Watch the new video from patten, directed by janeeastlight, that premiered over the weekend.

‘Agen’ appears on the upcoming album 'ESTOILE NAIANT’ out later this month -

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patten – ESTOILE NAIANT (Warp Records)

Have you ever had an early-morning deadline and made the 1:00 AM decision, “Well, I’ll just stay up all night”? Did you do this on a winter day where a bright sunrise provided no heat, just ocular irritation and a tease of what that big star should be doing? At best, your state of mind is loopy, but you put your best foot forward and press on with an evaporating reality; conversations are wild, often stunted and met with, “Are you okay?” It’s actually kind of fun if you’re not taking a final exam worth 80% of your grade (guilty) or operating a crane.

British, semi-anonymous (read: he doesn’t wear a mask, but his biography is cryptic) producer patten makes music that can best be described as blurry and, well, evocative of the experience mentioned above.

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patten - ‘Agen’ - from 'Estoile Naiant’ album - Directed by Jane Eastlight


Patten - Drift


Patten - Drift

Artist: Patten
Released: February 2014
Label: Warp Records


patten - Winter Strobing (Estoile Naiant, 2014)


A new album from patten titled ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’ will be released 24 February, watch a video for 'Drift’ below.

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patten will curate a party at Concrete Space in London to celebrate the release of his debut album for Warp ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’.

Warp, Oscillate Wildly & Kaleidoscope present 'ESTOILE NAIANT LP PARTY’
patten live AV
Sculpture live AV
Lee Gamble live AV
The Cyclist
plus Warp & Kaleidoscope DJs

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An entirely impromptu first full listen review of Patten’s new album Estoile Naiant. Written in two stages, the first drafted frantically on an iPhone notepad; the second recorded via voice memo in the middle of a massive storm as I struggled to navigate heavy traffic, the entire “review” is real time, with no edits, no spell checks, and not a great deal of coherence.

Please enjoy part 1 of my review of this phenomenal new album by one of the most promising up and coming artists in electronic music, Patten.

(P.S. It KILLS me to post something without reviewing it. I haven’t even glanced at this since it was written, so read at your own risk…. I just thought this would be an interesting way to mix things up and challenge myself a bit. Anyway, if it’s bad, wait until you read Siri’s secretarial transcription!!)
- - - - -
Patten’s “Estoile Naiant”: pt.I of II

What I’m hearing;
Diverse and eclectic electronic record with no fucking streamlined sound whatsoever (apart from the hissing samples that seem pretty omnipresent.)
First track is like the beginning of an electro-prog epic; reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, Talk Talk, and Depeche Mode.
- second track is shoegaze to the absolute core; could pass for a MBV bsides or a Flying Saucer Attack mellow jam. Beautiful!
- track four has a beat the won’t quit; dipping into new waters here, with some odd aboriginal hmmm’s and ommm’s; second layer beat (a slinky, hushed little aluminum tantrum) HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BASE BEAT!!! It’s fucking awesome. Sounds a little dubsteppy.
Out of synch and programmed to pause for found sounds at random intervals, patten’s [new album] is ambitious and strong. Something holds it all together… No clue what that is, but it’s ill as hell.
- Track five brigs us back to the minimalist shoe gazing downtempo bliss trip of track 3. Wait, here comes a drum sample … It’s lazy and bored and superbly cool. A beatnick just stepped into the song with a little drummer boy snare and a ride, amped them through soup can tubes, started slapping the hell out of it, called you a conformist and then left.
K he’s back… Hitting that drum and saying “whatever” with every beat.
- shredding guitar and tubular bells or something pop up and things get a bit worldly. I miss the rains down in Africa too, brah, but let’s get back to the beats.
And we’re back. Oooohthisissosatisfying… Some kids are playing laser tag in the room next to me, and a distraught Latina woman is calling out her window for someone to play some Burial. Hah. She is not wearing a hell of a lot… nor is she capable of uttering anything beyond these monosyllabic chants. Maybe she’s African. Whatever, it’s dope.

This is like 2014’s grittier, more complex follow up to last year’s best electronic record, “Lava Diviner (Truestory)” by Botany. There is an edge, a violence to the music that can’t be ignored, but it is usually quelled by the subliminal beauty of it all. I’m not going to fuck around though, some of these beats are downright vicious…. But this isn’t Skrillex and there are no “drops” to nauseate you, or make you wish you were never born (the effect of bad dubstep, according to me), but there is certainly something heavy on this record to counteract every “light” moment. Bordering on downright noise at times, chill wave at others, shoegaze – like, uhh, a bunch – and something new as well, patten’s [album] has been passed over on the shelves for most of the year. It is, however, clearly one of 2014’s biggest accomplishments, and most consistently engaging albums.

Three cheers for patten. I expect more, MUCH more, of greater or equal quality from this artist.

The cover is a hot mess though. Thoroughly uninviting, scattered, and to put it mildly, “bleh.” Maybe warp will fix that on the next pressing. I mean, srsly the thing looks like shite. That’s probably why I didn’t even notice it until now. Bloody glad I did though.