So I’m going to ‘Murica for a week on november. I got a reaaaally cheap plane ticket thanks to a website bug.

I’m landing on Miami but I wanna go somewhere else.

NYC again? I wanted because of Broadway but I checked and Hamilton is sold out :(

I have another place in mind but it requieres lots of planning and it kinda scares me. 

I still need to make some calls so I can do my dialysis there. Yay for traveling with end stage renal failure \o/

Da luv of Den nd Fil Pt.3

Et wuz a suny sumer dey

Fil wuz welkin dewn da stret

he gos en2 a cleb

Fil ses somtin bootiful


‘wo es dis boii?’ Fil thot

Den wuz dencin

un a poll

ulmust neked

Fil gits clusr 2 Den

Den luks et Fil

“u wunt a dince bby” Den eskd

“yeh” Fil sed

Den gus 2 Fil nd pits hes hinds on Fils wast

dey dence

dey dence ull nite

Den pot hes hed on Fils shuldr

dey slew denced 2 Zeyn Melek’s niw sulu

Den wesprd en Fils eer

“dnt luk arund cuz luv es blend”

Fil strted 2 cri teirs ef joy

Den kesed Fil

“wel u b meh boiifriened” Fil asced Den

“yeh bby, i wel” Den sed

Dey wint 2 Fils huse nd hid sax ull nite

Da ind

Part 2 

Part 4