patten – ESTOILE NAIANT (Warp Records)

Have you ever had an early-morning deadline and made the 1:00 AM decision, “Well, I’ll just stay up all night”? Did you do this on a winter day where a bright sunrise provided no heat, just ocular irritation and a tease of what that big star should be doing? At best, your state of mind is loopy, but you put your best foot forward and press on with an evaporating reality; conversations are wild, often stunted and met with, “Are you okay?” It’s actually kind of fun if you’re not taking a final exam worth 80% of your grade (guilty) or operating a crane.

British, semi-anonymous (read: he doesn’t wear a mask, but his biography is cryptic) producer patten makes music that can best be described as blurry and, well, evocative of the experience mentioned above.

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patten - Winter Strobing (Estoile Naiant, 2014)