How do we shape minds to think outside of the boxes of the oppressive cultures in which we live and develop responsible technologies? How do we cultivate cultures and critical thinking that will foster new technologies? How do we make available access to information, spaces and tools that will help people to create new technologies? A lot of how we see technology is steeped in Western thought of efficiency, progress and making capital and not how it enriches our lives, the lives of other animals, plants and the Earth. We still have a lot of unlearning to do.
Myers Briggs By Preferred Methods of Persuasion

INFJ: Pathos and Logos
ESTP: Logos, some Pathos
INTJ: Logos
ESFP: Pathos, some Ethos
INFP: Pathos
ESTJ: Logos and Ethos
INTP: Logos
ESFJ: Pathos and Ethos
ISFJ: Ethos, Pathos, some Logos
ENTP: Logos, some Pathos
ISTJ: Ethos, Logos
ENFP: Pathos, some Logos
ISFP: Pathos
ENTJ: Logos
ISTP: Logos
ENFJ: Pathos

With help from deadlyliv :)