Disturbingly Comprehensive Sports Anime Birthday List

I said I was going to do this, and I have.

Besides official wikis, here are the other sources I used:

Oofuri | Haikyuu!! | Yowapeda | Ace of Diamond | Kuroko no Basuke | Tenipuri | Free!

Feel free to correct any errors you notice in here! Also, I haven’t found birthdays for Matsuoka Gou and Mikoshiba Seijurou (Free!) so if you find them let me know!

Most recent update: 8/5/16

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Kosmo’s Sims of Color - Part l

Was chatting with another simmer about various sim types and I realized I have a big collection of Sims of Color. So with all the recent hoopla about diversity in the community I thought I’d stick them in a two part appreciation post. This is by no means all of them but these are my personal favorites and most frequently used.

Part ll