1963 Pontiac Catalina by Greg Gjerdingen
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This is an important message!

Do you pronounce anon as:
1) ah-non
2) uh-non
3) other (say how you say it)

And era as:
1) air-uh
2) eh-ruh
3) ee-ruh
4) other (say how you say it)

Reblog this with how you say these words! My friends and I were talking about this today and I’m really curious as to how the majority of people say these phrases!

Okay message over

The signs as My Chemical Romance eras
  • Aries: The Black Parade era
  • Taurus: Danger Days era
  • Gemini: Revenge era
  • Cancer: Bullets era
  • Leo: Danger Days era
  • Virgo: Bullets era
  • Libra: Post MCR era
  • Scorpio: REVENGE era
  • Sagittarius: Bullets era
  • Capricorn: The Black Parade era
  • Aquarius: BULLETS era
  • Pisces: Danger Days era