Can EVMs Be Rigged The Way AAP Claims? A Fact check

New Delhi: AAP Delhi MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj on Tuesday gave a ‘demonstration’ on how to hack an Electronic Voting Machine, giving a fillip to the Party’s claims that EVMs can be tampered with.

However, the Election Commission of India has refuted the allegations.

Are the claims of AAP based on facts? Here is a fact check

1) Claim: Anyone knowing a “secret code” could tamper with the EVMs

Fact: EVM has a one-time programmed chip which can’t be used again so no code, no hacking.

2) Claim: ‘Secret code’ could be fed into a machine while casting vote.

Fact: EVMs are randomized by computer software twice in the presence of candidates or their representatives before they are distributed for use in individual polling stations.

3) Claim: The BJP worker comes dressed like a voter. His job will be to enter a secret code (4-5 digits in the machine.

Fact: EVMs accept only one press, subsequent entry cannot be activated without presiding officer’s consent. Right after the induction of evm, more than 90% of election verdicts have been anti-incumbent.

4) Claim: If EVMs of gujarat provided to AAP for 3 hours, bjp will not win even a single booth.

Fact: If an EVM is taken out of the Election Commission security zone, it ceases to be an ECI machine.

5) Claim: There is no machine in the world that can’t be rigged.

Fact: ECI-EVMs are unique as these aren’t on a network and the chip is masked to avoid being altered or tempered with.

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DAY 2200

Jalsa, Mumbai               Apr 24/25,  2014              Thu/Fri  12 : 33 am

Once every 5 years in India and in its democracy, every citizen and legitimate voter gets the privilege of casting the value of his power, into the ballot box or as they say now the EVM - the electronic voting machine ! What transpires during these days of electioneering and voting was so subtly visualised in the film ‘BR’. So many pertinent points were woven into the story, in a most 'secretive’ yet satirical manner. It propagated the power of your vote, the power to bring change, the power and the voice of the people. For almost 67 years the practice has prevailed in Independent India - the largest democracy in the world leading by example.

The family went to cast our vote at a nearby polling station, clouded and enveloped by a battalion of media and paparazzi. It looks daunting when we encounter them, and for many this to them seems like an untoward intrusion. But they have to do their job, their earning and their need to provide to the seniors the moment of the day for bigger news outlets, is prime. With the number of outlets around the country, the content provided is valued in gold … and those that provide them to the masters look to it as a their daily wager. A good product if selected shall bring them their earnings for the day. It is a chance that they take, a desperate attempt to get the best so as to get selected and make their earning.

Yes , at times their enthusiasm does get most oppressive, but viewed in the context of their job, it also demonstrates their guile and effort in providing that one image that shall be sold, and for that to become the earning for their families ! So you do get pushed around or blocked in front of your vehicle to a stop, or sustain damaged vehicle of travel. Celebrity is not as easy a title to live with - this all comes with it, in large doses, and most of the moments can be most disturbing and frightening.

What does one do in such situations … one moves along with it. I have observed that succumbing momentarily in their midst, does provide a temporary relief .. but nothing more ..

For me, and I cannot say for the others, it is, quite ironically, a gauge of your public standing when an incident like this takes place. It needs to be taken in the spirit of such and digested well. That is the cure and the symptom to earn. Remember it is not going to be there forever. When the market of your value goes down, when the interest in another is greater, so shall the interest in the media towards you go down …

Having been through such phases, perhaps prepares me to face the moment bravely. It may not be so for others … I cannot say, I am not them and they are not me. My own code of conduct shall be dictated by what I believe is right and correct. It may be entirely wrong and unacceptable, no issue, but for me what is right is what I must decide internally is right for me and right for a particular situation …

For a public figure, a celebrity of fame, a loved individual among many, it naturally grows within you to be enamoured by the trappings of being famous. Getting noticed is one among them. The endeavour to be noticed is played out each minute. That it shall be short lived is an eventuality that all must be prepared for …

There shall be the time when in the company of the next biggy, the biggy shall get greater notice and attention than what may have been what you had been getting. It requires an immense amount of understanding to reckon with this. Many do, many do not. Those that do not, either shy away from the lights so to say, or worse, continue to believe that nothing has changed. That is asking for unmitigated psychological disorder ! It really is quite a sad occurrence. The ability to have so many in your attention, is no mean feat. The eventuality of it all going away to another, and being in a state of its acceptability, is nothing short of godliness.

When the cameras and the wild shouting and screaming crowds surround you, it is a definitive moment of elation somewhere. And when at that very moment the other more accomplished in the eyes of the masses enters, it requires a skin as thick as a rhinoceros to see the cameras turn away from you … the screaming crowds, shifting their gaze and their exultation in the direction away to the other fresher and newer entrant … 

In that one instant, you can either be destroyed, or build yourself into a person of some magnitude ..

It is one of the most difficult events that occur in celebrity. May it never ever invade the lives of those that pride in public presence. But if it does, may those that become a part of it, be gifted with the prudence and better prevalent sense, that such moments demand …

Good night dears …

Amitabh Bachchan