So I’m going to ‘Murica for a week on november. I got a reaaaally cheap plane ticket thanks to a website bug.

I’m landing on Miami but I wanna go somewhere else.

NYC again? I wanted because of Broadway but I checked and Hamilton is sold out :(

I have another place in mind but it requieres lots of planning and it kinda scares me. 

I still need to make some calls so I can do my dialysis there. Yay for traveling with end stage renal failure \o/

Da luv of Den nd Fil Pt.3

Et wuz a suny sumer dey

Fil wuz welkin dewn da stret

he gos en2 a cleb

Fil ses somtin bootiful


‘wo es dis boii?’ Fil thot

Den wuz dencin

un a poll

ulmust neked

Fil gits clusr 2 Den

Den luks et Fil

“u wunt a dince bby” Den eskd

“yeh” Fil sed

Den gus 2 Fil nd pits hes hinds on Fils wast

dey dence

dey dence ull nite

Den pot hes hed on Fils shuldr

dey slew denced 2 Zeyn Melek’s niw sulu

Den wesprd en Fils eer

“dnt luk arund cuz luv es blend”

Fil strted 2 cri teirs ef joy

Den kesed Fil

“wel u b meh boiifriened” Fil asced Den

“yeh bby, i wel” Den sed

Dey wint 2 Fils huse nd hid sax ull nite

Da ind

Part 2 

Part 4

esk, v.
1. (intr) stall
2. (tr) delay

Pronunciation: /esk/

1. eskn /eskn̩/, v. tr. cause to delay something; make late
2. eskd /eskd̩/, v. intr./tr. procrastinate
3. eskv /eskv̩/, v. intr./tr. delay something until that thing is no longer possible, esp. intentionally

Eskv might look like the same thing as the intransitive meaning of esk, but esk is far less specific. A person could “esk” for other reasons than to let something pass, like to be certain that they will have an advantage.

Proverbial example:

Lon me dwutu nesknu Hajko.
/‘lon me 'dwu.tu ' 'haɪ.ko/
lon me dw-ut-u n-esk-n-u Hajk-o

Humans cannot make the Winter God delay [the Winter].
Humans cannot make the Winter God late.

Meaning: Humans have limitations. Against the natural world, which, to most speakers of Ganur Lon, is the work of the gods, they have no power other than to plan for and endure it.

Sorry about the false starts.