ES21 11

What I really like about this page is that it shows Hiruma never expects more from others than what he knows they can do.  He pushes people to their limits, but he doesn’t expect perfection, and he never has.  These guys have every reason to be intimidated by Ojou, and Hiruma acknowledges this.  He’s no fool; he knows a skilled opponent when he sees one.  Yet he manages to inspire people to try anyway.


Shin’s first thoughts on Sena

i’m sort of amused by how wrong Shin is here, though in fairness he’s got a grain of the truth.  but the phrase ‘can’t be an amateur’ just makes me chuckle since literally everyone who joins Demon starts out that way. also I’m really really distracted by Takami’s stupid ice cream swirly hair I’m so sorry.  Shin’s comment “Dodging the enemy… is not the same thing as running away,” really struck a cord though.  It’s like the most important thing Sena learns in this manga. 

aww Hiruma teaching Sena things.  …like a really angry dad.  At the same time it’s like… Hiruma.  Sena almost scored a freaking safety the first time he was allowed to hold the ball what on earth makes you think he knows anything about how to play football?? I think Hiruma’s either vastly overestimated how much Sena knows how to play (which is almost not at all) or he just forgot that not everything is common knowledge when you haven’t been playing football for years and it’s literally only your second game. 

side note, good to know that Hiruma actually says ‘fucking’ in English, and that that’s not scanlators trying to be 'edgy’.  I think I’ve only heard him say 'fucking’ in the first OVA not the main anime though.