a big fuck you to red states

fuck alabama, fuck arkansas, fuck florida especially, fuck georgia, fuck indiana, fuck kansas, fuck kentucky (you inbred fucks), fuck louisiana, fuck michigan, fuck mississippi, fuck missouri, fuck montana, fuck nebraska, fuck new hampshire (i expected more from you), fuck north carolina, fuck north dakota, fuck ohio, fuck oklahoma, fuck south carolina, fuck south dakota, fuck tennessee, fuck texas, fuck west virginia, fuck wisconsin (dick cheese), fuck wyoming

I use to love DC at one point. Especially Georgia avenue. for a minute it was a big community of various Caribbean people. It was nothing to get your Lil jerk chicken from the lady that set up her grill on the street corner or for the neighbors to get together and start a block party. Community, thats what I miss.

Bitty and Jack moving in together after coming out to their parents and team mates after Bity graduates
Bitty playing in the NHL for a while
Them thinking about playing on different teams but then remembering that Jack plays better with Bittle and Bitty was Captain his senior year so the Falconers are more than willing to recruit him (especially after Georgia notes how well he played with their very own Zimmermann)
Bitty and Jack coming out at as the first openly gay players in the NHL
People being pissy about them being on the same team
And rather than them being uncomfortable the guys CHIRP THE HELL OUT OF THEM
Except for maybe like one douche bag but the rest of the team is like “C'mon man be a god damn grown up”
So they together for a year maybe two
Bitty getting injured :(
:( :( :(
Bitty quitting hockey
HHHHHHHH he’s not off the ice though like he messes around with Jack sometimes and maybe some of his other friends from Samwell
Jack jokingly “checks” him every time
Bitty opening up a baker and calling it The Georgia Peach
The place is in an older building that’s got peach colored spackle which makes it stand out against the duller, taller buildings nearby. People stop by just to see what it is and are always surprised by stepping inside the dingy little building and finding a spotless light peach inside with twinkle lights strung on the walls and pretty paintings of flowers (hint hint lardo painted vaginas but Bit’s figured he could get away with the more flowery ones.. It’s a big joke amongst the group), framed picture of Bitty approved pies and other treats (thanks Jack), and everything is color coordinated. The wall behind the counter is painted like a large chalk board and the menu was written ages ago but Bitty makes sure to touch it up every few weeks or so. The menu lists off their specialty pies with descriptions next to names that mean almost nothing to people who aren’t regulars.
The menu reads:
Momma’s: pecan pie, made with pre-baked pecans.
Ransom & Holster: Cookies n Cream with a smashed Oreo crust, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle
The Zimmermann: fresh Granny Smith apples soaked in a cinnamon maple mixture overnight and baked in a maple sugar crust. ((it’s not stated but there are tiny maple leaf imprints all around the top layer of the crust))
Lardo: A lemon meringue that’s one of a kind! No two are the same ((the meringue on top is always in different designs on top))
The Poindexter: a year round pie that gives you something to be thankful for! Pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust and a dollop of whipped cream on top.
The Sh*ts: a chocolate chex pie right outta Georgia. Brings you home with that sure as shit chocolaty taste
The Chowder: the sweetest coconut cream pie to be found with a gingersnap crust
Tango: I take your “Why an orange dreamsicle pie?” and raise you a “Why not?”
Whiskey: A warm whiskey pie with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream on top
Nursey: find the best comfort food this side of the mason Dixie, in our key lime pie with graham cracker crust, whip cream, and fresh lime.
The Georgia Peach is called a bakery but it’s mostly just a pie shop. They have a list of made to order items like cookies, cakes, mini pies, cobblers, cinnamon buns, and practically anything else you could ever wish for. To gain access to this list you have to ask but it’s definitely worth it (Bitty will almost always give you a good deal on your order even if it’s last minute because “That’s just how he was raised”).
I don’t know why I wasted all my free time in class making this but for now I’m blaming my love for my Meme’s chocolate chex pie and the need of Bitty to both play in the NHL AND have a bakery