Monsta X Reacts --

to giving you a piggyback ride! 

anon nymph wished– A reaction to monsta x giving you a piggyback ride? Or you can make it shownu scenario if you like it better:)

Shownu– shy but willing to please, this blushing giant baby would do anything to make you happy even if it means embarrassing the hell out of him. No need to beg or plead, you’ll get what you want in a heart beat. Piggyback rides included!

Wonho– oh so obnoxious and would very much enjoy himself every second your arm’s tighten around his neck as he spins you around faster and faster. Wonho would be the one to do anything and everything to have you clinging to him in every way. 

Kihyun– Unsure of himself not wanting to hurt you in any way, Kihyun would be the gentlest of them all. The one that would make sure you were comfortable on his back, that he wasn’t touching you in ways that you didn’t want him too. This kind hearted babe would have you as the diamond of his eye and would treat with care as he should.

Hyungwon– a piggy back ride? Are you sure? He would constantly ask, but never really giving in. Hyungwon would be the one to let you grasp at him, climb on him maybe, he might even lift you off your feet in a hug so engulfing you’ll lose your breath for a moment, but he always wants his eyes on you. 

Minhyuk– Playful, lovable, and full of ideas that you can’t keep up with, Minhyuk would be the one to crawl on all four’s suddenly while you were on his back, in a successful attempt to make you laugh as he acts as your playful puppy. But don’t let that innocent act fool you, he’s just trying to throw you off your game. 

Jooheon– Much like Hyungwon, all though maybe for different reasons entirely, Jooheon wouldn’t be fond of carrying you on his back. Legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck as he stares into your eyes is more of his preference. 

Changkyun– A mixture of things this one is - playful and loveable, but also obnoxious and handsy. Changkyun may have started things off as an innocent game but this teasing one would have his hands on your thighs at all times, finding ways to make sure you clung to him at every moment. 

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Just curious but did the idea of Viktor trying to sabotage Yuuri by claiming he was doping seem more suspicious because of the accident at the warm-up a few years ago? I could image some people get the impression that Viktor is desperately trying to stop Yuuri in every way possible, even if it means going as far as hurting him or accusing him of taking drugs

There are definitely a few conspiracy theories floating around the internet but people saw the way that Viktor reacted to both of the incidents and it definitely wasn’t the reaction of someone who had intentionally sabotaged an opponent 

This is such a mess of a rant - I'm sorry lmaoo

I love the idea of Daryl and Jesus being a thing, but I have to be realistic here. The show is loved by many, and Daryl is a fan favourite - especially by women - so making Daryl gay or any part lgbt+ would definitely hurt the show and their views. The show would get so much hate. Some people might even boycott/petition for the show to be cancelled/ or riot because their fan favourite Daryl ‘heartthrob’ Dixon is lgbt+.

Now, before Jesus came along, I was a Caryl shipper. I still believe this will be the most likely of ships that include Daryl to become canon.
Rickyl - definitely not, because there’s Richonne, but if rickyl is just a friendship ship then that’s cool.
Bethyl - I mean, c'mon. I liked the idea of Beth coming back but that’s just not realistic.

And now… My beloved Desus. I don’t think desus will become canon, and if it does i give everyone here the permission to fucking circle around me and shank me to death. But realistic no, it won’t become canon and that makes me sad. It’s not really the fact that it won’t become canon… It’s the reasons why it won’t become canon - the show gaining money off of Daryl/Norman because of him being a fan favourite and the subtle or not so subtle homophobia.
There will be a lot of backlash and homophobic remarks made towards the show and most likely Norman and Tom. Also, the show makes so much money off of Daryl merch, and most of that merch is aimed towards women.

But, I still love Desus and I always will.

Side note: richonne and caryl in last nights ep were on point 👌


there are so many things wrong with this.

“this is NOT how we act” you mean calling someone out? cause it sure af is how I act. you don’t get to do something completely morally repugnant and not have to face the consequences because they hurt your feelings.

Mark’s fandom is not the “best on youtube”. it is one of the nicer ones, true, but it isn’t the best on YT. I still argue HarshyCritical is far better, and will continue to stand by that. he has shown me time and time again that he’s not afraid to get real with his viewers, even when it isn’t funny, and calls out things that need to be called out.

and tbph, if what brakes your heart is a minority speaking out, that’s a you problem, not a me problem.

because yes, this is how I want to be treated. if I fucked up as badly as Mark did, I would want to be called out in a way that’s simple and to the point.

because you see, I don’t do the whole “name calling” thing. I don’t attack someone’s character or personhood because if their words are bad enough, they can stand on their own. it is only when the person cannot attack the argument that they resort to personal insults, and I refuse to cross that line.

if you’re a terrible person, or did a terrible thing, I don’t need to call you names. you are a terrible person or did a terrible thing, and calling you out is perfectly within my rights, just like calling me out is perfectly within everyone else’s.

the only difference here is unlike Mark, I listen to what people are telling me. if someone came to me and said I fucked up, I would own it and apologize, not dig my heels in and insist everyone just doesn’t understand what I’m saying.

“I know that the jokes Felix made were bad but” right there, you just invalidated your statement. everyone knows when you add a “but”, what you’re really saying is “I don’t believe what I just said”, or at the least, you believe that whatever comes after that “but” is worse than what came before it, meaning you believe people “disrespecting” Felix is worse than him joking about genocide.

now, until you gain a decent moral compass, keep your opinions to yourself.

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How would the brothers react to bumping accidentally into the heroine and giving her a bloody nose? Thank you!!!

Admin Mawile: (〃⌒∇⌒)

Shuu: More like you tripped over him and hurt yourself. He doesn’t move, even if the smell of fresh blood is a little enticing. 

Reiji: He berates you for not watching where you were going, and making a mess all over his carpet. 

Ayato: Since you bled all over him, you’re obviously asking to get bitten. It’s what you get for tempting him. 

Kanato: He yells at you for running into him, and claims to have to punish you for being mean to him and getting in his way. 

Laito: Somehow, you land in a rather suggestive position, and, of course, he takes the opportunity to have some fun with you. 

Subaru: He yells at you for getting in his way, but roughly yanks you to your feet in the middle of the rant. Helpful. Sort of. 

Ruki: He’s polite enough to help you up, but you’ve earned a reprimand for clumsiness and not watching what’s ahead of you. 

Kou: Since you got in his way, you have to be ready to pay him back, right? Starting with some of that delicious blood you’re wasting. 

Yuuma: You’re going to have more than a bloody nose after a collision with him. He might help you up, but only with some remarks about how fragile you are. 

Azusa: He’s fascinated by the blood, and asks way too many questions about how much it hurts and if you’ll let him bite you now. 

Carla: He doesn’t even glance at you after knocking you over, and walks away without so much as a comment about all the blood. 

Shin: All that blood is basically teasing him, so it’s only fair if he makes you hurt. That’s just what you get for smelling so delicious. 

A few things
  • I have so many ideas for the new groups name, such as: The Garbage Gang; The Dumpster Dome; and the Tin Can Clan (no they don’t get any better)
  • Richonne is the only thing keeping me alive
  • Carol crying is probably the saddest thing I’ve seen in this entire show and thats saying a lot. I don’t like that Daryl lied to her but I get it.
  • I still don’t ship it:/
  • Ok but Daryl didn’t even do anything to stop Richard from inadvertently hurting Carol like did he destroy the trail that was gonna lead up to her or????
  • But he’s going back to Hilltop and you know what that means….
  • Also Rick climbing that trash mountain is a perfect metaphor for this entire show. 

Sidious: I need but a drop [of blood] for the ritual to begin.


I mean honestly, it’s not even just the stupid movie bloodletting cliché of cutting right across the part of your hand where it’ll hurt horribly and make it hard to use that hand for days and days and you can’t keep a bandage on it properly and if your palm sweats it will sting so bad your nose will run and the cut will get infected and inflamed super easily

it’s simply the fact that it’s Darth Sidious and he’s a total arsehole so of course he cut Dooku more than he needed to to get enough blood for the ritual.

Being a Sith Lord’s apprentice is maybe 30% learning the ways of the Dark Side, 70% being abusively hazed by some cackling fucker in a floppy hood.

@markiplier y'know, instead of getting angry at people who are rightfully hurt and mad about the shitty stunts your Swedish pal has pulled and continues to pull, you could at least admit that these… I don’t even know what to call them because they sure as hell aren’t jokes - are, in fact, shitty and harmful.

I firmly stand with my belief that good people can do bad things and vise versa, but cmon.

You can talk out your ass about respect all you want, but you clearly, and I fucking mean CLEARLY do not respect your fans if you won’t even admit that what Felix did is objectively harmful. You do not respect your fans at all if you are angry with the people that were harmed by what he said. That’s just victim blaming and gaslighting.

Respect is a two-way street. People have zero obligation to respect someone who does not respect them.

I thought you were better than this, dude…

Disclaimer: I am not Jewish so please telling me if I’m out of my lane or I got something wrong!!

((I am always genuinely confused when people are like 

“I need this bolded and this italicized, you go up here and you go down there for no reason. It means nothing in or out of context, but I’m a do it. Fuck that when something is bolded or italicized it is meant to add meaning and show contrast. Fuck the rules.”

Why, it doesn’t even look that good? It just makes my eyes hurt? Isn’t it a huge waste of time too? I really don’t get it, someone please explain this to me.))

Otabek/Yurio concepts 

Yurio jokingly asking Otabek to kiss his gold medal and being furiously flustered when he actually does it.

Yurio finding that his cheeks hurt after he’s spent an evening talking to Otabek and realizing it’s because he was smiling the whole time.

Otabek asking a 18-year-old Yurio to be his boyfriend and worrying he’s stepped out of line when he only receives a glare in response until Yurio snaps “Are you trying to say I’m not already!?”

Yurio making the grumpiest damn faces whenever they hug or cuddle. Otabek finding it adorable once he realizes the angry look means he’s being shy.

Victor and Yuuri nudging each other and sharing knowing smiles whenever Yurio gets too distracted typing away at his phone. They know who their son is texting.

Yurio developing a habit of grabbing and pulling Otabek along whenever he does a dramatic storm-off. Otabek will proceed to offer to take him somewhere on his bike to cool down.

Yurio growing his hair even longer and loving it whenever Otabek runs his finger through it, though he’ll get mad if anyone else touches it.

Otabek taking Yurio with him on a trip home to Kazakhstan, showing him around Almaty and proudly introducing his beautiful boyfriend to his family. 

There are a lot of things that seem like the end of the world. Like when the person you like stops talking to you once you sleep together. Or when you have to watch a person you’re supposed to be over date someone else and you realize that sharp pain in your chest probably means you’re not actually over them.

But what’s even harder is losing someone without getting to say goodbye and not having anyone to talk to about it. Or having to hurt someone you care about because you know what’s best for them and it’s not you.

There are so many times in our lives that our hearts will break. And the bad news is, one of those times will be worse than all the others. But the good news is, it’s probably not what you’re going through right now.

When Sherlock is talking about how everyone is human and he says “even YOU” to John, it’s totally flip flopping how John thinks it is. John thinks he’s the one who imagines Sherlock as this untouchable infallible being and he gets more and more angry the more that isn’t true because it means Sherlock might actually FEEL things like everyone else and that’s delving way too deep into John’s repressed love for him, you know?

But Sherlock saying “even YOU” undeniably tells John that Sherlock feels the same way, and that Sherlock thinks JOHN is this untouchable amazing human, that he puts John on this pedestal and adores him above all else and is only just realizing John is a human who hurts and feels things and is vulnerable and John needs to hear that SO BAD, he needs to know what he means to Sherlock, and really hear it from Sherlock himself because John’s gone through a lot and he needs reassurance that Sherlock does feel things and Sherlock IS human. That conversation is so much. They both are realizing exactly how real the other is, and exactly how much the other feels. That’s SUCH a big step.

mermaid au sentence starters


“Are you poisonous?”
“Can I try to pick you up?”
“How is your hair so soft?”
“Why don’t you get pruney?”
“Can you be eaten like sashimi?”
“Have you ever fought off a shark?”
“You’re even prettier than legends say.”
“You speak our language surprisingly well.”
“I thought mermaids were supposed to be pretty.”
“Here, taste this. It’s a human drink called alcohol.”
“Is it true that you can erase memories with a kiss?”
“Wait! Please don’t leave! I’m not going to hurt you!”
“If I fall in love with you, does that mean I’m into zoophilia?”
“If you could get rid of your tail for legs and feet, would you?”
“So, like… were you hatched from an egg? Or born like a shark?”
“Should I build a house on the beach so we can always be together?”


“Do I scare you?”
“Your bathtub is too small…”
“Go ahead. You can touch me.”
“You have to stop coming here.”
“People are coming. I have to go.”
“Can you take me back to the ocean?”
“Why is there an eel between your legs?”
“Why is there a clam between your legs?”
“My scales are sharp. Please don’t touch them.”
“Did you really go out and buy me a kiddy pool to lay in?”
“I’m not just a fish. Stop treating me like I’m beneath you.”
“I’m getting dehydrated. Can you spray me with the hose?”
“Can you stop staring at me? You’re making me uncomfortable.”
“I cant live on land, and you cant live in the water. We cant be together.”
“If I leave the ocean for you, and you fall out of love with me, I’ll die. You have to know this.”
“That’s not a pool. That’s a deep hole with muddy water. You cant expect me to swim in that.”

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: I don’t understand how Sportacus’ crystal works. It goes off whenever one of the puppets is about to fall out of a tree, but if Sportacus doesn’t rescue them they’re fine. How troublesome does trouble have to be to count??? Robbie gets physically hurt (falls, bumps into things, gets hit with balls) all the time without the crystal going off, even when he’s very nearby to Sportacus. Aometimes Spartacus knows who’s in trouble, and sometimes he doesn’t, but he always finds them somehow?? Then there’s also the question of emotional distress, the crystal goes off when the kids are being chased by Robbie in scary costumes, but presumably he wouldn’t really hurt them. On the other hand, Robbie sometimes experiences clear emotional distress (like when he was in the soccer robot) without the crystal going off!! Overall the workings of the crystal seem at best incoherent, at worst dangerously biased against Robbie, and

Can you trust him?” She asks, the cigarette dangling from her fingers. “Can tell him anything without feeling judged? Can you call him and know he’ll answer, or call back as soon as he can? If you’re hurt, and I mean really hurt, will he drop everything and get to you as soon as he can? Will he be there for you when someone you love dies? Will he look after you if you’re sick? Will he hold your hair back after too many tequilas? Will he be there? Does he try to see you, even if he has work early or a busy week?” She holds my gaze as she brings the cigarette to her berry lips. “If the answer is no to any of those things, maybe he’s not the one?
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// alter ego advice

She carries her own little universe within herself, every single content paints her life story and reminds her that she’s a piece of it,

the stars remind her of never giving up, of always seeing the good in bad and even when you’re at your worst you should just keep shining,

the clouds remind her of how important it is to travel, to see the beauty of this world and to breathe a different air and to get lost in a foreign city,

the hurricanes remind her of the past, of the fact that it may hurt, but accepting all that pain makes you stronger and wiser, everything can change in a minute and we have no control on anything,

the sunsets and sunrises remind her of how beautiful it is to continue doing your thing, even when nobody notices you, because it doesn’t mean that you suck, at the end of the day, you should do things for yourself first,

the rain reminds her of the fact that letting emotions out is always good to do, because in order to grow and to bloom you have to cry at first,

the air reminds her of being kind to others, to always help them and show them that life is truly beautiful, you know you have lived when someone tells you “because of you, i never gave up.”



breathe a different air, please!!

days of productivity: day 3 of 100
have to give a presentation for science tomorrow and i rlly rlly don’t want to. i don’t really know anybody in that class, and everyone is rlly rude and i usually don’t get my feeling hurt easily but i’m slightly concerned they’ll be mean {even tho in reality that’s not gonna happen so don’t worry about me}
i’ve been so productive this week…like i’ve done all of my homework before dinner…and had time to read for like an hour and walk the dog and it’s been really nice but i’m almost bored? 😂 that sounds real weird but it’s tru.

where’s all the support for abuse victims that were abused by friends, or even just acquaintances, but still couldn’t get away?

where’s the support for abuse victims that heard “they’re hitting you because they have a crush you!”, or “it’s just a scratch/a bruise, it’s not like they’re killing you!” even if they were crying, and begging adults to do something about it?

for victims that heard “they’re just joking, they don’t really mean that!”, and “insults can’t hurt you, ignore them and you’ll be fine!” over and over again, feeling more and more worthless every single time?

I’m here for you. Your abuse is valid, even if no one talks about it, and you have every reason to suffer from it. You’re not “exaggerating it”. You are a victim too.

PSA: Disabled people’s vulnerabilities are not here for your entertainment.

As an autistic person, I spend a lot of time with social skills. I’d like to start off with some social skills that you may have learned in childhood. I’m betting that these are fairly non-controversial statements:

  • Do not pull a cat’s tail. That’s mean.
  • Do not kick dogs.
  • Do not slam the door on your pet’s tail.
  • Do not blow a high-pitched dog whistle loudly into a dog’s ear.
  • Always treat animals with kindness.

Now I’m going to say another social skill, which is apparently less important to some people:

  • You should treat disabled people with kindness.

Along the way, sometimes it gets forgotten or ignored that people like me also have thoughts and feelings. And people will treat actual humans far, far worse than they would treat an animal.

Hurting people is always wrong. Even if something doesn’t hurt you, if someone says it is painful to them, you need to stop it.

In praxis, this means:

  • Do not grab an autistic person from behind to make them wail. That’s mean.
  • Do not try to trigger unreality in a psychotic person. That’s mean.
  • Do not tell your dog to jump on someone with zoophobia, do not throw fake spiders at someone with arachnophobia, and do not show a graphic injury to someone who is terrified of blood. That’s mean.
  • Do not slam doors or fire guns to make someone with PTSD jump. That’s mean.
  • Do not show triggering pictures to someone with a mental illness, without warning them first, to make them cry or “get over it already.” That’s mean.
  • Do not mimic someone’s ticcing or try to make them do it more for your entertainment. That’s mean.
  • Do not upset someone on purpose, whether they are obviously disabled, secretly disabled, or not disabled. That’s mean.
  • Do respect other people’s pain. If they say that hurts, believe them. Don’t do it more to watch their reaction.

Some might say that this is the Thought Police trying to control you. It’s not illegal to think that it is fun to hurt people. You won’t be carted off to jail for intentionally making someone cry.

But people won’t trust you, any more than I’d trust an adult who pulls cats’ tails for fun. Because it’s a sure sign that you aren’t a decent human being.

And to the people who don’t do this: if you see someone else doing it, please ask them to knock it off. Bullies might not listen to disabled people, because they might not care what disabled people say. But they may listen to someone else. Please don’t let them keep tormenting their victim.

Please consider sharing this with your friends, to remind them how important it is to stand up to bullying, no matter what it looks like.

Translation: The Flat Chat (Kollektivet) - 04.12

Eskild: I’m shopping for groceries, anyone need anything?

Noora: There’s no more toilet paper.

Eskild: Isak, do you need anything?

Isak: Maybe a Fanta.

Linn: I’ve had heartache before, Isak. It was fucking awful. Locked myself in my room and slept all day.

Noora: So you still have heartache? 

Linn: No? At first you just feel down, sad and hurt. But then comes the hate.

Isak: I will never hate Even.

Linn: Just you wait. It will come. Hate is a good thing. It means that you’ll start getting over him. And when you’re done hating you become completely indifferent and then you’ll be able to fall in love with someone new. Then you’ll look back and see the two of you as an experience and that’s it.

Eskild: Linn has never been so active in the chat before.

Noora: Ik. I think Isak hit a soft spot with the Fanta.

Ik = I know.

Fanta = the soft drink

And Linn, you seriously need to chill the fuck down. Now is NOT the time.