an amazing film that centers around capoeria fighting in Brazil. this beautifully shot film also shows the African religious influences of Brazil and is based on the life of an actual capoeria fighter. various Orishas play an important role in the film. an appearance is made by Esu/Eshu and Oxun/Oshun and deals with ancestor veneration as well. in addition, and overall, the film displays the realities of Brazil during the 1920’s. a must-see film. 

with English subtitles - pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4, pt 5

with Greek subtitles here 

without subtitles (in Portuguese) here 


Kosmo’s Sims of Color - Part l

Was chatting with another simmer about various sim types and I realized I have a big collection of Sims of Color. So with all the recent hoopla about diversity in the community I thought I’d stick them in a two part appreciation post. This is by no means all of them but these are my personal favorites and most frequently used.

Part ll


As a culture we are quite use to the artistic treatment of religious, spiritual, and mythical entities from Greek ancestral lore, various world religions, and other cultural heroes, yet rarely is the fascinating world of the Orisha the topic of discussion.  These images are gorgeous, shocking, and of course the artist James C Lewis’s  interpretation, but hopefully this images remind you of the  the power, complexity, and richness of Yoruba spirituality.