Yeah, state civil war fics, but also: state post civil war fics

The Northerners’ eight year stint living in the South, making promises they wouldn’t keep, all their interactions tense and strained. Black people got emancipation and freedom like never before, voting and holding office as high up as the Senate– because the North was enforcing freedom at gunpoint, and the second they left, it was like nothing ever changed

People finally addressing Kansas’s situation. Taking care of seven, eight newborn territories all at once, most of whom had been created just to swing votes. Nevada and West Virginia had already had their statehood rushed through far too fast.

Tennessee being spurned by the North for fighting on the wrong side, and spurned by the South for being a Union sympathizer. Mississippi struggling more and more to keep their head above water, and still insisting things were fine. Virginia and Georgia on the brink of death and healing at a snail’s pace, Georgia especially. Virginia had been a leader to all the states since the day they were born, but now they were just stuck, unable to move on from the war. It’d be hundreds of years later and they still won’t have moved on from the war. And then South Carolina, the one who started it all, saying they gave up too easily

brucebannur  asked:

top 5 places? top 5 ships you didn't mean to ship? top 5 movies that make you nostalgic? top 5 heroines?


  1. South Carolina beaches: i haven’t been in ~10 years but last i was there it was epic weather all the time, and miniature golf on every corner 
  2. Amsterdam: most fun layover ever
  3. Georgia: especially the hella old architecture & caucasus mountains
  4. Paris: second most fun layover- crepes and pretty gardens
  5. Rhode Island, specifically Providence

accidental ships

  1. Malia/Violet- started out as a ‘lol who haven’t i written vi with yet’ X)
  2. Edna/Mirage- i saw this gorgeous art and have had Feels since
  3. Alaric/Elias- like i need more ships that are half dead and never met in canon
  4. Cho/Padma- why :) would :) i :) want :) easily :) found :) content :)
  5. Jocelyn/Maryse- so lol i only ship them in specific ways and i think this started from me explaining why they were a notp to someone and twisting the ship until i found a canon angle i liked (i have a few other tw ships like that, but they’re not coming to mind rn)

nostalgic movies

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - animated version
  2. A Grand Day Out - Wallace & Gromit claymation ftw
  3. The Devil Wears Prada
  4. Hoodwinked!
  5. The Land Before Time - so it’s a series whatever im crying in the back


  1. Daisy Johnson!!!!
  2. Isabelle Lightwood \o/
  3. Joan Watson (tbh this is more fanon joan where she has more of a self outside sherlock but anyways) the babe
  4. Iris West
  5. annnd let’s go with Cassandra Cillian