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Valentine’s Day fluff masquerading as 12.11 coda fic. Enjoy!

3.8k, ao3

They stop in Salina on their way home from Eureka Springs. It’s still too far from the bunker to bother picking up groceries. Ice cream would be a lost cause by the time they got it into a freezer, but for the sheer sake of variety some of the big box stores in Salina offers both novelty and a conveniently timed pit stop in the seven hour drive home. The traumatic loss of and subsequent regaining of his memories over the last couple of days has left Dean feeling a little too shaky to drive straight through.

Not to mention he really needs to get a new phone. It sucks to keep borrowing Sam’s just to check in with Cas, who insisted on regular updates once Dean had finally told him what had happened. Just in case he suffered a relapse, or any other side effects of being both cursed and cured by witchcraft in the span of twenty-four hours. If he can’t be home already, replacing his phone feels like a good start. He hopes has hasn’t lost all the pictures on his crushed phone, the ones he hasn’t had a chance to back up on his laptop back at the bunker. He should really do that more often, he thinks. Losing his memories has given him an entirely new perspective on things like that.

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  • Jungkook [give Jin a present]: Happy Birthday, Jin-Hyung!
  • Jin [confused]: ...
  • Jungkook [give Namjoon a present]: Happy Birthday, Namjoon-Hyung.
  • Namjoon [confused too]: ...
  • Jin: Jungkook, today is your birthday. Not mine and not Namjoons.
  • Jungkook: I know.
  • Jin: Why do you give me a present then?
  • Jungkook: Jimin-Hyung said, on your birthday you should thank you your parents for birth.
  • Namjoon: You know that we not really your parents, yeah?
  • Jungkook: I know. But you two educate me.
  • Jin [water in his eyes]: Aw...Kookie...
  • Jungkook: And you're more scary than my real parents. But i love you. And i love the way how you two fight like an old couple.
  • Jin: We're not a couple.
  • Namjoon: ...
  • *few moments later*
  • Taehyung: What do you give as a gift those two?
  • Jungkook: Credit note for a romantic weekend in Ulsan.
  • Taehyung: So we have no parents in the house, and can play Overwatch the whole night?
  • Jungkook: Right bro!
  • Taehyung: The golden maknae do everything good and right again.

Summary: Sebastian has a secret that threatens to destroy your relationship

Warnings: angst, fluff, angry reader, sad Sebastian

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

A/n: I just wrote this now in like one or two hours so sorry if it sucks 😅

You moved in with him only a couple of weeks ago and since then everything went wrong. Sebastian was always a very attentive person, caring and doting but lately he just didn’t try anymore. It was like you moving in with him was some sort of security for him. You felt like he took you for granted and didn’t care anymore. 

You wouldn’t mind if he would at least show a little interest every now and then but there was nothing. All he seemed to care about was his job and workout and you ? you were somewhere further down on the list. It made you angry to think about it. It made you feel like you weren’t worth it and none the less it made you feel insecure. 

You reached the point where you didn’t even know if you wanted to continue the relationship with him. 

You sat on the couch of your shared living room waiting patiently for Sebastian to come home. You were reading an article on a newspaper but you weren’t focused on it as you tried to hold back your tears. 

You tried to bottle everything up for to long and it all came up now. The anger. The fear. The worries. 

Because today was the day on which you would say goodbye to the love of your life and move on. You decided you didn’t want to feel like this anymore. You wanted to be appreciated and special, not just someone who is here now and gone later. 

Of course it was a hard step, you loved Sebastian like on the first day but you didn’t feel right with what the two of you had anymore. It was time for you to stop looking back. 

Hearing the keys you quickly whipped away the tears that threatened to spill and composed yourself for what was about to happen. Sebastian walked into the room immediately spotting you on the couch and his eyes landed on the magazine you were reading. You ripped small cracks into the page a sign for your nervousness but he forced himself to forget about it. 

He knew you weren’t feeling alright. He knew something was on your mind. He knew for a while know and he was about yo make it worse. He knew that too. 

Trying to keep himself steady he walked over to you and kissed your forehead. 

He held the paper bag in his hands up and smiled proudly at you “date night tonight”. 

You closed the magazine and laid it onto the couch next to you as you opened your mouth. 

“ you better get ready honey no excuses" 

He told you before you were able to do something. 

“Sebastian I need-“ 

“I told you no excuses” he warned playfully with small smile playing on his lips. He went away and into the kitchen grabbing onto the counter to support himself. A sigh left his lips as he ran his hand through his hair. 

He knew you. He knew what you wanted to do. He had to clear this of. 

It pained him, seeing you so hurt and concerned and he was so stupid doing this to you. He pretended he didn’t care. He pretended it was all alright. He pretended that you were just nothing special when in fact you were everything he ever needed and it was all about to fall down. 

He steadied himself and made his way to the kitchen table. 

You were sat in the living room. He left you in confusion and totally insecure about your next step. You decided to give in and get dressed in a nice outfit for date night. It was the last little piece of hope you had. Maybe tonight was the night where he’d start to care again. Maybe after tonight everything would be good again. 

You took a long shower, you hoped it could soothe your sore muscles a bit and would make you feel better but the result was pretty disappointing. 

You stepped out of the shower with a sigh and got dressed. You didn’t know if you should put much effort in how you looked like or not. You simply decided for a jeans and a plain black plain shirt, leaving your hair open and putting on only a little make up. You figured if he really still loved you he wouldn’t care about what you looked like, and if he stopped loving you you wouldn’t be disappointed in yourself for putting too much effort into tonight.

 You left the room and your bare feet tapped down the stairs. The small noises you made caught Sebastian’s attention as he silently watched you going over to the table he set up.

 He watched you look down in sadness for a short while, a sigh leaving your lips before you looked up again and  smiled. He knew you weren’t in the mood for smiling and it hit him like a rock.

 He was so stupid but at the same time so afraid. He wanted to put up candles and he wanted to cook but instead he just sat up plates and take away. He cursed himself for being like that. 

He needed to tell you.

 He noticed you walking over to him and he set up a tight smile. You walked to the fridge without even looking at him and took a bottle of water. He looked after you as you left and sat down at the table playing with the hem of your shirt and taking a sip every now and then. 

He couldn’t help but stare. You always told him about how you didn’t like your eyes and your nose. You told him how you wished you had another hair colour and you wished for another face shape. He never understood where all that came from, he found everything on you beautiful from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. He was in awe every time he looked at you and he wished you would see yourself the way he sees you. You were beautiful I’m anyway and he wished he could make you believe it. 

Another sigh left his lips and he made his way to the table sitting across from you. He opened the food boxes and gave you one with Chinese noodles and chicken.  

You glared up at him and pushed the box away, the anger boiling again. “I hate chines food"you growled angrily and he looked up to you wide eyed "you do?" 

Your index finger tapped a beat on the table trying to calm you down "yes I’m that kind of girl”  you hissed. 

You looked at him for a while, your finger stopped tapping the beat and now, now you just waited for any sign of response. But he didn’t say anything. 

A tear escaped your eyes as you realized what that meant, a sad sigh escaped your lips as you stood up from your chair.  "Everybody knows me except you” you whispered softly and walked away. 

He looked down onto the table and buried his eyes in his palms. 

He heard steps again and looked up to see you walking across the room with a bag in your hand.

“What are you doing?” He urged in confusion.

“I’m leaving Sebastian, I’ll come and get my clothes when you are at the gym tomorrow.“ 


"Its better this way Sebastian.”

 He shot up from his chair and he didn’t trust his voice when he said “please don’t go” you looked at him sadly.

He looses you. He had to tell you know. 

He had to.

 "Please I… Don’t think I can make it without you.“ He told you as he came closer and closer.

 "Make what” you questioned.

“Y/n please I need you.” He urged and took both your hands in his as he leaned in and rested his forehead against yours. 

“Sebastian… You don’t even want this anymore” you muttered in sadness.

He leaned back and looked at you in concern. 

He had to tell you. It was hard but he had to. 

He let go of one of your hands and started walking to the bedroom and dragged you with him. Once there he gently pushed you down to sit on the bed as he walked to his closet. 

You looked at him in confusion. You saw that something was wrong, his whole body was tense and he moved slow. 

He opened the door and reached for the upper shelf where he took out two boxes. He came back to you and sat in front of you. 

“I had a couple of girlfriends over the last few years.” He started his eyes already watery and now you felt a hint of guilt and you couldn’t stop yourself from scooting closer and laying your hand onto his arm for comfort. 

He smiled at you as he continued. “And with some of them it felt like it was a really good thing. I thought they were the one.”

He opened the first box and it revealed a couple of pictures and jewelry. Your eyes widened and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about how much money he must’ve spend on them. 

“This is stuff I bought them I never got to give any of it to any of them tho. I was really in love with them” he paused and you looked up into his eyes. “ but they weren’t honest with me, just together with me because of my career. Most of them broke up with me and told me. Some of them just played with my feelings and never wanted something when in fact I told them I loved them.”

He looked down at the jewelry, not even noticing the tears that slipped out of your eyes. You couldn’t believe all this was true. It was horrible to even think about this, you wondered how some people were able to do something like this.

“I swore myself that I’d never make a mistake like that again, I didn’t trust a woman and I didn’t fall in love anymore.”

He looked back up at you and just then noticed the tear, whipping it away with his thumb.

“But then I met you” he smiled softly.

“And you are so different. And you have that glow, and you are such a polite person. And you made me fall in love with you y/n. I just love everything about you.”

 He opened the second box and placed it in your lap. You looked down and your jaw dropped. In it were at least three times more jewelry than in the other box, it was too much to count. Necklaces, earrings, little things to show his affection. He didn’t need to get you anything, you always told him and it was fine. But still he got all those little things, which you were sure didn’t have a little price.

“But then I remembered what happened so often and I got so insecure. I asked myself ‘what if I’m wrong again?’.

And I tried to push you away. Because I need you.”

He took both your hands in his and tilted your chin up with his thumb. 

“I didn’t want to depend on you because I knew, if you’d break this of like all the others did, I wouldn’t survive it. And that’s why I started pushing you away, I tried to make sure you weren’t able to break me." 

You looked into his eyes before he dropped them, simply ashamed of his actions. You couldn’t stop yourself as you leaned in and kissed him. He kissed you back softly but you could feel how sad he was. 

"You should’ve told me seb” you whispered softly.

“I was too scared” he mumbled against your lips. “I love you too much y/n I can’t loose you.”

 "You almost did” you stated making him look up to you and you kissed him again. 

“You made me feel very bad seb… I can understand where you come from now but I don’t know if I can handle that again.” You said a tear slipping from your eyes.

“I promise I will tell you what’s wrong from now on.” He kissed your tear away and looked at you again “I know you hate Chinese food, your favourite is Italian.“ 

He told you making both of you chuckle. 

He soon became serious and brought his hands up to your neck and pulling you closer so he could rest his fore head against yours. "I love you”. He waited for a response but instead of telling him, you kissed him deeply, your hands resting on his chest as your lips melted together.

“ I love you too” you told him as you pulled away. 

And in that moment both of you knew, you couldn’t survive without each others love. 

It would kill you. 


And you. 

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Just pretending I’m productive and online, have Whale Sisters

From ten-thousand feet up, Sherlock watches the sun melting into the massive expanse of ocean surrounding them on all sides. Their plane home from Italy, where they had spent the past two weeks solving a particularly challenging case, seemed to chase the sun on it’s westward journey.

It was only the two of them on board- a perk of having a brother who was also the British Government. John walked back to their seats carrying two glasses and a bottle of red.

“How did you like the dinner then?”

“Delicious, of course. ”

“Better than Angelo’s?”

“Mmm…well, authentic Italian cuisine from Italy is hard to beat, but Angelo’s has a certain appeal that’s difficult to compete with.”

“Interesting. Could it possibly be that we end up ordering dessert and then having to take it to go because someone can’t keep his hands to himself literally every time we go?”

“We don’t always-”

“We do, Sherlock. They’ve started just bringing it to us in the box without us asking because they know we’ll be scrambling out by the time they bring it to us.” John pours Sherlock a glass and hands it to him.

“I hadn’t noticed.”

“I know.” John’s eyes glimmer mischievously when he looks sideways at Sherlock, pouring himself a glass as well.

Sherlock looks away, pretending not to blush and takes a sip from his glass.

“That’s beautiful,”


“Out there. The sky and the water like that.”

“Yes, it-” Sherlock laughs to himself a little “It sort of makes me think of you.”

John stills for a moment in his seat across from Sherlock. He looks out pensively, then back to his partner.


Sherlock whispers back, “Really, John. ”

John does something that’s typically a Sherlock sort of reaction- looking and blinking in confusion, speechless.

Sherlock knows John wants to ask for an explanation but doesn’t quite know how.

“John, it’s beautiful and miraculous and complex but also elegant in a way- a million tiny forces coming together to create an unstoppable, improbable sight like this- and yes, this is like you. But also, and my main reason for comparison, is the infinite nature of these things. John, anything vast makes me think of you. Sky and space, fields and fields of stars for eons in any direction. The constant force of the moon pushing and pulling on the waves. The massive, when you consider it, amount of individual grains of sand on just one small strip of beach, let alone the rest of the world.

“The way the sun has risen and fallen and risen again every day for billions of years. Thinking about things like this- things that couldn’t be counted or controlled- used to overwhelm me. ”

“Used to.” It was meant to be a question, but as he spoke John realized he knew the answer.

“Do something for me, John.”


“Look down there at the water. Find the part where it’s the darkest. See that?” Sherlock points straight out at the horizon where the sun’s light, now almost gone, doesn’t shine but in a minuscule sliver. “See how it’s almost black but it’s not? The darkest blue it could be?”

“I see, yeah.”

“Think for a moment about how deep that has to be. All of this-” he gestures to the rest of the water they can see, and John can’t help feeling small. “Is a kind of infinity. And that- ” he points to a part of ocean a few shades lighter where the light reaches more easily, “-that right there is a piece of infinity that’s about as close to the exact shade of the inner ring of your eyes right this second as I think we’ll ever see in this world.”

“Sherlock.” John knows what he means. But his view is a bit different.

“I’ve had this thought swirling around for aa while and now I feel a bit more- able, I guess- to express it. ”

Sherlock leans forward and looks right at John, something he does often that makes John’s chest fill with affection. They both know what it’s like not to be heard.

“People always equate the color red to love, you know- something to do with passion. I get that. But love- this one, between you and I- if I were to pick a color, it would be green.”

“Green?” Sherlock smiles and lets slip a small chuckle. He doesn’t mean to patronize, and John knows this, it just catches him off guard.

“Fresh. Like a forest coming back after a fire. Full of life and potential. Quiet and peaceful, like it’s rained buckets and buckets and now it’s just trickling and dripping from the branches and leaves. Everything is good and healthy again.. and, interestingly enough, I see that perfect shade of green in the darkest part of your eyes, as well.”

Sherlock’s face shows that he understands. A tilted chin and soft smile, mesmerized and awe-struck eyes meet John’s and they kiss gently in the darkness of the quiet cabin, ten-thousand feet up and brimming with love.

remember when the perfect music video came out and we were all Tired™ of the constant lilo push and the solo harry push and everyone was mad about the lack of larry interaction in a mv for a song literally written by louis and harry but then we found out louis was in the background while harry was writhing around on that couch like a dramatic hoe and harry was sitting on the hotel bed in louis’ solo scenes and everything was Good again  

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So werewolf!Branch is a thing and I have an idea: what if one day he an Poppy are having a serious argument (shocking, I know, but moving on) and when Poppy's done yelling Branch just fucking whimpers or something and Poppy just about bursts into tears and hugs him and everything's good again.






You Abandoned Me-Part Eight (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) thoroughly believes that her life is about to end, there’s no way that the super serum would run through her body without some sort of harm. All she can do is pray for a peaceful death.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader (platonic), Avengers x Reader (platonic).

Warnings: Violence, swearing,

I could feel the sweat rapidly producing out of my skin, my whole body trembling within the restraints, the heavy breathing and incredibly loud beating of my heart were almost bursting my ear drums. It was like time had slowed right down, the needles the lab coats were holding were all aiming at different parts of my body. This was it. My life was about to end. As soon as those needles pierced my skin it would harm every cell in my body, causing excruciating pain until all the life was sucked out of me. Sure, Steve had also been fragile when he underwent the experiment but he was in good hands; I was surrounded by evil men who worked for an even worse organisation.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I took in a gulp of airl, waiting for the feeling of pain to arrive. I would never see any of my friends or family again, I would never marry Steve or have my own children. No, these couldn’t be the last things in my mind. Just think happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

A swooshing noise filled the silence along with the smashing if glass and confused cried of the lab coats. Opening my eyes, I saw that they were no longer holding needles, but I saw arrows in some of the men’s torsos. They could only belong to one person .

“Sorry to interrupt your science experiment boys but that’s our lab rat.” Clint called out, shooting more men down. He was dangling from the framework on the ceiling, just acting casual.

The guards from before rushed into the room, aiming their guns at Hawkeye. What they didn’t realise with all their attention on him was that the others were swooping in right behind them.

“Clint, please go back into retirement with your puns.” I heard Tony as he flew in with his suit, blasting the soldiers down.

“Come on man, it wasn’t that bad.” he hopped down from the ceiling, fighting a few guys easily.

Just as I thought that everything was going to be good again the lab coat who seemed to be the leader untied my restraints, thinking that he could somehow escape with me. He was panicking, it was easy to see. As soon as one of my foot restraints were unbuckled I kicked him the face, the evident sound of a broken nose going me with satisfaction. He stumbled back, clutching his nose as blood seeped out. However I was still stuck.

“Hey, I got you.” Natasha’s voice startled me as she hovered over me, undoing the rest of the restraints.

“Thank god you’re here.” I suddenly started crying, realising that I had been saved.

“Come on, I’m going to get you out. Take this.” She handed me a gun, knowing that I was capable of using it.

Clint and Tony covered us as we dashed out of the laboratory. Nat did most of the fighting but I had been taught a few skills by her (the most intense training I had ever been through). We quickly made it out as most of the guards were already taken out and the rest were defenseless scientists. Reaching a corridor, Nat guided me out of that place, gripping into my hand tightly and her other on her gun.

“Wait!” a thought came to my mind making her come to an abrupt stop.“What about Bucky!?”

“He’s being rescued. We sent Steve there so he wouldn’t be sidetracked by you and could get Bucky out quicker.” she was trying to be careful with her words still thinking that I felt hatred towards him.

“Right. Good plan. Let’s go.”

Nat seemed confused but tugged me along anyway. My heart was still beating way faster than it should have been, not only because of how much we had to run and ensure but because of my nervousness. I was always like this when the others were on missions but now I was in one. I wasn’t really paying attention as Nat got us out of the facility.

She slowed down, pushing me behind her before we could turn a corner.“There are some guards up ahead, quite a few. Stay here whilst I take them out.”

I nodded, gripping into my gun as she headed round the corner. I heard noise of pain and thus as I assumed that bodies were hitting the floor. Stupidly I let my guard down, thinking that we would be out of here in less than a minute. Out of my peripheral vision I saw a man storming towards me, it was the guy leading the experiment. His angry face and determined strides distracted me as I never saw the gun he was wielding. Just as my instincts kicked in to shot him, he beat me to it.

The sound of a bullet was the most frightening thing in the world, especially when the weapon was aimed at you. A sudden flash of agonising pain shot up my leg, making it’s way through my body. My mouth opened as far as it could, releasing the loudest scream I think I had ever mustered. Gaping for air I collapsed to the floor, blood rushing out of the wound. Staring up at him wide eyed in shock, he got closer to me, reaching for my other leg and dragging me away.

“NATASHA! NAT PLEASE HELP ME!” I shouted out, but there was no reply. Where was she? Was she hurt!?

He kept dragging me, my blood staining the floor. I had never felt such agony before. My screaming didn’t stop, I tried to get out of his grip, thinking it would be relatively easy, however that was not the case. My loss of blood was making me weaker, I started to go light headed before passing out from shock.

How to Fix Pearl

It’s really simple.


Like this is my biggest issue with Pearl. Pearl, like all people, makes mistakes. But she doesn’t learn from them and she continues to make bad choices. Like I’m really still pissed off about how the whole thing with Sardonyx was handled. People were mad at Garnet for being upset? Really? Pearl was USING her. Garnet trusts Pearl and Pearl broke that trust. But they just had some half assed apology and everything was good again?

It’s so frustrating that the show runners keep focusing on her yet refuse to develop her.

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Happy Friday! Do you know what the most read Hunger Games story is?

That is difficult to know accurately.  Here is my best guess based on the number of reviews, number of favorites and number of follows on ff.net and based on number of hits, number of comments, number of kudos and number of bookmarks on AO3.  Keep in mind that the more chapters a fic has, the potential for more reviews and comments, especially if readers leave comments on every chapter.  So it is not an exact science but still gives you an idea of the popularity of a fic.  Also, I filtered for fics that appear to be primarily Everlark fics.

Top 10 Reviewed (ff.net)


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Top 10 Number of Bookmarks (AO3)

The miner’s wife - Mockingjayflyingfree

If The City Never Sleeps (Then That Makes Two) - arollercoasterthatonlygoesup  (Original Version)

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For the Movies - acciograce (Must be logged into AO3 to read)

Everything But - msdisdain aka mzdisdain

Good Again - titania522

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the next will never come - loveleee aka imreallyloveleee


- Sherlock’s interactions with the (fake) little girl were so cute

- “this is family” “THAT’S WHY HE STAYS” yas

- 5 seconds of footage of Mrs Hudson dancing while vacuuming singlehandedly saved the episode

- “My name is Sherlock Holmes”
  “The detective?”
  “The pirate”

- “baker street boys” sounds like the name of an awful boyband

- Why the hell would Mycroft allow Moriarty to talk to her??? So dumb and out of character???

- Eurus was honestly very very creepy and I’m so in awe of her


- THE TWISTS THOUGH the little girl and the plane not being real and the whole Redbeard thing just blew my mind

- The montage at the end made me cry so hard with Mary and the whole gang at Baker Street and the speech and the music

- (also because it looked like a pretty alarming closure sign someone please confirm series 5 before I die)

- Moriarty was fierce but not important at all to the series (?)

- Why are all the security people so stupid is that a requirement when they hire them


- Lestrade’s parallel with the 1st episode was so sad but so beautiful

- Mycroft trying to talk Sherlock into shooting him by being annoying broke my heart and honestly I just want to hug him after all he went through in this episode

- YAY JOHN being the brave,smart,  wonderful person I know and reminding us all of why we loved him

- Bit dissapointed that the “I love you” turned out to just be part of Eurus’ game really

- The way it ended was kinda off too (?) like after all the atrocities she has committed I can’t just buy that a hug from Sherlock was enough to solve everything and make her good again. She was fucking terrifying and definitely crazy. No mind could possibly go from such a state to total submission so easily and it would be odd to shrug it off like that after all they’ve gone through with her

- Loved all the violin scenes so much

- The scene at the beginning when they trick Mycroft was so off but also so hilarious and cute so who cares

- I love how John quickly relates mentions of love and Sherlock to Irene Adler

- Sherlock breaking down is so pure and sad and I want to give him a hug

Overall I’m neither thrilled nor dissapointed, I will make a separate post regarding tjlc but these are my thoughts on the episode in general. There quite a few things I didn’t like about it, though I enjoyed the general product very much. We were warned it would get darker, I have never been so on edge while watching TV before and all the twists produced the desired effect on me. Again, I am very concerned as for the implications of the ending: it’s the first time they end an episode with complete closure, no cliffhangers, and that they would choose to do that while ending a series too is even more alarming. However satisfying I may find the characters’ situation as it is right now, I really don’t want this to be the last we see of Sherlock…

Kaminari Denki headcanons because I’ve been having a lot of feelings about him lately, thanks to some discussions with @usually-confused who is prolly responsible for the inspiration behind more than half of these. (Especially the angst >:3)

  • Very intelligent, just not in the ways that help him with schoolwork and everything.
  • He has a great memory for things he cares about, gets outstandingly amazing grades in subjects that actually interest him, and is an amazingly quick thinker in stressful situations.
  • Most schoolwork he sees as pointless, so he tosses it off to the side in favor of doing something fun or interesting.
  • He procrastinates until the very last second on so much unless he truly cares about it.
  • This is why his grades are so terrible, and why most people who don’t know him closely assume he’s an idiot.
  • They just don’t know how he works.
  • His parents were abusive and neglectful, leaving him either alone at home all alone often or spending as much time as he could hiding away from them in his room. 
  • He spent most of his time focused on the heroes around him to distract himself from all the bad things going on in his life. He admired so many, he wanted to become someone who could save kids like him from their lives and stop the pain from reaching anyone else.
  • He never really had any friends growing up. He claimed it was because he liked being alone most of the time, but it was mostly because he had anxiety of being left behind and treated the way his parents treated him.
  • When he gets into U.A and realizes that these people aren’t trying to hurt me they’re just asking if I want to see a movie sometime and that they don’t bite, he starts to loosen up a little.
  • Even then he still has that faint feeling of them possibly getting bored of him, or getting mad and hurting him when he can’t defend himself.
  • “Oh god I said something wrong… They’re going to scream at me or do something worse oh god…”
  • But every time he thinks something might happen, nothing ever does. Things are cold for a moment, but then everything works itself out when one of the other students says something stupid or cracks a joke to dissipate the tension and everything is good again.
  • This confuses Denki at first because his parents used to hold everything against him for days, but it’s been literally seconds and everyone is laughing again and this is a new thing to him.
  • His birthday rolls around and he doesn’t even realize it but everyone gets a party put together while he’s out because they asked Aizawa for the date once they were getting everyones birthdays together for Party Purposes.
  • He just comes into the dorms and balloons and confetti fall and everyone is yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” and he just stands there, stunned.
  • After a moment he just breaks down sobbing, and everyone is so confused. They’re all quiet because they think they did something wrong.
  • After getting it all out, he tells them that he never really had any kind of birthday growing up, and even completely forgot the day because it’s always just been a normal everyday to him.
  • Most of them start crying too and they just wrap him in a huge group hug of like twenty people and later when they’re having a movie marathon for the party they all just try to get as close as possible to him on the couch.
  • He nearly starts crying again because of this.
  • He’s just not used to being cared about very much. This is a new thing to him even though he cares a lot about other people and would do anything for anyone pretty much.
  • He can’t exactly accept the concept of people feeling the way to him that he feels about them.
  • Eventually he realizes that they love him with all their hearts and would do anything for him, and that he’s not going to be abandoned.
  • He doesn’t like what happened to him when he was younger, and what crap he still has to deal with, but knowing that it all led to where he is now, he wouldn’t change a thing. Because the family he’s found makes everything a little bit more ok.

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