Mickey and Ian’s relationship is FAR from healthy. I think there is a point that the shameless writers are trying to put across to us, yet most of you are missing it. Gallavich Is beautiful, I love it, it is quite possibly my ultimate one true pairing. However I’m torn because I can clearly see that it is an unhealthy and BOrdeRline abusive relationship.

and ya’ll got to stop denying it.

Ian has been heathy and haPPY, and he knows it, what Fiona said was incredibly true. yet he is still addicted to that thrill that Mickey brings.

It has nothing to do with his bipolar, it’s based on love, but mick’s life is fAr too turbulent; it could easily trigger Ian to fall into his mania again. Not everything one loves is good for them, and it most cases one must go cold turkey to quit it. Ian needs to let mickey go, they are like Monica and Frank. Addicted, passionate, truly in love with each other, and will always gravitate back together no matter how much hatred and mistreatment lies between them. But it will always remain unhealthy.

Unless they can form a better basis of communication, that involves less fists, no cheating, no attempted muRDer and no guilt tripping; they aren’t healthy for each other.
And I’m sorry far saying it.

there was once a headcanon that ino will invent a jutsu to wipe out her memory if she’s ever caught. i thought the idea is neat, especially if she’s rescued somehow afterwards. who could reverse her jutsu, when she’s the strongest mind technique user there is?

decided to do this kibaino because i’ve missed these babies together. and several years post-war, hence kiba’s shaggy head and jacket ‘cause i love that fur jacket okay.


Sub-Zero making tea for Scorpion is my favorite thing from the entire story mode of Mortal Kombat X to be completely honest.


So uh guys, it happened again! :D :D And Jenna was there too and they signed my book and they were both incredible and basically I just spent my entire day watching live Doctor Who!! :D They were both wonderful and it was amazing and I am so lucky, Peter Capaldi is so great he kept coming over and the security practically had to drag him away from the fans and he always promised he’d come back and he did, he was there for like an hour after he was done making sure that everyone who wanted to meet him did and Jenna was lovely too and it’s been such an brilliant day I can’t even put into words how great it is! :D I can’t wait for series nine I know it’ll be amazing! :D


Inside Reign: Syd & Pinoe

-So you guys do seem like you get along pretty well.
-Not really.


 Now i know what grief feels like, now i know what anger feels like, i might even know what love feels like, i’m not a fan. I’m out.