things I’ve noticed about the cast from interviews etc.

  • Naomi has the greatest laugh I’ve ever heard running around like an ethereal prankster faerie. Loves food too.
  • Becky G is actually an Angel sent from Perfection didn’t anyone tell you sooner?
  • Dacre is Shy and Awkward and Precious and wears big knitted jumpers
  • I want to be RJ’s friend??? so??? badly?? The way he treats everyone is Goals. I would love to be that nice.
  • Ludi is great at everything. He bottle flips. Survives horror films. Apocalypses. Would win a fight just by smiling at his opponent.

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you're hcs are so cute im always waiting for the next post 💞 can u do a lil RFA + Saeran reacting to an MC who's happy most of the time but finds it draining and recharges by being really quiet and ignoring people? (This is the first time it happened lmao)

Ohhhh I’m totally like that! lol it’s not easy being an introvert, am I right?

Hope you like this:

RFA + Saeran with an introvert MC


  • It was after a premiere of one of his musicals, you were perfect back there!
  • You smiled to the photographers and even gave interviews, Zen didn’t have to do a thing, he just watched you being as good as him at this.
  • Then you two got home and he wanted to comment on everything, what you thought about the musical, if you liked the costumes, the songs and all.
  • “It was cool.” Oh… cool? That’s it?
  • Apparently it was, since you didn’t say anything else. You changed to your pajamas and grabbed a book to read in the living room.
  • He was tired, and also very worried. Was it that bad? If he knew you would hate that much, he would have get that another role… but… you sounded so excited before…
  • “Something wrong?” you ask him, now he notices he’s been staring at you for a while, to the point you let go of your book, concerned.
  • “I… don’t know. Is there something wrong, babe? What didn’t you like about the musical? The songs? The lines, I know it was a little cliché, but I thought it was interesting somehow and…”
  • “Zen, what are you talking about?” “It’s okay, babe. You hated the musical. “No, I didn’t.” “So why did you say it was cool?” “Because… it was cool?”
  •  “No, it wasn’t! You hate it! You pretended you enjoy to not make me look like a fool to the press, but you didn’t like it and now you won’t even talk to me about it! Was my acting bad?”
  • Okay, you’re tired, and normally you wouldn’t put up with this drama right now, but… look at him! He’s so worried and… hurt? This is painful to you too.
  • Then you explain about always being like this. You’re an introvert, you can handle a few good hours dealing with people, but after a while, you need a rest from all of this.
  • He totally understands. Sometimes he feels the same, but in a different proportion from you, of course.
  • “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll let you get back to your book, tomorrow you tell me what is it about, okay?” he kissed your forehead and let you with your book.
  • Maybe he can turn the story in it into a musical just for you?


  • It happened after a geek convention.
  • He thought you wouldn’t want to go with him, but the minute you walked in, he was the one dragged to every single stand.
  • You were so excited, taking pics with the cosplayers, buying doujinshis, even joining karaoke contests.
  • He swears he fell in love with you all over again. All the guys there wishe they had a girlfriend who likes these things as much as you do.
  • But as soon as you get home, you just grab your phone and stares at it like your life depends on it.
  • He asks what you want for dinner. “Whatever. You choose.”
  • Poor boy is remaking all his steps to know when he screwed up to get you mad. Was he too close to that girl with a very revealing cosplay?
  • Oh… he knew he should have joined you on a duet in the karaoke, but what can he do? He’s super shy!
  • He doesn’t even know where to start his apology, so he does what he knows best: omurice. With a “sorry” and a sad face made of ketchup.
  • “Why are you sorry?” you ask, concerned. “I… I don’t know.” Well… this isn’t going anywhere…
  • “I swear I had my hands behind my back the whole time with that cosplayer and… I’ll sing any duet you want to sing in the next con.”
  • “Oh… thank you, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. It’s fine, honey.” “But… why are you mad, then?” “I’m not mad, I’m just…”
  • Oh… now you get it. POOR THING! You two never went to an event this big with these many people, so he didn’t know this little feature of yours.
  • And when you explain, he’s so relieved you’re not mad at him, and he totally understands, these things are pretty overwhelming for him as well.
  • You two eat the omurice together and lay on the bed a little later, you messing on your phone, he on his, and you both humming the same song, like a duet.


  • The cafe never been so crowded.
  • You two were taking orders, making coffee, checking the cashier, all at once.
  • If she had to do this by herself, she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to handle, but having you smiling like you are in a parade or something gives her the strength she needs.
  • Seriously, you’re not even fazed, you keep smiling and being extra nice to even the most rude customers, and this makes her feel like she should keep up to you.
  • She closed the cafe with the deepest sigh she could give. Lord! This was tiring! What do you think? Oh… you’re already going away.
  • She finishes closing the store and reaches you in the sidewalk, almost panting. 
  • You don’t even look at her, you keep looking forward with your arms crossed against your chest, as if you were… sad.
  • B-but why? Why would you be sad? What happened? Was that customer that rude to you? Oh… no, maybe it was that time when she yelled at you to get the mop to clean some coffee on the floor before one of you slipped.
  • She knew she was a little rude, but she was just caught up by all the mess inside the café, she didn’t want to be snappy at you or something.
  • But you don’t know that, so that’s why you’re walking like she’s not even beside you.
  • So he gives a few larger steps and stop in front of you. You look at her and blink in surprise. “Jaehee? What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude with you, I was just so busy!” she says hugging you. You immediately blush, she’s not one to PDA like this all of a sudden.
  • “I appreciate it, but… what are you sorry for, exactly?” “The mop…” “What happened to the mop?” she lets you go and you stare at each other, puzzled.
  • She explains everything, then you do the same. Well, she knew you had this tendency, but she haven’t witnessed before, so it was a little surprising to see you so quiet all of a sudden.
  • But as you two get home, she realizes some silence can be good after this long day. So she’s in the bedroom and you’re in the living room, you both reading books and recharging for what will be, hopefully, another long day tomorrow!


  • You dropped by his office to lunch with him
  • Everybody in his company loves you, because if you showed up, Mr. Han will probably be in a good mood for the whole afternoon and work will be easy to handle.
  • So a few employees surround you, asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, how are the preps for the wedding. Just this small talk.
  • And you’re very polite and nice, so nobody ever feel uncomfortable on treating you this kindly.
  • When you finally are able to meet him in his office, he promptly goes to you and gives you a peck , which… you don’t respond too much.
  • “How is everything, my love?” “Fine.” And you give him this lazy smile, looking around everywhere in his office, except him.
  • Shit! He is late, isn’t he? And you’re probably furious because he always says you two will have a calm and nice meal and he never… wait! He’s on time!
  • So why are you mad about? Is it because you don’t want to have lunch in his company? Well, that can be arranged, he can call the chopper and take you somewhere. But you sounded excited over the phone, so something happened when you got here.
  • Hum, did one of his employees bother you? Yes, they can do that sometimes…
  • “Tell me who it was.” That’s all he says, while you stare at your plate. “Who what?” “Who bothered you? It was that blond girl from finance? She does have this tendency to be meddlesome. Don’t worry, my love, I’ll let HR know they need to have a little talk to her.”
  • “Oh my God, Jumin. Don’t fire her!” “So who should I fire?” “Nobody! Nobody bothered me!” “So why are you mad? Did I do something?” “No! Of course not, honey! And… who’s mad?”
  • “You? When you walked in?” Oh… yeah, that.
  • You explain to him that, as much as you enjoy talking to his employees, all the attention can be very draining sometimes and you just need a little time in silence to recharge.
  • He TOTALLY understands it, he even can relate. His acquaintances can be very tiring sometimes.
  • So yeah, a silent meal wouldn’t be that bad right now. You two can compensate with dinner in his penthouse when you’ll discus the wedding preparation, anyway.


  • You were in a car show, he wanted your opinion on the next baby he should get
  • Though you don’t understand much about cars, you know his preferences pretty well by now, as he told you a lot about them. Seriously, a lot!
  • So you’re the one dragging him to the cars he might like, considering brand, model, color… yeah, he definitely likes it.
  • You have small talk with the models standing beside the cars and the sellers, and  he doesn’t know who is nicer here. Probably it’s you, since you’re not trying to sell a super pricy car, you’re just… naturally nice.
  • He wants a test drive to this particular car, and when he asks you while the seller is a little away to get the key, he asks what you think. “It’s nice.”
  • Well, he wouldn’t say it’s “nice”, it’s more like AMAZING, COOLLLLL, A SUPER FINE BABY! And you’re just: “okay, if you say so.” SHIT!
  • Are you mad? Why? You didn’t like being dragged here? But you sounded pretty excited before talking to the sellers… oh… the one who went to get the key was definitely trying to hit on you, you’re uncomfortable, ain’t you?
  • You two hop in the car and he starts driving, the seller keeps making small talk and you basically ignore everything that’s going on.
  • “So, what do you think?” the guy asks. “Can I have a moment alone with MY FIANCÉ so we can discuss this AS A COUPLE?” he emphasizes this words for the guy to take the hint you’re taken. “Yeah, sure.”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t buy this one.” “Why not? You like it!” “If I decide to take it, we would have to sign the papers with that guy and I don’t want to let you even more uncomfortable with him.” “Why? He’s not that bad.”
  • “He’s not? But… why do you look like you want to throw up everytime he opens his mouth?” “Because he talks too much, but I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just… bored with all this useless small talk and his desperation to you buying the car.”
  • Yeah, the guy is a little annoying, being nice to him was a burden for Saeyoung too. You’re always very nice, but he knows by now this can tire you a lot.
  • And hey, he totally can relate, that’s why sometimes all he needs is his headphones and a super loud music to recover himself.
  • So he takes the car, he liked it and wanted to take you out of there soon so you could relax.
  •  The way home is quiet, you two are listening to the radio, not talking, just holding hands.


  • His first RFA party.
  • It was so crowded! He was a little intimidated and anxious, dealing with big noisy crowds was still a journey to him.
  •  But a few reassuring kisses from you everytime you passed by him between small talk with guests here and there, and he felt he could handle this.
  • Hell, you don’t even need to look at him, just seeing you smiling and talking to the guests as if they’re close friends totally make him feel he got this!
  • And he did, it wasn’t that bad after all, thanks to you.
  • He went to your place after the party. It was comfortable being around you, but he was still nervous, facing a crowd like that felt less nerve wracking than being alone with you.
  • Okay, you telling him to make himself at home and just plopping in the couch to watch TV wasn’t what he was expecting.
  • I mean, he didn’t know what to expect, but… it wasn’t this, for sure.
  • It’s almost like you forgot he’s here. Like you are… ignoring him? Why?
  • Did he do something wrong? Oh, that rich dude said PDA was unprofessional, but he thought you didn’t give a damn to what Jumin said.
  •  Did he do something wrong? But he was pretty sure he was doing good tonight. Wasn’t he?
  • “I’m going now.” He said bluntly, heading to the door. “What? Why?” you jumped off the couch, going after him “I won’t bother you any longer, don’t worry.” “Bother me? But…”
  • “I’m such an idiot! I screwed up, didn’t I?” “No! You were amazing tonight!” he blushes a little. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, but why are you ignoring me, then?”
  • Oh, this poor thing… you explain to him how hard it is to just recover from all the agitation and you need some time to just stay quiet.
  •  I mean… you’re preaching to the choir here, he definitely feels the same way, he was so nervous about having to be all lovey dovey with you, he’s relieved this won’t be necessary.
  • But he definitely didn’t complain when he woke up cuddling with you in the couch. Just sleeping was a greeeat idea, after all.

i need to to this publicly now, because i will need to sooner or later and i rather do it now when i am still so numb and i can’t feel shits.

so I left my husband. I just packed up my things and leave

We were so fucking in love. We were always the “perfect couple”. We meet, love, and get married within 7 days. We were the talk of the town for our perfect love. We were so so so so fucking happy. He made me believe everything was right, that I truly do deserve love. I wrote a book about our love that saves me. I am no longer alone. I love our little family with our five cats. It was us against the world, nothing have ever gone wrong. Everyone around, the media, so many newspaper interview, praising , admiring us so much, aspired to be us.
A year later, today, exactly on our one year wedding anniversary, I found out he is spending it with another girl in his arm.

I am not even fucking sad or fucking mad, while i know i should be. I am just empty. I just don’t know how to fucking feel. He changed me forever with our love, our one true love, and now i am nothing again. I sold my house, moved to another city, said good bye to my friends, given everything up because he was my everything and i have never regretted once. Little did I know, he was talking to someone else, he was telling her he wants her to stay at our home, replacing me, she said she would love to have our cats. He said she is so pretty with short hair, he likes her so much.
I couldn’t believe it. This must be wrong, This messages may be it was someone else used his phone. This is US. We are fucking in love. right??? right??? My one true love, my destiny.
Peeps, true love does exists, just make sure that he loves you back. He might just be a fucking good actor.

So i am now wandering on the street again. Homeless. I have given up everything for him, and he has given me up. I have nothing.

I posted this , but please don’t harass my husband. I just want to let you know once and for all. Please don’t talk about us, us doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t exist anymore

I know this gon get me some hate...

So I usually don’t speak on these things on my blog, but I figured I would give it a shot.

So I watched the movie “Dear White People” after this whole controversy hit the internet. I wanted to see if it was actually as racist as everyone claims it to be.

And, to be honest, I was decently surprised.

I think the Netflix trailer does the movie a great disservice in terms of how nuanced of a movie it actually is.

It manages, with decent accuracy, to discuss the following issues about the black experience well:

• Internalized racism
• Racism and the issue of “power & privilege” vs. discrimination based on skin color
• Homophobia within the black community and in general (Tyler James Williams has an interview on this where he speaks about this issue)
• What is means to be “black”

And while the movie wasn’t perfect, it also wasn’t as blatantly racism as I originally thought it would be. It wasn’t a 2 hour “guilt-trip” for white people like I thought it would be.

One thing I thought the movie did very well was address the fact that when it comes to race issues, black people aren’t a melting pot.

We don’t agree on everything concerning race and we often find ourselves at odds with one another within our community. I know this is kind of a “duh” type of thing, but one thing I’ve seen happen a lot in discussions of race is individuals speaking for the entire community when we are a group of unique people with different views and opinions.

Anyways, that’s about it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this whole thing :).


Wonder Woman is the movie every person, not just women, need to see. But for women, it’s especially empowering to see women band together to defeat a common enemy; not necessarily men, mind you. Watching the Amazons fight back to back without fear, that smirk on Antiope’s face as she charges into battle (I see now where Diana gets it), was the most glorious thing ever. They were strong, fearless, equal. It is a movie for everyone to watch, for little girls and boys to understand they can be anything they want to be if they put their minds to it, for people regardless of gender to understand that it’s not about us against them, it’s about all of us working together to help each other grow and be strong. It’s about empowering every single person on this world, it’s about holding onto goodness even when it seems all hope is lost. It’s about being the hope, the change you want to see happen.

In terms of the movie’s visuals, Themyscira was stunning. Pure and shining and bright, it was everything paradise would be. And the stark contrast Man’s World provided towards that beauty made it all the more sobering. And in that little town of Veld, where the people suffered and are poor, there could still be warmth and light and love. The movie had moments of subtle humour which everyone laughed at the appropriate times, whilst I was watching the film. The dialogue flowed beautifully and naturally, and everyone in the movie, whether it be the regal Hippolyta, or the fearsome, loyal Antiope, to each of the Amazons, contributed to the movie’s beauty and hurt and grit and wonder.

Diana’s growth throughout the movie was beautiful, and at the same time, heartbreaking. She went in, thinking all men were good, but ended up seeing the best and worst sides of mankind. In Steve Trevor, who was not perfect, but who tried to do the right thing, she saw the best that man had to offer. And in the end, she learned the heartbreaking lesson that victory in wars are made hollow by the loss of lives. And that even though mankind could be evil, they can be good and noble too. She was so pure and untainted, that I understood Hippolyta’s desire to keep her safe from all harm, but she was meant for greater things.

Gal and Chris are the two most lovely people ever, and to see them bring to life Diana and Steve was such a wonder. Neither of them were the “damsel in distress”; she helped him when he needed it, and vice versa. They were partners and equals, representing the optimal partnership between man and woman, without either belittling the other. Chris’s earnestness made Steve all the more loveable, and I cried when he died because all he wanted was to do the right thing. Gal, lovely, powerful, magnificent Gal, was everything Wonder Woman is, and should be. Her conviction, her innocence, her love for all beings; everything was portrayed to perfection by Gal, and it is an honour to call her the Wonder Woman of this, and hopefully many more, generations. When I heard Patty Jenkins was to be the director of this movie, I didn’t know what to expect. Not being a movie buff, I’ve not watched her previous work (my repertoire is a little lacking, I admit) but the moment I watched her talk about Wonder Woman in interviews, I knew the character and movie would be in safe, reliable hands. And I am so, so glad, that all of the doubters were proven wrong, and what we the fans knew to be true, was indeed a reality.

Wonder Woman may not be the first strong female character, but she is the one who can reach the widest audience, who can teach mankind to hopefully, love and not fight, to be the people we were meant to be. And I like  to think that, with this movie, we can all aspire to be just a little better, to try to do the right thing like Steve, and to try and love more, like Diana.

Monsta X: how they'd impress their idol crush

Shownu:  he’d probably talk about you lots during interviews bc he has no shame, and also bc he’s sure that you wouldn’t even pay attention to him. He’d start off with complimenting your music and your group, but always mentions that you’re the one who stands out the most.

Wonho:  straight to the point, he’ll name you as his ULTIMATE ideal type, as in he thought you were perfect in his eyes. Definitely will blush every time his members mention you, but he’s ready the next time they do a v live, with his shirt off and everything, blasting your songs on his phone as they do a q&a.

Minhyuk:  goes out of his way to mention you after every single question he’s asked, making sure to add a wicked smile as he looks into the camera. It’s impossible for you to not notice him at this point, but it’s so hard to resist his charm and charisma and he’d end up befriending you in no time.

Kihyun:  nothing special, esp bc he’s got that image to maintain of being a “single ladies man”. That all goes down the drain when all he’s asked are questions about you, and he’ll go absolutely nuts when you somehow get in contact with him.

Hyungwon:  shuts down any sort of embarrassing behavior from his bandmates, and will not make a fool of himself on camera, esp when he knows you’re probably watching. Despite this, he’ll shyly mention you a couple times during interviews and says that if he really REALLY had to choose an ideal type, it’d be you. *cue awkward giggling*

Jooheon:  "ay, what’s good, y/n. I think me and you would get along hella nice, hmu" makes all sorts of hints that you guys are friends, even when you’ve just met him a couple times. Ofc he doesn’t mean this and he’s just trying to be funny, not once thinking you’d fall for him too, since he was only out to get your attention.

I.M:  ofc he’s gonna deal with endless teasing, despite him being the mature maknae. The whole world knows that you’ve been his crush for such a long time, but he still won’t do anything silly to get your attention until you’re introduced to him properly. Even then he’s hella embarrassed, but he’s on could nine ever since meeting you.

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Cillian being unnecessarily adorable as he signs autographs outside the BBC studios in London on Sept 24.

He was there for a Peaky Blinders related radio interview that you can listen to at fuckyeahpeakyblinders or BBC Radio. Exciting news in that interview. Cillian’s done some kind of musical collaboration with Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll that will be revealed in a few weeks. Might be a song on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack because Hartnoll’s been working on it. Yesss more music!

The Hills - Chapter One

Story Masterlist

This is the first part of my first multi-chaptered story, I’m already working on part two and there might be more. Please let me know what you guys think. I tagged my forevers plus the people who asked to be tagged in this story, but if you want to be on or off my tag list, just say the word!! xoxo

Synopsis: AU in which Negan is a celebrity living a life of scandals in a lavish mansion in California. A young reporter on a mission to dig up dirt on him realizes the man the tabloids like to portray as a self-centered asshole has a hidden softer side.

WC: 3265

Warnings: strong language, alcohol, mention of violence, mention of drug abuse, nsfw.

Chapter One: No Ordinary Life

I watched the sunrise through the window as I took a sip of green tea from my mug. Perched on a stool in the kitchen with my laptop on my legs, I was scrolling down the articles of The Celebrity Times when a title caught my attention.

The headline, in bold red font, said, “OOPS, NEGAN DID IT AGAIN!”

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So I am fucking angry.

What the hell is this? Huang Zitao has been filming 3 movies, various CFs and variety shows, holding a concert streamed live by 7 million people, attending fashion weeks,holding roadshows for his film promotions, releasing OSTs, topping the V Chart single sales with Adore, denying gender norms, holding Charity events, designing Tshirts and this is what gets reported? THIS is all he gets recognition for? CRYING?

He attended the film festival at Shanghai and walked the red carpet with Jackie Chan and I bet they won’t give a shit about his movie and report it as the possibility of a taoris showdown happening.

ALL of this is the reason why there is a general dislike among people about him. Nobody knows what he is doing and of all he is doing, THIS is what gets reported. Only bringing up more hatred, more mockery and more people sniggering at him for being a crybaby. 

He has grown so much as a person, I wish you could see that. I wish you could see the confident performances he gave at his concert. I wish you could see how dedicated he is towards CPop and how he always wants his fans to be proud of him. I wish you all saw the fearlessness in his eyes when facing the interviewers that try to take him down in everytime or how happy he gets when people appreciate his music. I wish you all felt how emotional he got when he talked about the support he got from his cast members and the love he had for BoXuan. I wish you knew he returned the money given to him by his fans while he was on a variety show, I wish you appreciated the fact that he is not afraid to show his respect for Luhan when he went to watch his movie on the only holiday he got in weeks. I wish you saw how much he really loves his mother and his family. I wish you understood that the wealthy cars and the watches he posts on Instagram are not to show off but because he really treasures them cause he bought them from the money he earns. I wish you appreciated his cheeky side when he tells haters that” he doesnt give a shit anymore”,holds competition for the best memes on him and frankly states on air that he is not a routine virgin plastic idol everyone expects him to be.I wish you heard him say “Love between two girls is not wrong” and “I like wearing girl’s clothes, but I rarely find my size”. 

Huang Zitao is so easily to misunderstand, so easy to hate- because he is like anyone of us, awkward, shy and quiet around new people, loud and cheeky around ones he gets comfortable with, whining and lazy at doing tasks, getting emotionally attached easily, constantly fighting negativity and people judging him, determined to prove himself , knowing his own faults, afraid and nervous at times, loving his mother to death, clicking thousands of selfies with his dog, moody, self conscious,cracking bad jokes,being sassy #sweg, loving new clothes, hating bugs, hating rumors….he is everything-he is infinite dimensional.

He is totally not a perfect person… because he is always the way he is and does not live his life just to please others. I am sorry if he does not fit the image you have of him.I am sorry if you are still sulking over him leaving. I am sorry if you did not like the Sina interview. I am sorry if you can’t respect him “the way you respect Kris and Luhan”. I am sorry if you are disappointed. But if you don’t really know what he is about and yet hate him, I am sorry for you.

As for Koreaboo,to whosoever is running this “news site”, either do not report “important news” like this or do not report about him at all. Ztao doesn’t need your sneering comments or your sympathy votes.He does not need this cheap publicity. He is doing fine on his own.

First Date

Prompt: can you write a first date imagine based off this picture?

*A/N: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?? HANNAHS NOT DEAD??? Sorry about the lack of posts, I just wanted school and my new job to calm down before I did anything else, but I’m baaaaack!! Enjoy, this one’s long :)*

You fixed your hair one last time, checked your makeup one last time, fixed your dress one last time. Everything had to be perfect for tonight, and you were incredibly nervous. Tonight was the night of your first date with the Keanu Reeves, and you were beyond excited. Due to his busy schedule, you had both decided to meet there. Keanu was going straight from an interview to your date at a five star restaurant in New York.

Grabbing your keys, you headed out the front door to your car. You couldn’t contain your excitement as you drove to the city, driving a little faster than usual. You checked the time, noticing you were a couple minutes late, and quickly ran in to the restaurant. 

As soon as you walked through the door, your heart stopped. The restaurant was beautiful, large crystal chandeliers hanging from the intricate gold ceiling, the floor a smooth, dark hardwood, the whole building glittering with gold. Your eyes scanned the massive place until they landed on a table sitting in the corner by the window. Your heart skipped a beat when you realized Keanu was already looking at you, and your feet somehow carried you over to him in your enchanted state. 

As you got closer, Keanu stood up, giving you a short hug. “You look stunning,” he said once he’d pulled away. 

Your cheeks heated up, and your eyes fell to the floor. “T-thanks,” you stammered, your nervousness finally catching up to you, “you look really good too.” Keanu smiled at your sudden change of demeanor, and moved to the other side of you. Confused, you watched him as he moved to the empty chair, pulling it out for you. Your blush deepened once you’d realized what he was doing, and you slowly sat down in the chair. Keanu moved to the other side of the table, taking back his seat.

“I’m really glad we worked out a time to do this,” he started, picking up the menu, “I’ve been wanting to take you on an actual first date for so long.”

“Me too,” you said, studying your menu as well, eyes widening as you realized it sounded a little weird. “I mean…I didn’t-well I uh….oh god.” You dropped your menu from your hands, bringing them up to your face. Keanu smirked, lifting an eyebrow at you. “I’m sorry, I’m just,” you brought your hands back to the table, shaking your head a little to will back the embarrassment, “I’m just really nervous.”

“Y/N,” Keanu said, reaching across the table to gently take your hand, “you don’t need to be nervous, it’s just me! We’ve been talking on the phone for weeks now.”

“I know, I know,” your eyes glanced to your connected hands, “but you just look so nice and this whole place is so nice and you’re so nice…” You trailed off, looking down at your lap.

“Y/N,” Keanu said, causing you to look up at him, “don’t worry about all this stuff, okay? Just…pretend we’re…I don’t know…Skyping! Like we did last week, remember? And I fell out of my chair and you laughed so hard you fell off yours?”

You chuckled at the memory from a few days ago, “Yeah, and you laughed so hard you snorted.”

Now it was Keanu’s turn to blush, “I didn’t think you’d remember that….”

You giggled at him, “How could I not? It was the funniest thing that’s happened since I met you!” 

After ordering some champagne, the waiter came and asked for your order. Keanu ordered, and the waiter turned to you.

“Steak,” you blurted out, and Keanu smiled at you.

“Okay, ma’m. Are fries okay for the side?”

“Oh, yeah, thank you.” Once the waiter had left, Keanu turned to you, the smile still on his face. “What?” You asked, shifting uncomfortably.

“Nothing,” he said, “nothing.” You quirked an eyebrow at him, not buying it. “Nothing! It’s just that before, women would always order a salad, or not order anything at all, just eat the bread.” He chuckled, leaning his arms onto the table so he could lean a little closer to you.

You shrugged, “I love steak, is that a crime?”

“No! No,” Keanu quickly defended himself, worried he offended you, “I love it.”

As you and Keanu talked, you could feel yourself falling even more for him, and he could say the same about you. He was such a gentleman, from the way he talked to you to the way he treated you, he was just such a genuine guy. You were beautiful to him, and he looked at you like you were the only girl he’d ever even talked to in his whole life.

Once the check came, you started to reach for it, but Keanu was faster. “Don’t,” he said sternly, snatching up the tiny black folder, “don’t even touch it.”

You giggled, “Why?”

“Because you don’t need to worry about it. Ever.” Although you clearly weren’t into him for his money, it was so sweet that he was so ready to take care of you.

The two of you walked out of the restaurant, your hand in his. As you approached your car, Keanu turned to face you. “Listen, Y/N, I had an amazing time,” he mumbled, smiling widely. “Maybe we could work something out and do this again sometime. You know if- if you want to.”

You nodded quickly, “I would love to.” As the two of you made eye contact, you felt your breath hitch. Your eyes flickered down to Keanu’s lips. He began to lean closer to you, his hands moving to rest on your waist. His head dipped down a little to reach your height, your noses touching, and-


You and Keanu froze awkwardly, and Keanu closed his eyes in annoyance. As the buzzing noise filled the air again, he groaned loudly. His hand flew into his pocket, grumbling something about how he had gone the whole date without dealing with this. Keanu yanked out his phone, checking the screen quickly before declining the call. “Keanu!” You scolded gently.

“What?” He asked, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

“Wasn’t that important?”

“Nah,” he brushed it off, “not right now.” As soon as his attention was back fully on you, you took your opportunity. Stretching up to your tip toes, you connected your lips with Keanu’s, and he grunted in surprise. He quickly got control of himself, eyes closing, hands back on your waist. You seemed to melt into each other, and you never wanted it to stop. You were the first one to pull away to take a breath, lowering yourself to stand flat-footed again. Keanu still seemed stunned, looking down at you with a big smile, he almost seemed giddy. Impressed with your own confidence, you went to open your car door. Keanu came back down to Earth, taking the door handle and opening the door for you. You smiled and thanked him, sliding into the drivers seat.

“I’ll call you?” Keanu said, leaning a little into your car. You nodded, and Keanu closed the door. He stood back and watched as you started your car, waving before driving away. Keanu continued to stand in the parking lot, smiling to himself over what just happened. He started to walk over to his motorcycle, an extra bounce in his step. Keanu did a small fist pump once he reached his bike, grabbing his helmet.

He finally got the girl.

Fuck management and fuck politics.

So I go to a certain type of school that has a really awesome leadership program. It’s supposed to train you to be a good leader in the maritime industry later on. Since my freshman year, I’ve been heavily involved in the program and made it all the way up to an officer position by sophomore year (a pretty fantastic feat).

I am directly under one guy, I’ll call him C. C is super cool, laid back, and seems to be one of the most organized people to come to this school. Not only this, but C hand selected me to be his second in command. Daily, he’d tell me how great I was at my job and how he wouldn’t want anyone else by his side in this.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. To move up in rank, you have to interview. Usually, only ten or so people apply for the four available positions. These positions were exactly in line with what C currently did, meaning I was only one step away from getting the position. I interviewed and everyone told me I did a wonderful job on my interview and I have a 95% chance of getting it for sure.

Yesterday, in an group chat mishap, I found out that I didn’t get the job. I wasn’t supposed to be notified until the end of the week, but it was accidentally included in the wrong text group. Originally, I thought it was a mistake, because staffing mistakes happen allllll of the time around here. Mixed up names and what not. I was still really upset, because as I said, I have been heavily involved my entire career here and I’m the next in line to the throne, so to speak.

I went to the chair of the hiring committee and asked him what was up. Apparently, there was no mistake with my division’s staffing. None at all. I wasn’t selected. It’s not that I wasn’t prepared or inexperienced. Apparently, C had been talking mad shit about me for MONTHS. He talked to higher ups about how horrible I was at my job and how I was incompetent and virtually useless. He also said I was unpleasant, unfriendly, and untrustworthy. Allegedly, on the day of the interviews, he retracted everything and said he made some of it up and that it was wrong and that I’m the perfect for the job, yet the decisions had already been made.

Even if I was all of those “uns” that he mentioned, which I’m not, these personal accounts have nothing to do with how well I could do the job. I know the job better than anyone else. But I didn’t get it because of some stupid shit C had been spewing behind my back. And the worst part? He had been consoling me all day saying how hard he fought for me and that he truly believed I’d get it. He snap chatted me like we were still friends and nothing was wrong. Yeah okay. Eat a dick.


SUPERCAT WEEK 3 | Day five    ↳ distance: The compass will point in the direction of her soulmate. Except it doesn’t point to anywhere on Earth. She got her compass when she was 14 years old, with many other girls she knew. Even back then the idea of being ordinary bothered Cat, especially if it meant having her fate decided by a thing, an object, something other than her own mind. But as the cold metal settles on her chest, she can’t deny the frantic beating of her heart, the sweating of her palms. There’s a connection. It’s real. The compass will point in the direction of her soulmate. Except it doesn’t point to anywhere on Earth. In her sophomore year at college, Cat decides she doesn’t believe in soulmates at all. Maybe her compass is broken, maybe she is - her mother definitely believes so. But she’s done looking for reasons and it is actually much better this way. She builds the career she wants, dates the people she wants. Destiny has no hold over her and the compass leaves its place on her neck to be buried in the bottom of a drawer. She gets married, has a son, and thinks maybe that’ll be enough. It isn’t. The compass points to somewhere among the stars. When Cat moves to National City, the compass moves to her nightstand. She doesn’t have enough hope to actually carry it around in her neck, at this point it would be too desperate and juvenile. But she can’t deny the pull she feels towards it and she trusts her instincts too much to just let it go. Cat takes on a sudden interest for space and more often than not catches herself looking up. Stargazing becomes a comforting habit. Nevertheless, it’s still just her and the silly compass. It all changes one day and it won’t be until much later that Cat will realize why. It’s like a complex, carefully planned puzzle that finally starts to take form when she wasn’t expecting. Cat wakes up at 6, drinks her coffee, reads a random headline about something crashing on Nevada, takes her shower. The compass finally works. Years later, a young woman comes into her office for an interview. By now, the compass is her secret companion, always hidden in designer bags and trousers’ pockets. Cat feels the warmth, the same one she hasn’t felt since she was 14. Here and now, in Kara Danvers’ bubbly smile, everything she’d always failed to understand suddenly make perfect sense. “That’s enough,” she cuts off the girl mid sentence and watches her face stiff in tension. “You’re hired.” Cat doesn’t need the compass anymore.

Troubled Waters (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: After the Particle Accelerator exploded, many unsuspecting people began to show various and odd abilities. Following a vicious attack while night-surfing on that fateful day, you, the Reader, became one of those people. Thankfully, the brilliant minds at S.T.A.R. Labs (and the gorgeous Barry Allen) are willing to help you find your way and shield you from an intimidating organization.

‘Come to S.T.A.R. Labs,’ they said. 'It’ll be fun,’ they said.

You hadn’t known what to expect when Doctor Harrison Wells contacted you out of the blue one day regarding your incident almost ten months ago. But since there were these strange people stalking you around every corner, you were relieved to have somewhere to hide out. Although, being here in the labs, with three pairs of scientific eyes on you, you feel like an odd specimen. And though the members of S.T.A.R. Labs seemed to have gotten the gist of your current situation, they were still very intrigued to know the full details of your story. To know about your very special ability…

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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person that thinks Hiccstrid's first time is on their wedding night

I realize the actors have joked about it in interviews, but I don’t know. I mean, if they get together in RTTE S4 and get married shortly after HTTYD2, that’s only like what? Probably a year and a half, maybe two years at the most? I don’t know, I feel like that’s not long to wait, but I move super slow in relationships so I’m probably alone in this.

Now Snotlout in a future relationship would be a different story, but Hiccstrid I definitely see waiting. Hiccup wants everything to be perfect (look how long it took him to initiate a kiss). And besides, they wouldn’t want to risk having a baby, and not to mention, Stoick would probably kill them.

I think that what Cole mentioned about the whole perfect-happy couple thing ending after episode 10 is something that will make their relationship stronger than ever.

I’ve seen all the interviews ( I think) and I realized Cole was really focused on showing the reality behind those troubled kids. They all went through some bad stuff, and it ends up affecting everything on their lives. And love is no different.

During the party, yes, I think he will be disappointed and even lonely without her, but after that, they will talk because that’s the whole point of their relationship. They discuss things. They seek for the truth. They want it to work, and the effort is equal from both of the parts.

So, yes, our hearts will get a little tighter at first, but then I think we will be even stronger. They will be even stronger, as a realistic couple that goes through everything together.

That’s just my opinion.

And also, there was something he said about the fans’ reactions, so… let’s make some noise, Bughead Fandom!

Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 20: Shadowlight, Part I

“I want to help you,” Ryder said earnestly.

Tajix did not respond beyond a brief twist of painful bitterness that flashed across his face, but his melancholy eyes remained fixed on the table between them. It was Tajix’s apportioned time before the heat lamps in the medical ward before he was lead back to his ‘dungeon’, which was a somewhat smaller and dingier room that was easy to guard from all sides; for the moment, he was free, or as close to it as he would be in the foreseeable future, though that still meant that his wrists were bound and there was a guard on the door. Evfra had ordered a rotation to keep the man nourished and healthy, but more importantly, it was also a perfect opportunity for Ryder to interview him. Her next move was contingent on what would be said here, because what she planned was definitely a risk.

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Ok so since i’m really bored i decided to make a list of littles things/facts i like about calum:

- when he laughs his laugh isn’t loud it’s sweet and peaceful
- the maine shirt
- he is smart/intelligent
- his little curls when he let grow his hair
- he put his hand between his arm and his torso sometimes in interviews
- his teeth are beautiful
- his VOICE omg
- sassy faces
- he looks like he knows everything even if he don’t talk very much
- when he wears large tshirt
- he don’t tweet that much like he’s lowkey on twitter
- his tattoos
- he listen to the weeknd & lower than atlantis
- he could be the perfect best friend i never had
- vans
- he is so special/weird in a good way
- the way he walks
- the way he talks
- the way he makes me feel inside (u know it ariana)
- he writes in his journal idk what he writes but it must be sooooo interesting
- aquarius
- he likes music so much it’s his oxygen his passion it’s so inspiring
- he loves food
- when he doesn’t finish his sentences and when he’s talking/short pause/continue
- his bass skills
- he has a playlist called “tropical vibes” (and it’s so good man)
- black nail polish
- sometimes he’s shy
- his lips
- so talented like wtf
- his friendship with the boys
- old soul
- he’s “a sucker for positivity”
- he can open a beer bottle with a water bottle
- his hands are beautiful
- grey tshirts
- he’s humble and he thinks he is not interesting BUT HE IS
- he’s so happy when he see a dog it’s so cute
- artistic sensiblity
- i love him so much he is my fav human in the entire universe

I want to go back.

Summary: Your bffs with actor Zachary Quinto, he does those typical things that best friends do set you up with guys, mend your broken heart and listen to you rant. There was one guy he set you up with his co-star Chris Pine, it was a romance to kill for until a simple mistake on his part ruined it. He messed up and your heart broke, now a year later you’ve come face to face with him. Those precious blue orbs staring back at you, deep into your heart. 

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the screaming staircase in lockwoods pov - prologue

Disclaimer - I do not own Lockwood and co or any of the characters, or even the dialogue. The only original things about this are Lockwood’s thoughts and the occasional added scene. 

Hey guys! So, this is my attempt at creating a Lockwood and co fanfic. It’s pretty much just TSC in Lockwood’s point of view. I’ve never seen this done before, but if it has been, just tell me who started it first and I’ll check with them. I might add some scenes when Lucy isn’t there to make it interesting. I know it’s rough, but it’s been forever since I’ve properly written, so stay with me. I really hope you enjoy! 

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The hugs were nothing short of perfect. The way they both nuzzled each others shoulder. I’m pretty sure that they both kissed each other’s shoulder. Daryl saying “Why’d you go?” With his voice cracking and him tearing up. The way Daryl was about to leave, but couldn’t leave without hugging her one more time. They didn’t want to let each other go. When Carol and Daryl cried. Everything. I’m so grateful for this episode. For the threats that Daryl gave that even if she got a fever, Daryl would kill Richard. This episode confirmed their love for each other, and so did the interviews after. Caryl on!!

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