My predictions for the finale

AD: irrelevant character
A team: everyone we already knew
Liars: married with kids on the way
Final shot: a promo for Marlene’s new series which is really just a lame facsimile of pll and maybe some emison thrown in
Will I watch it: probably
After show q+a: questions still not answered cause the writers really know nothing
Facebook fandom: ASS KISSING
Tumblr: outrage and cry typing

I am forcibly removed from the pll fandom

The Signs As Things I Hate About Life

Aries: When you feel like you’ve achieved nothing in your life.
Taurus: When you become so stressed out that you feel like you want to scream and cry at the same time.
Gemini: When you lose a really close friend and you have no idea how so you just rack your brain trying to figure put where you screwed up; even if it wasn’t your fault.
Cancer: When you blame yourself for everything and feel as if you’re a terrible person.
Leo: When you feel like no one listens to you or cares about you.
Virgo: When your heart gets broken over and over again.
Libra: When someone takes advantage of you, yet you still stay their friend because you don’t want to be alone. 
Scorpio: When you worry about being forgotten by everyone you know/knew.
Sagittarius: When you’re happy for a long period of time, but then you just become sad for no apparent reason.
Capricorn: When you feel like life is no longer a blessing, but now a curse.
Aquarius: When you lock yourself away and begin to normalize it.
Pisces: Feeling alone, even when you’re not alone.

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What's Druella's story?

(( OOC: We have very little canon information on Druella, aside from the fact she married Cygnus Black - Walburga Black’s younger brother - and had three daughters with him: Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa.

So much of her story I’ve honestly just head canon-ed myself. I first introduced Druella as a young woman when I made Toujours Pur, which was a series exploring Walburga Black’s backstory. 

In this I established that her marriage to Cygnus was nothing more than a strategic match, and that Druella didn’t care for much else than wealth and status when it came to choosing a husband. But for all her superficial graces, Druella was the sort of person to know everything about everyone, and she knew exactly how to use this to her advantage. She was probably one of those women who knew everyone’s secrets, a master at climbing the social hierarchy and positioning herself exactly where it suited her.

Between that and The Tale of the Three Sisters, we see Druella alone and abandoned by her husband. Druella’s mind was her greatest weapon, and after it slips away from her, she becomes a shell of her former self. I haven’t yet worked out in detail what happened to make the great Cygnus Black - heir to the Black fortune - abandon his family. Was it the shame of being unable to produce a male heir? Did he succumb to madness, as many Blacks before him did? Was the breakdown of her marriage the trigger to Druella’s illness, or did something else happen?

So basically, I now have an entire new backstory to create. Which I don’t mind, because let’s be honest - the Black family is one of the most fascinating families in the entire HP universe. ))

spades slicks character arc is 4x better if you pretend everything after hussie brought him back is not canon

him going out with the universe with everything he built and everyone he knew would have been a satisfying ending for him

him coming back, ignoring that it was already an instance of hussies insert doing too much, gave the reader a sense that he must still have some important role to play which is why his death in collide felt cheap and unwarranted to many 

BTS Scenarios| First Meeting ~Hyung Line~

Kim Namjoon

It would be a peaceful, sunny day when you decided to grab a book from the local library. Everyone who worked there knew who you were since you came there so often always leaving with a minimum of five books. As you walk around you see a book that you the book you had been waiting for! Quickly going to grab the book off the shelf, you were stopped by Namjoon’s hand grabbing it before you. Turning to your side with a pout, you see him casually reading the back cover of the book, not even noticing you’re existence at that moment. With a small hum, you managed to catch his attention and politely asked him if he planned on getting that book, not wanting to be rude… There was always next time. Namjoon looks between you and the book before giving an awkward laugh.

“I’ll give you the book, but only if you let me take you out for coffee…”

Kim Seokjin

This week is baking week, which meant that you and your local youth group would be seeling goodies all week long for the fundraiser. Since it was summer time, this was the be the best time to do it since everyone was traveling about. Walking down the baking aisle, you’d be looking stop to look at the different flours to make your strawberry lemonade cupcakes. Sadly, they didn’t have the brand that you normally use, but you would have to make do with what they had, seeing as you start selling tomorrow. Reaching down, you grab a bag of flour. As you go to place it in your bag, you hear a small gasp before a voice tell’s you to stop. Looking up you see a man come to you and shaking his head. 

“No, no, no! That brand is awful for anything, especially since it seems to me that you’re going to bake something. My name is Seokjin by the way.” He says and you nod before giving your own name and explain your bake sale. With a smile and a nod,m Jin switches out the flour you had for another brand.  You thank him and were about to go on your way before you were stopped by Seokjin.

“Hey… Are you free after that bake sale? I’d like to take you out, maybe a lunch date?”

Min Yoongi

Yoday you were supposed to be having a picnic today, but they ended up having a family emergency so you were left alone all day. Decideding to go to your secret area behind the park for the rest of the day. Grabbing your basket and such, you go on your way.


Yoongi had a free day today and decided he wanted to do some photography today. As he was waslking about, he mad his was to a small little field filled with flowers and trees. Taking pictures as he walks, he keeps going until he spots you on a picnic blanket reading a book and singing a song softly to yourself as your music played through your earphones Subconsioucly,m Yoongi raises his camera and takes a picture of you. Sensing the presence of another person you look up and remove your earphones. Yoongi shyly apologizes for disturbing you before you give him a friendly smile. As you introduce yourselves, Yoongi hears the music from your earphones and smiles as he asks you about the song. Before you both new it, Yoongi had sat beside you as your conversations continued, creating a new found friendship.

Jung Hoseok

Coffee. Hoseok really needed some coffee right now. Between having to stay up multiple nights with Namjoon and Yoongi at the studio, and dealing with the Mankae line because Jin had become sick. The little ball of sunshine was tired and anyone could see it. With bags under his eyes, and barely able to keep himself awake, Hoseok makes it to this cafe Seokjin had recommended.  Hobi was just going to make his won, but Seokin said they had the best coffee and pastries in town and he wanted to thank Hoseok for helping so much. Giving him his card, Jin sends Hobi out of the dorm.Quickly walking into the cafe, Hobi gets the first type of coffee he sees and goes to sit on at one of the tables to enjoy a bit of his coffee. After a while of drinking his coffee, Hobi sees you walking towards him with a cup and a pastry. With a gentle smile, you set the items in front of him and look over at him. 

“T-That coffee won’t do much for y-your tiredness. It’s o-one of the weaker coffee’s that we h-have…” You state sofrly. “The p-pastry is good and also nutricous, making it go well with the coffee I just b-brought you.You should have a lot of eneergy to g-go through your day.. Um..enjoy!” You say before quickly walking away. Sure you thought he was cute, and there’s a really good chance your friend just made you embarass the hell out of yourself. But that doen’t mean you can’t go back to work, and that’s just what you do. Hoseok watches you travel around the cafe with a smile on his face, mentality noting to thank Seokjin late.

“I guess I will be getting coffee here more often.”

Hey guys!Senpai here! I hope you guys enjoyed this and if so, I can do the mankae line as well. If you guys want to request scearious or reactions I will do my best! You can request all or certain members too! If there are any mistakes, please tell me!I really do hope you guys liked this, make sure to let me know what you think.!

Much love,


One of my patients died today. She was an elderly palliative patient at her end stage. Everyone knew she was going to die soon, but nothing can quite prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of knowing the person you just spoke with 5 minutes ago is no longer present on this earth anymore. There’s no single word to describe what it feels like to look at a lifeless body and know that they are gone forever.

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I have no idea why this randomly popped into my head but I digress... I remember a few years ago (I think around late season 5) there were these blinds dubbed 'bullygate' that suggested that C and L were trying to get D (and Naya) fired. Since we know there's elements of truth on the N side of things, I was wondering what theories you had about the D side of things. I definitely don't believe it but I also don't know what to make of it. Muchas gracias.

Anon, during that time, the public perception was that D&C hated each other. Which was a result of them going from best friends on set to never associating with each other outside of work.  And Fox saw this as a way to divert attention from their relationship that was considered to be so taboo. 

So what better way to do that than to plant a blind that was partially steeped in fact?  Everyone knew that L&N were fighting and there were strong rumors that L was trying to have her fired. So why not throw D into the mix?  It gives it an added weight when there is some semblance of truth in the story. And once again C stans in particular could riot as it added fuel to their need for C to hate D.

Blinds don’t have to be true. They are items that are submitted to the website. Sometimes by the actors themselves. Sometimes by fans. Sometimes by beards. Sometimes by PR. and Sometimes by major studios.  It is an excellent way to start rumors. 

concept: Jake meets up with an old college friend and half way through getting drinks with him he has this sudden realisation that like. he totally used to have a crush on him. that’s what it was. and he’s trying to act chill but all he can think about is all the other guys he’s crushed on in his life and he texts Amy on the way home basically saying “hey im very bisexual this doesn’t change anything but I literally only realised 40 minutes ago and everything makes sense now” and she? doesn’t reply for a few minutes even though she normally has a pretty fast response time? and Jake starts to worry but then she calls him and she’s crying with laughter because she KNEW!!! everyone knows!!! how the fuck was he the last to find out!!!

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Mark proposing

 - He needed multiple ( !!! ) tries

- He wants to make it perfect but everytime he wants to do it something happens. One time you two were at home having dinner when Pete showed up unannounced. Another time it had started to rain when he wanted to propose in a park. 

- After a while everyone knew except for you

- It became sort of an inside joke between the other guys. whenever Mark came to the locker room looking frustrated they knew he had tried and failed again. “What happened this time?” “Just ask her, mate!” 

- He ended up carrying the ring everywhere waiting for the right moment to just drop to one knee and ask you 

- One day you were just sitting on the couch with him, going through his old merch and watching a wrestling match. You had messy hair, no make up and were only wearing one of his shirts and he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. 

- He couldn’t wait any longer and leaned in to whisper into your ear 

- “Marry me?” “Wait .. what?” “I said ‘marry me?’“ he looked at you with hopeful eyes. You just jumped into his arms and kissed him. “Yes.” you whispered against his lips. 

- A little while later: “oh fuck! I forgot the ring!” 

Dominic Sherwood Imagine

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With a smile glued on your face you were doing your interviews. It was hard to do 5+ interviews a day and keep a real smile. Your face just starts to hurt, but you are never rude, you’re not like that. There is just one thing that is making this whole thing harder, being away from Dominic. Since your movie came out, you’ve been flying all over the world and you missed him like crazy.

“And the movie..”  the interviewer pulled you out of your thought about Dominic. You smiled at him, hoping he wouldn’t noticed you zoning out. “in the movie you and your co-star Mike are playing lovers, who found love and had to hide it. Were you and Dominic the same in real life?” you had a feeling someone would ask you a question like that. Smiling to your self you started to answer 

“No, we didn’t hide anything, everyone already knew we were dating and..” just as you were about to finish your thought someone spoke behind you asking you jump a little bit. When turning around your eyes met with a smiling Dominic, who finished your thought still looking into your eyes. 

“everyone knew we were dating before we did” he sat next to you “Hi” without any words you wrapped your arms around him and hugged him hard. 

“What are you doing here?” you asked after releasing him and looking at the interviewer. 

“I wanted to visit you so I asked if I could crash your interview and well here I am” you smiled at Dominic, he was so good to you, always taking care of you. A real like superhero to you. 

“Thank you” you said the interviewer, he smiled at you both. 

“I’m glad to help out, but Dominic you said before that people thought you were dating before you two were?” Dominic held you close 

“Yeah, we were just friends at that time, but everyone thought we were dating, so one day I asked her if we should try it out. Go on a date” Dom looked at “so I guess I have to thank the fans who got us together. They saw how good we are together before us.” Dominic smiled and without thinking leaned to you and kissed you. He only realized he had kissed you in front of everyone in the audience and the people behind the camera, when people stated awing. You laughed and berried your face in his chest. 

“You two should get married, look how cute you are” interviewer said and finished the interview. 

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So a week ago I had asked you about the fic thihv. It was sooo amazing and now I feel the need to thank you for recommending it.

!!!! I’m glad!!!!! :DD tbh I thought magisterpavus was one of the authors everyone and their mothers knew LMAO,, but since now I know it’s not I’m self hijacking this post to PSA: magisterpavus’s works are amazing and if you haven’t read them and I haven’t recc’d them, consider them recc’d :-0c

Mark: Insecure

Request: can you please do a mark (got7) scenario where he’s insecure about his looks as well as the fact that he’s really quiet so he’s scared that you’re too good / out-going for him. thank you! i love your writing :) Thank you, love! Hope you like it! 💖💖 So sorry it’s short! –

Mark could only look at you in adoration everything you laughed. Everyone knew that Mark adored you completely. You were the apple of his eyes, the only person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

But he wondered if you felt the same way about him. Compared to the rest of his group members he wasn’t good looking and as outgoing. He was, to himself, at least a 6/10 and he was really quiet.

You, however, were a 10/10 and the most outgoing person he ever met. If anything, he thought, you’d be better off with someone like Jackson at your side. It hurt to think, but you were out of his league.

He worshipped you because he loved you, but a little voice deep deep within him told him it was also so you wouldn’t want to leave him.

You didn’t find out about his insecurities until one night he talked in his sleep.

It nearly broke your heart.

You woke him up instantly, and kissed him with all your might. He was confused, but didn’t care. He pulled you into him and kissed you back with the same passion. You pulled back and told him you love him. The rest of the night you reminded him why you loved him.

Mark, by the next day, reminded himself that he will have insecurities, but at the end of the day you loved him and would be there to remind him that he was worth worshiping as well.

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down

me: *having just discovered gorillaz, watching Feel Good Inc for the first time*


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me: oh lort,, who is that???  👀 🔍

Murdoc, in every other fucking video:

me:  👀 ………………… …. *slowly puts down magnifying glass* ….


Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)