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in case you little cules didn't know madrid won it's 4th title of the year today, congrats on cordoba tho

Congrats! I noticed!

But seriously, go and celebrate with your fans. Enjoy it. Why would it even be on your mind to worry about messaging blogs who aren’t even talking about your club?

Covet | Erika & Sabrina

Team Rocket HQ was abuzz with activity. And, no, it wasn’t the normal sort of activity that one would expect from a criminal organization. Today was a special day. Oh, the Rocket Executive could tell just by all the chats and excitement radiating from those that lingered instead of doing their missions. Oh, she was going to give them a field day. It might have been March 14, but it didn’t mean that her White Day could start until they were finished–and she was promised something special for today.

(‘Don’t be too harsh on them, Sabrina.’ Kadabra chided.

'They’ll survive.’)

And after a few hours of screaming and terror, her job was done for the day. She’d even received a few things she could swap for spare change. With a quick message of her departure (who returned the message with a 'have fun’), she glanced at the time, inwardly wincing at how long it had taken her. She was already late for Erika’s surprise. There’s no helping it, she thought before teleporting over.

And she’d been right.

“You’re here early,” she commented as she combed a hand through her hair. It would be the closest thing she would ever say to apologize for being late, and it was easy to tell that she had rushed to get there.

The Rocket Executive was still in her uniform which had changed over the years. (A white, short sleeved blouse with a long collar covered by a red scarf. The bright red letter adorned its very center. It hid away a dark, long sleeved top that seemed almost connected to her white gloves. This along with the her pants were dark, skin-tight material meant to survive most situations–it was a dangerous job. Finishing it off was her equally dark boots.) Another thing to note was how dirty her clothes were. The usually brilliant white blouse was littered with dust. There was even some on her face. For someone who held such pride in her appearance, it seemed that something or someone was more important that that at the moment. 

“It … was a busy day.” She explained, knowing just how she must have looked. Anything further than that would be difficult to explain.

[BTW: I imagine Sabrina meeting Erika’s father to end up like this. Coincidentally, its the song I’ve been listening to for this thread.]