Imagine Lana Winters talking about yours and Kit Walker's relationship years later in an interview.

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“So what happened to Kit and (Y/N)” the interviewer asked. “in Maniac you mention them both quit a lot and even make it seem like they were more then friends.”

“They definitely were” Lana said think back to that day in your coffee shop forty four years ago when she made sure Kit know (Y/N) was there. “Before leaving Briarcliff the two shared a connection so strong it lead to something much more. It took a while for (Y/N) to admit to me that her son Robb and daughter Scarlett were actually Kit's and it took even longer for her to tell Kit but he already figured out the day he was reunited with her in that café she owned.”

“What happen after she told him”

“Oh at first it was just once a week at least (Y/N) took the twin to see Kit, Julia, and Thomas. Then Kit  somehow convinced (Y/N) to go on a date with him and still don’t how he got her to say to marrying him but she did and they were one happy family for a little while.”

“I’m guessing something bad happened” the interviewer guessed.

“It was something bad alright” Lana shock her head remembering when she found out what happened. “ In 76 (Y/N) got a call from her aunt Sarah telling her that her mother was gravely ill and wanted to see. Not wanting the kids to travel all the way to New Orleans, she left them and Kit behind and about a week later Kit received a call form Sarah (L/N) saying (Y/N) had been killed in a home invasion. Not long after Kit was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The kids wanted to take of him but he refused. Then the strangest thing happened and Kit just vanished off the face of the earth and was presumed dead ever since”

Note: this is part two to Imagine being another woman kit walked loved.

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