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i just checked and that extra is before Bitty coming out to Ransom and Holster (it's at page 5 if you look at the blog in chronological order, while Bitty comes out at page 15)

THANK YOU! I knew there was a way to figure that out but I’m working right now (not on tumblr shhhh) so I didn’t have time to do it!

This is actually super interesting because it implies that at least Holster may have suspected (?) Bitty was gay– or he was thinking Bitty would connect to the “effeminate boy” part of the ask?


Also, I’ve always needed like 100k of Bitty’s friendship with Ransom and Holster as it develops… like, what made these huge d-man decided that eric r. bittle was to be taken in and protected at all costs. Where are the other frogs of eric r bittle’s year? Why did he start hanging out with the sophomores? Like did Ransom and Holster just see him and think to their collective, shared mind “we will protect this one. he is our friend now. forever.” or did bitty gravitate to them for some reason? Was bitty the little awkward freshmen who kind of slid himself into their friendship and then they loved him? LIKE HOW DID THIS DEVELOP??? I NEED TO KNOW!! THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. 

Like, seriously, bitty and shitty sorta make sense because shitty is ranting about social justice and bitty has to find that comforting, especially after georgia and being friends (or at least sitting close to) Jack comes with being friends with Shitty and obviously R&H are in the Haus so like that is one avenue of friendship but also Bitty didn’t live in the Haus freshmen year but by winter screw, Ransom and Holster are His People ™so I am going to NEED MORE.  Right now there are just too many options bopping around in my brain.

Was Bitty just good enough at hockey that he was automatically put up with the older players in practice and that carried over to his social life? (that happens with athletes!)

Did Bitty first gravitate towards Shitty and then R&H just like… took him in too? Did Shitty tell them “yo this is the cool frog”?

Did they share a class together? Bitty didn’t even realize it but he turns up to some english class and there are the two huge boys from his hockey team and hes going to sit by himself, or maybe with some other freshmen he recognizes from his hall but then– “BITTTSS!! YOU’RE TAKING THIS CLASS TOO- SWAWESOME, CMERE- THIS PERSON WILL MOVE” *holster lifts unsuspecting person from desk to make room* “BITTLE! OVER HEREEE!!” “Seriously, brah, first rule of hockey, we sit next to each other in class. always. in the fucking bylaws.”

Did Bitty just draw the short stick of the frogs and get forced to sit next to these two huge men? Like wouldn’t he naturally try to avoid them because we all know Bitty is not okay with too much physical contact and i swear in 9/10 panels R&H and all over each other. (Which is because they are in love, yes, but also they just seem like grabby bros! bitty wouldn’t like that– HOW DID THIS FRIENDSHIP HAPPEN? WHEN DID R&H LEARN TO BE MORE CAREFUL WITH BITTY?)

Did Bitty start out as “that frog that makes pies in our house” and then become “that frog we will die defending?”

Did Bitty secretly impress them with his like crazy funny witty humor? Snark? Sarcasm? Was Bitty the only one who would watch Real Housewive with Holster? Or was that after the friendship was established?

Did Bitty get checked a little in the first game and then R&H DESTROYED the guy and Bitty tried to bake them a thank you pie and R&H were like “uh, we’re d-men. that’s our job.” but then ALSO realize “This Southern One Needs Us” and commit themselves to defending Bitty Always Without Question?


…. well that got out of hand. 

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Hey I love this blog!... this might be random but I felt you would understand my rambles. I was at Momocon (atlanta, GA) this weekend and there were so many cute Hetalia cosplays. I wanted to be friends with everyone but was too afraid or shy to approach. I want to be friends with all Georgia Hetalians, especially then cute France, Prussias, Demark etc. I said hi to a few but... for the next con I want to cosplay Hetalia too so I can join them Please GA Hetalians! be my friend!!!

if nothing else, i hope this site can foster friendship!

i am becoming a bit resentful of Elizabeth’s prominence in this particular arc especially when Georgia exists and is an actual factual black woman. like idk i feel like sometimes this show goes overboard in appeasing the white audience with characters like Elizabeth cause there are so many demonic white people on this show. 

now i’m not saying the white folk who were down for the cause should be sidelined but i shouldn’t feel like Elizabeth is occupy space really belonging to a black woman. 

i felt the same way when Elizabeth gave Georgia’s speech. that wasn’t her moment and ehhhhh this is starting to bug me now. 

cause i hold this show to such high standards so when they’re tone deaf about something it’s always very jarring for me. cause the show is mostly fucking perfect. 

but yeah there’s gotta be a way to have Elizabeth be apart of this arc w/o her bogarting it 

Yeah, but you…you just kinda need a white, male protagonist, you know?

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[S/N: Talking about the drastic underrepresentation on the show, The Walking Dead, especially given that Georgia has a large African-American population and Atlanta specifically has a black majority. And at every turn he’s trying to undermine, invalidate, or trivialize what I’m saying and at every turn I was pulling up statistics and facts showing that the underrepresentation IS happening, that it IS racist, and that it DOES matter.]

Observations of Will's House
  • It’s purposefully isolated and “in the middle of nowhere”
  • Has large bay windows that are not covered by curtains
  • His fly-fishing desk is in front of one of those windows and there’s a pair of binoculars on the window sill
  • Porch that he can sit on, i.e. Aperitif where he brings out a chair and sits with whiskey and the dogs.  There’s a wicker chair shown in Ceuf.  Chairs on the porch aren’t consistent though
  • Sets of fishing rods behind where he sits in Shiizakana while talking to Margot.  Many fishing rods, i’d say around 15.  They disappear (in evidence) when Jack, Alana, and Winston visit his house in Kaiseki but they’re returned come Shiizakana.
  • He has a fishing road resting above his window!  In Ceuf, if you stop where the credits say “directed by Peter Medak” you’ll see it!
  • Very “homey,” lots of blankets and dog beds, which contrasts to Hannibal’s house’s cold, modern look inside
  • He has a full bowl of fruit next to the kitchen sink where he threw up in Savoreux.  lol i doubt he actually eats that but i don’t think it was a decoration.
  • In Ceuf he has his boat motor and tool box next to the chair where Mason cut off his face
  • Also next to that chair is a dial phone, most likely just for decoration, and some sea shells around there.  A water bottle or two on that window sill as well as a flask.
  • Dog figurines on the bay window next to that chair and also above the fireplace.
  • SO MANY BOOKS.  Two bookcases beside the fireplace filled, another mini bookshelf by the door, a few books on the nightstand next to his bed.  My list of the titles that i could make out using farfarawaysite pictures and a microscope is here.
  • Dog beds haphazardly around the room, space heater put in front of the fireplace for them for the cold nights
  • Out of tune piano, neat shirt and sock drawer, you saw those in the Ceuf creepster Hannibal scene
  • He sleeps in that same open room where you come in.
  • He keeps his window curtains up, even the windows by his bed sometimes (personally i’d find that super creepy, especially considering Georgia did actually look through the window by the door)
  • Has this apparently fake brand whiskey that has a ship on the bottle and a name with Glen in the title (it was very hard to make out from the picture, a Fromage still from farfarawaysite)
  • Will is QUITE the drinker.  He has around ten bottles in his liquor area to the left of the fly fishing desk in the corner.  On the window sill is a glass bowl filled with corks probably from old whiskey bottles.  He’s been shown to drink while working on the motor boats and while working on the fly ties.
  • Seemed to have kept the decorations from the last owner- kitchen wallpaper, furniture, etc.  (He has many chairs for a lonely man, as well as a lottt of lamps.)  Also it’s interesting to compare Will’s very old refrigerator, briefly seen in Savoreux, to Hannibal’s sleek, modern one seen in Yakimono.
  • Some paintings on the fireplace and in the kitchen, all nature related and country looking.  One of trees, another of a country house among fields.  Also a glass vase with bird feathers on the fireplace.  In Yakimono, at the beginning of the scene with Chilton in Will’s house, you can see a painting of a basket of apples and blue/white checkered cloth.  Also in that scene, you can see a kitchen hutch with all these large mason jars, but you can’t see what’s in them.
  • He has this glass rooster thing on his kitchen counter.  i’m not sure if it’s a covered bowl or maybe an orange juicer, but you can see it very briefly when Will’s getting aspirin before he throws up in Savoreux.
  • That back door shown in Buffet Froid when Will taking in his fish leads to the kitchen, also shown in the Savoreux throw up scene.
  • As seen in Naka-Choko, he has a barn with a freezer full of fish.  There is also something bright red and shiny, seems like a canoe on the top of his barn, seen as Freddie’s snooping around.  i don’t know how he transports that with his small car.
eric 'bitty' bittle hc's

these are all pretty disorganized  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • ok so starting with his fam
    • we’re able to see in canon that bits’ fam is homophobic and that none of them know that bits is gay
    • when bitty was younger and figuring out he was having gay emotions™ he repressed that shit and refused to acknowledge them because he grew up hearing fam + people near him say that being gay is unnatural and sinful and wrong
    • and he just couldn’t be “one of…those”
  • in his freshman year of hs he started slowly acknowledging that he wasnt straight, despite this he tried forcing crushes on girls to seem “normal” 
    • since he was repressing all these emotions and dealing with some internalized shit his mental health went downhill from freshman to junior year
      • he still deals with it occasionally especially when back in georgia but its gotten better since joining samwell and having his friends
    • but his vlog came from him needing an outlet that skating and baking alone couldnt provide
  • is an only child
    • this sorta plays even more so into him feeling that he has certain expectations to uphold since he doesn’t have siblings to help
  • not really sure about his gender
    • like he id’s as a guy and he knows that he doesnt mind he/him pronouns but he also occasionally feels connected to femininity
      • he really loves makeup and how he feels with it on and he also owns a few skirts 
      • but he doesnt whether that means he’s nb or just a guy who likes feminine things 
  • a HUGE chaotic gay once he’s comfy with himself and with those who surround him
    • like if it gets too cold at samwell he calls the weather homophobic
    • “macklemore didnt die for this”- bitty whenever assigned a paper
    • shitty has taken this seriously before
      • speaking of shitty
      • before bits came out and he made any lowkey jokes about gay stereotypes
      • shitty would lecture him about how he shouldnt be enforcing those stereotypes and that it’s wrong to do that etc
      • and bit’s face whenever he does this is like the face he makes in like the second comic after jack tells him to eat more protein
  • he loves diy projects
    • like LOVES them
      • he has a pinterest full of projects for room decor and stuff for halloween
        • like he’s saved at least 3 of those no-sew baby costume things
  • always saves those lgbt movie rec lists because he is gay and starving for positive gay relationships in entertainment
    • usually he has to watch with subtitles on because theyre normally foreign made films
      • one of his faves is “the way he looks”
  • lardo + him will have wine nights one or twice a week 
    • they’ll drink sorta shitty boxed wine and talk about girls and boys (respectively)
    • him and lardo just have an amazing relationship based on gay vibes and being supportive
  • after him and jack have been dating for awhile they’ll adopt each others’ speech patterns/slang

i have more based on his family and their views and such so i’ll probs make another one later

Bitty and Jack moving in together after coming out to their parents and team mates after Bity graduates
Bitty playing in the NHL for a while
Them thinking about playing on different teams but then remembering that Jack plays better with Bittle and Bitty was Captain his senior year so the Falconers are more than willing to recruit him (especially after Georgia notes how well he played with their very own Zimmermann)
Bitty and Jack coming out at as the first openly gay players in the NHL
People being pissy about them being on the same team
And rather than them being uncomfortable the guys CHIRP THE HELL OUT OF THEM
Except for maybe like one douche bag but the rest of the team is like “C'mon man be a god damn grown up”
So they together for a year maybe two
Bitty getting injured :(
:( :( :(
Bitty quitting hockey
HHHHHHHH he’s not off the ice though like he messes around with Jack sometimes and maybe some of his other friends from Samwell
Jack jokingly “checks” him every time
Bitty opening up a baker and calling it The Georgia Peach
The place is in an older building that’s got peach colored spackle which makes it stand out against the duller, taller buildings nearby. People stop by just to see what it is and are always surprised by stepping inside the dingy little building and finding a spotless light peach inside with twinkle lights strung on the walls and pretty paintings of flowers (hint hint lardo painted vaginas but Bit’s figured he could get away with the more flowery ones.. It’s a big joke amongst the group), framed picture of Bitty approved pies and other treats (thanks Jack), and everything is color coordinated. The wall behind the counter is painted like a large chalk board and the menu was written ages ago but Bitty makes sure to touch it up every few weeks or so. The menu lists off their specialty pies with descriptions next to names that mean almost nothing to people who aren’t regulars.
The menu reads:
Momma’s: pecan pie, made with pre-baked pecans.
Ransom & Holster: Cookies n Cream with a smashed Oreo crust, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle
The Zimmermann: fresh Granny Smith apples soaked in a cinnamon maple mixture overnight and baked in a maple sugar crust. ((it’s not stated but there are tiny maple leaf imprints all around the top layer of the crust))
Lardo: A lemon meringue that’s one of a kind! No two are the same ((the meringue on top is always in different designs on top))
The Poindexter: a year round pie that gives you something to be thankful for! Pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust and a dollop of whipped cream on top.
The Sh*ts: a chocolate chex pie right outta Georgia. Brings you home with that sure as shit chocolaty taste
The Chowder: the sweetest coconut cream pie to be found with a gingersnap crust
Tango: I take your “Why an orange dreamsicle pie?” and raise you a “Why not?”
Whiskey: A warm whiskey pie with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream on top
Nursey: find the best comfort food this side of the mason Dixie, in our key lime pie with graham cracker crust, whip cream, and fresh lime.
The Georgia Peach is called a bakery but it’s mostly just a pie shop. They have a list of made to order items like cookies, cakes, mini pies, cobblers, cinnamon buns, and practically anything else you could ever wish for. To gain access to this list you have to ask but it’s definitely worth it (Bitty will almost always give you a good deal on your order even if it’s last minute because “That’s just how he was raised”).
I don’t know why I wasted all my free time in class making this but for now I’m blaming my love for my Meme’s chocolate chex pie and the need of Bitty to both play in the NHL AND have a bakery

a big fuck you to red states

fuck alabama, fuck arkansas, fuck florida especially, fuck georgia, fuck indiana, fuck kansas, fuck kentucky (you inbred fucks), fuck louisiana, fuck michigan, fuck mississippi, fuck missouri, fuck montana, fuck nebraska, fuck new hampshire (i expected more from you), fuck north carolina, fuck north dakota, fuck ohio, fuck oklahoma, fuck south carolina, fuck south dakota, fuck tennessee, fuck texas, fuck west virginia, fuck wisconsin (dick cheese), fuck wyoming


External image

Let’s see…where to begin

APEX 2013:

When that shy guy saved Armada’s Young Link vs. Hungrybox:

External image

M2K double eliminates Mango from bracket?

External image

PP busting out the Marth in GFs as if to say to M2K:

External image

Armada becoming back to back champion?

External image

When Mango and I didn’t win teams:

Then EVO came a-knocking on our door:

Actually, we knocked. Hard. So hard, they decided to make us put our money where our mouths were, and had us raise money for breast cancer research.

External image

Watching the results come in and seeing both Skullgirls and Super Turbo outpace us:

External image

With the power of the Spirit Bomb, Scar organized the community for several last minute surges:

External image

And in the end we prevailed!

And raised almost $95k for breast cancer research!

External image

But Armada retired, and PP started beating M2K in Marth dittos, Mango went to Europe and got 4 stocked…things got weird

External image

Mango vs Wobbles at KOC2 ends up being foreshadowing of EVO GFs:

Also my house caught fire, that was super fun:

External image

But then the smash community raised over $1000 for me?

Seriously, big thanks to anyone that donated, and especially GIMR who organized the drive.

Ken returned to the scene for a hyped battle with Scar:

External image

Hbox got four stocked by Mango but won NCR anyway:

External image

But then Mango swept him at Zenith not soon after:

External image

Hbox and I made a pretty cool team (PS let’s do it again sometime Juan)

External image

Also it was like the Year of Luigi or something:

External image

Then Armada came out of retirement, and EVO was finally upon us:

External image

But then days before, Nintendo was like, 

External image

And then the entire internet went:

External image

And then Nintendo was like:

But we were all like:

Then the tournament started:

External image

Wobbles was all like:


External image


External image

Watching the stream:

External image

And then it was all over and everyone was like:

External image

Then there were some more summer tournaments, like LANHAMMER AND The Fall Classic, but it wasn’t until The Big House 3 when M2K finally installed those new updates:

External image

Then the documentary, The Smash Brothers premiered

And we all remembered why we got into this game in the first place:

External image

Then plank hosted Pound V.5, which most people were like

External image

But MD/VA all knew that:

External image

ROM 6 Went off without a hitch, mostly due to none of this:

External image

Kings of Cali 3 was also pretty cool, especially #SOPO

External image

Georgia had its first major in ages:

External image

As did Texas:

External image

All in all it was a pretty amazing year for Melee, and we are all looking forward to what is in store for 2014