“You are my Kryptonite” lol, is that supposed to be romantic? No, seriously, Clois is my OTP of all OTPs, and absolutely hate it when someone says Lois is Clark’s kryptonite, because she is not. Lois is not his weakness, she is his strength (as opposed to Smallville’s version of Clana, where she literally became his kryptonite and that was a great metaphor for everything wrong with that ship).That’s why I had to chuckle when Mon-El said that. IMO that is not romantic, that’s an accurate representation of their relationship.

How I watch animes

“Ooooh this anime looks interesting, lets watch it”

*binge watches it until I finish the whole thing*

“My soul feels empty.*

*Continues to go onto tumblr and look through anything and everything about the anime including ships*

*like 4 hours later* "ooooh this anime looks interesting, lets watch it.

The cycle never stops….

The Jungkook Effect p2

(This was triggered by my last reblogged gifset of Namjoon talking about Jimin.)

I don’t want to be that kind of shipper who relates nearly everything to the ship, and I am not. I really am not.

However, for some reason, I cannot help but think Jungkook may have (directly or indirectly) something to do with how less insecure Jimin has been lately.

- we’ve all seen videos of Jimin being praised by Jungkook while the others kept teasing him
- Jimin’s out of his ridiculous diet and we’ve seen for ourselves how Jungkook calls at Jimin when he’s not eating when he should already be

Call me delusional, but I seriously believe that a huge part of Jimin’s happiness recently is because of Jungkook and the things he’s doing to and for Jimin, and for that I am thankful.

Jungkook is not my bias (and not even in my top 4 BTS bias), but he’s up there on top with Jimin for me for as long as I can see he’s there for Jimin. The most beautiful Jungkook I’ve ever seen is the Jungkook who looks at Jimin like he’s the most beautiful and most precious person in the world.

I don’t know if something like my case exists but I am in love with how in love Jungkook is with Jimin (you can try to fight me on this being true all you want but you cannot change what I believe in), probably as much as I love Jimin. I guess that’s why it doesn’t hurt; that there’s no sense of jealousy. 🙂

  • Fandom: *shipping wars* *heated discussions* *arguing with the gods* *blaming the writers* *blaming the gods for the shitty writers*
  • Me: *drinking tea & watching the world burn* Nice weather today!

After what is probably my hundredth rewatch of last night’s perfectly fitting ep and those painful spoilers that have emerged along with that beautiful preview for tonight, it got me thinking (and that’s probably not a good thing because when I think, my thoughts run wild so fasten your seat-belts kids, this is gonna be a long one.)

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anonymous asked:

You ship sheith?

Well yes.. there is a reason i have a sheith on the avatar right? So that people who dont fancy this ship or generally dont fancy shalladin would know.. because i also draw klance, people began to follow me for that ship too, so im keeping the sheith on the avatar as a disclaimer: “Yo PPL i ship sheith too.”

anonymous asked:

wtf is that anon talking about? i did ship karolsen. i do ship karamel & supercorp now! like ofc you can that? (though i'm more to karamel) but i still love the others?

thank you lovely anon! 
but literally same, i ship them all, past, present & future, and i think it’s just because?? i’ve only ever really had one show where i strictly kept to one ship. but for the most part i’m trash, so like.. i ship everything on the show. whoops. 

Yuri on Ice x Ciel in Wonderland ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

I don’t know what this is… but I know for sure that I want to thank you all for your love and your support! 

Someone: you can’t have more than one otp, it’s one true pairing

Me: don’t ever talk to me or my otp or my otp or my otp or my ot3 ever again