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7. “My horoscope says no.”

Junhoe x reader



Everyone knew you and Junhoe had something for each other. Beneath the teasing and the smart comments and the occasional date to make the other jealous, you were perfect for each other - so when Junhoe asked you out, it was no surprise to anyone.

A magazine is hiding your face, feet propped up on your desk as your fellow classmates chattered among themselves. Your friend had brought the magazine in to read but she was busy flirting with some guy so you took it upon yourself to read it yourself. You turn the page boredly, interest peaking when you see the title of the next page: This Month’s Horoscope!

Your eyes travel along the various other star signs until they rest on your own one; you breeze through the fortune column but you take your time with the love section. Love isn’t right for you just now - take a step back and focus on more important things!

“If the teacher comes in and sees you like that, _____, you’re getting an instant detention,” a voice comments. Your eyes drift from the brightly coloured pages to the boy standing in front of you, a hand running unconsciously through his blond locks.

You don’t take your feet down, instead shrugging while greeting, “Nice to know you care about me, Junhoe.”

He laughs, raising and eyebrow at you before he moves to start walking to the back of the classroom with the rest of his rowdy, popular friends - but before he sits down, you hear his voice yell, “Yah, _____? Prom?”

The class remains loud but you can see they’re waiting for your answer - a cheeky grin paints itself on your face as you turn, holding the magazine up - “Sorry, my horoscope says no.”

But everyone knows that’s your way of agreeing, especially when you shoot him a wink right after.


Trouble was a familiar state for Reno. And, often, he would admit that it was his fault for being in such a state. But this time he knew it wasn’t his fault. Growling, Reno turned the bills over in his hand, adding up every gil so he knew exactly how many volts of electricity he would use on the idiot. Luckily, the video footage time stamps didn’t correspond with when Reno was visibly with someone else, so they couldn’t confirm there were two of him.

Not like it would be difficult to convince the Turks that he was the real one. He knew everyone’s name, could talk about ShinRa, Avalanche. Name the Sectors and every store in Wall Market. Still, that didn’t bode well for his Twin. And no one fuckin’ knew what they would do to him. Kill him, maybe. Give him over to the Science department. Maybe try and make him a Turk, too.

Now it wasn’t a matter of the other red head stealing his job, but Reno had learned enough from his time in Twilight Town to know that Red wasn’t exactly the happy to kill type. Even if did enjoy the occasional bout of sadism, he didn’t kill. Turk life wasn’t a life for him, and. Dammit, Reno felt like he had to almost protect the dumb ass.

After, of course, he beat the living shit out of him for taking all of his gil.

Red?” Reno hissed, moving through the last sector they had seen him. “Where the fuck are you, you dumb ass.”

In A Different Life… Ben Solo becomes the infamous bounty hunter Vader
Diesel Black Gold, Resort 2017

In a galaxy far, far away but in a different life… there are many Bounty Hunter who’s names were feared since the fall of the Empire. And then there was the infamous Vader, from whom it was believed he took his name from the feared Darth Vader. Who was known for never showing his face, at the very least always made sure made sure the upper half of his face was covered. That, and that he well had temper and could suddenly to grab his blaster or vibro blade. Yet everyone who knew him or of him, knew lucky ones just got shot or stabbed… it’s the other deaths that were the reason for his infamy.

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Everyone knew when they came. They could feel it from their bowlcut hairdo's to their floppy vans and dress shoes that adorned their feet. The Senbatsu's. Everyone feared 'em. They were like vultures circlin' 'bove 'ya. You knew when they came that no one was safe. Not your Sweets, not your Festivals, not your life. Everyone would know when they would come. So then why didn't they come, might you ask. Well that's easy. It's because this town has horrible luck. Bless our luck, we have been saved.

wow, that was… amazing. send me more of these

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That anon is acting like this person has just appeared out of nowhere while they've been seeing each other for MONTHS and everyone and their mama knew it. There was plenty of romantic WA in 2B and that person was already in the picture. The only difference is that she's being even more extra with her Ig posts. Question for that anon: did you like WA in 2B? Did you feel the chemistry?

I also suggest not following her on IG. 

See, this illustrates perfectly why Candice is so private about who and what she’s doing in her personal life. 

Late night pain

Bellamy x Reader

A/N: There’s a mosquito in my room, keeping me awake, and I just can’t find it so… I came up with this. Unfortunately I don’t have a Bellamy to solve this for me. Enjoy! Or at least feel with me if you hate these bugs as much as I do!

“You know what?”, you said, and stood up abruptly, making everyone around you flinch. “What’s wrong?”, Jasper asked and raised his brow.
What was wrong? Didn’t he notice that? “Earth sucks”, you began, and the few people that had actually remained talking to you, looked at you expectantly. Everyone knew that Earth sucked, there was no need to underline this any further.
“But these damn things that fly around and sting you… these are worse than the Grounders!” You kept cursing, looking at your arms and legs.
Not only did you hear those creatures every two seconds flying past your ear, no, they kept continuing to sting you, leaving thick red bites.
“Some kind of insects”, Bellamy explained, but you actually didn’t care. You hated them. “Whatever it is, it would be very nice if they stayed away from me.”

Inspecting your arms a last time in the light the bonfire gave you, you sighed, and decided to go into your tent and to sleep. The bites had looked weird before, but now that you had scratched them, they looked like somebody hat seriously beaten you up. “I’m gonna go to sleep”, you said, raising your hands and answering a few ‘Good night’s before you turned around and vanished in your tent.
Maybe you’d be safe in there.

But it didn’t take long until you heard this annoying high buzzing, that sometimes appeared directly next to your ear, sometimes a little further away.
Oh no. You would not let that beast sting you. You sat up, listening for it again, and then, for a short moment you saw it, tried to kill it but - it had vanished again.
Yet, you could still hear it.
This thing was not going to bite you! Not today!

Some time had passed, when you heard someone enter the tent. For a short moment you looked away and - damn it! You had lost it again!
“What the hell are you doing there?”, Bellamy asked, making his way over to you, but you just placed your finger against your lips. There was it. Another try - another failure. Sighing you let yourself fall back onto your blankets.
“One of these things is in here, but I just can’t catch it!”
Bellamy raised his eyebrows. “That’s the reason you’re jumping around in here for the last couple of minutes?”
Frustrated you nodded. It wasn’t your fault that you didn’t catch it. It was fast and nearly invisible.
Bellamy closed his eyes, and you, too, tried your best to remain silent, when the buzzing sound started again.
Fast as lightning Bellamy moved, hitting directly at the ground, and wiping his hand on his trousers in the next second.
“Did you… did you just kill it?”, you asked, astounded by the easiness, Bellamy had simply killed that thing for you.
“Yeah. This definitely won’t sting you again. Is it really that bad?”
You showed him your arms. “It itches like hell… don’t you have any of those?”
But he shook his head. “At least not yet.” He took your hand in his, carefully inspecting a bite on your arm. “You should really not scratch them.”
“But they itch!”, you whined, pouting your lips, but Bellamy remained unimpressed. Instead a tiny smile had build on his face, when he gently began to draw circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. “Then you have to find a distraction.”
You sighed. The itching would kill you. “And that would be?”
Still smiling Bellamy bend towards you, planting a tender kiss on your lips.

“Oh, I’d have an idea.”

*pushes my glasses up my nose* CAD was not just “a popular webcomic with some detractors” it was like… idk it was like the Big Bang Theory of webcomics: a soulless, cynical, hacky attempt to cash in on a specific trend in nerd culture (in this case the gamer webcomic) which had been run into the ground by countless pasty nerd bros who read Penny Arcade and thought “I can do that!” by the time CAD showed up on the scene. It was infamous for being the worst of the worst, with only Shredded Moose being more offensive in terms of content, although nobody knew about Shredded Moose (it had a brief 15 minutes with the advent of Your Webcomic Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad, which is now defunct, but other than that it was deservedly obscure) and everyone knew about CAD, and everyone who knew about CAD absolutely LOATHED it. The degree to which it consistently sucked was a meme long before loss.jpg happened. Tim Buckley plagiarized character designs, used senseless, non-sequitor violence when he couldn’t come up with a proper punchline (which was often), and was generally the most notoriously lazy, unethical, sleazebag hack in the webcomics scene. 

ENTER LOSS.JPG. It’s important to know that when loss.jpg appeared in CAD, it came out of nowhere. It was like the worst stand-up comedian stopped in the middle of his routine and was like, “let’s all take a minute to think about miscarriage,” and then just stared at you uncomfortably for ten minutes. The response from the internet was a resounding “what the FUCK, Buckley”, and it probably would have fizzled out if he hadn’t responded with a lengthly explanation about how he’d actually been planning on dropping this bomb for WEEKS, and it was all inspired by his college ex girlfriend who’d had a miscarriage while they were dating, which was the catalyst for him dumping her because she was “toxic”. At no point in this multi-paragraph, navel-gazing essay did Buckley attempt to empathize with his ex-girlfriend, the person who’d actually gone through the miscarriage. This lack of empathy extends to the comic itself - listen: it’s LILAH’S MISCARRIAGE, and she’s in ONE PANEL. The narrative of the strip is entirely about Buckley’s stand-in. Lilah’s devastation is inserted in the place where, in every single previous strip, a hacky “jokes!!!!”-type punchline had been. It’s also important to note that until loss.jpg, Lilah as a character basically existed solely for Buckley’s stand-in to fuck. Like. She had little, if not no, personality of her own outside of “oh she loves this nerdy guy and she likes all the things he likes and she’s a GIRL with BOOBS” - she was standard wish-fulfillment material for nerd boys with low standards for webcomics. And then she’s given this major trauma and it’s basically just used as a vehicle to further the storyline of the dude and inspire him to “grow up”.

The initial edits of loss.jpg that I saw were almost all along the lines of “can you believe this fucking asshole thought this was appropriate” - they deliberately highlighted the hacky, insensitive nature of the comic. The joke wasn’t miscarriages, the joke was a man for whom miscarriage was a convenient plot point, even when his own literal real-life girlfriend was going through one herself. Which isn’t to say that there weren’t and aren’t just like, stupid 4chan trolls who took the memeification of loss.jpg and decided that what was funny about it was that it was about a miscarriage, because that happened and happens, and I feel like a lot of the more current loss.jpg memes really suffer from losing the original context - why the original loss.jpg was such a giant “what the fuck” moment that it suck in the internet’s collective consciousness in the first place. But to say that Buckley is a misunderstood artist who tried his best to tackle a sensitive subject is such an intense misreading of what actually happened with loss.jpg that I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT, STOOOPPPPPPPPPP

you know what? I want to know about wizard unemployment and homeless wizards. tell me about all the wizards and witches who try their hardest to get jobs or set up businesses. who go from door to door saying they’ll work for free for a short time, if they can just have a chance, but being turned away because magic can do most things for the employers. tell me about the groups of homeless magic folk who group together on cold winter nights under highways and sing songs, to keep their spirits up. I want to know if they can afford wands or not, if they share them or if they’re all really good at wandless magic because they have no other choice. do they cast spells to make camp fires, or do they fight about whether rubbing sticks together makes a flame. where are the rebel kid and outcasts who didn’t get to hogwarts, or were kicked out by strict parents? I want to know about the punk homeless boys and girls who are metamorphmagi and steal from the sweet shops but never get caught. that never have a safe place to sleep but love their lives anyway. let us know about the people who weren’t in the wars, are old enough to remember tom riddle, or the people who barely know who harry potter is.

I want to know about the wizards and witches who didn’t all revolve around hogwarts. tell me about the magic folk elsewhere.

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Krystal is actually dating Kai. Or was. She even posted a picture of his car on instagram. She's not a lesbian (she could be bisexual/pan but who cares it's none of our business) and SM aren't forcing them to pretend to date. What is a fact though, is that SM pays dispatch to release the photos they've taken of secret couples at a certain date. Kaistal aren't a cover up, majority of the couples in SM aren't, but their "announcement" is. Stop being so embarrassing with your conspiracy theories.

if that’s what you believe, believe what you want.  it is what it is, and we will never know the truth. like my friend said in this post, i’m going to repeat what she said (but credits to @propertyofmusicwhore)

kaistal has literally been non-existent after the scandal. they decided to release the scandal while krystal was in china, but she’s back. and where is kaistal? i’ll tell you where they are, in sm’s instant dating confirmation (shots fired). that’s where they are: instant. AN INSTANT and it’s gone. 

like sm confirmed that shit too god damn quick. for example with sulli and choiza? that’s sth THEY came out with. and pictures and rumors were out about them for forever with undeniable proof that they were in fact dating, and sm didn’t confirm that shit. sm took a thousand years to confirm sulli and choiza, and have you seen them after the confirmation? fuck yes! they’re everywhere! because it’s a real damn relationship. 

if you’ve been a f(x) fan before red light, you should know how much sulli suffered after her dating scandal. her being criticized for being with choiza and abandoning the members. she even took a break to discuss her future plans with sm. why is krystal not going through all that bullshit? because sm controls the situation, and sulli’s one was fucking unexpected.

to all the kaistal shippers (not towards all of them, just the ones that hate our ‘conspiracy’ theories) ship whoever the fuck you want. but can you actually hit me with some badass theory?

and you know, i’m proud of our theories. we actually analyze the idols, while kaistal theories are just a copy of sm’s statements. type kaistal on google, and all you get is that w korea photoshoot, their moment during sm town 2012 and photoshopped pictures. why? because they have no moments. “even if kaistal was trying to be less obvious, you’d still get some accounts of them being seen somewhere together, like damn!”

but hey soojung posted a picture of jongin’s car. you got me with that one. is baekyeol real now, because chanyeol posted a video singing with baekhyun in a car. please, give me some real proof. you’re the embarrassing one tbh

and i’m not hating the kaistal shippers who photoshop pictures, you are free to ship your own pairings. and to kaistal, kaisoo and kryber fans (or every other pairing), don’t fucking push others to ship your pairing. stop hating on idols you crying hoes.

and i bet if i wasn’t a soojung blog, the first thing you’d tell me is that i’m being like that because i hate krystal.

and i actually was not planning a long reply, but your last sentence changed that.

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remember in season 6 when Dean was alone for a year, and then Sam came back from a horrible place but he left his soul behind? 

thats kinda like how in season 8 Sam is alone for a year, and then Dean will come back from a horrible place. and i guess he left something behind…



      (part 2 of Joker becoming obsessed with the reader. )

 Ever since she had received the photos in the mail box she knew he was watching her. It was a game of cat and mouse, whoever found the other first would win. She knew what to do to draw him out, pulling back the curtains in her room she stared out below the Gotham before grabbing her towel. She hummed the same tune, she had sung the night she met joke as she stepped out of the shower. Wrapping the towel around her body, (y/n) ran her fingers through her wet hair. Stepping out of the bathroom she sat in front of the window as she began to lather lotion on her legs. (Y/n) putting on a show for the mad King of Gotham.

                            Joker watched from his television screen as she began to take off the white towel, dropping it on the floor; his eyes trailed every curve and nook of (y/n)’s body.  He was obsessed with her, everyone knew this. It wasn’t just obsession anymore, he needed her. He wanted to hear her sing, scream, beg, he wanted her for his amusement. Some pitied the poor girl and others began to think that the girl was just as mad as he is. With his eyes glued to the small screen in front of him, he watched her as she put on a small white nightgown.

         It all happened too quick, one minute she’s sleeping in her bed, the next she’s dragged across the floorboard as she kicks a masked man. If anyone had heard her getting dragged out, no one would have said a word it is Gotham after all. Before (y/n) could let out another scream, she felt someone gag her with a wet cloth. Her head felt groggy as she woke up in a bright white room, her ankles and arms began to show bruising. “Get off of me.” She pushed some guy away when he began to untie her ankles, she heard yelling erupt from the outside of the door. “Boss is here.” He whispers to her placing a large red bow on top of her, a normal person who was in this particular situation would have been terrified. No, not (y/n), she was excited as he walking in. She saw his tattoos first before she looked up at his face, anger etched on it. he looked down at his precious bird, there she was bruised and battered.  "Who touched her!“ He yelled everyone in the shrunk down a size, realizing their mistake. With a baseball bat in one hand, he trailed up her gown, teasing her, he expecting her to plead for her life, instead, she let out a purr. Before the guy behind her could act, the joke swung the same bat clean across his temple. he stood there impressed that she didn't flinch, her laugh was music to his ears, "I win what’s my prize.”

              His predatorial laugh sent a shiver down her spine as he lunged for her throat. His pale white fingers wrapped around (y/n) neck, nearly suffocating her. He was so close to her, (y/n) could smell the mint on his lips. She opened her’s slightly, her tongoue flicking out (the movement reminded him of a snake) tasting him as she grinned up at him. He could see the devil in her eyes, no she wasnt just a songbird. No she was death, his lady death and this made every part of him twitch in exciment. 

 "You, my pretty songbird, you don’t get a prize, no no no you’ve been a bad bad girl and now Daddy’s going to make you sing.“


Everyone knew Warren wasn’t just inviting Kurt into his room to “study”

featuring Nightangel cause what better subject to practice with<3

Enjoy! Don’t re-upload on other sites without credit+source, thanks~

And it returns to the scene with Seidou’s hand around Akira’s neck.

Seidou: …I’ve dreamt of this day. Killing Tatara with this power.
Seidou: And then I’ll… save the CCG, you guys.
Seidou: Then I’ll become… a hero…
Seidou: I really came to save you all… And yet…
Seidou: I was his subordinate… And him trying to kill me… Unforgivable.
Seidou: If Houji-san was there on that day, this probably would’ve never happened.
Seidou: I… I also wanted you to see it.

Akira: You idiot. I… was watching.
Akira: …Everyone knew…
Akira: That you… are a ghoul who murders.
Akira: It’s Special Class Houji’s kindness that’s trying to draw the curtain here…
Akira: ‘Rather than being killed, at least do so by the hands of your former boss.’
Akira: Actually, why don’t you get it?

Seidou: In other words…
Seidou: ('Die quietly,’ huh…?)
Seidou: I ain’t wishing for any of that.
Seidou: (You’re… the same as Houji-san.)

Seidou starts crying while tightening his grip around Akira’s neck.

Akira: Ugh… Ta… ki… zawa…

Suddenly, Amon appears then slicing off the arm holding Akira’s neck.

Seidou: What is up, Amon-san?

End chapter.