We Just got back from the hottub in the Pouring Rain and Lightning and it reminded me of the day’s when me and my friends would sneak into hot tubs and get sh*tfaced while listening to blackmoon & Aceyalone.. Wordlife


Da Beatminerz show you exactly how deep their crates go with this ‘Crate Diggers’ video for fuze.tv

World Famous, but New York’s own, Fat Beats Records is back at 110 Bridge Street in DUMBO today. This is the start of their rebirth as a monthly pop-up shop and party at their warehouse location. Check for my buddy DJ Parler while you’re out there, along with Spinna, DJ Evil Dee, and Rich Medina.

Fat Beats NY and LA closed late last year, which was a tale of the times considering physical records/CD sales were plummeting and big shops like Tower and HMV were shuttering then. The store on the 2nd floor at 6th Ave. was a mecca for hip hop aficionados and artists of that time. I remember picking up records when I passed through NY. For some reason, I always remember this one, which is ironic given that Brooklyn is the place of their very relaunch: “I Try” - Talib Kweli feat. Mary J. Blige.

Talib Kweli I Try by marcellinhokt2

Shadez of Brooklyn | ’Change’ | 12"

Released on Pandemonium Records (Wreckordz) in 1996, this 12" from Shadez of Brooklyn was one of my favorite independent records. I got put on to them through their connection with Evil Dee & Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz) who handled the bulk of their production. I didn’t trust my memory, so I checked online and it listed the crew as Chocolate TyeRev. Al, Tee Black, and Rambo. There were multiple pressings of this 12", each with ’Change’ on the A-Side and ’When It Rains It Pours’ on the B-Side (produced by Rich Blak). Perhaps most known from Evil Dee running their tracks on mixtapes, they also had a 12" for ’Calm Unda Pressure’, ’How It’s Done bw Paradise & Wanted Men’ and most recently (2010), Chopped Herring Records released an EP called ’Pandemonium’ which featured 6 dope tracks. Get ‘em all!

~ To stream or download the full 'Change’ 12", click HERE!