My favorite things from Catalyst:
  • The sky in the very first shot—seriously, that was beautiful
  • Mr. Damocles being the owl again!!!
  • The fact that Hawkmoth actually had a really clever plan this time
  • The illusion fight on top of the giant balloons—it was epic even if it didn’t actually happen
  • The moment just made for the “Thanos got another one” memes
  • Everyone who just stared down the akumas
  • Nora saying “fear is afraid of me”, which is quite possibly the most badass thing to happen on the entire show
  • The frickin’ Vanisher sequence
  • Plagg being a hero
  • The guitar theme when Ladybug and Chat Noir showed up
  • Nino’s elaborate fistbump with Wayzz
  • The fact that Chloé has a bee signal specifically to passive-aggressively tell Ladybug to bring her the Bee Miraculous
  • Everything about the dynamic between Rena Rouge and Carapace

It’s all about the hips

have you ever seen a man so perfect

have you ever seen a man so delicate

have you ever seen a man so ethereal

have you ever seen a man so beautiful

have you ever seen a man so graceful

have you ever seen a man so tender

have you ever seen a man so kind

have you ever seen a man so lovely

have you ever seen jeon wonwoo


Clint floats up from dreaming to the gentle tugging of fingers through his hair and he smiles before he’s even conscious of it, wakes up with it already on his face. He’s draped over Bucky, one of his legs hanging off the couch and the other nestled warmly between Bucky’s thighs, his face resting against the warmth of Bucky’s chest and stubble burn on his forehead. 

“Hey, I love you,” he slurs, inelegant because he refuses to moves his head enough to articulate, makes a pathetic protesting noise when Bucky’s fingers still in his hair.

“You still dreaming, sweetheart?” he asks, all soft and low, and Clint turns his head just enough to press a kiss against the soft skin of Bucky’s throat. 

“No,” he says, decisive, sure, and he levers himself up just enough to watch the slow dawn of a smile on Bucky’s tired face. 

“Maybe I am, then,” he says.