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Let's take the ElGirls (plus Rose) and their S/O. During their journey the S/O dies protecting them. All is sad and tragic but thing is, the S/O is an alchemist that was able to successfully create homunculus and found a possible method to make it so that his soul would move to an Homunculus body. The revival is successful but there is one problem: the only body available is that of a loli. The girls reaction to seeing their S/O in such state?

Aisha: “I’m just glad you’re alive!  Let me study the properties of that potion!”

Rena: “Ahahaha… Some elves choose to stay in a youthful body.  Perhaps your spirit is just a particularly young one?”

Eve: “Don’t ever leave me worrying like that again, do you hear me?!”

Ara: “You’re safe!  Oh, I’m so gla- wait, what is this?  Why are you so short?”

Elesis: “Eh.  I’ve seen weirder things.  Though, uh, I think I’ll wait to kiss you or anything until you stop looking so… tiny.”

Lu: “Uhuhuhu!  Now we match!”

Rose: “With such a miraculous drug as you made, it’s a wonder this is the only side effect.  Well done.”

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Elgang reaction to Elsword's future kids, each from different party members; Elsword with Rena, Eve etc. //Genderbend Males are optional//

Elsword: “When… what… how… who… why?  Actually, I don’t want to know.”

Aisha: “I’m…. really concerned.  And kind of disgusted.  Oh my El.”

Rena: “Ahahaha… Polygamy is a human thing, right?”

Raven: “I have no words.  For any of this.”

Eve: “So you mean to say I created a heir with Elsword… Why?”

Chung, hiding his face: “ELS, HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE SEEN YOUR DICK?”

Ara: “Uh… I don’t feel comfortable with this…”

Elesis: “Ha, no, those can’t be my little brother’s kids!  He couldn’t get laid if he tried!”

Add: “Eh.  I never liked him anyways.”

Lu: “Hu, my heir is here too! That means I regain a body able to become pregnant before Elsword is too old!  Yes!”

Ciel: “If he hurt Lu in any way, I will shoot him.”

Rose: “Um.”

Ain: “I cannot condone this, but… if it’s Elsword…”