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Imagine having the affection of both Roman and Cesaro and they both are in competition to see who is the better man for you and instead of choosing one you choose both.. Sorry this imagine is late..

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Shipping and Canon-shipping

I think that for the sake of our sanities and to ensure an overall polite interaction we should try to make a difference between shipping and canonshipping.

You can ship any couple you want and can just ignore canon all you want and just be happy with little tidbits, that trigger your imagination. I shipped Dramione for years and during all that time I was convinced and certain that they would never happen. In my headcanons I bent canon to make Draco a little bit different, but I’ve never looked for evidence for the ship in the books, because I knew it would never happen. I guessed it would all come down to Hermione/Ron in the end, and although I was not into that ship, I was satisfied how it played out (at least in the books), and was happy with my own Dramione headcanon.

If you canon-ship a pair it is a mixture of liking that couple and excitement on guessing how the plot will go. And of course you can be satisfied if your ship becomes canon, because it means that you guessed the author’s intention and he/she agrees with you who would be a good pairing.

It also means, that of course you will look for evidence, tidbits, something that may point in the direction of your ship. And this is not a crime, it is natural to do that if you canon-ship.

For Jonsa, this means that for a long time, it was a crack-ship and although there were shippers no one but apart from a few people like @blindestspot even tried to look for evidence this might happen in canon.

Since season 6 the ship has gained steam and there are now quite a lot of canon-shippers (including myself, I’d love to see Jonsa happen). And these canon-shippers are looking for evidence to support their ship. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how you do canon-shipping. There’s nothing wrong to you if you entered the ship only with season 6. I could hit myself, that I didn’t see the potential sooner, but I’m not the only one.

Now, some of the ‘crack-shippers’ who’ve shipped Jonsa for a long time are somehow absolutely convinced that it should stay a crack-ship, a nice niche ship where everybody knows each other. They are absolutely convinced that Jonsa will never be canon and they think everybody who does is delusional.

It’s o.k. to be flabber-ghasted that somehow a niche ship has become huge and to be a bit frightenend about that. It’s o.k. to have your own opinions about how the plot of GoT will go and what are GRRM’s intentions. If you come to the conclusion that it will be J0n/D@ny, that’s o.k. That’s how you read the show and the books. I read it differently, that’s my opinion.

What’s not o.k. is to chime in in posts from canon-shippers who are happy about sharing little tidbits and observations and are exicted about them and to tell them that this is all highly implausible and that it is wrong to even look for evidence? Why ruin their fun? Why chime in in an excited talk and try to bust the happiness?

The only reason I can come up with is that these people just cannot handle the fact, that they thougt they had worked out how the story will go and some other people question that and actually dare to have a different opinion.

And let’s be honest about that: Jonsa shippers finding evidence and tidbits will not alter the way GRRM writes his books nor will it influence the show. Jonsa shippers finding tidbits and evidence is fun for them. That’s why we do it.

As for Jonsa being canon, even with season 7 done, nothing is set in stone yet. We don’t know what happens yet and even if Jonsa does not happen in season 7, there is still season 8. We will know, if Jonsa will be canon, when we see the credits of the last episode of season 8.

thank you all so much for sending in requests for sketch time today! (O  w O) i’m sorry i wasn’t able to get to them all, but thank you as always for sharing your ideas! it’s super fun every time! (^    o  ^) it’s almost 2:30am so it’s off to bed now! tomorrow i’ll be back to work on “Sweet, Sweet Madness”! i have dreams of finishing page three entirely tomorrow since i already did the basic re-sketch… but alas… i’ve realized my limitations lately! lol lol lol! before my holiday break is over on Saturday i’d like to finish up to page five! then~ hopefully stick to doing two pages a week???? though… as anybody who’s been following me for a while knows, i get distracted by new ideas CONSTANTLY! LOL! (^   O ^) but i’ll never do less than one a week! still, two is the goal! <3 thank you all again for your support thus far! (O    w O) have a wonderful day, a beautiful week, and if you’re heading into exam season~ i wish you strength, endurance, and a +50 boost to your memory!!! hehe! <3

Remember when everybody watched 12.05 thinking it’d be really gay because Adam Rose was on it and the title was “The one you’ve been waiting for” so we thought they’d make bi!dean canon but all we got was some nonsense shit
Wild times