store you could raid, Harry occasionally humming along with the tune that was playing through the speakers along the walkway, occasionally adjusting his hold on you. When you asked if you were too heavy for him to carry further he replied by delivering a pinch to your thigh again, and you could practically hear his voice in your head scolding you even though he hadn’t said a word aloud.

About five minutes passed and you arrived at a store, where you insisted on being put down so you could look around properly. He complied, and the two of you parted ways, but you had absolutely no luck finding anything. Any of the bottoms you did find were pajama bottoms, and you would rather waddle around the park the rest of the day than have to boil under the heat of that fabric.

“Wha’ about this one, babe?” Harry called out to you, and you peered at him from several feet away to see him holding up what seemed like the only pair of shorts in the entire store.

They were red. Bright red. Bright, bright red. With a huge picture on Minnie Mouse on the thigh. Sure, they were long enough to cover your thighs so that you wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but you would look absolutely ridiculous. 

Harry could see the hesitance on your face, because he held them out to you and smiled.

“C’mon, babe, I think they’d look great on you. Try ‘em on,” he insisted, and you crinkled your nose in distaste before grabbing the monstrosity and taking it with you to the change room, which was really just a curtain hanging around a ring from the ceiling. Within seconds you’d slipped it on, having to squeeze a little bit once you’d reached your thighs, and you stepped outside the curtain to look at the full-length mirror nearby. 

It made every single part of your body look huge. It was screaming. And not in a good way. 

Harry stepped behind you and responded to the horror on your face by pressing a kiss against your exposed shoulder. 

“Wha’s wrong, love?”

“I look ridiculous!” You shrieked, not too loud so that the store clerk wouldn’t hear you. “I can’t wear this, everyone’s going to see it and they’re going to know that I’m a mess!”

You felt your boyfriend stifle a laugh against your shoulder and you took the opportunity to poke his side firmly, to which he simply wrapped his arms around your frame tightly and gave you a tight embrace.

“Wait ‘ere,” he replied, and within seconds he was gone, leaving you standing there in front of the mirror looking exasperated. You began tapping your fingers against your thigh impatiently, brows furrowed, and not even a minute had gone by until Harry came back, holding something in his hands. 

“What’s that?” You asked, and you turned around to get a better look at it.

It was blue, and it had palm trees all over it as well as little pictures of Mickey Mouse. It was the dad-est dad shirt that you’d seen in your entire life, and you couldn’t figure out for the life of you why he’d picked the thing out.

“It’s m’new shirt. If you think y’look ridiculous in that, well, I’m gonna look ridiculous in this. We’ll look ridiculous together,” he explained, a proud grin claiming his features. You stared at him blankly for a few minutes, absolutely flabbergasted that he would do something like that. It was another one of those little things that weren’t a bother to Harry at all, but meant a huge deal to you.

Ten minutes later the two of you walked out of the store hand in hand, proudly sporting your new garments. You walked comfortably and normally the rest of the day, and Harry had taken several fan photos with his bright blue shirt on, not flinching even once at the fact that his face would be plastered all over the internet in it less than twenty four hours from now. 

That night after you’d arrived at your hotel you lay in bed with nothing on but a t-shirt and a pair of cotton underwear, and Harry was tending to your rash, pressing soft kisses to each patch of skin before rubbing some soothing cream overtop of it. The feeling gave you goosebumps and you tangled your fingers in his hair playfully as he did it—it wasn’t something sexual, and you knew it. It was about intimacy, about the act of Harry taking care of you like he seemed to do every since you’d met. It was one of the things you loved about him.

After he was done Harry set the cream on the bedside table and settled in beside you, his arms wrapping around your frame and pulling you to his chest. You hid your features in his shoulder and pressed several kisses against the naked skin, your voice coming out as a murmur.

“Thank you.” 

You felt his smile even though you couldn’t see it, and it was soon followed by a kiss to the top of your head.

“Shhh, go to sleep, sweetness. I love you.”

With that you curled up further against your boyfriend and closed your eyes. You were almost asleep when you opened your mouth to speak again.

“Mm, Harry?”

“Yes, my love?”

“Can you keep the shirt? I think it’s growing on me.”

You felt his shoulders shake a little bit with what you assumed was a quiet laugh, and you felt him give you a gentle squeeze before hearing his voice again.

“Anything for you, princess.”


rp doodle dump pt. 1 because i had a sudden burst of motivation in the midst of my wallowing (well… some of them are rp based anyway) (also captions explain stuff if u’re confused)

Whenever the idea of a Back to the Future remake comes up, people flip a shit, but it’s honestly the big franchise most suited for remakes that are decidedly different from the originals, even if you stick to the original trilogy’s formula (thirty years in the past, thirty years in the future, a hundred years in the past).

If they remade Back to the Future today, the first one would take place in 1986, the second would be in 2046, and the third one would be in 1916. Entirely different movies than the original with totally different things to explore. Except the second one could still have hoverboards, because we don’t fucking have them yet.

It’s Neotag old art day and I’m here to deliver.

(Also my oldest art on my laptop is from two years ago, but I might upload some traditional art later because we all know that was the good stuff.) 

Not even joking, the day I got my laptop and tablet, I downloaded paint.net and got working. Mostly gradient tools and lack of pen stability.

 And my Guardians series? This was the first concept.

 …I plead the fifth.

An ancient relic one can still find on this blog if they look hard enough, back when I first joined the neotag! if anyone remembers seeing this almost two years ago…uh…hi there, I’ve improved! c:

 Shaky lines and anime eyes.

 And finally, the comic series of people with shapeless blobs for bodies and “so random” jokes.

 VERY ATROCIOUS but I’ve actually always had faith in my art! Because hey, if I can go from this:

To this:

Within two years, I think I’m doing something right. c:

“I have a very big family. There are 7 of us living together including myself. It’s all very nice, except one thing. If I do something wrong, my grandma and grandpa scold me. After I get an earful from them, I turn around, and my parents and uncles are waiting to scold me. I tell them ‘Ah I’ve already got enough,’ but it doesn’t matter. I get scolded six times after making one mistake.”

“저희 집은 완전 대가족이에요. 저까지 총 7명이 같이 살아요. 정말 다 좋은데, 한 가지 안 좋은 점이 있어요. 잘못을 하면 할아버지, 할머니한테 혼나요. 그렇게 혼난 다음 뒤돌아서면 부모님하고 삼촌들이 혼내려고 기다리고 있는 거예요. ‘아 방금 혼나고 왔어.’라고 말해도 소용없어요. 한번 잘못에 여섯 번을 혼나는 거죠.”