Lobby screen & event UI | kTera GO Post

Continuing with the last GO post, we are here to introduce something in the upcoming update that may seem insignificant, yet be an important change nonetheless.

It is the update of the lobby screen and addition of an event UI.


As you the players play ‘Tera’, there is one place that you must go through before any other place. Also known as the character selection screen, it is the lobby.

First of all, we will take our time to explain our raison d’etre to the changes coming soon.

New changes to the lobby screen

By the time we were set on changing the lobby screen we struggled with defining the “atmosphere” of it. Nostalgic, mysterious, and many others were brought up to discussion, yet none of them seem to fit the vision of what Tera’s lobby should be.

“How can we define a character of Tera?”

Tera’s characters are both peacekeeping heros and battle-ready warriors that have fought strong and immense monsters such as Kelsaik, Darkan, or Shandra Manaya.
And at the same time, they are adventurers traveling through Arborea.

And thus we had our keywords.

“Hero, warrior, adventurer”

Based on these keywords the new lobby screen was reconfigured.

Characters were re-positioned, and for easier selection a character names were added to the left-hand side. Now you can select the character by clicking the name of it.

Not only was the cool atmosphere changed; new background music was composed as well.

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