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I've just seen a photo on Connor's Instagram in which he tagged Claudia. He is in Cordoba for a trip with her (and Josh I think) but yesterday they were in LA but two days ago they were in Spain. Wtf is going on? This is so confusing. 🙈

Well someone’s lying, that’s what is going on.

Josh is either in Spain and stunting, or in LA and stunting, he cannot be in both places. Someone is lying. 

Either they took these pap pics back in October/November when she was here and held them to a time when winter clothing would be acceptable and communication lines got crossed and they got posted early or people who spotted Josh or are acting like Josh is with them aren’t being completely truthful. 

Pick which one you feel most comfortable with.

There is no explanation for this:

(as a side note to idiots, it’s from a European pap agency, so day, month, year)

and this:

that makes everything 100 percent legit and on the up and up. Someone is lying about Josh being in Spain or those pap pics were taken awhile ago and meant to LIE about Claudia being in LA when she wasn’t.

There are no other excuses, if people (and you know who I am talking about) want to ignore this than that is on them. But it just PROVES we haven’t been wrong about them misdating pap pics or pics in general.

I do feel sorry for what Josh and now apparently Connor will have to do to make up for this.  But shame on Josh for bringing his brother into it.


Shyboy Mino when Jackson sneaks a touch of his butt dazzles with his MC skills 
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I can’t believe exo shared the spotlight with their fellow performers when they won a daesang.

I can’t believe exo apologized to international fans for not being able to see them because of their (already very) bone-tiring domestic schedule upon them receiving a daesang.

I can’t believe I stan such a kind, hardworking, and amazing group who stays humble despite the pedestal fans and music industry have put them on.

what the heck winston is such an underated character??? Like can I just talk about him for a quick second.

Winston is a monkey man who loves his friends!! who loves helping people!! and like!! HES THE REASON OVERWATCH IS BACK AGAIN!!! Also he makes a great hype man in the beginning lets be real.

But guys. This scientist is like, such a cinammon roll??? And thing is ive never heard anyone say that about him??? but like? have u seen his dialogue cmon


such a kind soul

lucio stop monkeying around with this boy



Also not to throw some lore at u but he DID escape the moon when all the monkeys killed the scientist and his father figure all by himself. Like, all hes ever known was crushed and thrown in his face and hes still such a kind soul??? like??? the harambe memes are great n all but this guy has a legit character whos awesome and i hope u might end up liking him too


[On cake] “Chocolate. Chocolate…chocolate on chocolate—with chocolate in it and chocolate sprinkles on it. And a cup of chocolate next to it! Chocolate.” - Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles (March 1st, 1978)


160808 - S.coups Birthday Vapp

Jeonghan and Jisoo brought a pile of breads cake for Seungcheol HAHAHH

95′line love is everything ♡ They are so precious ♡ 


Truth is, I was glad you were there. You were a good mistress, probably a great one… you know what I mean. || I was happy you were around, too. With you around I had an out. You were my out, Mellie.


And finally for my dearest Lavellan, to whom I promised something special. A proposal. Will you marry me?