How the signs feel about communication with other people
  • Aries: let's show these bitches who's the cutest hoe. if anyone tries to insult me i'm gonna fucking crush their head
  • Taurus: it's okay as long as they bring me food and tell me interesting stories while i'm falling asleep
  • Gemini: YASSSSSSSSSS i love ppl and i hate them all at the same time because they're so fun and so dumb smh
  • Cancer: people 😍 are 😍 fun 😍 but 😍 i 😍 will 😍 cut 😍 them 😍 in 😍 half 😍 if 😍 they 😍 betray 😍 me
  • Leo: i'm the queen and I SHOULD BE APPRECIATED BY EVERYONE NO MATTER HOW MUCH I HATE THEM, THEY SHOULD STILL LOVE ME JASDFJASJDF *cries at a minor inconvenience such as somebody not giving them a compliment or not getting likes on their selfie*
  • Virgo: people are people. as much as they're organized, civil and responsible, i have nothing against them.
  • Libra: EVERYBODYYYY SHOULD BE HELPED no matter what omg i love ppl. why doesn't everybody love each other i swear if you all don't love each other i'm gonna burn you all to the ground
  • Scorpio: pe...ople..???! what's that is that a new pc game???? 😍 oh wait i googled what "people" means, it means some kind of sex toys damn i'm in love
  • Sagittarius: i only hang out with high-class hoes, get out of my way losers. *only considers THEMSELVES a high-class hoe and therefore, hangs out alone and spends millions every day*
  • Capricorn: these things are all my minions tbh and they are created to make money for me
  • Aquarius: yeah i've gotten drunk with every person on earth and now i wanna meet the AlIeNSSssSSS
  • Pisces: ppl are all fucking backstabbers DO. NOT. TRUST. ANYONE. i will fucking kill them all and create a world where cats and dogs will rule

Hello everybodyyyy! =D
Okay, sooo… It’s been a few weeks since The Fregmant Of That Soul requested me a fanart of Solangelo (what a lovely fictional couple <3)
from the Heroes of Olympus series. But I hadn’t read the last book =3=“…

Now I have!

So I remembered being asked to draw the last scene of these,(when will tells Nico to stay to the infirmary) But to me this wasn’t the last scene.
So I decided to drew TWO of them, hoping I made something that will please you.

Late Night Snacks and Underwear - 4

hFandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Y/N and Peter run into each other late one night. After, she is beyond confused about how she sees Peter. And Peter? Well he was already in love with her, but it takes advice, teasing, and another surprise encounter for them to face their feelings.

Words: 1,000+

Pairing/Characters: PeterParkerxStark!Reader, (Everybodyyyy is at least mentioned), Tony, Steve, Sam, Clint, Nat, Wanda, Bucky…

Warning: More awkwardness? 

Author’s Note: So, I don’t really know how to describe this part, it’s more Avengers family cuteness and awkward Y/N before the big stuff. I just love writing awkward reader, because it’s like me lol (I’ve been away because I’ve been on vacation! Rewatching Star Trek Beyond for that request tonight!)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Peter practically stumbled out of his room and toward the elevator. It had taken him forever to fall asleep after getting back to his room and getting up was no easy task either. He slung his duffel over his shoulder as he pushed the button for the elevator. He’d shoved your sweatshirt into the top of his bag so he wouldn’t forget to give it back to you. The thought of you falling asleep on his shoulder last night woke him up a little.

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anonymous asked:

“i want a shaken tea infusion” what kind? “what? it says right there, shaken tea infusion” yes, what flavor would you like?” then i have to fuckin explain all the kinds of combinations even though it says right there on the fuckin board they were just reading. “yeah i’ll have that” okay, what size? “what?” gOD I WANT TO STRANGLE EVERYBODYYYY


Never in my life have I seen a cup that suited Lance’s personality more than a red solocup … my son look at Allura look how classy you could be (i’m kidding never change)


Send me a character and a Sip

Through It All (Luke Hemmings) - Part 1

happy birthday to meeee. happy birthday to youuuu. happy birthday to everybodyyyy. happy birthday to ussss. 🎉🎉🎉

i always post an imagine on my birthday (almost; birthday weekend this time. whatever), so this is what this year’s is!!!!! i hope u like it!!!!!


​It wasn’t an unusual sight for the people in Straus Hall to see you walking through the dormitory’s hallways. What was unusual, though, was the fact that now, you had an anything but pleased look on your face.

It was Saturday afternoon and you were supposed to have lunch with your best friend that day. But when he didn’t show up, you knew exactly where he was – the only place he ever was these days: in his dorm room studying until he inevitably caused himself to have a panic attack.

You stopped at Luke’s door, instantly pounding your fist on the wood. You waited for a couple seconds before knocking again, just as loudly as the first time. People in the halls watched on nervously from afar – they could tell you were pissed and they knew Luke was in big trouble.

You finally growled lowly, realizing Luke wasn’t going to answer his door, and went to the room next door. You knocked for a moment before it was being pulled open and you were met with a very confused Ashton.

“What are you doing here?” he asked you, “I thought you and Luke were-”

“Give me his room key,” you grumbled, making Ashton’s eyes widen, instantly knowing Luke had forgotten about his plans that day.

He quickly got the spare key to Luke’s dorm from his desk drawer, following you out into the hallway after he handed it to you. He remained at his dorm room, however, as you unlocked the door and turned back to him. You tossed the key back to him, not even bothering to mutter a ‘thank you’ as you opened the door and let it shut behind you – though, Ashton did say a short prayer that his best friend would make it through whatever was about to happen to him.

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I’ve hit 2k+ followers now! I’m so happy

I’ve decided to doodle all the cool mutuals I happen to have met along the way. (They’re not all here but I did as many as I could! To the rest of you, all the support!)

Featuring characters from: @thewildwolfy @mister-pancake @chesschirebacon @unafkennyart @happylittleguy @deersserts @hufpup @zombie-otter @gengacanvas Thank you all for being super awesome inspirations, mutuals, and overall cool people!

For my followers, more under the cut

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I alway did forget to put some pictures here of that time me (Caesar) and @rjlaurant (Sanji) went to a One piece cosplay meetup at Baratie in Odaiba and it was RLY RLY FUN AND EVERYONE IS AWESOME!

(Also last picture from here and also SUPER THANKS TO @askdoffyandcora ‘S DOFFY FOR THE HORNS)

anonymous asked:

as a nonbinary person, is it normal to doubt yourself? like, I ask myself a lot if "what if I'm just cis and I'm making this up" or "what if it's just a phase"

Ren says:

Yeah, it's really normal. So normal that I think pretty much every nonbinary person has been there, if they aren’t still! Our society is pretty nasty in that regard.

But I know it helps to hear it from other people, so know that you’re valid and real and just as nonbinary as you feel! <3