More guitar shopping from this week:

  1. Extremely pretty PRS semihollow
  2. Custom Shop ES-335 VOS
  3. Les Paul Supreme (I think…)
  4. Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster
  5. Cherry Casino!  Don’t see many of these…
  6. Gorgeous Martin 00-28V
  7. 2015 Fender American Vintage Jaguar
  8. ditto
  9. ditto.  So expensive for no apparent reason.  :\ 

Guitars I Want Part 2 - as requested! 

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From Top to Bottom:
- PRS Custom 24 (preferably in Emerald green, but hey, I’d be happy with any Custom 24)
- Fender Jaguar
- EVH Wolfgang
- Teye (any Teye would do, they’re all phenomenally stunning)  
- James Trussart Dragon 
- Fano Alt De Facto JM6 
- Carillion Enigma Nebula Burst (just, look) 
- Gibson ES-335 Olive Drab Green (like Chris Cornell’s signature, but not necessarily Chris Cornell’s signature, y’know) 
- Knaggs Chena T1 Quilt Top Winter Solstice 
- ESP Horizon FR 


More goodies from guitar shopping this week…

1) Fender Limited Edition “Sandblasted” Tele

2) FSR Paisley Deluxe Reverb

3) Trini Lopez reissue 335.  I love the diamond f-holes!

4) Pair o’ pretty ‘Pauls

5) Flying V Standard.  I would do awful, awful things to have this guitar…  ;)

6) G6122 Country Gentleman

7) Gibson USA gold ES-335, along with that V from my dreams and a lovely ES-390.