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Could you explain how warriors had pedophilia and necrophilia? I read the books a long time ago and I don't remember seeing that, but I was also just a kid.

Yeah I think many of us were spared from some of the less pretty facets of warriors given the starting ages for most people who came into the series. 

But like… they series had Firestar frolicking with a dead ghost almost every night for 24 books, and he seriously considered this dead person, whose physical body disintegrated long ago, as his “love”. That’s… disturbing, on Firestar’s part. And cruel on Spottedleaf’s, in that she kept torturing him with all their could-have-beens, and keeping him from truly living out his life. 

And then Hollyleaf went and got with a dead ghost too, back in the tunnels. Just to finalize that this trait seems hereditary. Or just because otherwise Fallen Leaves would have disappeared from the plotline since his plot in the first place was pretty half-chewed when it was introduced. 

EDIT: @silvery-echoes mentioned the second Firestar-related case of dead cat x living cat that I forgot: Jayfeather x Half Moon (the final proof that it is in fact hereditary, when two out of three grandkids go for dead people, sheesh)

Again of course, using the word necrophilia exaggerates things a bit, considering there’s no involvement of dead bodies; but the point remains that here, dead apparitions and living people getting together is like a-okay. 

Then the pedophilia, officially, only came into play now recently with the publishing of Spottedleaf’s Heart. The Erins might have managed to sidestep the issue with their earlier apprentice-warrior crushes/romances and the like if Vicky hadn’t been ignorant enough to consciously use predation as a plot in the novella. By doing so, she solidified the idea that pedophilia exists in Warriors by drawing the final line that says apprentices = minors, when before they used all the “they’re cats they don’t care” arguments, and now they crippled their own arguments by establishing it as true. Bad idea, to but it bluntly. 

EDIT: @negativeroots added the third problematic feature I forgot; that of the direct incest established between Patchpelt and Willowpelt, two full-blooded siblings who went on to have a kitten together. 

Reading Hollow City:

- “What the fuck Enoch.”

- “Hugh I love you.”

- “Something bad is gonna happen omg.”


- “Horace you iconic ass bitch. Queen.”

- “Hitler omg.”



- “OH MY GOD.”


- “What the fuck.”

- “I wonder what Miss Peregrine is thinking.”

- “I love Hugh.”

i wish i had the same kind of body positivity as i used to have. i got bigger and honestly i didn’t mind. i don’t like being  too thin, y’know? i like having curves and being a little big but idk now i think i look terrible in everything. i don’t try very hard to look pretty anymore bc ithink i make everything look bad.

idk im just unhappy with myself


In honour of Alexander McQueen’s birthday, here are some of his best shows (it was difficult to pick bc all of them classify as best): Plato’s Atlantis SS 10, The Horn of Plenty AW 09, The Girl Who Lived in the Tree AW 08, Eye SS 00 and Voss SS 01