2017 isn’t first year Estonia has released it’s Eurovision song in multiple languages, having done so in both 2012 and 2013. You can listen to them here:

2012: Kuula (Estonian, original) | Hear me (English)Слушай (Russian)Escucha (Spanish) | (performed by Ott Lepland)

2013: Et uus saaks alguse (Estonian, original) | New Way to Go (English) | Allting börjar om (Swedish) | Светлое начало (Russian) | Volver a empezar (Spanish) | (performed by Birgit Õigemeel)



Neiokõsõ was a one-song project that represented Estonia in 2004. “Tii” was sung in the Võro language. Unfortunately, the song didn’t make it to the final and placed 11th in the semi-final with 57 points. It got 12 points from Finland and Latvia. Estonia gave 12 points to Ukraine both in the semi and the final.