Mama Cat’s “Evil Eye” Protection Jar

Mama Cat hangs this little jar in her window for an extra boost of safety. Super easy to make and very cute to boot.


a small, seal-able jar

puffy paint (fabric paint) in white, black, and blue (or any color you like)

herbs that you use for protection (Mama Cat used arnica flowers, argimony, thyme, penny royal, juniper berries, and a few others)

sigils you use for protection

How To:

  • Carefully create you eye on the outside of the jar in any way you wish. The blue eye is traditional but you can use any color that feels safe to you. Let this dry before you continue. If you would like to paint on any sigils, now would be the time.
  • If you would like to open a circle, call to someone, ect, do this now.

  • After the paint is dry, layer in your herbs or mix them all together. If you would like to bless the jar, do this step now. If you would like to use incense to bless or purify you could use sandalwood, patchouli, dragons blood, or sage. 

Keep this jar on a window sill, on a high shelf, or hanging in a window. Keep the eye turned outward so it can watch out for evil and bad vibes that could come your way.