”Enjoy your moment in the sun, because there’s twenty nine pro teams as we speak figuring out that little trick pitch of yours, and when they do, I’ll get my job back and you’ll become the answer to a trivia question.”


The Hating Game Fan Fic - Brown Bag Lunch

A little drabble I cooked up based on the amazing book ‘The Hating Game by Sally Thorne’ - which if you haven’t read you are doing yourself a disservice

Would like to dedicate this to @badnovels and @muttpeeta and all my other GoodReads friends cause I never would have found out about this amazing book without you guys ::heart eyes:: 

You can check out my GoodReads page here :)

If I’m inspired/there is/enough interest maybe I’ll visit the idea of Josh visiting Sky Diamond farm with Lucy ;)

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That we might be exactly like we were (rough draft)

Jo feels electric.  

Sitting next to Nate in the locker room always makes him feel that way though, even all the way back when they were kids.  

They’re still kids but slightly older. Maybe a little wiser.  If someone squinted and kind of tilted their head to the side, Nate and Jo are practically functioning adults, right?  

Maybe not.  

The reporter asks something in French and then Nate makes fun of him as he drinks his orange juice and everything is good. They’re wearing the same colors again. It’s better than good.  

Jo scratches at the spot on his wrist that’s marked with a faint scar, traces the raised line that he always looks at just before he falls asleep. He smiles and plays along when Nate tells the reporter he’s gotten a little uglier since the last time they saw each other.

Jo knows it’s a lie.  

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Dear Charlie,

When I am out, with all those people, I become a new person. I just love it and now it´s all over. I don´t know what to do. This was the only thing that kept me up and I know that from here and now, it can only get bad. It always get bad. Just when I feel like I am good again, the thoughts are starting to creep up in to my brain. I think to much and I have to distract myself. Two days ago I was drunk. It felt so good and just like everything was good again. But I can´t do it again. I am underage and if I asked someone to buy it for me, they would only laugh. You know, I am “the good girl”, so why would I want alcohol?

I miss him aswell. Christoffer.

I fucking hate and love that guy. It´s something about him that make me want to be near him and just be huged, but I know that I can not stand him sometimes. He is the kind of guy that sees right trough you and i hate it. Nobody else saw that I was feeling down, so why did he? He has not asked me about it again, but I sometimes wish he did, just so I could get an other chance, but the question never comes. I know that if I only wrote to him, he would reply, but I can´t bare myself to, I am too scared. I just want him to write to me and ask how I am, I need him to do that. I just need someone.

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y  E S   I  HAVE

and while I am kind of upset it was this sorta “oh, look everything’s good again everything’s fine” ending feeling a bit… too “perfect” in terms of this series, I’m at least glad I got to experience it and see the one thing I’ve wanted to see all my life:

Nagito Komaeda giving a genuine smile

there was once a headcanon that ino will invent a jutsu to wipe out her memory if she’s ever caught. i thought the idea is neat, especially if she’s rescued somehow afterwards. who could reverse her jutsu, when she’s the strongest mind technique user there is?

decided to do this kibaino because i’ve missed these babies together. and several years post-war, hence kiba’s shaggy head and jacket ‘cause i love that fur jacket okay.


Sub-Zero making tea for Scorpion is my favorite thing from the entire story mode of Mortal Kombat X to be completely honest.


So uh guys, it happened again! :D :D And Jenna was there too and they signed my book and they were both incredible and basically I just spent my entire day watching live Doctor Who!! :D They were both wonderful and it was amazing and I am so lucky, Peter Capaldi is so great he kept coming over and the security practically had to drag him away from the fans and he always promised he’d come back and he did, he was there for like an hour after he was done making sure that everyone who wanted to meet him did and Jenna was lovely too and it’s been such an brilliant day I can’t even put into words how great it is! :D I can’t wait for series nine I know it’ll be amazing! :D


Inside Reign: Syd & Pinoe

-So you guys do seem like you get along pretty well.
-Not really.