Happy One Month #bestbabes!

#besbabes? What the hell Alex?!

Well, allow me to explain.

One moth ago today (30th of September) myself, along with @poketin and @lilneps created the Discord server known today as “Stoopnootus Snooting Sisnoots” //uh… dont ask really >////<

Yeah! A whole month! Can you believe it?? I barely can to be honest.

It all started with me joining the Asagao Academy fandom, getting the idea to play it through this GTLive video (still waiting on that 3d part you guys). It’s surreal really. I barely watched a few minutes of the video and I instantly went to the website to download it! 

Now, many people judge the game because it’s “weird”. 

Yeah, the idea itself, dating the NB guys, WAS a bit weird in the beginning, no question. Especially since I’ve never heard of almost any of them before this game. But as you go though it, all the routes, getting all the CG and music room stuff, you notice that it’s more than that. Top it off with one of the most talented and friendly fandoms I’ve ever seen, it starts to not be as weird. You start to get used to it, to the point where, ‘hey, imma try talking to these people’ gets into your mind. I even remember it, that’s how much it meant to me!

It all started with an anon ask I sent to LilNeps/Ayu! It’s a longer story than I thought so I need to skip quite a lot haha. Long story short, a few days after that I met poketin/Elsa and we watched this Ian stream! After the stream was over, we created a Discord chat! Yungtown/Luke started streaming after that and I watched about 45 mins of it, but the other two stayed up to watch the whole thing, those nerds lol. After that, we kinda started talking about a load of things, from problems we had, to being absolute trash, to small talk and //shivers pu n s.

A few days after that I began my new school year and I couldn’t be on as much, but they supported me and gave me strength through my worst of times. I usually keep things bottled up because I don’t have anyone to talk about my problems and passions because of my fear of judgement, but then these two came into my life and changed it for the better!

Woo boy, I need a moment, I’m getting a bit emotional haha.

But, all I wanted to say was, thank you, both of you, for everything you’ve done for me. <3

~Here’s to many more months to come! uwu

anonymous asked:

Omg I love Liu SM thank u for this ;o How about some Liu headcanons? If you have any that is uwu

I’m gonna do this real quick before I fall asleep lmao

Okay so Liu probably works at a bakery (it’s across from Janes bar)

He makes the the bakery food stuff himself and specializes in sweets

He may or may not give free samples to Sally and Lazari

He probably has a big Saint Bernard

He gets spooked easily by like loud noises or someone tapping in his shoulder. Also he flinched at legit everything like if a bug flew by and he would jump across the room probably

He’s kinda like Parker from maggot boy except less ponies

He still has his yugioh card collection from the 7th grade

Definitely plays DND (with Jeff of course I mean it’s not like they grew up together and probably played it all the time)


Shyboy Mino when Jackson sneaks a touch of his butt dazzles with his MC skills 
gif request by the ever lovely aziza

what the heck winston is such an underated character??? Like can I just talk about him for a quick second.

Winston is a monkey man who loves his friends!! who loves helping people!! and like!! HES THE REASON OVERWATCH IS BACK AGAIN!!! Also he makes a great hype man in the beginning lets be real.

But guys. This scientist is like, such a cinammon roll??? And thing is ive never heard anyone say that about him??? but like? have u seen his dialogue cmon


such a kind soul

lucio stop monkeying around with this boy



Also not to throw some lore at u but he DID escape the moon when all the monkeys killed the scientist and his father figure all by himself. Like, all hes ever known was crushed and thrown in his face and hes still such a kind soul??? like??? the harambe memes are great n all but this guy has a legit character whos awesome and i hope u might end up liking him too


[On cake] “Chocolate. Chocolate…chocolate on chocolate—with chocolate in it and chocolate sprinkles on it. And a cup of chocolate next to it! Chocolate.” - Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles (March 1st, 1978)


Truth is, I was glad you were there. You were a good mistress, probably a great one… you know what I mean. || I was happy you were around, too. With you around I had an out. You were my out, Mellie.


And finally for my dearest Lavellan, to whom I promised something special. A proposal. Will you marry me?