'We… Us. Together. Lord have mercy.'


'See, everybody already knows that, all right? They're expecting it.  I got one more chance to prove to you and everybody else… They bet wrong.'
'This, keeping my hand on this stupid boat, Is the one thing I can do by myself. It is my one shot at being a grownup. Do something on my own.'


All right! Sakura Chiyo is going forth!

ok this is really sad but just hear me out for a moment. What if instead of Mondo’s execution being electrocution in the death cage and turning into butter it would be him being dragged to death by his own motorcycle while Ishimaru would have to ride it and watch as punishment for choosing himself instead of the real culprit


And by the way you cannot discern a pattern by a single data point, so stop trying.

You know what’s harder to watch than the Leverage series finale?

Leverage, after you’ve watched the series finale.

In the early days, when they’re all just getting to know each other. And no one really trusts anyone yet, and they’re all learning how to work with other people. It just makes me want to cry after seeing how far they’ve all come. And I just sit there, crying and smiling, and thinking “Just you guys wait. Everything will be more than alright for you.” And Eliot will grumble and complain about Parker and Hardison, and I can’t help but chuckle and in my head I can just hear him saying “Till my dying day” and then I’m crying all over again. And I don’t think I’ve ever felt prouder of fictional characters than I have for the Leverage crew. They’ve all been through so much but they come out of it all stronger than ever.