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Natasha is lowkey (very highkey) in love with Sara Bareilles and so for their anniversary Pierre bought them tickets to see her in Waitress. Natasha cried and then Pierre started crying because Natasha was crying and then their kids started crying because they were crying.




Everything about mod sao

i have to do it so…yea

First name: Conceição

Last name: Fragoso

nickname: all my friends call me Sao that is why i use my nickname to make the “mods name” shorter….

Age: 17 Q.Q

sex: female

orientation: bisexual (i don’t know why they ask me this, but yolo)

live in: Portugal

fandoms you are currently in: BOI!…..danganronpa, yuri on ice, voltron legendary defender, persona 4 and 5, hum….i don’t know more

favorite ships: i am a multishipper…..i ship everything (and if i don’t ship it, i respect it :3 )

face/photo of you: do i really need to do this?……….fine…..

i cover up the eyes because i am too ugly for this and i don’t want to explode tumblr

favorite persons / idols for you: @ask-danganronpa-students (mod lily is my idol for the rest of my life)

@otomeboys (this is my senpai and maybe lover :3 )

and all my followers are my favorite persons!

any last words?: yes i have…… i love you all and have a nice day!

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Where and how do you buy fansite goods?

fansites use group order managers to sell their goods, if there is a fansite or goods that you want they usually reply to the goods tweet with the gom’s for each country. you pay and fill out a form through them and the fansite ships everything to them (saves money on shipping) and then they ship it to you. usually there are three payments: 1st for the actual goods, 2nd for ems (shipping from the fansite to the gom) and 3rd is domestic shipping (shipping from the gom to you).


Is there Reading Site Gijinkas?
I want someone who will do it.
Mangago - A shounen who panics a lot, getting easily scared
MRM - Baraish dude who smokes cigar. Easily gets angered over copyright. Lowkey protective on Mangago. (Ship)
Mangafox - Ships everything. Nerd. Geek. Has complete set of Information regarding Manga~
Mangakakalot - A tech savy dude. Talkative. Provides you Translated sources.
Mangahere - Has a crush on Mangafox. Follows her around. Ray of sunshine whe he sees Manga
Lezhin - Super angry Dude. Easily get triggered. Always gets Angry at Mangago. Scolds Mangago. Tsundere. Lowkey want to care of Mangago. (Ship)
Comica - Lezhin’s Best Friend. Bilingual. Kind. Opposite of Lezhin. Total Cool guy. Senpai in sheets.
Kimluahua/Fumhua - (Wrong spelling sorry can’t remember) They’re twins actually with opposite personality. Kim has strict personality. Fumhua with carefree one. Kim pursuing Artworks. Fumhua pursuing Language courses. Will seduce you with their contents. Lowkey incest, twincest.
Foxtoons - STALKS Comica. Senpai pls notice me. Shy. Kawaii potato. Easily gets flustered over R18.
Tappytoons - Free spirited person. Happy Go Lucky. Fox-kun’s Oniichan. Spoils Fox always. Doting brother. Generous. <3
Tapas - Hippie. Artsy. Enlightened one. hahahahaha. Has many artist friends. Sleep is for the weak. He has a bit of OCD. Perfectionist.
Line - Shota. Trap. Always running around showing his works. Has a habit of seducing ppl. Bullies foxtoon.
????!! (Unknown) - I forgot name of chinese site. Has crush on the twins. Power bottom. Has shoujo vibes. *Flower flower* Megane Will kill for Cookies
Bamtoki - Always copies Lezhin. Lezhin doesn’t notice him. (Poor you). Gets mad at Mangago too but for other reason. Lezhin’s fans club Founder and President.
BaraManga - MRM’s Father. A certified Daddy. Only likes Bara. Eros. Only wears Boxers. 10 Inches. Teaches MRM techniques for ukes. Author of 17 Volumes of KamaSutra. Walking R18. Cheers MRM to eat Mangago. Lowkey wants Mangago for himself, Daydreams of Mangago calling him Daddy. Currently finding his Uke.

have you ever experienced that feeling where you fall in love with your otp all over again? like everyone loves their otps as they progress slowly and they slowly fall in love with them, but then while reading fanfic or watching fanvids or just sitting around but you’re suddenly hit by how beautiful and amazing your otp is all over again and just how far they’ve come and every reason why you ship them and it just makes you emotional and want to cry in the middle of the room and it’s fucking wonderful

Ok guys sorry, canonical ages confirmed. Shiro is 23, Lance is 17, Allura is in her altean 1000 years teens, Pidge is 5, Keith ages as cats do, so he is technically 2, and Hunk is an ethereal non-organic being that has no begining nor end. That’s it. There’s no safe ship, everything is unshippable, we all are problematic and need to stop and also kill ourselves, all hail Zoran, the only safe ship.

  • Jin being the judge because him joining any team will be cheating
  • Blackholes Rapmon and V get into each team to ruin everything
  • The ships SWAP: Jungkook picking Jhope and Suga Jimin
  • Suga and Jimin decide to offer bread and milk to Tae so he gets distracted
  • Jk proposes to V to just sit and pose 
  • Rapmon decides to prepare a chicken (And we all prayed he do not cut himself)
  • Taehyung eating bread and feeding Jimin was sooooo cute SO SO CUTE
  • We witnessed V’s first time peeling poratoes (He found it soooo fascinating somehow lol)
  • All the shipping moments in this episode: Vmin was insane, Yoonmin was sooo alive. Jimin being a playboy was so real dude.
  • Rapmon discovering that carrots have skin …
  • Jungkook, jhope and RM dilemma: “should we peel the caerots or not?” Jk :“idk I am no expert”. NOW you need to be an expert to peel carrots …
  • Suga preparing squid is another story (he was cringing while having an orgasm or something)
  • Jimin decides to send Taehyung to the market to get them a blender
  • Taehyung really found a blender and Jimin is so shook he gives tae a hug #Soulmates
  • Dilemna number two: Do chicken have tails? (Why are they in a kitchen again?)
  • Taehyung making a sauce in a squirrel bowl (how extra can you be)
  • Jimin making potato balls in his SMOL hands “Kyaaaaaa, Me DEAD BAI” said all of his stans
  • V finding all kinds of plates
  • Cooking Tip from Jhope and Rapmon : Yell at the dish so it gets scared and turns tasty!
  • Suga is really good. That guy speaks less and works more #GENIUS 
  • Jungkook added sooo much sugar to his potatos that they stuck together and they are now defying gravity 
  • The sauce bowl is bigger than the main and side dish put together lol. Tae did one small thing and It took all the spotlight. 
  • Suga’s team philosophy: we prioritize sanitation (but we all know they washed nothing)
  • Jungkook’s team philosophy: Adhesive strength LMAO
  • BTS holding hands YALL
  • Suga, Jimin and Taehyung win and hug and our hearts melted
  • That talking at the end about them not cooking now and how it reminded them of their debut days got us so EMO.
  • SWEET SWEET SWEEEET Jin helping the losing team clean up
  • This Run was, cute, gay, funny and WHOLESOME AWESOME. 

Hope you like it ^^ @mimibtsghost


Get ready for the #ClexaWeek2017! From February 27th to March 5th each day will have a different theme to celebrate Clexa.

  • How can I join?

You can write fanfics, make fanart, edits, aesthetics, gifsets, music, games and whatever the hell you want. If you don’t have any artistic skill, you can even make fic rec lists for each day! You just have to post on the right day and tag it with #ClexaWeek2017, or you can send submissions to @clexaweek2017

For any other info, guidelines, suggestions and to keep up with #ClexaWeek2017, follow @clexaweek2017

  • Now go and share it!

Tell your favorite writers and artists about it, start the preparations. And let’s celebrate everything we love about this ship. One year ago the 3.07 may have happened, but they’ll never take Clexa from us.

How Do People NOT Multiship?

Seriously I don’t get it. Just looking at Voltron for example here, you’ve got

-Klance, your hate ship, that red and blue, the gay losers who pretend to hate each other but would be very upset if something happened to the other
–Sheith, with all its history and possibilities for angst and comfort
-Kidge, your dumb conspiracy theorists who have no idea what they’re doing in a relationship but they’re trying their best
-Heith, your cinnamon roll lovers
-Kallura, your space power couple and also the way to spite people just for fun
-Shance, your sweet little angel falling for space daddy and it could be unrequited if you like to suffer and I mean Lance called Shiro his fucking hero like can you not
-Pidgance, Punk and Hance, your friends to lovers ships
-Allurance, for crush nerds and could again be unrequited if you’re masochistic
-Shidge, with their adorable and lame support that makes me cry
-Shunk, which is just an even purer cinnamon roll ship
-Shallura, for all your space parent needs
-Pallura, because lesbians are beautiful
-Hallura, the team mom ship
-Shatt, more angst opportunities and the best name

And then there’s your poly ships

-Shklance, where Shiro’s the only sane one and keeping them alive
-Klunk, Kidgance and both at the same time, the purest of friends to lovers poly ships
-Shallurance, which is perfect for Lance angst if you like people feeling like an add on and less important when really they’re just as loved
-Shalluridge, which I can’t even describe how great it is
- Shalluratt, which I don’t actually ship but I get it

Then again maybe is just me I join a fandom and I either ship everything or don’t even ship the Canon there is no in between for me.

Don't you just hate it

When you can’t find a new fanfic of your OTP because you’ve already read everything there is to the ship so you resolve to write your own and you have such great ideas but then you are struck with the realization that you suck at writing and that your dreams will go unfulfilled and for the rest of your life you will regret being born with zero talent in anything.