things i noticed whilst watching newsies live again today

- during seize the day when Jeremy Jordan and Ben Fankhauser run offstage bc they can’t dance

- how during king of new york ben f. is shoved to the back where you cant see him and when you do see him he is very visibly counting along to the music


- at the end of Watch What Happens (Reprise) when Les says ‘and I gotta date!’ and Davey steals his hat, Jack hits Les with his own hat, Les steals back his hat and promptly hits Jack on the chest with it

- I want to applaud the costume department for giving Katherine’s dress a little hook so she could hook the skirt to her belt for the dance solo

- how Ethan (Les) is also shoved to the back during king of new york

- when Tommy Boy is doing the pirouettes at the end of the song he does the focusing thing where you keep your eyes on one spot as long as you can and then spin your head real quick and get sight of the spot again to avoid getting dizzy and its really cool to watch because you wouldn’t notice unless you knew the trick and the above shot shows that his head is turning much slower than his body

- when jack says ‘keep your shirt on!’ to the kid in front of him just before the world will know and the kid starts pulling at his shirt as if saying something like ‘oh you want me to keep my shirt on, eh? what if I just take it off?’

- the same kid leaping clear to the other side of the stage when Les yells “LET THE MAN WORK IT OUT!”

- at the end of the world will know when they get thrown out of Pulitzer’s office and Davey is lying on the ground holding his hip like an old man

- on a similar note; Les yelling at that guard dude? inspirational? i love one (1) boy??

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Lucky you, I’m drunk watching TSoT again, cuz i went thru the.list and realized hey what other episodes matter, right? Here we go: The game is, drink whenever you wanna forget s4 and that Mary was never given the chance to be a true villain and mastermind of the Moriarty network thus invalidating her relationship with John and solidifying Sherlock and John’s true love:

- There’s gotta be a faster way to steal gold.

- All Sherlock texted was “Help,” and Greg brought friggen helicoptors. He’s worse than John.

- Aaaaahhhh…I almost forgot what good cinematography looks like.

- Why does Mrs. H say “you always live alone”? Goddamn EMP, get your filthy paws off my favorite episode.

- Oh sure, one of the main characters got married in this episode, but we’re not gonna show tge ceremony at all, and his first word spoken will be “Sherlock.”

- I hate Mary but she’s so pretty and I love her dress

- David looks like he knows he’s gonna be a Surprise Parent in 9,783 fics.

- When will we see Harry. When will we see John’s bedroom. When will we see the truth. Why is my tequila pink.

- Goddamn every time Sherlock and Mary interact it’s so purposefully easy. They work. They’re like siblings. She’s so smart. TST would have never happened. Goddammit.

- Whenever I’m about to do something uncomfortably sociable I imagine Mycroft saying “Minnngling…?”

- Okay, I get the Greg and Molly thing. He stands so close…

- It bothers me that the Best Man Proposal is the only scene we see the kitchen from that angle. Seems like a different flat.

- God fuckin damn I love the editing of this whole fucking episode. I need a sandwich.

- John flirtily saying “Nnnyess?” while Sherlock is freaking out about the best man thing is downright indecent.

- John trying not to cry during the speech is cruel. Let the man feel.

- Their entire friendship is contained in John saying “wait til I sit down.” And the fact that John reacts to everything in this speech a millisecond before Sherlock says it. Cuz he knows what he’s gonna say. Cuz they’re meant for each other. I hate this episode.

- There is a man bleeding out, Sherlock, control your libido.

- He said, abOut the stag night: “There’s hoyrs if material here, but I’ve cut it down to the really good bits.” I SEE YOU, MOFTISS. WITH THE EDITING PUN. GIVE US THE GAY BAR SCENE.

- I need 12 minutes of the theme i dubstep, please.

- Sherlock gets so much campier when he’s drinking. AND SO DOES JOHN.

- The most interesring thing about the knee grab “I don’t mind,” line is that it was clearly ADDED IN POST. They organized time to sit Martin Freeman behind a microphone to more clearly Insert. That. Line. Whyyyyyy. Releaseee meeeeeee.

- Sherlock drunkenly realizing his hand was behind John’s back is EVERYTBING.

- “WITH A GHOST MR. HOLMES.” Okay so let’s not acknowledhe thT this while thing mirrors TAB or whatever. So mucb fake death in tbis show. I wish s4 was fake, cuz that was a death if ive ever seen one

- Okay, tbis is definitely a two sandwich problem


- I like how Sherlock basically says “no more murder and mystery” and then in ten seconds it turns into a murder mystery. SUCK IT, MARY.

- BBC Sherlock shows John Hamish Watson coming up the stairs with groceries more times than it shows him embracing his actual wife. HMMMMMM.

- “We would never do that to John Watson,” with his deduction face on. They.are both in love with john, and he just confirmed it.

- “Oh wbat a niiiiight.” I hate this episode.

"I Have To Study” - a short story

I wanna dedicate this to my good friend, Melissa, who tried to convince me that the man in this story was gay. Turns out, it’s much worse. Love you.

About eight or nine months ago, I was riding on the train, on my way to my boyfriend’s house from work. Sitting across from me is one of the finest men I’ve ever seen IN PERSON. No exaggeration. He’s Mexican, clean-cut, well-dressed. Really pretty brown skin, dark hair kinda like that poofy up-do Bruno Mars used to have. Bushy brows, the way I like! He was wearing this tan trench coat and a serious ass expression on his face, and his hands were in his pockets. Basically looked like he didn’t wanna be bothered. It was sexy though lol. But obviously, I’m just looking because I’m happily taken at this point. 

The next day, when I head to lunch at work, I see the same guy in the cafeteria at my job. I was like what the fuck… is he following me? Lmao. He looked up when I came in but then ignored me completely. I stared at him the entire time until he got up and left, he was just too fine yall. I wish I could post pictures lmao. The next day, I saw him yet again and he was with a group of trainees. So finally it made sense why I saw him on the train and at my job. He was about to start working there *insert Birdman hand rub*. Lol even when I have a man, I can appreciate some eye candy around the workplace even if I have no intentions of trying anything. He worked in the department right next to mine and they were always over in our section so I got to look at him every day. I wasn’t the only one admiring either lol, even an older lady I know said every time he walked past her, she just

So anyway, fast forward to September 14, 2017.

Here’s the scene. It’s my 25th birthday. I’m at work looking cute as fuck. I’m single and tryna mingle. So I decide to go ahead and take a chance and shoot my shot at him. Umm.. we just gone call him Javi because I don’t wanna use his real name. 

So I been noticing lately that this guy I know in my department, we’ll call him Carter, has been hanging around Javi a lot lately. He stops at his desk every time he walks past and always goes to stand with him whenever we all do things as a group. One of my work friends who had an inckling that Carter was gay thought that something might be going on between them. I mean, anything is possible, but I wasn’t gonna assume that just based off of her thoughts. I mean, she thought her own boyfriend was gay when she first met him because he had a lisp. And her only reasoning for thinking Carter was gay was that he takes his shoes off sometimes when he’s sitting at his desk. 

Anyway, I approach Carter and bring up his friendship with Javi and ask how old he is? It turns out he’s way too young for my taste when it comes to dating, and I just say nevermind and walk away. But now Carter’s all in my business trying to find out why I’m curious and saying “I could get his number for you, I got you”. I decline, but of course when he comes back from his break, he has a sticky note with Javi’s name and number on it and hands it to me. Didn’t even tell the guy who I was, just that someone was interested in him. I had no intentions of using it at first cause I thought the shit was kinda creepy, butttttt he did know about it and gave his number up willingly. And in all honesty, I’d still hit even though I wouldn’t seriously date him. So what the hell, right?

So I text him that night and give him my name and he immediately knows who I am, even though we’ve never spoken before. He asked me what was on my mind and I told him straight up that I was really physically attracted to him and I wanted to know if we could be friends, who have sex sometimes lmao. He said we could talk. I’m like…..talk? And he said yeah, how else would anything start. So I’m thinking okay okay, so he’s fucking with it. He wants to make something happen. He said he saw my art that I’d presented at our work talent show that night and he asked to see more of it. And he’s clearly trying to keep the convo going so he must be interested. 

After a while though, I notice that he texts as if he’s writing poetry or bible verses or some shit. Like everything sound deep as fuck. And when I bring it up, he says the bible is his favorite book. I think back to all the times I saw him reading alone at lunch and realize oh..it was the bible. That’s cool or whatever. Then he sends me an actual bible verse. So I’m like “Okay so you’re very religious? Does this mean casual sex is out of the question? Or sex, period? I guess?” And he says “It hurts to say it, but yes. I would prefer to not induldge in that.”


At this point, I’m thinking there’s no way my sex life could get any worse. There’s nothing that can happen that hasn’t already happened. And then I run into a nigga who’s saving himself for marriage. The one I been lusting after for eight months now. If yall know me at all, you know I wasn’t about to just completely give up after that. I was willing to settle for fucking MAKING OUT AND DRY HUMPING if I had to. I could always get intercourse from someone else lol. So I ask about kissing. He says “Haha I can give you a holy kiss, as saying hello”. I’m like no tongue???? What the fuck is happening? Why the fuck wouldn’t he tell me all this in the beginning when I first told him that I wanted to fuck? His response to that was that we wouldn’t be talking now if he had. 

So I just go ahead and let him know we can be cool and everything, but we’re just completely incompatible. I’m still in my hoe phase right now, I’m not trying to do anything but fuck and be friends. And he can’t give me the one thing I want most. Even if I didn’t just want sex, we wouldn’t work in a committed relationship either. I’m like the opposite of what a Christian man should be going after. And that’s coming from one wholesome motherfucker. We text more that night, pretty much just me asking him questions about his religion because I don’t know how all that works. I know Christian people, but obviously not any who takes it as seriously as he does. 

This nigga don’t listen to secular music, watch TV, or do anything for fun really (his words). He just goes to bible study every day, gets haircuts, eat, study, and talk. That’s what he listed as his favorite things to do. And since he’s constantly studying for church in his downtime, he pretty much never hangs out with anybody. He has friends at work but says they don’t hang out because they have different mindsets. He did mention that if I needed physical affection, he could give me a massage. That’s how he shows physical affection. It’s better than intercourse, according to him. But idek how to feel at this point, I was taking in too much information at once lmao. And every time I learned something new, I would think “He can’t be serious” “Am I being punk’d” “This nigga is not fr”. But he told me he wanted to help me with my Spanish, so I figured at least I had that. I really needed someone fluent to practice speaking it with. 

So the whole next week at work, whenever we walk past each other, he can’t help but smile at me and his smile is so pretty that I can’t help but smile back. It was lowkey pissing me off cause it wasn’t fair how fine he is and I can’t even put my hands on him!!!!! I’m sure we looked goofy as hell to everyone around us, steady smirking at each other like we was in on some inside joke nobody else knew about. We ate lunch together once. And we’d text each other in Spanish. He texted me every single day to say good morning and we’d have long convos after work til almost 3am. I found out he’s been looking at me just as long as I’ve been looking at him! He said he notices everything about me… when I change my hair, how I always sit at a desk in the back facing the wall, how I’m always so into my music at work. I never even knew he saw me at all before this. And naturally, all this shit is starting to make me feel mushy and I really did enjoy talking to him, even though I thought he was weird as fuck at first. 

And come to find out, he’s only been living his life this way for the past eight months (yeah, that’s right, eight months) when he really got into the bible more. I’m over here thinking he’s a complete virgin, but he’s had four girlfriends and has had sex before and been intimate in all the ways I WANTED to be intimate with him. Just not the past eight months. And if I allowed him to MASSAGE me, I’d be the first woman he ever did it to. I’m thinking okay… so if he’s never done it before, he has no idea how he’s gonna react to it when it’s actually happening. He’d told me before that he gets nothing out of sex beside some white creamy texture that comes out of him and makes him feel tingly, then he cleans himself and it’s over. Basically said he’d only have sex again to have the little girl he wants. He made it seem like he was really disgusted by it. And you know all my friends were like

They felt like he was into men and just hiding behind his religion. I didn’t know WHAT the fuck was going on. I  just knew he seemed to genuinely be into me and that was unfortunate because I was never gonna get to do him lol. I ain’t gone lie, after he said that shit I thought he might be gay too, but after being around each other more, I started defending him against my friends. Like shit… he just dedicated as fuck to his religion. I personally don’t understand it and wouldn’t wanna live that way, but he says he’s been tremendously happier in the past eight months and your happiness is the only thing that matters when it comes to how you live your life, nobody else’s. So I wasn’t about to try to corrupt him. But yall… he kept bringing up the massages. And Thursday night, the convo almost seemed…. sexual?

He said we can hang out any day as long as it doesn’t interfere with his work and that he was in need of a “rubbing”. He said he wanted us to “exchange rubbings” (LMAO) and that he wanted to give me that physical affection. Then he said it would be in his room or mine. Which threw me off…. cause I’m like ummm… he can massage a woman who’s not his wife alone in his bedroom? Idk, based on the other shit he told me, it didn’t seem like that would be appropriate? But shit, he knows better than me, so if he said it was cool it must be. And when I told him that he makes me blush a lot, he said “Without a touch? What will happen then?” and that I’d be overwhelmed…. and that shit made me think. Is this why tantric sex works so well???? LMAO. (I’ve always been interested in that, btw). 

But moving on. It’s Friday.

I notice he’s not at work that day. I was kinda sad about it cause I looked good as fuck, but whatever lol. When we text that night after I get home at midnight, he says he wants to hear me speak Spanish out loud and tells me to come over.

I’m like NOW??? After midnight??? He said he wanted me to come take a nap with him until he had to wake up at 4am to study for church, then he’d drive me home at 7 when he had to leave the house. Dude. So not only do you want me, a woman you’re not married to, to come over AFTER MIDNIGHT, but you wanna share a bed with me??? Solo???? En tu dormitorio?????!!! lmaooo. Nigga, I was stuffing White Castle in my face at the time, but I bagged that shit up real quick, fast, and in a hurry, took a good shit right quick, and got ready to go LMAOOOO. My friend was texting me saying I needed to gone head and let him put the tip in lol. But I’m like no…. I’m not gonna use this opportunity to try to pressure him. I respect his decision to not have sex til marriage and I enjoyed talking to him every day and didn’t wanna mess that up. Shit, I’m capable of laying next to a man I want and not jump his bones. I actually like when shit moves slow like that, the buildup makes everything better (when sex is actually the end goal). 

So I get all cute. He texts me when he’s outside. He smelling and looking good as fuck, as usual. And this time, he’s way more silly and normal than he is at work, and definitely more normal than he is through text. He was joking around with me the whole time, talking about how he had five aunts sleeping in bunk beds in his basement and I had to say hi to everybody when I got there lmaoo. And he was really laid back and cool as hell. Which just made me like him more. He teased me about turning the air on because I’m always cold. I was like “How would you know I’m always cold?” and he said “I already told you, I notice everything about you.” And I figured he must see me at work walking with my arms crossed trying to stay warm. *sigh*. 

When we get there, his room is fucking spotless as fuck. I was silently thanking God, ya’ll know I hate a man who lives dirty and Javi is only the second guy I’ve met who actually keeps his shit clean. I just sat down on the bed and he went and got us both some water, then he turned Netflix on this hugeeee fucking wide screen tv that was mounted on the wall. He had to go find the wifi password and shit cause he doesn’t actually use it because he doesn’t watch TV?? Idk why he has the biggest TV on earth in front of his bed then?? But whatever.

He had a nice BIG comfortable bed too, and he laid down sideways on my legs while I laid with my head against the headboard and we turned on The Office. Everything was going so chill…. we were laughing, talking, enjoying each other…. he touches my hands, asking me to rub his back and shit… ummhmmm… then he started to say something but stopped himself. And started mumbling. I’m like spit it out! He said he couldn’t if he wanted this space to stay holy and pure, and he knew what he was tryna say but it was about what was right and what was wrong. I said that’s fine, I’m not gonna try to persuade you to do anything you don’t wanna do. A little while later he was asking if I ever thought I would be there (I’m guessing with him, in his bed) and I said nope… it escalated quickly. And he agreed and said “a lot more could happen right now if we wanted it to…… but I can’t”. And once again I said I wasn’t gonna pressure him and didn’t wanna corrupt him. 

His dick was hard, I could tell cause he had these skinny ass jeans on before he laid down. And he took a pillow and said he was gonna sleep with it between his legs, tryna hide it and shit. He was telling me not to sleep on my side cause then he would have to come behind me. He took his shirt off. He said some more shit about where things could go at any moment and I asked him why he keeps talking about it if he doesn’t want it to happen?? Just going on and on and on. You wanna fuck or nah?? I would been down either way, but I needed him to make up his damn mind lmaobs. Then suddenly, this nigga jumps out of bed quick as fuck, turns the light on, starts putting a shirt on and I’m like what are you doing…. and he says he’s gonna take me home. WTF.

He was mumbling a bunch of shit….all I caught was “I guess this is my way of apologizing” but I didn’t care about what he was saying. I was just like whatever… put my shoes on and grabbed my bag. He was obviously confused about what he wanted. I knew this shit would happen. I don’t even know why I went. He was way too confident in his abilities to avoid temptation and talking about how only people with no equanimity allowed themselves to be tempted. So while we in the car, the convo went like this:

Me: Are you taking me home because you’re scared you might try something? 

Him: Why would I be scared, if I wanted to try something I would have done it 

Me: Then why are you taking me home?

Him: I have to study

Me: Okay but you were gonna study and take me home at 7am so what’s the problem?”

Him: I have to study

And that’s when I got mad and let him talk to himself for the rest of the ride home. I couldn’t believe this shit. I was gone for only two hours. I decided I was gonna leave him alone because he obviously needs to get his thoughts together on what he wants to do. It was all on him…. HE asked me to come over, HE asked me to share a bed with him, HE was the one all over me in bed and saying suggestive things, I was just going with the flow. Yeah, he was looking good as fuck and he thick as hell and his ass was looking extra grippable, but I didn’t try anything, didn’t even flirt. I was being respectful as fuck. I wasn’t gonna be the one he blamed for making him stray away from God or whatever the fuck lmao. So that has been my week. It’s the afternoon the next day now and I woke up thinking about this shit because his scent is still on me  *eyeroll*


Did I mention that I legit died at this scene?!  

Okay, so I’m not a huge die-hard give-my-life-for-it Jonerys shipper, mainly because I’m always just so caught up in the action of it all - the wars, the suspense, the chase scenes, the White Walkers- that I can barely focus on the romance in the plot (except for the Jamie-Brienne scenes! Man, that is one ship I will sure as hell go down with).

So yeah, amidst all the gory action sequences and the killing and the blood and the dragons and the Others, love pretty much takes a backseat, ironically like Jon Snow himself:

But this scene! It blew my mind! Those puppy dog eyes every time he looked at Dany were already melting my heart:

But this scene took it to the next freaking level and how!

The best part was how simple the gesture was. It wasn’t overly romantic, or sexual, it was just him guiding her to the drawing. But the way he takes her elbow, that gentleness as if she’s the most fragile thing he’s ever handled, that ligh yet firm touch which spoke millions in volume about how protective he can be towards those he loves, and that look he gives her while she is so enthralled by the mystery of what is to come.

It was at this scene, that quiet chemistry between them, that lovey-dovey look in his eyes, which made me sit up and go like..Damn, I want them together now.

And I know that this ship will either a) end up in flames or even worse (the whole Azor Ahai angle) or b) is too predictable and that is not GoT. But no matter whether it becomes canon or not, Jonerys will always be the perfect ship for me.

moment of silence for the missed opportunities in once more with feeling without cordelia, oz and faith

  • faith expecting herself to have some hardcore rock ballad if anything but it ends up being a slow, sad ballad about craving acceptance and validation and the whole time she’s trying to shut herself up through various techniques like holding her hands over her face and sticking her face underwater but she won’t stop fucking sINGING
  • cordelia is getting SO impatient waiting for her bursting-into-song moment that she just starts singing everything without needing to. when she Finally gets her moment and the music starts swelling for her, she coughs, and realizes she’s lost her voice. fu ck.
  • oz. my man oz. it doesn’t affect him but no one else seems to notice?? and every time there’s a group number when the camera focuses on him it just goes Dead Silent. no singing. every scene, every song– he just looks into the camera like he’s on the office.

awaybacktothen  asked:

hi i need you to ramble about LotS in your very special karen way okay thanks :D


Right off the bat, they got the formula right with Legend of the Seeker. I remember seeing an advert for it when I was in college, telling me to watch the first episode on ABC. And I was like “What. Is. This. Corny. Freaking. Fantasy. Show? SO. MANY. HOT. PEOPLE. I CANNOT MISS THIS.” 

So I sat down all by myself, ready to have a blast and laugh, and maybe not ever watch it again. And an hour later, I was like …. shaking …. it was that perfect.

Because, listen. Not only are most of the characters hot (yeah I’m shallow, fuck off I’m allowed), the creators of the show understand that fantasy fans are male, female, gay, lesbian, bi, and all the colors of the damn rainbow, from all walks of life, and they give us SO. MUCH. TO. LOOK. AT. 

But there’s that age-old cheesy fantasy element to it, with the melodramatic dialogue here and there, and the cheesy special affects that are the perfect balance, because it’s just a smidgeon better than Syfy Original Movies, but not SO good that it’s not a real fantasy show. AND it’s filmed in New Zealand, so the setting is SO GORGEOUS and perfect, but also they actually hire a bunch of actors who aren’t just white New Zealanders but also Māori folks, and they all struggle so much with the American accent that it just ADDS TO THE PERFECTION AND ENJOYMENT. 

And the heroes of the show get EQUAL. TIME. Richard Cypher is your typical farmboy who is actually THE SEEKER–the one and only savior of the New World and the Old World–and nobody ever told him he was adopted and actually all powerful–he never asked for any of it, but he embraces it and stumbles through it all the same, making mistakes, letting his altruism take control and effing things up sometimes in a way that makes you go (rolls eyes) RICHARRRRRRRD. And he is fucking HOT. Like, hot DAMN that body. And the pilot OPENS with that man chopping wood shirtless. Like, WAY TO KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC, SHOW. YAS. 

And then Kahlan Amnell is just…the most AMAZINGLY radical female fantasy character. She is a Confessor and INCREDIBLY powerful–sworn by ancient laws to be the protector of the Seeker, just as generations of Confessors before her have been, and she has the power to make you do or say anything she wants you to…at a cost. And oh my God the ANGST of it is so beautiful, because they basically become her slave and it’s really upsetting and sad because death is the only way to break the spell, so she deals with guilt and responsibility ALL THE TIME. But also she is HOT and she fights with her long black hair all out and the show makes sure to make everything all slow motion so that EVERY EPISODE has at least two or three scenes of the PUREST HAIR PORN. ALSO she wears this stunning-ass white flowing dress with bitchin’ sleeves so you get a lot of white dress and sleeve porn too.

And then there’s Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, an all powerful old man WEIRD-LOOKING wizard who’s been protecting Richard as he grew up in his foster home, safe from the powers of evil, pretending to be the crazy naked man who keeps chickens. SERIOUSLY. THAT’S WHAT HE DOES. HE’S THE CRAZY NAKED CHICKEN MAN. BUT ACTUALLY THE MOST POWERFUL WIZARD EVER AHAHAHA! And he’s absolutely hilarious and grumpy sometimes, but also such a sappy old man with a heart of gold, and he loves to eat food even though he’s super tall and skinny.

The three of them travel around and fight against Darken Rahl who is ALSO KINDA HOT BY HIS OWN RIGHT even if his hair is icky kinda … The Seeker is supposed to defeat Darken Rahl and save the people from his evilness and his evil D’Haran army. 

And the romance with Richard and Kahlan will IMMEDIATELY drown you. YOU WILL DROWN. And if you aren’t into hetero-love, there are the Mord-Sith who are basically an army of tight leather wearing torturess women warriors who are part of Darken Rahl’s army. And because they’re a bad ass order of women warriors, a few of them are sexually fluid. And it isn’t even male-gaze-y. Like, one of the Mord-Sith who becomes a regular character in season 2, Cara–I’LL GET TO CARA–is unashamedly and unabashedly bisexual. She has relationships with women and men in the show. But Cara. is. so. amazing. Such depth and inner angst and viciousness but she’s soft putty deep down … like if Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn-99 actually acted on the torturous threats she makes (and acted on her bisexuality AMIRIGHT???????) … HER EYE ROLLS ARE THE STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF. SERIOUSLY.

But the plot is just GREAT. We see them saving lives and stopping to help people, making mistakes, having to deal with their own inner demons…everything is just so beautiful. And the angst is GREAT. And it’s legitimately FUNNY sometimes, and heartwarming other times. And it hurts sometimes and feels really good other times.

There are so many orders of women who are leaders, sorceresses, fighters … they have so much depth, too. They aren’t just the stereotypical “damsel in distress”, nor are they the stereotypical “STRONG WOMAN” …. Even women who are generally just villagers have moments in which they rise to the occasion to do what’s right and there’s just so much awesome strength and depth in even side characters who are women.

The show was on network TV, but still dealt with sexuality in such an open, normative way … not just by showing bisexual characters and same sex relationships, but also by unabashedly addressing sex and even playing with sex/pain/torture with the Mord-Sith. Like ….. holy shit.

I’ll forever be upset and bitter that Legend of the Seeker was only allowed 44 episodes. Fuck ABC and fuck folks who thought it was a stupid cheesy show and didn’t turn it on when it first aired. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED THIS SHOW DESERVED BETTER. THE FANS DESERVED MORE.

But I’ll cherish every single one of those 44 episodes because they’re PERFECT, flaws and all. The flaws are part of its charm.

Seriously, y’all. Turn on Legend of the Seeker. 

Peter’s favorite Disney movie is definitely Mulan

There’s just something about being masculine, having a secret identity, all the gay and bi undertones, going out to fight in order to protect the people you love, and trying to win over approval and pride from those you look up to that really resonates within him.

In addition:

  • Peter feels his relationship with Tony through Mulan and Shang during I’ll Make a Man Out of You.
  • A Girl Worth Fighting For also totally makes him think of MJ.
  • The scene where Shang didn’t kill Mulan even though it was the punishment for the crime she broke when she was discovered in the army and Shang told her “A life for a life. My debt is repaid.” now eerily reminds him of what the Vulture said to him before dropping him off at Homecoming.
  • The scene where Shang finds the General’s, AKA his father’s, helmet at the destroyed village hit Peter really hard when watching Mulan again for the first time after Ben’s death
  • (The scene where Mulan came back home with her family’s honor restored and her father just hugged her because all he cared about was that she returned safely from danger also now makes Peter cry a bit harder after he became Spider-Man)
  • Peter once said May reminds him of Mulan’s grandmother and now May won’t let it go and continues to embarrass him over it, such as: the time Peter invited MJ to stay for dinner and May invited her to stay forever; every time she and Peter walk past an attractive looking man and May would whisper to Peter “Sign me up for the next war!”; and every time they met an especially unpleasant person May would say “Who spit in her bean curd?” (Even though May jokingly does it to embarrass Peter, they both have a great time quoting Grandmother Fa)
  • Peter also likes to think of Ned as Mushu because he’s basically his guardian that’s always there for him, looking out for him, and helping him out. Ned’s hilarious and confident just like Mushu
  • Peter once tried to cheat like Mulan when he was younger by writing notes on his forearm but it went about as well for him as it did for her
  • He also dramatically sang Reflection while looking at his Spider-Man mask one time
  • (He overall jams out to the soundtrack all the time really)
  • Peter’s also impersonated Fa Zhou and Mulan’s bit where they hold the sword in front of their face and turn it countless times
  • When he was younger and went as Mulan for Halloween, he didn’t dress in her traditional Disney Princess look, no. He went as Mulan as Ping because it was what felt right to him and Ben and May were completely supportive of him
  • (When Peter got older and really realized he was trans, he also finally understood Mulan going “I see you have a sword. I have one too. They’re very manly and… tough.” when she was practicing being a man)
  • At the end of every long or bad day, Peter’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle up with Ned, May, and MJ and watch Mulan
Steve Harrington Analysis

Or, in other words, all the little under-appreciated and overlooked things that Steve did that prove he’s already a better person than the “rich, popular, playboy” stereotype makes him out to be even before his redemption arc (plus those aspects, too).

Note: This in no way is meant to drag down any other characters (except for Tommy and Carol they can choke but I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement on that). I love Jonathan so so much and if anything said about him in here sounds offensive, it was not my intention. He, like Steve, is still growing and maturing so they’re both bound to make mistakes along the way (which they both have). This analysis is just to simply highlight some of Steve’s moments that show he isn’t just a one-dimensional character since some people in this fandom dislike him and only focus on his negatives. Ok, anyway, here we go… 

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ash and smoke - bughead (1/?)

summary:  A civil war is brewing between the north and south sides of Riverdale, being fueled by none other than the mayor Hal Cooper. When Betty meets the mysterious Southside Serpent Jughead Jones at a party, the revolution is only just sparking. It isn’t until the town is burning to ash around them that they confess their love, but by then it might just be too late.

excerpt: “He’s bad news Betty, probably just as bad as his dad,” Cheryl finished, turning back towards the road.

“Well then, thank God we’re never going to see any of those Serpents again,” Veronica sighed. “I haven’t seen people that drunk since I was back in New York.”

“Yeah,” Betty said softly, her mind still lingering on Jughead Jones’s eyes.

author’s note: hello, I’m back! unfortunately, I do not think I’ll be continuing Out Of My Leauge for a while, therefore putting it on indefinite hiatus. but this fic is one that I’ve been thinking about starting for a while, especially after ep 13 with Jughead and the Serpents. hope you enjoy this fic as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

ao3 link


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Enduring: Chapter 1

The Day Everything Changed

Miraculous Big Bang 2017

AO3 | FF.net | Chapter 2 | Fic Master Post

Author: @overworkedunderwhelmed

Beta Reader: @orangepocketsm8

Responder:  @bastet-thewritingcat  | Complications Response Fic

Extra Logic and Consistency Checking Support: @enberlight

Adrien groaned. The acrid smell of smoke burnt his nostrils as he struggled to get his eyes open. He wasn’t usually so tired even mid-battle.

He didn’t usually hurt so much.

His hand – and it was a hand, with carefully manicured fingernails and not his familiar claws – grasped onto the equally familiar jacket lapels.

Struggling to focus, Adrien’s fingers gripped the soft wool. He’d frowned at the familiar, expensive material, registering the higher quality feel to the fabric. It was not something he’d expect on someone rescuing people from a battle zone.

Fleetingly he’d wondered if it might be his father’s suit jacket, as he struggled to open his eyes. But that just wasn’t possible. Why would his father be out of the house, in the middle of a battle?

Dimly, Adrien registered the muffled din of sirens and voices echoing above his ear.

He panicked, trying to find Ladybug. He might be okay, but where had she gone?

Was she still back in the building?

Reaching out blindly, scrambling against the grip. “No.”

He whimpered as he was restrained. Something was wrong.

He should be stronger than this.

He shouldn’t be anywhere else but at her side.

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anonymous asked:

Why would he go for the boobs with geneva and not with Claire. That’s beyond me

I can’t believe anyone is still hung up on this topic. Different directors first of all. Printshop had a female one who paid more attention to the little details like their hands touching and their facial expressions. The Geneva scene was pure gratuitous sex with no feelings, emotions or chemistry that was very obviously directed by a man. So Jamie licked her boobs. Big fucking deal. I’d take Jamie and Claire just looking at each other every episode over that pantomime performance any day of the week. Please let it go. Please. Otherwise I really will block people. It’s beyond tiresome at this point. Girl is six feet under the ground and Jamie is back with the love of his life who he gets to pleasure until the end of time. Geneva doesn’t exist to him anymore.


Lucien 💖💖💖

I love this movie to pieces, it is one of my favourite Norman films and performances. Lucien is such a great character and Norman plays him to perfection. I love his relationship with Joan and how he can’t quite commit to giving her what she wants. His reaction to her death at the end is 💔 When he tells Joan and William about Dave’s death is a great scene too.
He looks just too beautiful in this movie, playing the man everyone in it loves in some form or another 😍 Every time I shout Joan just go with him at the end!!
Must have film in your Norman collection.


anonymous asked:

LAST BABIES REQUEST AND NOT AS DEPRESSING if possible, a scenario/reaction with zoro, Sanji, killer, kid, luffy, and ace with their toddler/child/infant and s/o walks in on it :0

(After that last one I’m glad this is way happier. I had something similar to this for Sanji already done, but I’m doing it again because it’s a cute scenario. If you want to read the other one, it’s here.)

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Spoilers for gotham Queen takes Knight

Oh god, okay I started watching and I just. We all agree Sofia ordered the hit on her father right? Oh, my stomach is just doing flips! I wish I could speed through this episode faster.

But also like, Barbara in that one scene wirh falcone. I completely forgot he kidnapped her that one time.

And Oswald, what are you doing makong a scene in a church, you realise every one is looking at you, I thought you were better at faking pleasantries. NOW WOULD BE THE TIME HONEY

And Zsasz, I mean, I’m getting that Falcone was like his father figure, and he’s emotional, but I just can’t see how he would believe Oswald did that.

And Jim, my man, my dude. You are falling right into Sofia’s trap, and now I think you are more so willfully diving head first into said trap.

Oh my god, my stomachs doing flips, I wish my laundry would hurry up so I can get back to my room and get this over with.

Family Dinner

PAIRINGS: Rivamika, Eremin
SETTING: Modern Day AU. Continuation to Cover Me (can be read as a stand alone) Mikasa and Eren try really hard to make everything right at the dinner. Grisha is being difficult again.

Eren knew how the family dinner could turn out…venomous comments from Zeke who pushed him too hard on trying to be a great athlete like he was, his father complaining about how he just wasn’t good enough and his mother trying to hide her face from all the shame she was going through. 

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Highlights from previous IE Walker

-Mo says choice B for Gouenji’s uniform look like the package of an eraser, and his voice actor laments now that’s all he can see.
-The technical difficulties were caused due to a yokai.
-Tenma with straight hair looks like a broke college student
-Fans told Mo her hairstyle looks like Kabeyama and Tenma’s while straight
-According to Hino and Mo, Tsurugi is a tsundere. Tsuntsun in the first half and Deredere in the second half.
-While watching the first episode of GO every time a scene with Ishido Shuuji came, Gouenji’s VA was like, WHO ON EARTH COUD THAT MYSTERY MAN BE I WONDER HMM~

I’m weeks behind, but if people would like commentary of the full episode let me know. It wasn’t super interesting apart from what happened above in my opinion though…

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just watched big hero six (again) and am literally sobbing because TADASHI SHOULDNT HAVE GONE INTO THE FIRE and was curious if I could put in a Hiro x reader request with Tadashi in it where the reader chan goes to SFIT and Hiro likes her and Tadashi knows cuz it's obvious and messes with him about it. Please and thank you! Love You and your blog XOXOX (friggin Tadashi man)

I know, right? It’s like you’re torturing yourself every time you watch that scene! Anyways, this prompt came super easily to me. I always enjoy writing about the interactions between the two brothers, they’re so funny together!


The younger Hamada boy looks over his shoulder when he hears Tadashi calling his name.  Hiro spots him across the room by the blue doors to the main lab space. Hiro shakes his head in amusement as he begins to walk over, vaguely listening to Fred’s nonsense about an invisible sandwich.

Tadashi pushes the door open wider and is about to exit, when someone shows up on the other side, trying to get in.  “Oh, sorry,” Tadashi apologizes, stepping out of the way as he holds the door open.
You suddenly step through, holding a cardboard box that seems slightly too heavy for you. Hiro finds himself gawking, shocked to find someone so young on a college campus. You smile gratefully up at Tadashi, “Thanks.” You take another step into the room and pause when you notice Hiro. “Oh, hello,” you greet.

Hiro gapes at you, not even realizing that you said something.  

You give him a sweet smile, “I like your shirt,” you compliment before turning to walk around him and continuing on to your destination.

Hiro follows you with his eyes.  It’s not until Tadashi nudges him in the side that Hiro finally snaps out of it. “Who was that?” He asks, slightly dazed as he follows his older brother down the hall.

Tadashi smirks to himself. “That’s (Name). She’s part of the ExSEL program. It stands for Exemplary Students for Educational Leadership. She’s a high school junior who is taking her last two years of high school here at SFIT.  Every year, the program takes in 30 students, she’s one of them. I tried to get you to apply for the program, remember that?” Tadashi pushes open the door to his private lab space and Hiro follows behind.

“No… So she’s still in high school, but she goes to college?” Hiro asks, trying to wrap his mind around this.

“She has her own classes that are different from the rest of ours, but yeah, that’s basically it.”

“Do you know how old she is?” Hiro asks curiously.

Tadashi crosses his arms and smirks openly down at his baby brother. “You like her, don’t you?”

His eyes go wide, and his cheeks tint, “What?  No!  I haven’t even talked to her, how could I like her?!”

Tadashi laughs, “Maybe if you weren’t too busy drooling all over her, you would have been able to talk to her.”

Hiro glares, “I wasn’t drooling!”

Tadashi continues to laugh, loving this way too much.  “It’s okay, Little Bro.  It was bound to happen sometime!”  He reaches out and messes with Hiro’s shaggy hair.

Hiro knocks his hand away and tries to straighten his hair back out, “What was?”

“You getting your first crush.”

Hiro blushes even more, “Would you shut up!  It’s not a crush!”

“You know, I think she’d be good for you.  She’s actually really nice, and you’re not, so… maybe she can rub off on you.”

Hiro punches Tadashi in the arm, but the older Hamada only laughs harder. “Just drop it, Tadashi, before I take your moped and leave you here!”

Tadashi’s laughter begins to die down, “Alright.  Let me show you what I’ve been working on,” he says, turning around to hide his smirk.  So far his plan for bringing Hiro here was going along perfectly.

Kamen Rider PTSD (Rider Themes part 1)

Warning, slight spoilers for the shows, but I will keep the major ones behind the cut.

There are many recurring themes in Kamen Rider shows, and they are each handled quite differently even though they share many common beats. I will go through all the Heisei riders, comparing some of the main themes of the shows. I will start with the theme of dealing with past and present trauma, a trio of shows I like to sum up as:

Kamen Rider PTSD: Kuuga, Wizard and OOO

  • Godai is getting there. Haruto is there. Eiji is getting himself out of there. 


At the start of Kamen Rider Kuuga, the Godai the show lets us see is a well-adapted young man. Sure, there are the usual background traumas to help us understand why someone would take it upon themselves to become a Kamen Rider, but they are all in the past. His parents might be dead, but he’s got a loving sister and an adoptive uncle, and friends that care about him. He has a teacher he made proud, and while there’s obviously something in him that doesn’t take well to routine since he keeps travelling, people in general trust him. Even Ichijou thaws up eventually, though he thinks that Godai takes fighting spider monsters while transformed into an ancient warrior far too lightly.

So what happens when the pressure keeps piling on? Kuuga is the first of the Heisei Rider shows, and in a way it seems to be created as a comment on Kamen Rider Black. They both have classic heroic protagonists being put through hell to save the world, but while Minami Kotaro clenches his fists and moves on, even when he’s put through horrors like watching his father die and having to fight his brother to the death, Yuusuke Godai has more issues with the role as hero. Oh, as the show progresses he keeps smiling and making his famous thumbs up, but when nobody is watching the mask starts slipping.

The pictures on the top and bottom respectively, were both taken within the same episodes. The ones on the left are Godai’s face when people are watching him, the one on the right when they look away. The smile disappears immediately. He starts getting the 1000 yard stare. Eventually the moments he manages to muster a smile and a happy face becomes so few and false that the other characters starts noticing as well. But they can’t do anything but worry, because in the end, they need him. They need him to fight. Not to be happy. And everybody in the show is aware of that.

Godai will protect everybody’s smiles, even if his own turns false in the process.


Haruto Soma on the other hand, had his trauma before Kamen Rider Wizard even begun. His parents died when he was young, but unlike with Godai, we get to see that this really broke something inside him. He is still alive because his parents wanted him to live. It is pointed out many times that he is the hope of his dying parents, and growing up and gaining powers has just meant that he has expanded this to be the hope for other people as well.

As the show progresses we get to peek beneath the surface of the suave Wizard, and we get to see that he’s really just as broken as the people that he saves, he just keeps moving out of duty and stubbornness. He saves people, and they stick around to try to get through and try to help, but deep down his only connection is still Koyomi, who is as broken as he is.

It is what comes after this picture that is so important. His now middle-aged teacher asks the adult Haruto whether he can talk to him now. He would like to help and give some hope to his favourite student. Haruto hesitates, says “thank you, but…”  and then the scene is interrupted. The look on Haruto’s face is a sad but resigned one. We never get to hear whether he would be ready to open up now instead of soldiering on alone, but we get the impression that he’s not ready to. Not yet.

In a weird way, the donuts really symbolize the show. Every day he’s tempted by the manager of the donut wagon to try new things, she keeps going out of her way to make donuts that might appeal to the sad but handsome man. And yet, every single time, Haruto picks a plain sugar one. Routine. Simple. Safe. He doesn’t try anything new because there’s nothing that he really wants. Not for a long time. He just goes through the motions because he would disappoint his dead parents otherwise.

Haruto is the last hope for so many people, and yet he lost his own so long ago.


If Godai is in the process of being broken, and Haruto is living in the middle of it, Eiji Hino is starting to heal. When we meet him at the start of Kamen Rider OOO he’s much like Godai and Haruto, a goofy, charming young man that doesn’t ask much of life. He doesn’t really want anything, he’s traumatized and has flashbacks when he’s reminded of the war that he was involved in.

Eiji’s story is a story about desire, about the fact that wanting nothing is as destructive as wanting everything. Very similar to Godai, once upon a time he was out in the world doing good, but all he did was make things worse. People died, and he is convinced that it was his fault. Far better to never be important ever again, and pretend that life is just there, nothing special to it at all. But he is pulled back in and forced to care. People around him doesn’t let him hide behind that false smile, they pry and dig and force the truth out.

During the show we see Eiji confronting his fears one by one, slowly letting himself hope, letting himself want. He still suffers flashbacks, but he is moving on. Little by little, with the help of his friends, he conquers his trauma and makes himself into a new man. Not the one he was, that innocence is lost forever, but someone new. Someone that can not only pretend to smile, like Godai. Someone that can not only endure for the sake of others, like Haruto. But someone that can live for their own sake, with their own hopes and their own dreams.

Eiji is the one that finally manages to reach out for that hand in the end.

So, in a way, these three shows ties together one personal story. Eiji and Haruto has been where Godai is when Kuuga ends, and one can hope that Godai and Haruto will one day get to move on in the way that Eiji finally manages to do.

BIG Spoilers for the end of all three shows:

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Leverage Meme| Favorite Scenes
↳[1/5] “Let’s go get Sophie.”

Hardison: She is very awful.
Parker: Is she injured? In the head?
Eliot: Seriously man, this is the worst actress I’ve ever seen.
Nate: This is not her stage.