Μη τα παίρνετε ρε παιδιά όλα τόσο προσωπικά…
Εσύ πάρτα, για σένα τα γράφω.

Είναι κάτι βραδια που σε πιάνει μια κατάθλιψη και απλα θέλεις να βάλεις τα κλάματα. Έτσι χωρίς λόγο.
Ίσως και οχι.
Πάντα υπάρχει κάποιος λόγος για να κλαψεις.

Το κλικ που ακούστηκε όταν γνωριστήκαμε; Απόδειξέ μου πως δεν το άκουσα μόνο εγώ.
Και ήθελα τόσο να σε γνωρίσω. Να σου γνωρίσω εμένα μαζί σου. Να σου γνωρίσω το εμείς.
—  epsilongama

San Domenico student Ogechi Egonu wins English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition at Lincoln Center in New York City (video by Lou Rosenberg)

berserkcd  asked:

((do you think that being the reincarnations of Ashura and Indra detracts what Hashirama and Madara, then Naruto and Sasuke after them, accomplished in their lives? That what they accomplished wasn't of their own merit so much as one they unwittingly inherited?

[[ Oh boy oh howdy it’s fucking salt hour 

The whole ~*~destiny~*~ reveal is one of my many list of pet peeves with the ending. I’ve read this manga since the beginning, and I know what the theme was from the start: hard determination, dedication and focus, can overcome things like “fate.”

Imagine Neji being right, huh? Like– Neji was supposed to be wrong. That’s the entire point of him losing to Naruto in that Chuunin exam fight, that the fate others have written or assumed out of you can be escaped.

Of course….fate isn’t so bad when it’s on your side, isn’t it. 

If you really think about it, there is no way every single shinobi problem can be tied back to “Ashura and Indra had an argument and Indra’s salt extends beyond the grave.” How are you supposed to tie in Kiri’s history to it? It…doesn’t make any sense?? How does Orochimaru becoming obsessed with immortality tie into that? What about the 2nd war, and the Ame orphans? Amegakure’s entire ordeal? We’re basically being told that every single issue ties back to that single fight, as if there had been no problems before.

Which, yes there were, like the whole eternal war before Kaguya ate the forbidden fruit.

I refuse to believe that the Uchiha massacre is tied to Indra/Ashura. Itachi’s novel itself makes it crystal clear– Danzo had wanted them dead from the beginning. He would use any excuse he had. 

Sasuke’s trauma? His responses to trauma? Oh apparently it’s just Indra’s angry soul in him which ties him to Naruto and to oppose him. jlskdjfl. Bullshit. Sasuke is a 100% accurate portrayal of PTSD and all of his anger at the system who got his family killed and expected him to just be ok with it is justified. It takes away Sasuke’s autonomy, it makes his choices someone else’s, ~supposedly if he didn’t have Indra he would’ve just gotten over it~.

Rrrgh, I know I’m not exactly speaking in a formally polite manner which a meta post should be, but TL;DR Kishi shoehorning in Indra/Ashura to explain why the shinobi world has these problems is bull.

But I get why he did it. He got in over his head, he doesn’t deal with criticism well, and he wanted to end his story and this was the simplest way he could do it, blame everything on a pre-determined destiny and force a loss down Sasuke’s throat so the series could finish “cleanly.” ]]