This is happening in Mexico today. Please help out if you can by sharing and making noise, we can stop this.
#EPNvsInternet #NoMasPoderAlPoder


PLEASE, take a minute to see this video and spread the word, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is trying to censor and control Internet access in Mexico.

They want to be able to create “silence zones” when there’s a public event, manifestation or any thing they can call “national security problem” were they would block internet, tv, radio and phones in those areas, considering past events and the extremely violent and corrupt nature of his government, it’s easy to know why they want this.

They also want logs of all internet users about where they are, who they are, what they say and to who (they are very ignorant and don’t realise this will only stop general public from communicating) they want to be able to “block you from internet” if you do anything they don’t like and even be able to put you in jail.

Also they want to control which sites and media can be seen in México, they want to make the internet use a “Pay per Event” thing, where you pay a fee for every message, video or site you want to access. It’s easy to tell that this people doesn’t know a thing about the way internet works.

Please help us stop this by making noise, next time it could be your country, USA and other nations have already tried this in the past, if we allow them to do it in México, other governments might try to follow the example for sure, with the lame excuse of  "National Security"  as always.

Thank you.

La propuesta de ley de comunicaciones de EPN permitirá a las autoridades bloquear sitos web e incluso bloquear señales en algunas regiones cuando se cree que “se atenta con la seguridad nacional”, durante las manifestaciones, podría impedir que ciudadanos y periodistas informen en tiempo real sobre abusos policiacos y violaciones a derechos humanos entre muchas cosas más.

La libertad de expresión es un derecho fundamental garantizado en nuestra constitución, no dejes que te callen!


What’s happening in México? A global call. Que esta pasando en México? 

La Ley de Telecomunicaciones es un atentado contra la libertad de expresión. Ademas de muchas leyes mas que día a día se violan en México en contra de sus habitantes. Represión, Impunidad, Corrupción. 

Ayuden por favor compartiendo este vídeo con el siguiente hashtag: #EPNvsInternet


To my dearest followers, PLEASE spare a minute or two to save my country’s free internet, please, I know tumblr is powerful enough to shut the mouth of our government.

You may not know, but in my country they want to approve some law called Ley Telecom, which attempts against our rights in many ways.

But which ways are those?

  1. We will be obliged to give our mobile’s location if the authorities think is necessary, which means in my country that if some authority linked to some drug dealer who wants to locate me, they will be able to do so and kill me.
  2. If it “risks our government’s security” they have the right to black out all telecommunication signals, meaning bye bye all information about corruption.
  3. If it was valid right now, they’d block my blog for publishing the information I’m saying right now.
  4. Internet companies are obliged to have a list of every user’s habits and likes. WTF? Stalker much?
  5. Even if you have the fastest internet in the country, they will be able to slow it down as much as they want in certain webpages.

So, please, I’m begging you, spread the word so Mexico can be Internet free, please.


Please, help us spread the word.

Don’t let us die.


Podemos detener una aberración total contra el libre flujo de información. Comparte y apoyanos. #EPNvsinternet #Mexico


Did you really think I was gonna let go the opportunity of making you aknowledge how much of an idiot is our president… uhm hm hell no!


Hello all freja fans who follow this blog!

I want to ask for your help,

for those who do not know I am from México and very ugly and disgusting things are happening in México.

For that reason I ask you to see this video and help us!


this video explains about a law that the government wants to apply for his benefit, is censoring the internet!!

they want to have total control of the media and to be able to manipulate  Mexicans ,thanks to intenet us the  Mexicans we have realized all crap the government does, clear that the government does not like it.

so please help us to do a GLOBAL TRENDING TOPIC!

use #EPNvsInternet

Thanks for your attention!