I never realized how much hate I get for just reblogging dc what the fuck. wE CAN LIKE BOTH COMIC CENTRIC UNIVERSES.


And why exactly is Farkle being treated like he is no more than a secondary character? The writers do realise that he is probably the most important guy to both Riley and Maya right? How can you go from season 2 Farkle who literally was on 24/7 to season 3 Farkle who started the season breaking 90% of the promises he made to Riley and not seeing him much. And when we do see him, it’s when his own GF is flirting with another guy.


Summary: you’re taking up fine arts and all the stress from your professor’s constant judgement makes you break down in the bathroom near closing time and somehow, that earns you a cup of coffee from your long time crush who really needed to pee. 

Genre: Fluff, i guess // College!AU

Author’s Note: Just a little something to help with my rustiness.


You take pride in your art. You put in a lot of effort when you create something, paying attention to every bit of detail; every nook and cranny of every piece is carefully painted with precise strokes. You triple check every shadow, crease, pigment, and line to make sure that everything you present is perfect and worthy of praise(which is exactly what you get from all of your friends and family).

Though you’ve been creating art and improving it for years, you could never quite handle criticism well and that is exactly why you’re in the women’s bathroom right now of the Arts building an hour before closing time, bawling your eyes out after finally breaking down due to Mr. Choi’s constant release of harsh insults. It’s your third year in taking up fine arts and never have you ever encountered a professor this critical when it came to your work. Your tears fell endlessly down your flushed cheeks and you’re pretty damn sure that you’ll be the one to use up all of the tissues in the dispenser because of this. The trash bin is filled up with your used tissues and you only kept throwing in more, some falling down on the dirty tiles of the bathroom but you’re way too drained to care.

The door swings open and you pay it no heed, continuing to stare at the sink and cry as whoever just entered speeds into a cubicle and slams it shut. You were planning on ignoring everything but when that person lets out a sigh, you freeze. You recognize that voice.

The person leaves the cubicle and enters your line of sight. He freezes when his eyes meet yours. “Y/N?“

"Jeon? What the hell are you doing here?” You croak, trying to fix yourself in front of the boy you’ve been crushing on since first year and you pray that you don’t look too much like shit with swollen eyes and a red nose.

Jungkook laughs nervously and he brings his hand up to his hair to ruffle it in embarrassment, “I-I can explain..” He sheepishly smiles, “The men’s bathroom was locked and I really, really needed to piss so I just ran in here because I’d rather not piss my pants. I didn’t think anyone would be here this late..”

“But here I am,” You grab your backpack from the counter and raise an eyebrow at his antics, “Innocent little Y/N who just witnessed Jeon Jungkook run inside the women’s bathroom at 8PM like a creep.”

“Please don’t tell anyone,” The tall boy pleads, “I’ll do anything, I swear!” He then snatches your backpack from you and you try to retrieve it, but he holds it away from your reach. “Give it back, Jeon.” You huff. He’s very cute, yes, but you just wanted to rest your emotionally tired self right now and he isn’t helping with that at all.

“Only if you promise not to tell anyone.” He says sternly.

You think for a moment. “Buy me some coffee, then.”

“Deal,” Jungkook immediately nods before making his way out of the bathroom with you following suit, watching as he slips your backpack on. You tiredly drag your feet to follow him outside the campus and onto the cold and quiet streets of Seoul city.

“Why were you crying, by the way?” He asks and you look up at him and his back is facing you as you both walked (you’re thankful for that, since your face is most likely still red from crying).

You rub your arm awkwardly, “It’s nothing. Just another bad day, is all.” You reply meekly and to your relief, he decides not to press on.

Soon enough he halts in front of a small cafe a few blocks away from campus and pushes the door open before getting inside with you. The smell of hot coffee and the sense of tranquility of the area gives you a comforting feeling and you continue to follow Jungkook as he walks to a table in the far back beside the glass wall, placing both of your bags down under the table. "Wait here.” He says before making his way to the counter.

You take a seat on the soft chair and hold the fluffy pillow in your arms as you wait, looking around. You always pass by this store and now you’re wondering why you never went in, because this place is absolutely gorgeous- it’s decorated with beautiful paintings here and there, paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling, slow jazz is playing in the background, and the part that stands out the most is the only white wall of the shop that is covered in post-it notes with empowering messages written on them along with pictures of the cafe’s customers.

Your attention is flickered over to Jungkook after he places down two cups of coffee and takes a seat in front of you. “You didn’t ask for my order,” You say, staring at the cup in front of you in suspicion.

“I know,” He grins and takes a sip from his cup, “but I want you to try that one. It makes me feel better when I’m feeling like crap.”

You smile at his sweet gesture and wrap your fingers around the cup, bringing it closer to your lips and inhaling the sugary scent that seemed to soothe your state of mind. Deeming it warm enough to drink after a few times of blowing on it, you take a small sip and savor the taste. You can make out the rich taste of vanilla, the bitter espresso, and the sweet caramel. You feel yourself melt at the concoction and let out a satisfied sigh. It definitely helps after an episode of tears in the bathroom. "Do you like it?“ Jungkook asks with expecting doe eyes, a small smile playing at his lips. You smile back with a nod and take another sip. 

"Don’t let Mr. Choi’s words make you feel down,” He tells you suddenly and you look at him in surprise because you don’t recall ever telling anyone about Mr. Choi and his insults affecting you terribly. Jungkook notices your expression and continues to speak knowingly, "I sit next to you in Fig-Draw, remember? I see you trying not to cry when he says something bad about your work even when it’s flawless. He’s always looking for something bad to say when it comes to his female students just because his wife cheated on him.” His words render you speechless. Jungkook knew about you holding back your tears and the thought of him paying attention like that left a warm feeling in your chest.

“You know,” He clears his throat after a few moments of silence, “I’ve been meaning to ask you out for coffee, but I didn’t know how to approach you since you’re always busy. I’m glad that my piss chose the right time to want to come out and I’m glad that you asked me to buy you coffee. Who knew I’d get that chance in the women’s bathroom?” He laughs and you almost choke on your drink at his choice of words.

Warmth creeps up on your cheeks and you smile shyly, tapping your fingers on the cup in a futile attempt to calm your heart down. “I’m glad I broke down in the bathroom at the right time, I guess,” You jokingly say. The both of you erupt into laughter and for once, you’re thanking Mr. Choi in your mind because if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be having coffee with Jungkook in this cafe after crying in the girls’ bathroom.

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Ok but WHY is literally no one mentioning the bit where Bones thinks Spock has passed out and tries to wake him by touching his face and Spock opens his eyes reeeaally slowly and they stare at each other for like three full seconds (and Bones is still cradling his face lovingly in his hands) before Spock explains that he was awake the whole time and just let Bones touch his face for no reason??? Because that was amazing

exactly??? like why was bones even touching his face in the first place, as far as i know that’s not exactly a medical way to wake up a patient?? bones honey you’re not subtle 

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i'm just mad. he spent the whole weekend taking pics with fans, being cute with the cast, answering questions about iris and westallen and enjoying himself, after he's spent like 2+ years saying he's sensitive and has anxiety, and now some assholes do this. i hope he doesn't let it get to him too much. and f peeps who say he should have kept quiet, because if i had that in my mentions i would have said sth too

Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up, honestly. but I’m glad he got it out of his system and deleted the tweets pretty quickly. I do hope that people will leave him alone now. He knows his limitations, and honestly, if he’s not prepared to speak on racism then I’d prefer he stay quiet. Today we saw exactly why he DOESN’T say anything in his own words. We need to let him life. 

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Terrornuckel first kiss.

i finally finished something. hope ur happy. 

Brock didn’t understand how he could possibly still be alive. With how hard his heart was beating, he should’ve been dead by now.

Brock should never have agreed to go on a date with Brian. Brock knew deep down that it was a bad idea, that once he began going out with Brian that there would be no turning back. He wanted to come up with some excuse as to WHY exactly they couldn’t go out, but came up empty handed. Besides, how was he supposed to say no to Brian?

So now here he was, in a restaurant that was much too fancy for him, dressed in clothes much too nice for his liking, surrounded by candles and anything that was considered ‘romantic’.

Brock’s heart refused to calm down, beating rapidly in his chest since the moment he sat down. Was this what it felt like to die? Probably.

However, Brian seemed to be having the time of his life. He’s had the same goofy smile on his face the whole night, and his eyes didn’t leave Brock once. He was so impossibly happy that Brock had said yes.

“You okay over there Brocky?”

“Oh me? Oh I’m fine, absolutely totally fine.” Brock smiled nervously.

Brian sighed, he knew what was going on. Unfortunately, he had been through this kind of thing before.

“Brocky, if you didn’t want to go out with me you could’ve just said so… I would have understood.”

Brock’s nervousness was replaced with confusion, which was then replaced with guilt.

“Oh no- That’s not- I’m, sorry. I’m not used to this sorta thing. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date..”

Brian hummed in response and things went quiet. The rest of their dinner was quiet and awkward, and Brock cursed himself for ruining it the entire time.

The drive home was even more awkward, if possible. Brian insisted on taking Brock home and walking him to the front door. Something about ‘being a gentleman.’

Brock stood awkwardly as he unlocked his front door. He could feel Brian’s eyes on him, watching him. It got to the point where he couldn’t stand the silence anymore, and spoke up.

“I wouldn’t mind going on another date..” Brian stayed silent, and Brock wondered if that was the wrong thing to say.

“Are you sure? This one went pretty poorly.”

Brock turned to face Brian again. They stared at each other for a moment. The two seemed to understand what the other wanted without words. They only registered what was happening when their lips finally met halfway. Neither knew what they were doing, but they didn’t mind.

Brock suddenly came back to a harsh reality and pulled away, stuttering.

“S-So, next Saturday?”

Brian grinned from ear to ear, nodding. Brock muttered a farewell and stepped inside, shutting the door quickly.

Brock couldn’t help but smile at the sound of Brian yelling and whooping outside his door, screaming ‘I kissed him!’ repeatedly.

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The way you act is exactly why members of the LGBTQ outside of tumblr aren't taken seriously and it's a shame because they deserve it and you don't. Which is why no one outside of this website will ever respect you or take you seriously.

Ok straightie

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Could you do one where you're best friends with Markson and they know you have like the biGGEsT crush on Youngjae so they set you two up on a blind date ?

this is written in the sense that you’ve never actually met youngjae but you’ve been crushin from afar and yeah hope that’s cool

“Seriously, don’t freak out. Would we ever do anything mean to you?” Jackson asks as you walk to the restaurant where your supposed date is waiting to meet you.

“Yes, and that’s exactly why I’m afraid.”

“Well, stop. You’re gonna thank us for this, I promise.” Mark’s quiet snickering only adds to your nerves, and when you finally reach the restaurant, you peek in the window to see if anyone looks like they might be waiting for someone.

No one in particular stands out to you as you scan the tables, but when your eyes land on a certain guy, you freeze.

The first thing that runs through your mind is God, he looks hot. You’ve never actually met Youngjae, but… you’d been eyeing him for quite a while from the shadows, and obviously, Mark and Jackson had noticed.

He looks like a puppy, clearly waiting for someone and excited to see who it is because he keeps checking the time every twenty seconds. Jackson and Mark both grin as they nod in his direction.

“There he is,” Mark teases. “Isn’t he pretty?”

Your cheeks flush a deep red as you nod slowly, causing your two friends to burst into a fit of laughter. Standing in front of the entrance, you take a deep breath before letting yourself enter; you’re greeted by a receptionist who asks if you have a reservation. Jackson chimes in and says, “She has a reservation for that cute guy over there, Choi. Choi Youngjae.”

You’re so lost in your thoughts that you don’t realize Mark and Jackson have taken off to another table in the restaurant. They’re close friends with Youngjae, and you watch them as they walk up to their friend and high-five him, probably teasing him about his date with you.

And then they take a seat in the table right behind you guys, likely to watch you on your date and keep tabs on how things are going.

Of course.

A waiter escorts you to the table where Youngjae is sitting, and you awkwardly tap his shoulder before sitting down.

“Um, you’re Youngjae, right?" 

As if you don’t already know the answer.

He looks up at you immediately and you swear your heart stops for a solid few seconds because shit, he’s even more hot up close. Your brain short-circuits when he speaks, and you stutter awkwardly that yes, you are the one Mark and Jackson had set him up with.

"You’re even cuter than they told me,” he teases, throwing you a smile. You blush and utter a quiet “Thank you,” and take a seat across from Youngjae.

You both place your orders and spend the time waiting by talking about whatever topic comes to mind. In the span of ten minutes, you know so much about each other that it feels like you’ve been friends your entire lives. Youngjae’s company is welcoming and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give you butterflies every now and then.

Dinner flies by and you notice Mark and Jackson high-fiving each other at the table behind Youngjae. A small smile comes to your face as you thank Youngjae for the wonderful meal and he nods, shyly reaching for your hand across the table.

“If you’d like,” he says quietly, “I’d…really like to see you again.”

You smile. “Me too.”

As the two of you leave the restaurant hand-in-hand and already making plans for another date, you make a mental note to thank your troublemaker friends for setting you up.

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We still don't know what are in the boxes with the cargo Titan. I doubt Zeke is retreating for good. Everyone's probably going to live, I don't know why people are so worried. All the clues are right in front of us

Yes, this is exactly why I’m not buying it. This Erwin-Armin thing just screams red-herring; Isayama does this all the time. It’s probably just the start of something really big. Didn’t he say in an interview not long ago that we’re at the climax of the series now?

At the beginning of the mission, during Erwin’s inner monologue, he said something about the boxes on the cargo titan’s back and that it would probably be important, so they should keep an eye on it. One of the barrels turned out to be Bertl. We still don’t know what other supplies they have. If they went out of their way to bring it into battle, it must be something very necessary. I agree that Zeke is recovering, but definitely not retreating. He wants Eren for personal reasons and not just for the coordinate, he apparently wants Eren’s trust for whatever purpose, and he has promised that he will save him. The warriors have still got some serious shit up their sleeve, in the form of a barrel and multiple boxes. They’re nowhere near out of options, all they need is some time to recover from their wounds.

The thing that’s sending signals off in my head is that Eren seems to be the only one who has a sufficient amount of gas and blades. If someone is going somewhere next chapter, that person is Eren. He has the ability to go to Zeke, to the cargo titan. He has the ability to take Bertl with him. And no one, particularly Levi, has the gas to stop him.

I love when fuckboys think that calling my boyfriend a feminist is insulting. Like yeah bitch exactly, that’s exactly what I wanted. Why the hell would I want to be with someone who thinks of me as a subhuman object and treats me like shit??? Of course I chose someone who views me as equal, otherwise he wouldn’t be capable of loving me. And they think they are insulting his masculinity, like if your masculinity is so fragile that even refusing to hate women crumbles your entire self image you are incredibly pathetic. I love laughing in their faces when they pull this shit, watching them go red in the face, cry about it little boys lmao!!

Getting discouraged and feeling as if you’re stagnating is a very normal part of being an artist. 

Here is the thing, drawing is a creative activity, that means that some days you are not going to be up for it and some days you will. Training and conditioning your mind to be creative on demand IS SOMETHING that comes with time, and even after drawing for a very a long time there will still always be periods of art block, lack of motivation, feeling insufficient etc etc. This is all part of the battle. Things like these are EXACTLY why every wanker that whines about art being too expensive can shove it, it is a trained skill. It is a state of being. It is a mindset. It is getting your hands and your brain to work together BUT it is also conditioning yourself to do it. To stick with it, to face challenges that seem impossible. It is an exercise in strengthening your mind and resolve in addition to training your hands. Therefore, it is also of course an exercise in endurance and patience, frustration and dissatisfaction. 

I can tell you that it does come in time, in time things level out…or perhaps in time you get better at managing the turbulent ups and down of being an artist. Until that time comes just know that you are getting there and have friends and loved ones to talk to and that you are not alone in this struggle. And while you face it now, so do many others and so will many more.