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Ayo, any advice on how to get over someone you ain't ever met and only know from playing WoW? It hurts

Don’t discount a relationship just of how you know someone and what you shared with them. Someone you’ve never met can still mean a whole lot to you and change your life - trust me on this one, because I’m married to someone I fell for before I’d even met!

You’d get over them all the usual ways: distract yourself. Immerse yourself in raids constantly so you can’t focus on anything else. Hang out with people who love you. Listen to tragic music and get all the tears out. Start a new exercise regime that you definitely won’t stick to. Swear off dating forever and then cry in bed over how much life sucks. Do what you need to, dude. 

In a year’s time, you won’t even remember this awful feeling in your chest right now <3


Send me a number + a boy/ship!

1) That’s a little too late, don’t you think?
2) Is that supposed to make me feel better?
3) I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone
4) Take a deep breath
5) What the hell are you guys doing with my underwear?
6) Would you mind? I just need someone right now
7) Get back here you piece of shit!
8) That sounded way better in my head
9) Maybe we should just marry each other
10) I can’t believe you thought I ever loved you
11) What’s wrong with me?
12) Congratulations, you’ve finally managed to break my heart
13) Do you even know what time it is right now?
14) Would you like an award for that?
15) I didn’t mean for it to go this far
16) I’d be careful if I were you
17) Why do you keep lying to me?
18) It hurts to look at you
19) Why are you looking at me like that?
20) Did I say that out loud?
21) I should never have told you that
22) Holy shit, I’m in the wrong car
23) You’ll leave me eventually, they all do
24) I hate you. You’re everywhere and I can’t escape you. I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of you
25) It’s 3am. Wanna go get some pizza?
26) Drive!
27) Pretty please
28) Prove me wrong
29) I know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me once more
30) Will you be there when I wake up?
31) Tell me what you want
32) Now, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me already
33) If he hurts you I’ll fucking kill him
34) I think I’m gonna pass out
35) Tell me, did you even love me?
36) Hey, you can’t just leave me here!
37) Hi, I’m Y/N and I have no idea who you are but I need you to kiss me
38) You’ve never felt her body rise when you kiss her mouth
39) Is it too good?
40) Why do you do me like you do?
41) Tonight broke my heart
42) You saw nothing 
43) I thought I’d be fine
44) Damn I wish I was your lover
45) What do you know about loyalty?
46) Need a ride?
47) Excuse me while I panic
48) Are we relationship goals yet?
49) It has to mean something
50) If you’re gonna pretend…
51) Don’t lose sleep
52) We never do it easy 
53) Rub it in my face
54) I’ll never be what you want me to be
55) Don’t tell me I don’t care cause I do
56) You know he’ll only use you up
57) I know it’s over
58) She’ll chew you up and spit you out
59) I’m on my fucking knees
60) Don’t be a stranger
61) Watch out for her
62) Don’t ask why
63) I’ve never prayed before
64) Why do you keep saying that?
65) You’re too damn proud to see that you need help!
66) I’d like to be alone, if you don’t mind 

Fickle Boy,
I understand that you’re trying to figure out who you are, but I don’t get why that means shutting me out of your life. Throughout your whole breakup I was by your side giving you advice, but I guess you don’t need my help anymore. You can’t just get close to someone only to never talk to them again so quickly after. Now I don’t even know if I can hang out in our friend group without seeing you and feeling a pang of hurt and regret. Our one day alone together was absolutely perfect, but you’re too scared and untrusting to get any closer before we both leave in a little over a month. You even admitted you’d regret saying goodbye, so why say it? Isn’t a month better than one day? I’m here if you actually want to talk, but it doesn’t seem like you do. Best of luck.

The Girl That Would’ve Loved To Be With You

  • quantumghoul:i dont know what the situation would be.. but... maybe it's raul, telling prince straight.. maybe they're... in a hospital bed. restrained. he doesn't like them, they're not friends. Prince said some encouraging words to him at some point, but he doesn't get much out of this relationship. He's done, and leaving, the rest of the group. Real same.
  • quantumghoul:"I'm not saying you won't hurt me, but I am going to say. That maybe you're upset at being told this, because you do care. No one cares about you. You're an awful bastard."
  • monsternobility:oh nooooooo
  • monsternobility:i mean, good for u raul, but
  • quantumghoul :it kill me but also. chinhands. haha. prince doesn't even know, the only person whoever put up with them, no matter what. was amelia. bc they were family. bc they loved her and she loved them
  • quantumghoul:no one else is gonna have that w prince. they're objectively awful to everyone they meet, even their own gf to an extent.
  • quantumghoul:and no one else in their family will give a shit, because they're all scattered, and on some level, equally selfish. no one gives a shit about mira, or her children, so no one gives a shit about prince.
  • monsternobility:oh NOOOOOO
  • quantumghoul:everyone's going to leave, theyre gonna be alone
  • quantumghoul:everyone in vegas, in the mojave, loves them except the people who matter. because the people who matter know what they're really like
Being A Hufflepuff Would Include...

Slytherin | Gryffindor | Ravenclaw 

* * *

  • Feeling refreshed every time you woke up because the common room is so fresh and earthly
  • “Why do you look so good at this time in the morning?”
  • Being friends with people from each house
  • Being great at geography because of the globes and maps that are dotted around the common room
  • Loving Professor Sprout so much
  • P. Sprout always coming into the common room to play board games and karaoke
  • Dance parties 
  • Everyone being surprised every time you get sassy
  • Being really over protective of all of your friends and not being afraid to get mad at people who hurt them
  • Sneaking into the kitchens at midnight for snacks
  • Not even caring about house points because you’d rather have fun then play by rules to get points
  • muggle Polaroid cameras dotted around the common room with self refilling polaroids 
  • loud music in the common room on saturday nights
  • Creating tight friendships with the other puffs in your year and staying up late talking about everything
  • ultimate squad goals
  • Giving the best presents 
  • Other houses always confused as to how you get into your common room
  • “What do you mean you don’t have a password?”
  • Always helping people who drop their books or anything even if it means being left behind 
  • smol badass cinnamon buns 
  • Hufflepuff PRIDE

@the Star Wars fandom: I’d like to throw my two cents in on the whole “Leia was never even tempted by the Dark Side” trend that is seemingly going on right now. Firstly, yes, I understand the joke–gosh darn those whiny Skywalker boys, the girls are so tough and strong (and they are, they absolutely are, don’t get me wrong). But…all the same, guys, I just can’t see it that way. This girl wasn’t just tempted by the Dark Side, she flirted with it on like a daily basis for probably years (both before and after she knew what it was). I mean:

Leia Organa burns with anger. She was horribly, incalculably hurt, more than once, and one of the ways she coped with that was by being angry. (In fact, Carrie herself has described Leia as such, and as having played Leia as such–as a very wounded and broken girl who is incredibly, incredibly angry.) And as we know, according to the Jedi: 

“Fear leads to anger
Anger leads to hate
Hate leads to suffering

But that doesn’t make Leia any the weaker for it. In fact, I would even say that it goes to show just how strong she was. Because yes she was hurt. (She was hurt so, so badly, so many times.) She had every right to be angry, and hurting–and she did. She was angry. She did hurt. And it would have been so, so easy for her to give into the temptation of the Dark Side through that. Because of that. Because there are so very, very many kinds of temptation–and honestly, with Leia’s anger being such an integral part of her and part of her main coping mechanism, I personally can’t see Leia not being tempted by the Dark Side for years–since before she even knew it was truly a Thing, let alone that it had a name. Because oh, how easy it would have been for her anger to consume her–for her rage and her hatred to supplant all else, until she was nothing but a driving force of nature, a wildfire bound in human flesh that burned all in her path.

But you know what? She didn’t fall. Despite everything, Leia Organa did not fall. And that, to me, shows an incredible strength–one that supercedes even a claim that she was never tempted. (Because to me, saying that she was never tempted strips her of the fury of her wrath, the burning of her pain, the blazing of her power. Because to me that says she wasn’t wounded in the very soul by what happened to Alderaan, to her mind beneath Vader’s probe, to her heart again and again–and she was. Oh, she was. Because to me, taking away Leia’s anger and the rawness of her hurt means taking away what made her such a real character, a real woman, a real survivor.)

Ironically enough, it was love that brought her back from that possible path, just as it brought Vader back from the brink. Because I would eat my left shoe if it wasn’t Luke and Han, Chewie, Threepio and Artoo who kept her grounded, kept her here, gave her something other than anger and fear and hatred and revenge to live for.

Anyway, that’s just my two cents on the matter,

  • People:Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
  • April:*comes back to work late at night twice to get Ron to the hospital cause he has a hernia*
  • April:*gets the guy she likes to tell her his dream Christmas present and gives it to him*
  • April:*becomes Ron's assistant and does exactly what he wants her to*
  • April:*helps Andy find an apartment within his means*
  • April:*sits Ann's house for her*
  • April:*helps Leslie hide the possum*
  • April:*clearly doesn't care about Andy's lack of money*
  • April:*gets $180 in tips and decides to give it all back because it wasn't earned honestly*
  • April:*hurts Andy's feelings and does everything she can to get him to be happy again*
  • April:*even asks Ann for help, and Mouse Rat*
  • April:*finds Andy a new job when he feels like his life isn't progressing*
  • April:*finds Andy's bucket list and helps him achieve every item they can possibly do, even go to the Grand Canyon*
  • April:*comforts Leslie after she fought with Ben and ruined model UN*
  • April:*helps Ann organize Leslie's City Council campaign*
  • April:*adopts an adult disabled dog*
  • April:*offers to take Chris to the movies with her and Andy when he's depressed*
  • April:*observes Ann all night and sets her up with a guy who she seemed to actually enjoy being around*
  • April:*helps Ron hide his identity as Duke Silver, which she never told anyone about in the first place despite knowing about it from the beginning*
  • April:*tries to hook up Chris and Andy's teacher, and when Ron hooks up with her instead, gets him to tell Chris about it*
  • April:*sets up a pet adoption for all the pets of the shelters in Pawnee*
  • April:*reaches out to Chris when she notices he's depressed and reminds him he has friends and support*
  • April:*gets so nervous when she deletes Parks & Rec files by mistake that she has a breakdown and hides under the table and considers leaving the country*
  • April:*offers Ben a road trip to surprise Leslie with a visit when they're far away in Washington*
  • April:*gets Champion to cheer up Chris when he's feeling happy-sad during Ben and Leslie's engagement party*
  • April:*helps a little kid find his way back to his mommy when he's lost in City Hall*
  • April:*makes Andy understand that he's better at being a cop than his made-up persona*
  • April:*enthusiastically helps Leslie to collect garbage*
  • April:*gives Andy a creepy lucky charm to wish him luck*
  • April:*does her very best to cheer him up and support him unconditionally when he's failed the police exam*
  • April:*sings with Ann to take her mind off her anxiety about Chris not giving her a clear answer about donating his sperm*
  • April:*gives her a baby naming book and say she hopes it works out, with Chris or someone else*
  • April:*gets Burly to accept Andy back into the band because she doesn't want Andy to be sad, even though she doesn't really like Mouse Rat*
  • April:*constantly sends out applications for awards and prizes for everyone around her*
  • April:*notices Leslie is feeling really down about her lack of recognition and reads her a personalized emotional letter to lift her up*
  • April:*sets up Tom and Nadia because she wants him to be happy*
  • April:*comforts and supports Andy when he's feeling down about his job in London*
  • April:*spends a whole day trying to figure out Donna's spirit dog because she knows she hurts her feelings and she wants to make it up*
  • April:*helps Ron sell his cabin in the woods, and when that doesn't work, buys it from him and promises to take good care of it*
  • April:*spends all day helping Tom find a new business idea*
  • April:*gets Andy a new career as a kids performer*
  • April:*tells Ann she loves her, because though she's held a grudge for years, she does, and she wishes her everything good*
  • April:*supports and comforts Leslie when her idea to bring down the wall between Eagleton and Pawnee doesn't work, and helps the committee coming up with the Unity Concert idea*
  • April:*gives Leslie a teddy bear with a recording of Ann's voice because she knows Leslie has been missing her*
  • April:*votes for Andy a thousand times so he becomes Prom King*
  • April:*immediately offers to babysit for Leslie's kids as soon as she learns they're having babies*
  • April:*helps a Parks & Rec intern get out of the Department because she senses Jen has no passion for it and she doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did*
  • April:*comes up with an idea to save JJ's and get the National Park Leslie wanted*
  • April:*arranges everything for Donna's wedding*
  • April:*is so anxious about hurting Leslie's feelings when she tells her that she quits her job that she puts it off, and then when she does open up for real, thanks her for everything she's done for her ever since they started working together*
  • April:*insists that Ben becomes mayor of Pawnee because she wants him to accept his past and get over it*
  • April:*helps Donna set up Teach Yo Self*
  • April:*is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too perfect for this world, too pure*
  • People:Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
Why I'm FUCKING MAD at the signs
  • Aries:you're too fucking dramatic. Stop blowing everything out of proportion. The world doesn't revolve around you.
  • Taurus:you complain all the fucking time but never change what bothers you. Get your fucking ass up and stop coming up with new excuses.
  • Gemini:you're so damn mean. Who the fuck hurt you? You lie and talk shit about people the moment they leave the room but expect everyone to be straight up honest with you? This isn't how it works.
  • Cancer:you're such an unforgiving, petty little crybaby. I'm sorry for what I said three years ago. I apologised a million times. Move the fuck on. You're so damn whiny.
  • Leo:you're an insensitive fucking prick. You hurt others without even noticing and stomp around on the pieces of their broken hearts cause you, with your big fucking ego, expect everyone to make way for you.
  • Virgo:you're the devil in an angel's disguise. You lure people in like a siren, learn about their weakness, then ruin them by a calculated plan. You think you're smart cause you know how to play others? You're just being a manipulative asshole.
  • Libra:your inability to make decisions is so fucking annoying. I'm running out of patience with you. You're so unsure of everything, even of yourself. Stop being so goddamn insecure about who you are and what you want. You're not going to get anywhere in life if you keep relying on what other people tell you to do.
  • Scorpio:you're too fucking demanding. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and yours is never satisfied, which is why there's a special place in hell reserved for you. You always want more and complain when shit doesn't immediately work out for you. Have you ever heard of patience?
  • Saggitaurus:you're so loud, even when you're not talking, but that's rare anyway. You always have to make everything about you and prove your point and make sure you have the last word in an argument. That pisses people off and you don't even realise cause you expect everyone to love you just the way you are. Here's a secret: Some people won't love you the way you are. Learn to accept that.
  • Capricorn:you can be so motherfucking dull, like the human equivalent to a fucking rock. Generally smart and witty, you seem to be unable to feel empathy most of the time. You bottle everything up and constantly block everyone who tries to be kind to you, then complain about being lonely? Doesn't really make sense, huh?
  • Aquarius:you're such a self-loathing, dramatic pseudo-deep shit-talker and a walking cliché. Probably a hippie. Probably a hipster that says "I hate hipsters" and an artist that makes fun of other people's art.
  • Pisces:you're a dependent little baby and a hypochondriac. You're unable to pull yourself together and always create drama to distract people from your flaws which you never admit to have. Also, stop spending so much money wtf
PSA: Disabled people’s vulnerabilities are not here for your entertainment.

As an autistic person, I spend a lot of time with social skills. I’d like to start off with some social skills that you may have learned in childhood. I’m betting that these are fairly non-controversial statements:

  • Do not pull a cat’s tail. That’s mean.
  • Do not kick dogs.
  • Do not slam the door on your pet’s tail.
  • Do not blow a high-pitched dog whistle loudly into a dog’s ear.
  • Always treat animals with kindness.

Now I’m going to say another social skill, which is apparently less important to some people:

  • You should treat disabled people with kindness.

Along the way, sometimes it gets forgotten or ignored that people like me also have thoughts and feelings. And people will treat actual humans far, far worse than they would treat an animal.

Hurting people is always wrong. Even if something doesn’t hurt you, if someone says it is painful to them, you need to stop it.

In praxis, this means:

  • Do not grab an autistic person from behind to make them wail. That’s mean.
  • Do not try to trigger unreality in a psychotic person. That’s mean.
  • Do not tell your dog to jump on someone with zoophobia, do not throw fake spiders at someone with arachnophobia, and do not show a graphic injury to someone who is terrified of blood. That’s mean.
  • Do not slam doors or fire guns to make someone with PTSD jump. That’s mean.
  • Do not show triggering pictures to someone with a mental illness, without warning them first, to make them cry or “get over it already.” That’s mean.
  • Do not mimic someone’s ticcing or try to make them do it more for your entertainment. That’s mean.
  • Do not upset someone on purpose, whether they are obviously disabled, secretly disabled, or not disabled. That’s mean.
  • Do respect other people’s pain. If they say that hurts, believe them. Don’t do it more to watch their reaction.

Some might say that this is the Thought Police trying to control you. It’s not illegal to think that it is fun to hurt people. You won’t be carted off to jail for intentionally making someone cry.

But people won’t trust you, any more than I’d trust an adult who pulls cats’ tails for fun. Because it’s a sure sign that you aren’t a decent human being.

And to the people who don’t do this: if you see someone else doing it, please ask them to knock it off. Bullies might not listen to disabled people, because they might not care what disabled people say. But they may listen to someone else. Please don’t let them keep tormenting their victim.

Please consider sharing this with your friends, to remind them how important it is to stand up to bullying, no matter what it looks like.


❝ […] It is about a grim reaper who makes a scheduling mistake that results in the death of a child. He struggles to put things back the way they were, but the more he acts, the more other people involved suffer. Even though he means to do the right thing, when he gets mixed up in it, other people get hurt. ❞

  • Draco Malfoy:Tries to befriend Harry on the Hogwarts express.
  • Draco Malfoy:Gets so upset that Harry would not be his friend that he lashes out at him for six years straight.
  • Draco Malfoy:Vents about Harry to literally anyone who will listen.
  • Draco Malfoy:Does the most ridiculous things he can possibly think of to get Harry to notice him (dressing up as a dementor?!).
  • Draco Malfoy:Does not turn over Harry to Voldemort, even though he has nothing to gain by protecting him.
  • Draco Malfoy:*was gripping Harry so hard it hurt*
  • Draco Malfoy:Oh yes, I HATE HARRY POTTER. Have I mentioned to you guys today how I LOATHE THAT SCARHEAD, who lived, I mean I REALLY HATE HIM!!!
dorm tips!!

since everyone is moving into dorm, i thought i could share from my 3+ years of experience of sharing my living space with someone else:

  • okay you pups always keep some extra batteries and lightbulbs; you don’t want it to be 11pm and have no stores open anymore
  • put things on your walls, it’ll automatically make you feel more at home
  • change the locks on your drawers
  • always, always check with your roomate(s) if it’s okay to bring people over; even if it happens spontainously, sending a text when you’re on your way means the world
  • don’t ever, ever let cooked food out for longer than an hour; it just gets super gross and no one wants to deal with that
  • make sure to discuss with your roommate(s) the details regarding the quality of both of your lives: plan a cleaning/washing dishes schedule and stick to it
  • headphones will save your ass ~
  • ask your roommate(s) out from time to time; they’re probably as lost, homesick and new to this as you and it doesn’t hurt to just be… nice
  • have at least 4 cups and extra pillows (throw pillows are OK)!! you never know when you’ll spend lazy afternoons with your friends and you will want to make their stay as comfortable as possible
  • don’t keep your lamp open after 10-11pm. it’s common sense
  • extension cords are the bomb!! have one with you
  • don’t go anywhere without slippers; dorms are dirtier than you might think
  • sharing food is everything, we’re all hungry and broke students
  • don’t bottle things in, you’ll only turn bitter. if something bothers you, talk it out with the person.
  • dry shampoo is a must; it’ll save so much time when you’re in a hurry and don’t want your hair to look gross
  • keep in touch with the people you left behind; skype sessions with people you didn’t even realize you’ve missed are healing the soul
  • air freshener might seem like an unneded addition, but it’ll help so much in making the room feel more put together; especially if all you’ve done in the past days was study. related to that: open your windows
  • have an extra alarm clock! no matter how reliable your phone may be, at some point it will fail you
  • coupons? COUPONS!
  • folding is tricky and the only way to make it better is to practice. or, if you want to save space, you can just roll your clothes
  • it won’t be only about what you want anymore, but more about what you need; weigh carefully if you need another phonecase!!
  • if dorm is too loud, most buildings come with a study space that you can use almost anytime. really, go there
  • your college cafeteria might as well be your cheapest resource when it comes to a proper, warm meal, try to eat some soup at least once/month
  • bedding costs A LOT. okay, there’s nothing shameful in using some old ones, even if it features the most colorful cartoons
  • don’t borrow anything without asking. ever. 
  • everyone seems nice at the beggining; make sure you don’t plan your whole life around the roommate who might turn out to be an asshole

any more tips added are appreciated! send me in any question that you mgiht have or tell me about your dorm experience!!


get to know me » favorite boy in anime [2-∞] Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

“It’s almost unbearable, isn’t it… the pain of being all alone. I know that feeling, I’ve been there, in that dark and lonely place, but now there are others, other people who mean a lot to me. I care more about them than I do myself, and I won’t let anyone hurt them. That’s why I’ll never give up, I will stop you, even if I have to kill you! They saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness, they were the first to accept me as who I am. They’re my friends.

Don’t leave me. You mean so much to me. Even if on some days I’m not that happy, don’t blame yourself. I have anxiety and I get depressed sometimes but you help me. You comfort me. Honestly, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I’d ever be happy. You saved me in so many ways. And now you tell me not to hurt myself. To never put myself down. I’m perfect in your eyes, you say. But I wonder if you saw me as I truly am, if you’d still love me. I don’t ever want to lose you. That may be selfish but I do feel like you’re mine. But at the same time I don’t want to put all of my problems on you. You want to know what’s wrong all the time but I can’t tell you. I’m not seeking attention. I just want your love. You told me you love me and I told you that I love you. You want me to promise that I’ll never hurt myself, because that is your greatest fear. I can’t promise that yet, I can promise that as long as I’m with you, then I will never hurt myself. But if you were to leave me, then I can’t promise anything. I never believed in soul mates but now I have reason to believe that we are soul mates. Am I too young to know what true love is? Probably. But I won’t try to deny that we really have something deep. I don’t see a future without you. I know I shouldn’t become so attached but you seem like you’re the one. It’s scary to think that we’ll be apart for so long now. I won’t see you everyday. I won’t get to hear your laugh or see your amazing eyes. If you truly love me, then you’ll fight for me. I know I will.

okay no offence but like….people dont owe you anything. if someone decides one day that it isnt working out between you, relationship or friendship wise, theyre allowed to leave. they dont have to stay if the only reason theyre staying is so you dont get mad. if they arent comfortable with it, they dont even owe you an explaination. itll hurt, but it doesnt give you a right to turn manipulative and try to get them to stay. let people be happy, even if it means being happy without you.

headcanon that harry and draco are super in denial about their feelings for each other so they constantly snap at one another and yell and do anything to get a reaction from the other but during the tri-wizard tournament it kinda stops because draco is actually really scared about harry going through these tasks i mean, they’re meant for wizards way more advanced and even if he did defeat voldemort when he was one, he could be seriously hurt. draco doesn’t make the “potter stinks” badges and instead talks to harry and tells him to be careful but all harry does is give him a weird look and walk away because shit, he doesn’t need this right now. however though instead of ron being the one that is at the bottom of the lake for harry, it’s draco, and it’s a total blow to the stomach, because obviously hermione must be down here for harry, and he tries to untie the rope holding hermione down but the merpeople wont let him and they try to attack him so he backs off. but okay, cho must be for harry because he doesn’t know the other girl except that she’s always near fleur, but the same thing happens when he tries to get cho and by this time hermione is gone and cedric is taking cho, and all that is left is draco and the girl. fleur is no where to be seen and theres only draco and this small girl in the water now so harry accepts the fact that draco is tied down here for him and unties him easily and still saves the girl after harsh attempts at being hurt by the merpeople, and the only thought in his head is that draco is the thing he’d miss most.

Joyce Byers wins Best Mom of Forever award and not just for what she went through to get will back but how she interacted with eleven too…that little girl she’d just met was her only hope for getting her son back and up until then she’d been angry and harsh with anyone who got in her way but when eleven is basically her Only Hope joyce doesn’t see her as simply a vessel for finding will, she still sees eleven as a human being, a traumatized little girl, and lets her know that if anything gets too scary for her, she can stop. Even if it means not getting the information she needs. She’s never anything but gentle with eleven and even as she’s so close to finding will joyce comforts her and tells her she’s there and she’s not going to let eleven get hurt. She cares about eleven’s well-being as her own person and not just A Way To Find Will and doesn’t consider jeopardizing eleven’s safety for will’s. I love Joyce Byers so much