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Madlyn walked out into the kitchen still in her pajamas her black hair was up in a pony tail and she had a pocket watch in her hand. She woke up before everyone to make breakfast and coffee. She knew when everyone got up and what time.

But sometimes Gaia woke up early or her Husband didn’t sleep depending on what kind of day it was in this case Gaia woke up early 

S4 Countdown!!

ALRIGHTY YOU GUYS, now that we have an OFFICIAL airdate, I can now begin my S4 countdown!

However, it’s been brought to my attention that my format I was going to use, the one I used for TAB and that everyone knew was mine which is why someone pointed it out to me, has been in circulation for awhile. While this honestly upset me a lot, it’s just forced me think of something new and interesting to come up with. I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile, so I’m going to impliment it as long as possible. And now that the airdate is here, I suppose I can start doing it! I will begin tomorrow, if all goes well! :D

Some stuff on my new format:

  1. You will get to gradually see me descend into madness. 
  2. It will hopefully help with my social anxiety / self esteem.
  3. I’ve got my counter now running up on my main blog, and it’s set to the UK SPECULATED AIR TIME (9:00PM); I like being precise, and that’s how I’ve always done it. I don’t countdown to the day of. It may change once we get confirmation of the time, but it’s been 9PM for years so it works. So, my new countdown will work on this idea, that seriously, we’re counting down to the TIME IT AIRS, are we not? Hee hee!

I hope you guys like what I have planned. If not, meh, I will have fun doing it :)

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Hello! as u already probably know i luv ur blog <3 and i'm in need of an update on the stepbrothers tag, i think it has already been three months ;) but tumblr sometimes wrongs me.Just please with no incest, the adults remarring would be cool!

madahenriques said: Continuation: and please could u make it only mature or NC-17, who doesnt love sexy times?! luv u guys so much!! Have a great time and continue what u do best!! making us mortal people with a luv for those cuties happy!! <3 ;) 

Broken Beacon by TheBrokenSword (12/? | 30,655 | NC17)

Everyone knew who the Hale brothers were. Tough. Rich. Hot. Those were just some of the words that many have used to describe Derek and Jordan Hale. Not that he cared, but of course Stiles knew who they were.

Coming home, Stiles found his whole life packed up in boxes, his Mom telling him she was leaving his Dad and that they were moving into her new boyfriend, moving into Clay Hale’s house. Stiles now has to live with the Hale brothers.

Yours, Mine and Ours by momorgy (1/? | 191 | R)

Stiles Stilinski had never considered his family “big”. At least, not until his father remarried and forced them into a 3 story house with the new step-siblings.
The one where Stiles can’t help but stare at his step-brothers flawless stomach every time he exits the shower with nothing but a towel on, and his siblings decide to black mail him because of it.

Wednesday, Wednesday wherefore art thou Wednesday? by Skrigget (1/1 | 8,030 | R)

Stiles and Derek are caught (almost) having sex on a Wednesday evening when they think they’re home alone.

Stiles is attacked on a sunny Wednesday morning.

Derek asks Stiles to marry him on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.

Stiles asks Derek to marry him a week later on a roof top.

They move in together on a warm Wednesday in the summer after Stiles has finished college and Derek’s bought his own book shop.

Stiles tells Derek he hates him on that Wednesday night when Derek threatens to leave him.

They celebrate their first Christmas together as a married couple with their family on a Wednesday as well.

They decide to start a family together on a Wednesday morning.

(part of the “are we related?”-verse but can be read on it’s own)

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Yeah, like I'm gonna search your entire tumblr just to check your exact words lol but I distinctly remember you saying the only true pairing was Ash and Pikachu. Of course I know you were joking, but every time someone asked you about shippings you showed zero interest in discussing the matter and never sided with anyone. And yeah, I watched it. Everyone already knew Serena liked Ash, but he showed no reaction. It's still one-sided, so that doesn't really change anything. Just like Latias' kiss.

I know lol, but like, I do dislike the contentious side of shipping and I don’t care THAT much so I tend to stay out, and it’s more fun to not answer questions seriously, especially when they are trying to make you publicly put you on the spot and pick sides. Having said that, I have always given the 👌👍 to amourshipping. Back in my giffing days I would always gif the scenes, and boy you should have seen this blog on the week leading up to and including the dance episode haha. Also I think that this kiss was much different from any other of the few in the series’ past. There were 3 years of shipping hints building up to it, and not only this (as well as the fact that Serena is a human lol) it represented Serena’s growth, in her confidence, her convictions, and as a character.

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Percabeth pirate au please!!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • Annabeth stood at the dock that shipments for the castle would come right in. She was looking for a ship, Percy’s ship.
  • She couldn’t help but look for him, even though Percy told her that he was going to go somewhere else.
  • That was six months ago.
  • When Annabeth got home, she was welcomed back with open arms by the staff and Malcolm. Her mother only looked happy to please everyone else, Annabeth knew that.
  • But she would become queen tomorrow, on her eighteenth birthday. Her mother would step down and Annabeth would take over with her as an adviser.
  • “Alright, what are you waiting for?” She heard behind her.
  • She turned and saw her brother walking over to her. He only knew the basics of what happened while she was on the ship.
  • “Why do you think I’m waiting?” She countered.
  • “Cause you’ve been out here everyday for six months just staring out to the ocean.” He told her. “Are you looking for that pirate?”
  • “His name is Percy.” She told him. “You don’t know him like I did. He brought me back home while his crew was asleep. He has a soft spot under that pirate persona.”
  • “So, you like him.” Malcolm stated. “And you want him to come him to come back.”
  • “Is that bad?” She asked. “He did take great care of me while I was on his ship. He let me bathe and got three meals a day.”
  • “Stockholm syndrome.” Malcolm told her. “You have stockholm syndrome.”
  • Annabeth blushed. She wasn’t on the ship for long, two weeks at least, but Percy was the one who was nice to her and attempted to make her feel comfortable. She was the one that was trying to push him away and yet she still ended up falling for him.
  • She looked back towards the sea and saw a ship getting closer to the kingdom. From the distance, it looked like another kingdom ship that important and exported supplies.
  • “He’s a pirate that returned his treasure. He probably won’t come back after that. He has his pirate persona to protect.” Malcolm told her. “And your birthday is tomorrow. So you should relax before your coronation day.”
  • “This is relaxing.” She told him with a smile. “The sea is pretty nice and so are sun rises and sun sets.”
  • Malcolm chuckled. “Come on, let’s get dinner.”


  • Annabeth smiled as she looked at her silver dress. Her seamstress has been working on this dress for months. It was long sleeved, a v-neckline, and puffed out after her waist. There were little designs of the kingdom’s sacred animal, an owl, that were sitting on olive tree branches.
  • “You look beautiful.” Annabeth saw her mother in the mirror. She was holding something in her hands, a necklace box. “This is for you.”
  • Annabeth turned around and walked over to her mother, taking the box and opening it to see the necklace that her mother has worn everyday since Annabeth could remember.
  • “Mother…” She breathed.
  • “I want you to have it and hopefully we can be on better terms.”
  • Annabeth just stared at it before her mother took the necklace out and carefully put it on her daughter.
  • “Malcolm will come get you when we are ready.” She told her before leaving.
  • Annabeth touched the necklace and smiled a tiny bit. This was her destiny, ruling her kingdom, being the leader everyone expected her to be.
  • The ceremony was a blur to her, nerves were getting the best to her. She just remember Malcolm coming to get her then walking towards her mother and saying some words and then cheering.
  • Queen Annabeth Chase, the most beautiful thing to Annabeth’s ears.
  • She met with some of the other royals and towns people that were invited to the celebration in her honor.
  • She needed to get some air and went to her favorite spot, the dock. She looked across to the sea and thought to herself her birthday wish, to see Percy one last time.
  • “The sea is beautiful tonight.” She heard.
  • Annabeth turned and she could feel her breath get taken away from her. Those sea green eyes, the slight scruff that was still there from when he tried to shave.
  • “Percy…” She breathed.
  • He looked amazing when he cleaned up. She almost didn’t recognize him except for those eyes. He wore a blue button down shirt and black slacks. The earrings that he had were out and he was smiling at her.
  • “Hi.” He smiled. “Congratulations.”
  • “Thanks.” She smiled. “What…what are you doing here?”
  • He walked closer to her as he looked at the sea. “Came home to see my mom. She told me it was your coronation day so I came.”
  • “What did you tell your crew?” She asked.
  • “Some of them went to see their parents and loved ones. They deserve a good break.” He replied. “And no one recognizes me when I’m not in my normal clothes.”
  • “I can tell, you look really good when you clean up.” She smiled.
  • “Thanks.” He replied. “So, Queen Annabeth Chase. What will be your first act?”
  • “I don’t know.” She replied. “Maybe ask for a dance from you.”
  • “You want to dance with a pirate?”
  • She nodded and took his hand. “We can dance out here, so you don’t get recognized and I don’t have to get asked who you are.”
  • He nodded and pulled her close, one hand on her waist while the other in her hand.
  • They danced to invisible music. There wasn’t any care in the world as they danced. Annabeth thought she was in one of her dreams. Percy was standing right in front of her and smiling at her. She really missed his smile and green eyes.
  • They stopped dancing and were looking at each other. Percy smiled and leaned down until their lips met.

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Please... Write some cuddling oumami...... Im beggin on my knees

THIS PROMPT WAS SO CUTE!!! I HOPE YOU LIKE THE WAY I TOOK THIS?? :3 i love oumami so i hope this this is good <3 pre-established pure fluff

Ouma wasn’t someone who liked to be touched a lot. Amami knew this, and he fully respected it as well. Touching Ouma always had to be initiated by asking permission first, and while he would likely allow it, you could not just touch him whenever you wanted. 

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The dreaded chime of the announcement. Everyone knew it by now to wait in fearful anticipation. The warden sounded more vindictive than usual, mostly because he was excited to make this one known.

“Alright m’fuckos, it’s been twelve hours. You know what that means~! Ta-daaaaan~! Clive Dove is a fuckin’ mass murderer~! He killed thousands of people on a rampage through London with a mecha of his own design~! Honestly, y’all think you’re good people, with some of the shit we’ve got on ya, that’s a fuckin’ laugh.”


iKon Reaction: You Dressing Sexy for a Halloween Party

This wasn’t requested, it’s part of the Halloweek series of posts! I hope that you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and I’m sorry for not doing seven for all of the groups like I have with Monsta X :P I hope you are having a good week of Halloween! <3 Much love!!

- Admin C


Originally posted by chocolatechanu

When you came out of the bathroom in your shorts and stockings to go with your bunny costume B.I. Would give you a look that read all sorts of “yes lord”. He’d playfully suggest putting on a sweater for that ounce of jealousy he had that he wasn’t going to be the only man laying eyes on you. But he’d still praise the gods that he got to see you like this at all. He’d definitely stick close to your side the whole night to make sure everyone else knew you were taken. And you’d definitely get the dominant side of Hanbin when you arrived home afterwards.


Originally posted by bbuyojuseyo

“whoa whOA WHOA WHOAAAAAA!!!!!!!!”

He would be meeting you at the party since he was late getting back to the dorm from practice. And as he showed up in his mobster suit he would find his leading lady in her ruby red short dress and black heels. He’d immediately flip out and yell something “WELL HELLO SEXY!!” From across the room to which you’d blush wildly at. He’d hug you around your waist and whisper in your ear about how good you look. When you got home he’d talk about how all the men were looking at you. And how lucky he was that you were his. 100% is your hype man the whole night.


Originally posted by ohmydeez

He’d swallow the lump in his throats when he walked into the bedroom to see you in your nurse costume. The tight fabric of the white nurse outfit would immediately excite him but he’d contain himself until after the party. Would most definitely stick by your side at the party and glare at any guy that gave you more than a second glance.


Originally posted by junhoenuna

“Woooo lord.. I can’t wait to take that off of Y/N.”

He’d be glowing when he saw you in your costume. While at the party he’d stick close but still let you breathe. He was around more so that he could see you than to protect you from anything. He knew you could handle yourself. But if someone flirted with you he’d break out his sass. At the end of the night he’d subtly compliment you so that you wouldn’t catch his sincerity too much. He’d definitely want you to keep it on until he could take it off of your body, slowly and while biting at your lower lip.


Originally posted by bikonics

Flustered. As. Hell. He’d like it because it was you and it looked good. But his thoughts would be racing and he’d have too many emotions to even focus. He’d just stare at you with an awkward smile and nod when you asked how you looked. He’d be stupefied the whole party and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.


Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

“Jagi.. oh my god you look good…”

Donghyuk would be the type to blush and giggle at first. But once he got a hold of himself he would compliment you sort of shyly while running his hands along your bare sides. Your Harley Quinn costume definitely showed off your sexy side and it made him excited. He’d keep an arm around you the whole night not for protection reasons but more just because he wanted to touch you and make sure you weren’t too cold. He would whisper compliments in your ear the whole time. When you got home he would subtly get closer to you while you change into your shorts and a tank top to sleep in. He’d be there to kiss your shoulders and neck and tell you again just how good you looked that night. Giggling all the while. You know where it goes from here I’m sure..


Originally posted by teambgasm

Really really reALLY likes the costume. You best believe that he is going to be a flustered mess at first. But once you’re at the party and he realizes all of these men are staring at you he is going to turn his mature man mode on and keep by your side. He’ll glare at all of the other guys looking at you and keep an arm around you to make sure everyone knew you were with him. When you got home I could see some slightly jealous make out sessions happening. That will go wherever you let him take it, but he would be a mix of sweet and jealous in one night. It would be quite an entertaining sight for you. Lord knows this boy is a dork, but he has a sexy side himself.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a good day/night and that your Halloweek is going well :) I am having a lot of fun making these reactions! I hope to supply more for iKon before the week is over! Goodnight everyone!

- Admin C


M Y T H S: Pheme

Pheme was the goddess of fame in Greek mythology; the people she favoured were notable and renowned, while those who defied her were scorned and plagued by rumours. She was the daughter of Gaea or Elpis. It was said that Pheme would learn the affairs of mortals and immortals; then, she would start by whispering them to a few people, but her voice became gradually louder, until everyone knew. She was usually depicted winged and holding a trumpet. [x]

whaddup my dudes, non-dudes, and other cool folks, i was medically diagnosed with The Disorder™! take that, everyone who told me i didn’t have BPD. starting with my own self-doubts tbh

i feel like i just got one of those blue checkmarks next to verified accounts like everyone knew who it was all along but now it’s Official®

okay more shocking to me than han solo dying is the fact that it wasn’t spoiled to me that he died??? this movie came out last year and almost everyone i knew saw it??? how

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And then they were voted Prom King and Prom King, right?

omGG YESSS ////// how could you not vote for them after that dramatic display of affection ….. everyone in the school knew they were both being cheated on by aimee with each other too, and they had the matching suits and the song and dance …!!! qoq

  • me getting crushes on girls as a kid:what haha im not gay! why would you even think that! im **normal**
  • me getting crushes on girls now:wife me the FUCK up 👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀 gay shit gⓐy sHit👭 thats 💍 some gay👭👭shit right👭👭th 👭 ere👭👭👭 right💍there 💍💍if i do ƽaү so my self 💒 i say so 💒 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💒 👭👭 👭НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👭 👭👭 👭 💒 👭 👀 👀 👀 👭👭Gay shit

Neurodiversity is the diversity found in the human brain and mind. A neurodiverse person, then, may have PTSD, anxiety, be autistic, etc. These are LGBTQ identities specific to neurodiverse folks.